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How to Stake on the ETH2 Medalla Testnet - A Beginner's Guide

Hey everybody, I am an absolute beginner who just managed to set up a staking node on the ETH 2.0 Medalla testnet that goes live Aug 4th, 2020. Shoutout to KBrot/ and others at /ETHFinance/ who patiently helped me out, and of course the friendly folks at the Prysm and Lighthouse discords!
I missed the mining craze last time around, but I'm stoked that I can be here for the Medalla testnet. If you are considering solo-staking on main net you absolutely should give the testnet a try. Documenting my steps here in case anybody else wants to give it a shot!
Initially I tried Lighthouse on Windows but there were compile issues so switched to Linux and it was much easier. I'd never used Linux before and had limited command line knowledge, so if I can do this, so can you!
Later on, I was able to get Prysm running on Windows quite easily. Steps included below.
ETH2 Client used: Sigma Prime Lighthouse on Linux Ubuntu Desktop latest version, not running an ETH1 node (using an Infura node instead as not enough disk space). But you should run an ETH1 node if you can, because you reduce the risk of penalties from Infura being unavailable when you're staking on the main net later on.
I have also added Prysm steps on Windows. For other clients, just replace steps 3-6 with the instructions from that client's dev team.
  1. Create your validator keys at the Ethereum Foundation Medalla Launchpad
  2. Preparation: Install Linux, Rust, C++ build packages
  3. Install ETH2 client
  4. Start an ETH2 beacon node
  5. Import your validator keys into ETH2 client
  6. Start ETH2 validator

STEP 1 - Create your validator keys at the Ethereum Foundation Medalla Launchpad
Go to the Launchpad. Make sure you understand the 'Overview' section as much as you can.
If you already have a Linux machine set up and want to use the CLI to generate the keypair, follow the instructions to generate the key-pairs.
I wanted to do it on my Windows PC, so I skipped the 'Install developer libraries' and CLI steps.
Instead I downloaded the eth2deposit-cli-v0.2.1-windows-amd64.zip file from http://github.com/ethereum/eth2.0-deposit-cli/releases/tag/v0.2.1/
Unzip/extract, and run the deposit.exe file. Follow the steps and keep your keystore files and password safe.
I assume you want to set up 1 validator. Upload the validator json, connect your Metamask wallet and sign the transaction to send 32 GoETH from your Metamask wallet to the testnet deposit contract. If you don't have test ETH, get some from prylabs.net/participate (just click on step 2 - get goeth and connect your Metamask) from the Prysmatic or Lighthouse discord. There is a bot channel there.
After signing the transaction your 32 GoETH has been deposited into the Medalla testnet contract!
Brave and Metamask don't work together with the Launchpad. Chrome + Metamask worked for me.

Step 2 - Preparation: Install Linux, Git, Rust, C++ build packages
I was able to run Prysm on Windows, but had issues with Lighthouse. So I set up Lighthouse on Linux. Here's how you do this:
Install Ubuntu desktop using these instructions to create a bootable USB disk. Ubuntu server doesn't have a GUI, so I went for desktop.
From a terminal window, install Ubuntu dependencies by copy-pasting and pressing Enter:
sudo apt install -y git gcc g++ make cmake pkg-config libssl-dev 
Install Git:
sudo apt install git-all 
For using Lighthouse, you need to install Rust:
curl https://sh.rustup.rs -sSf | sh 
For using Lighthouse, you also need to install Microsoft C++ Build Tools:
sudo apt-get install build-essential 
NOTE: You may have to log out/restart Linux at this point to make the next step work.

Step 3: Install an ETH2 Client
Prysm is the more popular client but for the sake of client diversity try to use one of the other clients also. Install Prysm by following the first 3 steps but don't start the beacon node yet.
The steps below are for Lighthouse (Linux), taken from this source.
Clone the lighthouse git with this command:
git clone https://github.com/sigp/lighthouse.git 
Go into the Lighthouse client directory:
cd lighthouse 
Compile the client using command, this will take a while:

