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Single-Class Build Series: The Boulder Feels Conflicted (Kineticist Build)

Single-Class Build Series: The Boulder Feels Conflicted (Kineticist Build)
TL;DR: Alright, nerds, I finally got around to playing a Kinesticist. I dorked around best I could to whip up a solid build and commentary for this guide. If you like doing disgusting amounts of damage and enjoy an obsessive level of attention to detail, this class is for you. This guide turned out to be much more exhaustive than I initially thought.

***SPOILER WARNING: This post contains items spoilers***

"Listen up Hippo, you may be big, but you ain't bad. The Boulder's gonna win this... in a landslide!" - The Boulder.

Let's Get This Out of The Way
Kineticist is the class for players who love to micro-manage. You often adjust your powers and abilities each round to see what is optimal for the fight. Once you get your better AoE-and-or-DoT abilities (Wall, Deadly Earth, and Cloud Infusions), your maps become a friendly-fire minefield, forcing you to manage the minutia of your other party members, as well. In short, this class is a lot of work. If you're good with both of these, keep reading. If you're more a set-it-and-forget-it kind of player, make a ranged Slayer and call it a day.
Amiri doing her best to avoid the Deadly Earth (Magma, Pushing Infusion) on the battlefield.

So, you want to play a Kineticist, huh? It's not hard but there is a bit of a learning curve to this class. If you've never played one before, here are my thoughts...
  1. Watch this video from RPG Community College. It's a good introduction to the class, even though I don't follow this cat's build and disagree with a few of his tips regarding feats.
  2. Play as your main character. It's important that you start from level one. The challenge when playing the twins is that you start from level 5 to 10 or whenever you decide to get to Sorrowflow. Because there's a lot going on in this class, it helps immensely to start from the beginning.
  3. Respec your toon about half-a-dozen times (or just follow this build). This class has a lot of choices. Some abilities are buggy. Some abilities sound great but aren't.
  4. This class plays better Turn-Based, as there can be a lot to micro-manage. But it's crazy-strong, especially at later levels. Let's start with the basics.

The Basics: Attributes
For the base class (which we'll be using) and for Kinetic Knights (which I know very little about), you'll use DEX to attack and CON for everything else: Burn (see below), Wild Talent DC, blast damage, and ability duration. Since it's pretty dang easy to hit enemies with Kineticists, we'll dump all of our ability score increases into CON.
A perfect set-up for a tripping Wall Infusion. Our Elemental Overflow ability gives us a size bonus to CON and DEX, making our attacks more powerful. These are your primary attributes.

The Basics: Kinetic Blasts and Metakinesis
Kinetic Blasts is our primary ability. There are three types of Kinetic Blasts.
  • Physical Blasts (earth, air, or water) target normal enemy AC, do more damage, and bypass spell resistance.
  • Energy Blasts (fire, cold, or electricity) target touch AC, do a little less damage and are (mostly) subject to spell resistance. Once you get to level 7 and choose a second element, you can create...
  • Composite Blasts, which combine two elements together for a stronger blast. Because this class is head-shakingly high maintenance, not all elements can be combined. The list of possible composite blasts is on this page.
  • Metakinesis: Kineticists can Empower, Maximize, and Quicken their blasts as they progress in level. These abilities don't cost feats as they do for spell casters. They're free, just like your crushing level of self-doubt.
A Maximized-Empowered Composite Blast critical hit dealing 370 damage to some inn patron Varrask wanted me to visit.

