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The 2 groups are Terrorists and Counter. Cs 1.6 no spread hack. NOTE: To remove weapon case just delete whole block!

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Jul 19, 2020; Replies 0 Views 271. Share with your friends; ) Home-icon; Free CSGO Hacks; Tools; _Themida Software; _Hash Changer; _DLL Injector; Latest; Best Hack Cs1.6/CZ; 2020 6; 2020 6; 2020 5; Home; Recent posts View all. Next Refill: 06: 39: 09.

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Click on a command's name to visit its individual page, on which you can find more information including working examples and its default setting or value. For quite a long time, the most popular Counter-Strike version was 1.6. Update #2: Lightroom 6.3/CC 2020.3 is now available which includes the previous import functionality, bug fixes and added camera/lens profile support.

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Feedback + elaboration on stuff that needs a change, please discuss if you disagree with points

I'm just a dude who likes to play shooters, here's my feedback:

  • Raze
We have to talk about the elephant in the room, so I'm getting her out of the way from the start. While I agree she's not completely bonkers broken like some people make her out to be, she just doesn't feel right in this game and has overtuned abilities compared to the other agents. Her grenade should not be this potent and should not even be able to kill a light armor opponent. It should have the effect of: 'Oh, I should not stand here because bad things will happen to my health and I will get slowed down because of the 90% slowdown that damage gives me'. It should not be: 'Oh, shit, I tried to run and even then I died with full armor because this grenade's spread is huge'.
Her ult straight up has no place in this game, it feels off and just too easy to get a guaranteed kill with, even for low skilled players. The ult does this to every opponent on the map: "RUN AND HIDE", and no ability (or voiceline rather) should induce that much fear into your hearts.
The change: In my opinion the first big grenade should do the most damage and the cluster mines should do very little. The slow that a tick of damage gives is good enough for the clusters, the skill part will be landing that first grenade very neatly, the rest is area control. Her ult should either be slower travelling speed or smaller blast radius. Preferably just rework it into something else that requires way more skill.

  • The Marshal (scout)
This gun might not seem like much, but god is it cheap, too cheap even! This game doesn't punish you too harshly on the economy side compared to cs. If I'm sitting on 3k which is not enough to fullbuy with, I can easily buy a marshal + some light armor and have amazing potential for only 1500 and still have enough money to fullbuy next round. This is a very strong halfbuy especially for the range you get with this gun. I think this gun will be played more and more in halfbuys the more people learn to play with it.
The change: The price should be increased a little bit. Perhaps to 1500, I'd rather have people halfbuying sheriffs instead of marshals, it's only 300 more right now and that's a little too cheap.

  • Shift walking accuracy
Right now when you're running and shooting your bullets go pretty much anywhere, as it should be. But when you walk and shoot your bullets are still very accurate. This video from Sonii portrays this pretty well, it does affect it a little bit but not enough imho. I think a lot of you will have noticed that you die quite a lot from people full on moving and shooting and you get frustrated by this because it doesn't seem possible. Well, they were probably walking and shooting and yep, it's almost fully accurate. This makes holding angles a lot harder and is either something we'll have to learn to play around and with or it gets changed.
The change: Make it a little more inaccurate while walking, this game almost fully took on the cs 1.6 movement and either I'm not willing to see change or this doesn't work. I just think it should be punished more, I'm wondering about this one the most so please share your thoughts on this one.

  • Bloom patterns
Spraying can be pretty awkward, that's because there is quite a lot of bloom in the game. While I don't think bloom is necessarily an evil or bad thing, it sometimes makes your spray feel very off. Right now it's kinda punishing people willing to put in the time and grind to learn a spray pattern, why would we punish those people? I don't think this even helps the casual people very much?
The change: Decrease the bloom so it's very minimal. To be fair, I would not be upset at all if bloom was just completely thrown out but that's my inner cs mind talking.

  • The agent contracts
It took me a long time to unlock the third agent (yes, the first two free ones are very nice). Many people might disagree with me here, but having 5 agents behind a paywall (yes, ingame or non premium currency is still a paywall, most people are just ok with that kind of paywall), while it's ok in some way, the time that it takes to unlock agents right now is far too high. It took me about 12 days of very active playing and enjoying the game to unlock one agent. That's a little too long, especially when there's gonna be 7 agents to unlock later on. Putting agents behind a paywall is fine, but make it somewhat doable to unlock them, this is unlocking content we're talking about. Cosmetic or other rewards can take up to a million hours for my part, but gameplay should be easily accessible for people who put some time in.
The change: Make the first 5 levels a little easier to achieve and then make the last 5 levels as hard as you wish, let people grind for cosmetics instead of content. I'm not saying to make it extremely easy, but not everyone can play everyday like some people can (well, maybe now they can but these are weird times and it's an exception).

