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Comprehensive Brigitte Guide (400+ hours played)

Too long didn't read: https://youtu.be/RK8zbHaaNOw
Too long didn't listen: https://youtu.be/MJs64wJnUpg
Too long didn't watch: https://imgur.com/a/argv0Nk
Too long didn't look: W + LMB
This guide will highlight a wide variety of tips to help you harness Brig's potential. Brig has the highest win-rate at every rank across the supports and is in the top three across all heroes. If you play Overwatch competitively and wish to rank up she is the best hero to use. Unfortunately due to her launch condition she has a massive stigma of being a brain-dead hero to play. This couldn't be further from the truth, to play Brig optimally requires a great deal of mental prowess. Mechanically however she is one of the easier heroes to learn. Little has been shared about her strengths and I watch many Overwatch League players struggle with the basics of Brig.

1.0 Why play Brigitte?

She's an easy to learn difficult to master hero with an array of impactful abilities on relatively short cooldowns. Veteran players that can think ahead and quickly judge the state of play will find her both powerful and satisfying. On the other hand new players can effectively support their team by sticking with the tanks and bashing anything in range :)
You won't get massive ShatteDeathblossom moments on Brig where you singlehandedly turn a team fight and everyone knows it. However playing matches where you are in the center of the maelstrom with your team around you and an important decision to make every global cooldown count is incredibly fun.

1.1 Brigitte's Strengths

Brig at 200 health plus 50 armour is hard to kill. The simple fact of it taking more time to kill Brig than any other support gives your team time to make plays. Every part of her kit is defensive. Between stuns, knockbacks, self healing and Barrier Shield you have a lot of options to keep yourself alive. Overwatch at its core is won and lost based on time so any delay increases your chance to win.
She is also strong against most tanks and weak to none. This I believe is what makes her so beneficial, every map has two tanks and none pose a real threat to her. That being said Reinhardt's Rocket Hammer and Winston's Tesla Cannon both go through Shield Barrier and can quickly eliminate you if you're not careful. The balance of Brig is in her decision making, played perfectly ultimates are needed to bring you down. However if you take a few steps the wrong way the enemy team can gobble you up.
Another key strength is the ability to not only heal mobile heroes easily but to toughen them up in the process. Repair Pack overheal gives teammates 50 additional armour when they are healed at full health. On damage heroes like Tracer, Echo and Genji this can often be the difference between life and death. These heroes also pose a challenge for other supports to heal.
Brig's Rally is S tier for reliability, its incredibly difficult to use it and get no benefit. Though it can't really save the team in ultimate Kamehameha situations like Transcendence or Sound Barrier can. It's great for imitating a fight or weathering the storm of a turbulent battle. Rally also give heroes with energy shield (that gets depleted before armour) a massive durability boost for thirty seconds.
Her other strength is that she can heal after she has been eliminated. Inspire applies a heal over time buff to all heroes within its radius that lasts six seconds. No matter what happens to Brig after Inspire is applied the healing will continue. Inspire healing your team for 300 or more health after you perish can mean the difference in tight situations.

1.2 Brigitte's Weaknesses

Short effective range and limited heals are the elephant in the room when you play Brig. You have to hit to heal outside of Repair Pack cooldowns which means post fight Brig cant top off her team. If your opponent has a defensive playstyle it is common for Brig to use all her Repair Packs then watch as her team gets chipped down and picked off. Heroes like Pharah and Echo can pose a challenge for Brig players to deal with as landing a whip on flying heroes is difficult and not generally an effective use of the ability.
By far the worst matchup for Brig is another Brig. It is basically mutually assured destruction in that it's difficult to protect yourself from another Brig and you also can't get away. If you run into a team like Rein/Zarya/Brig and your tank line is anything else things get incredibly dangerous for you.
Brig is the toughest support because to be effective you have to be in the front lines of battle. This means that if you aren't aware of enemy cooldowns like Hook/Halt you can quickly be picked off. Knowing when to hold firm, when to retreat and when to push are important traits of successful Brig players.