The Basics: Infusions and Wild Talents
Infusions alter your blasts to make them more powerful. There are two types: Form Infusions and Substance Infusions. You can have one of each on a blast. I did my best to cherry-pick the best of both types of Infusions for this build.
  • Form Infusions: Think "blast shapes" from D&D 3.5 Warlocks: Cones, lines, increased range, walls, etc. Ideally, you want Form Infusions that do not require movement (see below, Gather Power).
  • Substance Infusions: These can add combat maneuvers to your blasts (like trip or bull rush), along with an array of other shenanigans (like blinding or staggering enemies). They give your blasts, well, substance. A little more meat with the potatoes, you know?
  • An Example: A level 11 Kineticist can create an earth Wall Infusion (Form) with a Bowling Infusion (Substance) to trip and damage enemies who try to cross it. This means Kineticists can use combat maneuvers not only from a distance but also with AoE blasts. What's even crazier is that they don't need a 13 INT or Combat Expertise to take the Trip or Bull Rush feats if they're taken as Wild Talents (see below). Oh, btw, these combat maneuvers use CON instead of STR for the base class (and K. Knights, I believe).
  • Wild Talents: Think of these like Rogue Talents or Bard Talents. They are mostly Feats with some other abilities thrown in. You get one every even level. Different elements grant access to different feats.
Even at level 6, we have a high chance to trip enemies and provoke AoO from our allies.

The Basics: Burn
What is Burn? Put simply, Burn temporarily reduces the character's hit points to buff their abilities. This HP reduction (please hear this) does not go away until you rest. Most of the time, you want to get to a certain level of Burn and stay at that level until you rest.
Examples: You can increase your attack modifier and your physical stats with Burn. You can Empower or Maximize blasts (all elements). You can Haste your party (Air) or heal allies (Water). All of these costs Burn.
Here's an analogy for you. Let's say you like spicy food. For you, food without spice is weak. Food with too much spice, however, is agonizing. There's a balance somewhere in the middle that is just right. Kineticist Burn works in a similar fashion: You want some, but not too much.
How Much Burn is Too Much? That will depend on your level. For example, at level 3, you only really want to carry one level of Burn (as it will give you +1 to attack with your KB from Elemental Overflow ability). By level 6, you want three levels of Burn because it will give you +2 to attack, along with +2 to two physical attributes of choice (we want DEX and CON of course).
This Maximized-Empowered Composite (Steam) Cloud Infusion rips through five owlbears, costing Miss Rose two points of burn.

The Basics: Gather Power
Kineticists can reduce Burn by using Gather Power (along with class Burn reduction that comes with leveling). You basically trade time (a move action, a full-round action, or both) to buff your abilities. The longer you use Gather Power, the less your ability will cost.
  • 90% of the time you will use your move action to Gather Power and use your standard action to fire a kinetic blast.
  • Longer Gather Power times are most optimally used at the beginning of combat when surprising enemies or setting up the battlefield with AoE Infusions.
Exhausted yet? Uncertain? Do you need to speak to the manager, Karen? We just got through the basics and we have a long way to go.
"The Boulder is confused" -The Boulder
We used Gather Power (Low, move action) to set up this Empowed Pushing (Bull Rush) Steam Wall (Water + Fire). The werewolf above is about ready to run back into the AoE for the second round of damage.

Which Subclass Should I Take?
To start out, we're going with the base class. A key reason we like the base class is because of Kinetic Diadems. Kinetic Diadems increase your blast damage and require a head slot. Considering Dark Elementalists and Psychokeneticists use INT and WIS respectably, it's just easier to wear a belt that gives a CON + DEX bonuses and save your head slot for the Kinetic Diadem. The lesser version is sold by Hassuf in the Capital.
Also, Psychokeneticists don't take on Burn, they instead take a massive hit to their Will saves and Wisdom-based skills (bye-bye Perception). Considering Kineticists have a low Will save already, it makes for a poor subclass.
If you are a more experienced Kineticist player, feel free to branch out. I'd say it's easier to go Dark Elementalist (INT-based). There are items that give INT and WIS bonuses that don't fill up your head slot, but they are less common. For Dark Elementalists, the Dark Robe of the Acolyte (+4 to INT and CHA) and Dark Robe of the Master (+8 to INT and CHA) can work well.