  • Cheaters
This is solely in the hands of riot and I wish them good luck in this fight. I hope they do a better job than valve even though from personal experience, the trust factor works wonders for myself. This is not the same for everyone though.

  • Radiance points
Okay, I can already see a lot of people going: "They can charge whatever they want for cosmetics, I don't care, as long as it's not gameplay related". While this is in itself a valid position to be in, some people like to enhance their gameplay experience by having some cool skins. I'm the first person that will say to people that a free game needs some revenue if it wants to have a some cycle of content. I'm certainly one of those people that easily spends a lot of money on skins if the game is good enough, and valorant certainly is. But asking 35 euros for a skin that you just hold differently is a little much, anyways, I can live with that I guess.
Let's buy the luxe pack, it cost me around 40 euros to buy and it's really cool. 5 skins and a knife, pretty good bang for my buck, oh, I have to spend another 40 euros to get enough radiance points to upgrade ONE SKIN? Wow, and I can't even buy the exact 45 to upgrade it completely, instead I have to fall in that trap of buying either way more or an extra lesser pack. I'm sorry but fuck radiance points, this is screwing us over big time.
4000 (luxe pack) + 12.400 (180 radiance points, the cheapest way possible) = 16.400 valorant points. That would cost me 160 euros. Just to get a full skin pack to max level that doesn't even have any special animations. Yes, I know people will still buy this stuff, but this is just ridiculous levels of greed. What's wrong with making it accessible and getting good quality for 30 bucks? I don't know, this is one of the lesser points because a lot of you won't care, but I know a lot of us are disappointed at this, especially the radiance points. And yes, you'll get them with the battle pass, but I'm pretty sure that we'll wanna use those radiance points on skins from the battlepass itself, so we're still a little screwed in the end.
The change: League has a few skins that everyone knows and it just oozes quality (I think they're called legendary skins). Right now in valorant the regular cool skins have the price of those extreme premium skins in the game. I hope they come later on in the production, the reaver set was already very cool and especially their animations. But the luxe set has no reason of being over 100 euros (this should be obvious but it is what it is).

I've been bashing on the game in all these points above but I'm very briefly gonna go over the things I love most about valorant:
  • Headshots: I love em, they feel so good, all the gunplay does tbh.
  • Maps: Going in I thought I would hate them and their quirks, they're what I like most about the game.
  • Economy: Feels on point, devs will have better data on this and see what they need to adjust but I feel that they did well. This includes pricing of the guns (escept the marshall imo)
  • Abilities: Going in I thought they would be overbearing and negate some of the gunplay, couldn't be further from the truth.
It's just a good and very fun game. I hope it thrives and does really well, will it kill cs? No of course not, not every game has to be killing off other games. Dota and LoL have co-existed for years now. I hope valorant will be the same because competition is always better for us, the customer.
submitted by ChillRefill to VALORANT

My Opinion on WHY Movement(ADAD) Mechanic Should Be Tweaked, Explaining as Simple as I Can.