1.3 When should I pick Brigitte?

Pushing a cart on attack and control maps all align strongly with Brig's skill sets. The healing from the cart in conjunction with your own makes it difficult to dislodge Brig. Control maps are often chaotic with players going in all directions. This type of fight favours Brigs as you can work with a damage hero to pick off players or protect your support from divers.
For beginners I would recommend only picking Brig when you have another main healer (Ana, Baptiste, Moira) on your team. Those three heroes enable you to focus more on overhealing your damage players for the armour buff and crowd controlling aggressors. Experts can match with any other support well depending on map/hero lineups.
The tanks that Brig excels against are D.Va, Hammond and Winston. All three have relatively low DPS with large hitboxes and tend to come at you allowing for easy inspires. Importantly they all do rapid small attacks which are poor against armour. Whilst Brig is good against all the tanks if I could pick any lineup to vs it would be these three.
Tanks that are great to play with are Barrier tanks that can protect you as you get within range. Reinhardt, Zarya and Brigitte is the most common lineup you will see and an easier one to play on.
In terms of damage heroes that Brig is strong against it often comes down to your ability to keep your partner support alive rather than kill potential. Brig should lose 100 out of 100 1v1's against Doomfist. However Brig can protect herself and her other support from Doomfist dives incredibly well. Genji is a hero that often gives support trouble with his evasive movement and damage bursts. Brig can push Genji's away and has the potential to stop his Sword with a Shield Bash kill or by Whip Shotting them out of range.
Any bursty damage heroes that push into enemies is a good match for Brig. It's popular in Overwatch League for Brig's to effectively pocket Tracer's and Echo's with Repair
Packs. The extra armour allows them more time to get a kill before retreating. Brig's forte is healing damage heroes and working in conjunction with their other support to fend off enemy dives.

1.4 When should I swap off Brigitte?

The short answer is NEVER! Brig can provide value on any map with and against any team. Whether your team believes this is another matter :)
Open maps like Havana pose a challenge for Brig to get value on if the enemy is always out of Whip Shot range. If your team is a static long range setup like Orisa/Sigma/Ashe/McCree/Ana and the enemy never pushes into you, you often become a Repair Pack bot. Brig isn't providing much benefit here and heroes like Baptiste or Zen could provide substantially more. That being said if you are attacking, Brig can still be strong around the cart. On Havana specifically the indoor section is great for Brig. However the final push into the sand castle is not well suited to her. You will come across this frequently where another hero might be more suited to certain sections against certain teams. Your own skill at Brig and other supports will determine if you need/want to swap in those situations.

2.0 Playing Brigitte

Brig appears to be a fairly clumsy hero when you first scratch the surface. She is however quite nuanced and requires a lot of micromanaging to play optimally. In order to play Brig at the highest level I would HIGHLY recommend changing the default keys. My key setup is as follows
Ability 1 (Whip Shot): Left Mouse Button
Ability 2 (Repair Pack): Mouse 5
Ability 3 (Rally): E
Primary Fire (Rocket Flail): Left Shift
Secondary Fire (Barrier Shield): Right Mouse Button
Shield Bash: RMB + LShift

2.1 Control Explanation

The main change is swapping Rocket Flail and Whip Shot. The ability to accurately land Whip Shots is a massive part in winning games with Brig. By playing first person shooters you will have trained your LMB to be the most accurate key you press. Therefore it makes complete sense to have the only ability in Brig's kit that requires accuracy to be bound to Left Mouse Button.
When playing Brig you should have your shield deployed when you initiate most Whip Shots. By having my key setup Brig now plays exactly the same as Widowmaker. Hold down RMB to aim then press LMB to shoot. Rocket Flail is an ability you hold down for extended periods of time quite often. It is far easier to pan with your mouse when you aren't holding down LMB. Shield cancelling is a mechanic I will introduce later which also greatly benefits from LShift Rocket Flail.
The ability to maneuver and apply Repair Packs to your team in the heat of battle is imperative. By taking it off the default E key you are now able to strafe right with D and heal at the same time. In addition Repair Packs functionality allows you to hold down the key and pan across a target to initiate the heal. This is made much simpler when its bound to Mouse 5.

2.3 Keep Your Shield Up!

Any time your shield is down you are effectively at half life. You can block over four hundred damage with a fully charged barrier. It takes three seconds to fully recharge and you can redeploy it after a break in two seconds. Every single time you die you should check to see if your shield charge is at maximum. If so its highly likely you could have avoided that death by simply blocking damage with your near instant shield. The number one fault I see in Overwatch League players Brig's is that they die to blockable damage out of melee combat on full shield charge.
Not only does shield double your life it expands your field of view to third person allowing you to see far more. You can even use third person view to check around corners. A hidden benefit is that like Widowmaker you have more mouse control when you are putting pressure on the RMB. This increases your accuracy whilst protecting you from a wide range of abilities like Flashbang, Seismic Slam, Hook, Biotic Grenade, the list goes on.