Race, Stats, Skills, and Elements
Race: I recommend playing a Human if this is your first Kineticist. Getting Point-Blank Shot and Precise Shot at level one is such a headstart to the build. The extra skill point is nice, too.
Starting Stats: DEX 16, CON 19 ( 24), adjust other stats as you wish. I like 12-14 INT for more skill points. I rank up Persuasion, Perception, Stealth, and Mobility.
Elements: Earth (Level 1), Fire (Level 7), Water (Level 15)

The Boulder Feels Conflicted (Human Kineticist 20, Earth > Fire > Water)
  1. Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, (Extended Range Infusion)
  2. WT: Elemental Whispers (Hare)
  3. Improved Initiative (Pushing Infusion)
  4. WT: Trip (Earth)
  5. Fury’s Fall (Bowling Infusion)
  6. WT: Greater Trip (Earth)
  7. Weapon Focus, K. Blast (Expanded Element, Fire)
  8. WT: Dazzling Display (Fire)
  9. Shatter Defenses (Eruption Infusion)
  10. WT: Dreadful Carnage (Fire)
  11. Improved Critical (Wall Infusion Wall)
  12. WT: Skill Focus, Persuasion
  13. Deadly Aim (Deadly Earth Infusion)
  14. WT: Fire's Fury
  15. Improved Precise Shot (Expanded Element: Water)
  16. WT: Bull Rush (Water) or Iron Will (Fire)
  17. FEAT of choice (Cloud Infusion)
  18. WT: Tsunami
  19. FEAT of choice (Grappling Infusion), Metakinetic Master (Maximize)
  20. WT: Greater Bull Rush (Water) or Improved Iron Will (Fire)
Dreadful Carnage popping like fireworks as this Empowered-Maximized Magma Wall Infusion takes out five goblins.
Final Feat Choices
  • Critical Focus and Staggering Critical
  • Iron Will and Improved Iron Will
  • Toughness and Skill Focus (or Persuasive)

Build Considerations: Why Not Fire First?
Simply put, the early Fire Infusions are pretty lame. A good rule of thumb is that you wan to avoid Infusions that will commonly require movement (Torrent, Fan of Flames, Spray), as you won't be able to use your Gather Power (Move) to make your blasts stronger.
Otherwise, Fire is an amazing element for a Kineticist. Targeting touch AC is powerful and there are few enemies in Chapter One who are immune or resistant to fire. Fire has great bonus feats, as well (Dazzling Display, Dreadful Carnage, Iron Will, and Improved Iron Will), some of which we'll be taking later in the build.
With the low-level Infusions being as disappointing as my dating life, it's best to pick up Fire as our Level 7 element, enjoy the benefits of later-but-better Infusions, and watch our Earth blasts turn into "liquid hot magma" (*pinky to mouth, evil laugh*).
Starting with Earth is best in the long run. Its defensive ability is the best of all four elements (damage resistance), especially compared to Fire (fire damage on hit). They also get access to the Bowling Infusion early on, allowing you to trip enemies with your blasts. Trip and Greater Trip as Wild Talents is amazing. Starting at level 5, you'll be able to trip enemies with fairly high CMD and it only gets better from there.
"The Boulder takes issue with that comment." - The Boulder
A sad Dweomercast realizing that his attacks are useless. With Earth as our primary element, we have a DR of 1 for every two Kineticist levels beyond level 2.

Build Considerations: Feats and Wild Talents
  • Deadly Aim only works with physical and composite blasts with a physical component (Magma, Steam, etc.)
  • Improved Initiative (Level 3) before Weapon Focus (level 7)? Absolutely. Since we're targeting normal AC until level 7, we want to go first in combat as much as we can to catch enemies flat-footed. Improved Initiative (along with the Hare Familiar at level 2 and a 16 Dexterity), will give us a base +11 bonus to initiative rolls at level 3. This will get even higher with DEX items and your Elemental Overflow ability.
  • Improved Precise Shot? What about Tremor Sense? If you don't know, Earth Kineticists get access to Tremor Sense (it's the same as Echolocation) at level 12. It's a great ability. You can easily work it into the build at Level 12 and take Skill Focus (Persuasion) at level 13, move Deadly Aim to level 15... You get the idea. Since I normally run with Jubilost, I can easily get Echolocation via his Infusion and have Improved Precise Shot as my back-up for surprise attacks.
  • Iron Will or No as Wild Talents (Fire)? That's up to you. Kineticists have low Will saves, so it's a great choice. However, you're a ranged combatant and not often the target of spells. I prefer the Bull Rush feats. If you don't often use the Pushing Infusion, pick up Iron Will and Improved Iron Will Instead. Another option is to ditch Critical Focus and Staggering Critical to pick up IW and IIW at level 17 and 19.
  • Grappling Infusion at 19? Isn't that a Reflex Save? Sadly, yes. However, it has a decent DC and can be used with Wall, Cloud, and Deadly Earth. I'd pick up Chilling Infusion or Synaptic Infusion if I could (stagger effect), but the elements simply don't line up for this build.
Level 16 Empowered Bowling (Trip) Composite Blast (Magma) doing a comfy 356 points of damage with the help of Deadly Aim.