I'm not really good in English and i'll try to make this post as simple and logical as possible.
OPENING: Have you ever play the pistol round, where you play as CT in Long, getting flashed and on your half way back to the bombsite, the terrorist(s) show up on your screen? What would you do? Yes, the ADAD.. It's happening
Do you ever feel, as an average joe playing this game, frustrated to shoot people dancing left and right? This "ADAD" what I'd like to talk about.
The Good of ADAD:
  • It increase the required skill to aim. Now your opponent is harder to shoot and you'll be having hard time trying to shoot his head.
The Bad of ADAD:
  • It takes out the difference of the counter strike noob and the counter strike pro. but how can you say so? For a common fps player to jump into CSGO game, it is underneath their instinct to always reload after shooting, run into cover when in firefight, crouch when you spray and always on the move. The way CSGO's movement mechanic work right now is intended to keep the player to be as mobile as possible. Thus this ADAD spam encourage new player to keep doing it(ADAD) again and again, and this "ADAD technique" is applicable up to the highest level of competition.
  • It is much harder to aim and shoot at someone "ADAD"ing while the "ADAD" itself require less skill. basically it's just mashing two button repeatedly. Meaning that player with less-than-average aiming skill will have the more or less "awkward moment" against player with average aiming skill. It increases the chance of survival for the player with less aiming skill, by making decreasing the ability of your opponent to be able shoot you, this can be achieved by simply pressing two button randomly.
Proposed Solution by Community:
Increase Friction and/or Decrease Acceleration
Related Article m0rdock's movement value proposal
Valve's reaction to movement changes
What is acceleration? Think of a car, the faster it's acceleration, the faster it'll reach certain speed. What does acceleration do with CS? Think of your opponent as pendulum. When he decide to switch direction, his movement will stop for a while then accelerate to the opposite direction. It's like a car moving backward, and then speeding forward. To put it simply, higher acceleration = less time to hit maximum speed = less time for you to adjust your aim. I'm not sure how friction and acceleration in the game relate to each other but the research done by micronn shown that it's tweakable up to the competitive level.
The Good of tweaking Acceleration:
The Bad of tweaking Acceleration:
  • Different feeling compared to the current movement.
  • Slightly Nerf Pistol, shotgun and SMGs
  • Some might prefer current acceleration
  • Making the game less fast-paced. Preference..
Okay so there's another alternative?
Yes There is, the onepointpixel tagging mechanic
Tagging Mechanic
What tagging does, is basically something like when someone throw decoy and hit you in GO but instead of nades, every bullet behave the same way. If you get hit by bullet you'll stop
The Good:
  • Reward player with better reaction/aim. If get shoot, you cannot rely on spamming your button. You have to shoot the guy who shoot you and kill him first. This encourage you to aim at the guy
  • Nerfed pistol heavily. You have to be accurate with p250 and rely less on running around while spamming your pistol
  • Punish people recklessly running into bombsite
The bad:
  • nerfed shotgun (can be good or bad depending on the person's preference)
  • Hard to implement, unlike acceleration
  • Combined with aimpunch, making it too OP against ECO round. Pistol will be very weak against auto weapon
  • People can still abuse the huge acceleration if you miss, hence encouraging for body shot your opponent can still ADADAD you down with normal current speed as long as you miss your shot, making it more viable for people to just aim for body shot which require less skill than aiming for insta-kill headshot.
No it is not hard to implement 1.6 style heavy tagging, it's actually really simple. Tagging slowdown for each weapon is controlled by its respective weapon script's FlinchVelocityModifierLarge and FlinchVelocityModifierSmall values.
FlinchVelocityModifierLarge controls the amount of slowdown when shot in the head,chest,arm, abdomen/pelvis whilst FlinchVelocityModifierSmall controls the slowdown from being shot in the legs. The lower the value given, the higher the velocity penalty from being shot. Just reduce those numbers to get heavy 1.6 style tagging, that's all you have to do.
Also not many people know this about GO where if you get tagged the acceleration straight after becomes much slower than normal. In spite what everyone says about GO's acceleration being faster than 1.6/Source, the acceleration after tagging is a special case and is in fact much slower than 1.6/CSS accleration. cl_showpos 1 shows this. It's the rather high values given to FlinchVelocityModifierLarge and FlinchVelocityModifierSmall that gives GO it's rather weak tagging which by the way CSS has as well despite that game having slower 1.6 style acceleration.
Ok so it affects gameplay, any other alternative?
There's model animation in onepointpixel game.
Flipping-Model Animation
The Idea Is that when someone changes direction, his body flip. Notice which direction the player model's body is facing
The Good:
  • Doesn't affect the gameplay too much
  • Psychologically help your to react against your opponent
The Bad:
  • Require extra animation
  • Still doesn't actually fix the zigzag abuse
  • May mess up hitbox if not properly implemented
Add More Running Innacuracy
Basically, You shoot less accurate while running
The Good:
  • Encourage crisper shooting control instead of zigzaging
  • Easy to implement
  • Doesn't affect the feeling of your movement
The Bad:
  • Major overhaul in the way you shoot(major gameplay change)
  • Nerfs some weapon, rendering it unusable (unless is has given exclusion)
Increase inaccuracy only for pistol
More effective and simple way is to just nerf the accuracy of pistols while on the move. Then it wouldn't mess up entry fragging, peeking, or anything else, which are at good state IMO.
The Good:
  • Doesn't change the gameplay much
  • Easier to implement
  • Simple solution for CZ and P250 abuse
The Bad:
  • Only fixes pistol related problem
Too Long, Didn't Read; Acceleration in this game is an issue for average joe, for example this is just another scene where shooting someone ADADing is awkward.
Possible Fix:
  • Tweaking acceleration/Friction value of player movement
  • Tagging Mechanical, mimic of how when nade stuck into your body when you get shot
  • Adding Body-Flip animation to help your brain to react changes
  • Adding more spread of recoil when someone's running while spraying/shooting
  • Adding more spread of recoil of pistol when someone's running while shooting Our Mission is to find a way, so that the shooting isn't too easy yet to hard, without affecting the gameplay too much.
Any thought on this? Got some other ideas? post them bellow!
submitted by yoztpetra to GlobalOffensive

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