2.4 Shield Hops

This is essentially a difficult mechanical skill Brig's need to acquire to optimise her play. Identical to Reinhardt's shield hops to boost movement speed this playstyle vastly increases your defense as well as expanding your awareness with third person view. With precise timing you can move at over 90% speed with shield uptime close to 85%. You want to be incorporating Shield Hops into your movement any time an enemy can damage you, where appropriate. If you are playing deathmatch this is at all times.
The order of operations for a Shield Hop is Jump -> Shield Barrier (hold) -> (release) Shield Barrier -> Land -> Repeat. The sooner you activate Shield barrier post jump the greater protection you have. Releasing just before you land is important to maintain speed into the next jump. A common defensive strategy is to Shield Hop backwards away from danger.
Shield Bash is used as a movement skill more often than a stun. To lengthen the momentum gain you can hold down jump which initiates a hop at the end of the Shield Bash. This is useful for landing Whip Shots on targets just out of range. You can also use the jump hold to Shield Bash away from a target then turn back mid air post Bash and Whip Shot them.

2.6 Inspire management

A key focus is to keep your six second heal over time up on as many team members as possible. To do this you need to be positioned in a central area relative to your team. Depending on your teams composition this is not always possible, focusing on inspiring the tanks will often lead to good outcomes. Inspire is a risk reward calculation in terms of how likely you are to land a hit proccing Inspire and the chances of surviving the attempt. Being aware of the exact range of your Rocket Flail and the time it takes from activation to first damaging phase is crucial. A good tactic is hugging a corner and activating Rocket Flail before you peak so that the instant an enemy is in range you get an Inspire proc.
Brig is very much a cooldown dependent hero and once you run out your effectiveness greatly diminishes. After you land a whip/melee you might pull back for a few seconds to recharge your shield and health before pushing forward to get the next Inspire. I see a lot of Brigs push forward and stay forward until they die. Brig is able to disengage from most battles, the simplest is just to hop backwards with shield up until you are out of line of sight.

2.7 Rocket Flail mechanics and Shield cancels

Rocket Flail is essentially a light saber with a charge up period. Anywhere you move your mouse whilst the light saber is charged will damage a target. It is possible to damage everything in range around you on every Rocket Flail activation by rapidly panning 360 degrees. This is not an effective use of Rocket Flail however it does highlight its functionality. Although, you can only land one hit per target per activation. This means that if you have one target, it is faster to cancel the Rocket Flail animation with your Shield Barrier as soon as you land an attack rather than wait for the return swing. How this works in practice
Holding down Shield Barrier (good Brig doubling her life)
Holding down Rocket Flail (currently blocked by deployed shield)
Release Shield Barrier (the held down Rocket Flail initiates its attack)
Charge up period where the swing animation begins and you center your mouse on target
Rocket Flail hits the target proccing Inspire and displaying a hit marker
Tap Shield Barrier to reset the Flail (Rocket Flail remains held down)
2nd Rocket Flail charge up period begins (rinse repeat)
There are a few things to note here. Firstly your shield will not recharge whilst you are using it for cancelling animations of Rocket Flail. Also any time spent with the Shield Barrier key depressed during the tap lengthens the time before the next Rocket Flail will initiate. Thus it's incredibly important to have a light touch when shield cancelling. A sign you are holding Shield Barrier down too long is that you are able to see the shield start to form between Rocket Flails.
This style of flailing greatly increases your accuracy and marginally increases dps at the expense of shield recharge and a slight mobility loss. To offset the mobility loss of the snare whilst shield is deployed you can jump during 3/4's of your attacks. An added benefit is that when you cancel with Shield Barrier you block any attacks that arrive at that instant. Against heroes with slow attacks like Hanzo or Roadhog you can deploy your shield just long enough during the cancel to block one attack before releasing into the next Rocket Flail.