But What About...?
  • Spell Penetration and Greater Spell Penetration aren't supposed to work with your energy blasts, but they do. You can take these at Level 17 and 19 if you like, but I don't recommend it. Your physical blasts and composite blasts that include a physical component (yes, even the fire energy of composite blasts, like Steam or Magma) bypass SR. Work the system, folks, or the system works you (*double-guns-finger-snap*) I just made that up, by the way. That's fortune cookie material right there.
  • Elemental Focus (Fire) and Greater Elemental Focus (Fire) are not supposed to work with your fire Eruption DC, but they do (as does the Robe of Fire, btw). In this build, please know these feats and items do not work with composite blasts (ie, Magma Eruption). Considering the Eruption Infusion DC will never be that high (perhaps 29 to 32-ish?) and it requires a Reflex save (easily avoided by enemies with Evasion), I don't think it's at all worth the cost of two feats.
  • Enemy Damage Reduction: I was initially concerned with the issue of bypassing common DR like cold iron, adamantine, silver, etc. I thought of taking Earth-Fire-Earth to pick up the Rare Metal Infusion because of this. I soon discovered that this class does so much damage and DoT that enemy DR becomes a non-issue. It's so easy to maximize and empower your blasts that the 5-15 DR you may see on enemies is moot.
  • The Air Element. If you decide to pass on the Bull Rush feats and take Iron Will and Improved Iron Will, you can actually tweak the build a bit. By taking Air as your final element, you can still pick up the Cloud Infusion at level 17 (Sandstorm) and pick up the Flash Infusion (Plasma) at level 19.

We were able to catch this War Wisp flat-footed with the help of Linzi's Dirge of Doom. We bypassed its spell immunity to our Fire KB by using a composite blast (Magma). Our Bowling Infusion (trip) provoked AoO from our melee toons, as well.

By the Levels
Level 1-4: You sling dirt at one enemy at a time and try not to die. You try to Bull Rush enemies with your Pushing Infusion, but most of the time it won't work because you're weak sauce. Do you even lift (earth), bro?
Levels 5-6: Here, you're a little more than useless, as your KB can trip enemies with the Bowling Infusion. You may be surprised how reliable it is, even on larger enemies. If you're smart, target enemies in melee combat to provoke attacks of opportunity from your allies.
Levels: 7-10: You can now target touch AC by flinging fire from your mind! Stephen King would be proud. At Level 9 you get access to two very powerful abilities: Shatter Defenses and Eruption (your first AoE attack). Exploit Linzi's Dirge of Doom and enemies will be flat-footed to your physical blasts. This will hold you over until Dreadful Carnage at level 10.
Level 11-16: You now have access to the Wall and Deadly Earth Infusions. There is no saving throw for the AoE damage and there is no roll to hit. Since you'll be fighting a lot of undead during these levels, experience the joy of maximizing fire Wall Infusions combined with their vulnerability to fire. You'll watch zombies protest the bane of their existence via self-immolation and cackle! Deadly Earth is a massive DoT AoE blast with a disgustingly long range.
Level 17-20: You are now able to toss up three AoE Infusions (Wall, Cloud, and Deadly Earth). Grappling Infusion works best on enemies with low Reflex saves (they won't last long in the AoE). Maximizing composite blasts now cost zero Burn at level 19 with Metakinetic Master (Maximize) and Gather Power (Low).
Undead Zombie Cyclops enjoying the warm glow of a Maximized-Empowered Eruption Infusion.