Step 4: Start an ETH2 Beacon node
Pick either 4a or 4b below - don't do both!
Step 4a: Start the ETH1 node & Beacon node
If your computer can run an ETH1 node (like GETH) which needs a 500GB SSD at least, please do so to support true decentralization and maximise your node uptime.
See Prysm instructions here. For Lighthouse see instructions here. Then go to step 5.
Step 4b: Use a remote (3rd party) ETH1 node & start a beacon node
If you cannot run an ETH1 node because your computer is not powerful enough or the SSD is not big enough, you can use a public Infura end-point: Sign up for free at https://infura.io/ and create a new project. Under that project's settings, next to 'Endpoints' choose Goerli testnet and copy the https URL -> this is your Infura endpoint.
For Lighthouse (Linux):
Open a new terminal window.
Replace the word URL below with this Infura endpoint URL, and run this command in a new terminal window.
lighthouse --testnet medalla beacon --eth1-endpoint=URL --http 
As a bonus, sign up for the POAP and add your graffiti to your beacon node to get special participation badges!
For lighthouse, the POAP graffiti has to be added to the beacon node not the validator (for Prysm, it is added to the validator not the beacon node - see instruction further below in the next step).
So use this command instead of the previous one to start the beacon node with your graffiti added:
lighthouse --testnet medalla beacon --eth1-endpoint=URL --http --graffiti YOURGRAFFITIHERE 
You should start seeing lines such as:
INFO Imported Deposit Log(s) 
and after it has caught up with all the deposits:
INFO Waiting for adequate ETH1 timestamp.... 
For Prysm (Windows):
If running your own ETH1 node, run in a new command line window:
 prysm.bat beacon-chain 
If using Infura, replace the word URL below with the Infura endpoint URL, and run this command in a new terminal window.
prysm.bat beacon-chain --http-web3provider=URL 
You should see something like this:
INFO powchain: Processing deposits from Ethereum 1 chain deposits=18432 genesisValidators=17871 

Step 5: Import your validator keys into the client
For Lighthouse (Linux):
Follow the instructions here. Ensure you place the validator keys folder in the right place.
I did this by pasting the 'eth2deposit-cli-de03fe3-windows-amd64' folder into my Linux lighthouse folder.
For Prysm (Windows): Follow the steps here. Ensure you place the validator keys folder in the right place.

Step 6: Start your ETH2 validator
For Lighthouse (Linux):
Open a new terminal window and run:
lighthouse vc 
If the validator started successfully, you will see something like this:
INFO Enabled validator voting_pubkey: 0xa5e8702533f6d66422e042a0bf3471ab9b302ce115633fa6fdc5643f804b6b4f1c33baf95f125ec21969a3b1e0dd9e56 
Until the Medalla testnet genesis, you will ALSO see an error like so on Lighthouse:
ERROR Unable to connect to beacon node error: "ReqwestError(reqwest::Error { kind: Request, url: \"http://localhost:5052/node/version\", source: hyper::Error(Connect, ConnectError(\"tcp connect error\", Os { code: 111, kind: ConnectionRefused, message: \"Connection refused\" })) })" 
This is perfectly normal, and will keep repeating until the Medalla testnet chain starts running later (the http server for the lighthouse beacon node doesn't start until genesis - confirmed by devs in Discord)
Note: The status messages may be different as we get closer to chain genesis and again at the actual genesis time.
Before genesis, update your client with this command if built from source:
git pull 
or if using the docker image:
docker pull sigp/lighthouse 
For Prysm (Windows):
Open a new terminal window and run:
prysm.bat validator 
As a bonus, sign up for the POAP and add your graffiti to your validator to get special participation badges! Use this command instead of the previous one to run a validator with your graffiti added:
prysm.bat validator --graffiti "YourGraffitiHere" 
NOTE: While Prysm adds the graffiti to the validator, Lighthouse adds it to the beacon node. The end result is the same though.
You should see this message if the validator started succesfully:
INFO validator: Waiting for beacon chain start log from the ETH 1.0 deposit contract 
Note: The status messages may be different as we get closer to chain genesis and again at the actual genesis time.
Also your beacon node terminal will show that the validator has successfully connected to it.
INFO rpc: New gRPC client connected to beacon node addr= 
So now you should have one terminal window running the beacon chain and another terminal window running the validator. Closing the terminal windows will terminate these, so be careful. I'd also advise changing your power settings so that your PC doesn't go to sleep automatically.
That's it! Your Medalla validator is now ready! Keep and eye on update instructions from the dev teams on their Discords and just wait for the chain genesis now (1300 hrs UTC, Aug 4th, 2020).
You can also enter your validator's public key in Beaconcha.in to monitor status and staking income.
If you spot any errors/improvements to these steps, do let me know!
EDIT: Prysm steps for Windows added. Lighthouse Graffiti commands added. Prysm and Lighthouse Discord links removed due to Reddit spam filters, look in comments for those links.
submitted by maninthecryptosuit to ethstaker

Welcome to /r/EthStaker, the home for Ethereum Stakers on Reddit. You'll love this sticky!