2.8 Repair Pack usage

To use Repair Pack you can either mouse over your target and press the key or hold the key and swipe across the target. The second option works well when you only have one available target to heal in a given area. If there are multiple targets the first one you swipe across will receive the Repair Pack. Try to always ensure that Repair Pack is at two or less charges. Any time you are sitting on three charges you are effectively wasting resources.
Repair pack heals for 110 health over two seconds and/or provides a 50 armour buff to the target once they reach full health. The armour buff can last up to five seconds so with Repair Packs cooldown of six seconds you can keep one target buffed 5/6ths of the time :) The tactic of boosting key damage heroes armour so that they can win exchanges is incredibly powerful. Whilst you are doing this though you gain little ultimate charge as only healing and damage provide percentage. Also you are generally increasing the amount that another support has to heal and reducing their damage output in turn. With that in mind its important to evaluate whether armour boosting is getting value for your team or if you would be better off triage healing.
As Brig has a limit on healing output its important to focus on smaller health pool heroes. Repair Pack is far better suited to healing evasive smaller hitbox heroes that other healers like Ana/Baptiste might struggle to hit reliably. Healing tanks does provide a nice chunk of ultimate charge so anyone under 50% (besides Roadhog) is a viable target.
Assuming all targets are damaged and facing equal threats heal priority goes to your other support then damage heroes and lastly tanks. This is massively subject to change based on the evolving circumstances around you and most notably any hero that has an ultimate ready. Being aware of what cooldowns your teammates have available, especially the tanks will inform you to make better decisions as who gets your Repair Packs.

2.9 Tank Triage Case study

There is no catch all for always heal A before B in Overwatch. Knowledge of the game and how it plays out will aid you in making the right decisions on who to heal when. Lets look at a common lineup of Brig/Rein/Zarya and when to Repair Pack them. Zarya generally is an awful target for Brig to Repair Pack due to her 200 energy and Particle Barrier. Reinhardt is quite a good target as they often take damage so any overhealing that goes to armour will be helpful. However for the first 5-10 seconds of the team fight they are a low risk of dieing as it's likely they can shield or recieve a Projected Barrier from Zarya to survive. During the inital periods of the fight your Repair Pack would be better spent on a damage hero or second support. Once Reinhardt's shield is close to breaking and Zarya's barriers are on cooldown the need to Repair Pack rises dramatically.
In the first fight of the map Reinhardt is far more valuable than Zarya as they are likely to charge into an Earthshatter. On successive fights where Zarya is nearing Graviton Surge her value increases accordingly. When healing with an Ana give priority to topping them off over anything else as every Bitoic Grenade they use on themselves sets your team back. Ana's tend to be reluctant to ask for healing so keep an eye on them.

3.0 General Tactics

Where is the enemy? Point your shield at them. Where is your team? Where is the rest of your team? Where is the enemy now? Inspiring your team requires you to be aware of where they are. Their positions are often rapidly changing so you need to be dynamic and changing with them. There is little point in landing amazing Whip Shots onto targets that never die only to Inspire yourself. I see Brig's often move to a side flank to land a whip in the back line of the enemy team before regrouping with their own. This playstyle rarely results in a positive for your team and should be avoided.
When playing with more mobile tanks like Winston and D.Va Brig will often fill the roll of offtank for the front line while the tanks are diving a target. Its important in these instances to focus on delay rather than holding the line. You are tanky but you are not a tank, any tanking you do do is with the help of other heroes. If you are with Rein/Zarya and Rein dies then you become the de facto offtank and with Zarya's help can DELAY an enemy team. You cannot attack a full enemy team in that circumstance and expect a good result.

3.1 Hit to Heal

A super aggressive Brig is generally more valuable than a super defensive one. You need to focus on positioning yourself so that you can land Rocket Flails and engage with the enemy. This can mean standing front and centre with your tanks or in the midfield waiting for a dive comp to engage. The more aggressive your opponent is the easier it is for Brig as you can just bend with the tide rather than having to push through and around barriers. It's worth trading a single blow with Reinhardts to get Inspire off but don't find yourself in a swinging match with them.
Whip Shot should be your go to for Inspire procs even if they are in Rocket Flail range. It does more damage and the knockback will decrease the damage output of the enemy as they reestablish. Pushing tanks back multiple times a fight makes it far harder for them to gain ground and allows your own tanks some breathing room. Getting into the habit of Whip Shot first also improves your aim faster and prepares you for more difficult situations where your only opportunity to get Inspire is via Whip Shot.