Other Strategies
  1. Eruption Infusion (Level 9) is a mini fireball (or magma-ball) with unlimited uses. Do not use it on enemies with high Reflex saves or who have Evasion, as it will be less effective. It's extremely effective against (most) undead.
  2. The Eruption (Fire) Infusion acts as a spell in regard to a golem and wisp spell immunity. The composite Eruption (Magma) bypasses this, I believe.
  3. Kill ranged enemies first to proc Dreadful Carnage on closer, melee enemies. They'll be flat-footed for your next round of attacks.
  4. Creating a Pushing Magma or Steam Wall will often result in enemies taking damage twice or more as they attempt to make it through the AoE.
  5. Linzi's Dirge of Doom (level 8) will make many enemies shaken (and therefore flat-footed) once you have Shatter Defenses. This will hold you over until you get Dreadful Carnage at level 10.
  6. Have Linzi cast Vanish (Level 1 Bard Spell) on your Kineticist, allowing her to get closer to enemies to set up for a strong initial attack.
  7. Use Inspire Greatness (Linzi) to give yourself some bonus HP. You'll ultimately walk into your own AoE eventually, and you'll need all the HP cushion you can get. Keep a couple of heal spells handy as well.
  8. Deadly Earth + Trip is great against annoying ranged attackers (looking at you, Wild Hunt). If the CM succeeds, standing up will allow them only one attack per round.
  9. By taking the Cloud Infusion at level 17, we can actually have three AoE's up at the same time (Wall, Deadly Earth, and Cloud).
  10. There is no saving throw for damage for your Wall, Deadly Earth, or Cloud Infusions. There is no roll to hit. The damage simply happens. Wall deals damage each time a creature passes through it. Cloud and Deadly Earth are DoT Infusions.
This Hill Giant is unable to pass through our Magma Wall Pushing (Bull Rush) Infusion. He tries twice and dies like a newb.

Tougher Scenarios
Let's take a look at an (almost) worst-case scenario. Below we have a Ferocious Devourer. They have a high spell resistance of 30 (so no Fire blast), high AC (so no Earth blast), immune to mind-effecting and fear (so we cannot get him flat-footed), and a high Reflex save (so no Eruption). What do we do? We bypass SR by making a Composite Blast (Magma, Fire + Earth), exploit his fire vulnerability, and use an attack that he cannot dodge (Wall). We'll do this each round until he dies, even though my boy, Jubi, will just kill him outright on his turn (which he did, btw). "You're my boy, Jub!"
\"Amiri.\" \"Yeah, Chief?\" \"Watch out.\"

Items of Note
  • Cloak of Shadows: +10 Enhancement Bonus to Stealth. Works great with Vanish.
  • Robe of Fire: +2 DC to Fire abilities (works with Eruption Infusion)
  • Amulet of Mighty Fists: Applies to Kinetic Blasts
  • Death From Afar: +4 to ranged attacks
  • Ring of the Natural Born Commander: +3 Insight Bonus to Persuasion
  • Mesmerizing Robe: +10 Competence bonus to Persuasion.
  • Kinetic Diadems: +1d6 or more to Kinetic Blast damage.
  • Ghost Leather: Improved Invisibility on hit for 2 rounds.
  • Colossus Ring: +2 luck bonus to Constitution and the ability to cast Enlarge Person twice a day as a 1st level wizard
  • River Fox's Memento Pendant: The wearer of this pendant gains a +5 competence bonus on all Mobility and Trickery checks and deals an additional 1d6 damage to all flanked opponents, denying their opponents' Dexterity bonus as per Sneak Attack. This damage is increased by an additional 3d6 against targets that aren't in combat. NOTE: This works with single-target blasts only with a physical component.

Final Thoughts
I'd love some feedback from more experienced Kineticist players. Regardless of how much I tweaked this build (I lost count of how many respecs I did to get it as optimal as I could), there are always ways to improve the build. Any thoughts, strategies, or items that I missed?

Level 19 Empowered-Maximized Composite (Magma) Blast landing for 639 points of damage due to the help of a Greater Kinetic Diadem.
"The Boulder is over his conflicted feelings, and now he's ready to bury you in a rock-a-lanche!" -The Boulder.
submitted by JPDG to Pathfinder_Kingmaker

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