Please take a moment to watch our youtube introduction to the EthStaker community!
Here are links to some things mentioned in this video:
I would like to warmly welcome everyone to ethstaker. Please protect this community's philosophy by respecting our rules. Let me quote the most important ones here for reference:
  • Note that the the primary goal of this community is to be welcoming first and knowledgable second.
  • We welcome all persons regardless of identifying criteria. As an extension of that, we will work harder to welcome those who may appear different.
  • Do not discuss or use this reddit to engage in activity that may be considered illegal.
  • Keep non Ethereum staking to staking.
  • Keep plain Ethereum development discussion to ethereum.
  • Keep price discussion and market talk to subreddits such as /ethfinance or ethtrader.
  • Keep mining discussion to subreddits such as /ethermining.

What is Ethereum 2 Staking?

Superphiz gave a talk at EthOnline 2020 titled "Introduction to Ethereum 2 and Staking for Beginners" it's a great place to get introduced to these concepts.
Ethereum 2 Staking means locking up 32 Ether and running a piece of software that secures the Ethereum 2 network. In exchange for doing this service stakers receive small payouts every 6 minutes. The new Ethereum network is still in development and stakers who deposit Ether now should expect it to be completely locked up for two years.
The BEST place to learn about Ethereum 2 is by reading EIP 2982, the proposal to integrate Ethereum 2 into the Ethereum 1 system. superphiz and unvetica_solutions did a full reading of this EIP and posted it to YouTube.

You should get involved!

  • Sign up for our collaboration groups where you can be paired with four other stakers to join a private discord chat to get to know each other and swap experiences.
  • Participate in the Ethereum Studymaster where you can take quizzes to learn more about Ethereum and earn POAPs to demonstrate your knowledge.

Staking FAQ's

Staking Incentives / Rewards

Why stake?

  • Help secure the Etherem network.
  • Help maintain decentralization/security.
  • Earn a return on your staked ETH.

Staking Rewards

  • Returns depend on how much ETH is staked.
  • You will receive a return on your stake, in regular small increments.
  • Return Calculator

Getting started on mainnet

Getting started on a testnet

Security Best Practices

Types of Staking


  • Choosing hardware: LamboshiNakaghini's hardware guide, coinmonk's guide
  • Run your own Eth2 client (Linux/Windows/Mac)

    Custodial & Third party pooling

  • Note that the Ethstaker community encourages solo staking and does not endorse services, but we WILL provide support as much as possible and we encourage you to do what's best for you.
  • Beaconcha.in hosts a comprehensive list of custodial and third party staking services.

Ethereum 2 Staking Clients

Client Runs on Documentation Discord Website Launchpad Guide Complete Guide
Ligthhouse Linux, MacOS, Windows Documentation Discord Website Launchpad Somer Esat's Guide
Nimbus Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android Documentation Discord Website Launchpad Somer Esat's Guide
Prysm Linux, MacOS, Windows Documentation Discord Website Launchpad Somer Esat's Guide
Teku Linux, MacOS, Windows Documentation Discord Website Launchpad Somer Esat's Guide

Choosing a Client

Choosing a client that is right for you can be challenging. In general, the clients listed above are all viable options for staking on Eth2 - they are all compliant with the latest Eth2 specification. Each client uses a slightly different configurtation and set-up, and offers different features. Ideally you can try each client out on the Medalla testnet (see the Complete Guides in the table above) to get a feel for which client is right for you.
Also check this slightly out of date (but still relevant) breakdown of Ethereum 2.0 clients: Ethereum 2.0 and the Seven Clients by SomerEsat.

General Guides


Hardware Staking Guide by LamboshiNakaghini


How to stake on ETH2 Mainnet with Lighthouse on Ubuntu by coincashew
Setup an Eth2 Mainnet Validator System With Prysm on Ubuntu by metanull-operator
Getting started with Eth2 Staking on Docker by YorickDowne
Running a staking system using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on a NUC 10i5FNK by metanull-operator
How to stake with Dappnode by Raymond Durk
How to Stake with Ethereum 2.0: The Ultimate Guide to Set Up Everything and Earn Interest - Video Updated: November 2020 by Zane
Using Windows 10 to install Ubuntu subsystem for staking

Staking Risks

Staking on Ethereum 2.0 has some risks. Some common things to look out for are not limited to: - Hardware related issues can impact a staking setup. For example: power failures, hardware failures, running out of disk space, etc. - Networking related issues such as DDoS attacks or general connectivity issues (e.g. severed cable). - Software related issues such as bugs in client software or OS issues. - Validator Key issues such as lost or stolen phrase/passwords/private keys. - ETH2 related issues relating to mainnet problems. - Taxation may apply to staking rewards depending on your local tax laws. Check with a licensed professional.
Before you go, don't forget to make plans to join us in Hawaii in 2022.
This sticky is maintained here. Please submit lots of changes on the github then ping superphiz, or just pm me here if you have something.
submitted by superphiz to ethstaker

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