3.2 Aggressive Patience

As Brig you go through peaks and valleys of usefulness. The peak times when both teams crash together you find yourself in the centre of chaos. Here it is not about identifying what to do but which threat poses the greatest risk and how you can mitigate that. Waiting for an important stun like Roadhog's heal can win fights however simply Shield Bashing away to cover might be the better option. During these peak times act on decisions that make an impact directly rather than waiting for big plays to appear.
Conversely you have the valleys where you are either out of cooldowns or waiting for the next engagement. Focus on checking your teams positions, what ultimate charge they are on and gauging which enemies might have their own ultimates.
Quite often the enemy will be out of your range and you have nothing to do except stay alive and Repair Pack. Its important in these times to be thinking about what the battle will look like when you are in range and how best to setup for that. You don't want your Shield Barrier on half charge just before your about to get into melee range. Also don't be afraid to do nothing for six seconds while Repair Pack recharges. In this time be gauging your next moves and anticipating theirs without feeling the need to push a risky attack just to be doing something.

3.3 When to Rally?

Unless you are playing with a stacked team it takes quite awhile to build ultimate on Brig. It's not an ability that you need to wait for that perfect moment to use like Lucio's Sound Barrier. Get three or more team mates in the radius and use it a couple seconds before the team fight begins for safe uses. Technically its better to wait until your team has taken damage before you Rally if they are able to survive that damage. In practice you end up waiting to press Rally too long and someone gets picked off that otherwise would have survived with 100 armour buff pre-fight.
Rally lasts for ten seconds which is two and half Whip Shots worth, don't feel the need to wait to use it. There is quite a lot of decision making around Rally that only comes into effect when you are able to track your enemies ultimates accurately. For 99% of players, on attack use it as your team starts to come into LOS of the enemy and on defense just before they initiate. The movement speed buff you get from Rally is amazing and enables you a lot of freedom to be aggressive whilst Rally lasts.

3.4 So you're about to die...

Often on Brig death is not a surprise and you can see it happening from a few seconds away. In these moments its important to delay that death as long as possible whilst expending all available cooldowns to heal what you can. Far better to get two more Repair Packs off than one last Rocket Flail on an already Inspired team. If you have no abilities available a broken shield looking down the barrel there is always AD spam and crouch. Practicing prolonging these situations will enable you to survive mid-fight where you might otherwise not have. One dodged shot is often all it takes to live long enough for a team mate to help you, eliminate the enemy or capture the point. Lastly a broken shield is a couple seconds away from use, holding down the Right Mouse Button will deploy it as soon as its available.

3.5 Healthpacks are the third support hero

Healthpack locations are the most important information available to you about any map. Fighting around them you often have the ability to secure them whilst starving your opponents of the extra healing. They also play a part in deciding who to Repair Pack. On maps such as Lijang Night Markets where there is a mega healthpack available right where you tend to fight its healing can allow you to focus on heroes further away. When deciding how to get from point A to B try to incorporate as many healthpacks along the way as you can. Brig at half health full shield can safely move to a nearby pack without putting extra pressure on your support to heal you. Telling tanks to use nearby mega healthpacks when your out of Repair Pack charges can also be helpful.

4.0 Training

A huge mistake people make is that because Brig has a simpler set of abilities that practice is not required. Every hero can be improved and pregame warm ups help prepare you for greater challenges. I would highly recommend any player spending five minutes at the Practice Range, five minutes in a custom game then a match or two of Quickplay before starting Competitive.

4.1 Practice Range

Start practice by cleaving the first two training bots from right to left using shield cancels. In between respawns Repair Pack the damaged Friendly Bot down the ramp and Whip Shot Tracer behind you. This warms up all the main keys. Move on to Rocket Flailing one bot at a time in a compass pattern using shield cancels. Attacking from all angles of N, NE, E, SE etc helps you get used to targeting enemies in the air or whilst your airborne. Finish at the first two Training Bots by having your back to them focusing your crosshair on Tracer. Rotate 360 degrees with Rocket Flail landing the cursor back on Tracer in both directions. This technique allows you to quickly get an attack off when you know an enemy is behind you as well as smoothing your mouse movement.
After the spins move down the ramp to the two damaged Friendly Bots, keep them alive while destroying the two attacking Training Bots. Focus on keeping Repair Packs on cooldown. You can whip one of the Training Bots to either side to practice cleaving in a wider arc. This is a good spot to try some 180 degree whips. Align yourself looking at a Friendly Bot in the firing path of a Training Bot. As you turn around Whip Shot the Training Bot behind you. This exercise is reinforcing smooth quick pans you practiced earlier.
From here move into the roaming Training Bots and practice jump shield canceling to continue to dps while moving. Try to use Whip Shot and Shield Bash on cooldown and keep the two Friendly Bots alive with Repair Packs, Inspire and Rally. This drill is the most game like and allows you to incorporate movement into your ability warm up. I mostly use Shield Bash as a movement skill here to get into position for Whip Shots that will Inspire the two Friendly Bots. It also establishes the concept that you need to be near your Teammates to heal them effectively, though with Repair Pack charges you can venture further away safely. Ensure Repair Pack charges stay below three.

4.2 Custom Game : JPEDK

Inputting the code above will form a skirmish game against bots with no cooldown on Brig's abilities. After loading settings click "ADD AI" then "Add" then "Start." Nothing can be eliminated in this mode however you can boop enemies off some maps. Your focus should be to to Shield Bash and Whip Shot as much as possible whilst Repair Packing friendlies on the way. You are practicing the range and mechanics of your abilities for five minutes or so at a rapid pace. You can basically do as you wish here and make up your own practice routines for things you want to work on.
Avoid Whip Shotting slept enemies and tanks with Orbs of Harmony. Block Biotic Grenades, Hooks and Hacks and Shield Bash enemy ultimates. After you miss a Whip Shot ensure you Repair Pack next as the healing opportunity was missed. Try to target all enemies and keep track of who your against and where they are. I like to target enemies in order of Support -> Damage -> Tanks so that my overall awareness improves. It can also be fun to juggle Roadhogs into the sky with Whip Shots and try to keep them afloat.

4.3 Quickplay

The most important fact about Quickplay is that its unbalanced. The maps themselves (except Control) aren't balanced and the heroes will rarely be mirrored. Players might be on a hero for the first time and/or playing in ways that you don't expect. The outcome of this volatility is that you need to be able to adapt to an ever changing environment. Overall players tend to be less skilled as they are learning heroes they are inexperienced with. This works well for Brig in that you tend to be able to survive longer against similar opponents than you would otherwise. However your own team will be facing the same issues so backup from them is less likely. Focus on healthpack positioning and a more defensive playsytle. It's important to recognise who the stronger players are and focus your resources into helping or stopping them.
The rock paper scissors of Overwatch heroes is a large factor in QP so even if you have players feeding you can still persevere with the rest of your team. On payload defenses try to practice losing slowly as the likelihood of victory is slim. It all comes down to time in the end so be happy with any defense that goes late, regardless of the outcome.
When you do die be sure to watch the killcam and investigate why. Did you die attacking an enemy or defending an ally? Where was your team and how much Shield Barrier was remaining? If you frequently die with Shield Barrier on full charge it should prompt you to hold your shield up more. If there are no ally's nearby try to position yourself closer to them in the future. You should also take note of the enemies ultimate charge during the killcam and relay that to your team.

5.0 Competitive Game Tips

All of the above applies to competitive games in some way. The main thing about competitive mode is that it's far longer than any other mode. With this in mind its vital you don't let small losses upset your focus towards the greater goal of victory. Even if you get stomped in the first round it is still entirely possible to turn it around and win the match. Patience is key so endeavor to shrug off the defeats and focus on the next opportunity to succeed. In one-sided fights prioritise building as much ultimate as you can as well as dying with your team. Brigs can often survive for extended periods only to be then staggered forcing your team to wait on your respawn.
I don't tend to focus too much on winning but rather to lose as slowly as possible. Gaining rank is much more about turning narrow defeats into draws or victories than perfecting a winning strategy. There are far too many variables across games to promote any one style over another. To truly excel you need to able to go through a series of strategies every fight and recognise why you need to be hyper aggressive for a few seconds then ultra defensive for the next. The simplest strategy is endeavor to stay alive and utilize your cooldowns effectively. How can you position to Inspire more teammates, land more Whip Shots and be able to apply Repair Packs to those who need them. Staying alive and cooldown utilization don't always go hand in hand so you have to weigh up the risk of your current position and what benefit that provides to your team.
Work with what you have even if you feel the result is likely a loss. It's common for Overwatch players to look for solutions by encouraging team mates to swap onto what they see as more preferable heroes or to play in certain ways. When your thought pattern is to solve the problems by changing others you will miss opportunities to improve yourself. Strategies that only work for the game you're in are of low value so try to think about strategies that apply to all games of Overwatch. It's far easier to see what went wrong than what went right. When you do lose a one-sided game reflect on things you can do directly to keep yourself and the team alive longer. Often one-sided games are far closer than they appear and one kill can/could dramatically alter the outcome.
Don't get bogged down by a loss but also don't overhype your input during a resounding victory. One person even a wallhacking aimbotted Widowmaker does not ensure a win. It takes a team to win and this is always apparent when you play Brig. Winning games on Brig is much more about enhancing your teammates ability to do what they do whilst hampering your opponents. When in doubt protect the other support and and try to Inspire the tanks.

5.1 Communication

Brig is one of the best spotters in Overwatch. The ability to look around corners in forward positions from relative safety lets you see what is coming. Quickly relaying this information to your team can greatly improve your odds of winning. The vast majority of players do not know the call outs for each zone so try to limit comms to "Threat, Location". "Roadhog, top right", "Tanks coming main", "Echo behind point" etc. For fast moving characters like Winston and Hammond that are always changing location simply state "Hammond diving now". This way your teammates that are otherwise occupied are aware that healing might be diminished whilst you deal with threats they can't currently see.
"Out of Repairs" can be good to tell team mates that are milling around you below full health. This way they know that future heals from you are delayed and they need to seek out a healthpack or the second support. "I have Rally come to me", this phrase can be helpful as often players expect you to get to them and rarely is that possible.
Brig is a hero that is often panning around the battlefield from the center of it so you tend to have a decent idea as to how the fight is progressing. When you see that everyone is healthy and especially if you have Repair Packs up your sleeve try to encourage the team to attack. This tends to play out by you Repair Packing a damage hero and saying "With you Genji push now". Confidence is king and instilling it into your teammates is massively beneficial.
If your second support dies you should say "X is dead, protect me". Especially if the support is the first pick in a teamfight. At that point your opponent can focus on you and there is nothing you can do by yourself to survive. By moving to protect you your team will also get themselves within Inspire range as well as bringing targets towards you to Whip Shot. To heal a team by yourself you have to get Inspire procs, otherwise they are looking after themselves.
"Well done", "Nice play", "Great heals", "Nice shatter" these phrases build trust with your team and will greatly increase the likelihood of your other information being well received.

5.3 In Real Life Settings

Drink water and stand up between games to stretch. Keep your hands warm and promote circulation in your arms. If your mousepad is less than a rulers length(30cm) a side it is your most valuable upgrade at ($5 to $30). Playing on monitors with refresh rates higher than 60 is a massive advantage. Ensure your fps in game is higher than your refresh rate by reducing the visual settings in Overwatch to low. As a general rule having the settings on low reduces visual clutter and can improve player performance.

6.0 Overwatch League VOD Review

Below I have gone through games from the May Melee tournament for each Brigitte player on an OWL team. The main focus is to see what common mistakes are made and to try and learn from those.
Shanghai Dragon's Leejaegon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKMjcpH_0XQ
San Fransisco's Moth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gj1aiHgVIaU
Florida Mayhem's Kris https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFfqTstiNTA
Philidelphia Fusion's Funnyastro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaf5huk7uJo
New York Excelsior's Anamo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mt4n8qlpFOw
Guangzhou Charge's Chara https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oagHhaQXXTg
LA Valiant's Lastro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFBmw9VgPQA
Dallas Fuel's Closer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Vnq0gFFhxA
London Spitfire's Sanguinar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yv-NzEffVuw
Chengdu Hunter's Lengsa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmZoePaESt4
Hangzhou Spark's IDK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fScflnjTuOc
Toronto Defiant's Kruise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qg8eQbT6sIM
Boston Uprising's Halo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grUEspPNbr0
Washington Justice's Ark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fl_8YrqHuUw
HOU Outlaws's Rawkus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0DQHoUcgtY
VAN Titan's Carcar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xF4YqVe2UY
SEO Dynasty Tobi https://youtu.be/L244b4foPIs
Paris Eternal's FDGOD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoXhDsMguZA
LA Gladiators BigGoose https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vq6BMYqOvAQ
ATL Reign's Kodak https://youtu.be/ZWBIucEmUDs
submitted by Hera_4 to Overwatch

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