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This is the first two pages of my Enclave Reborn novel.

This is literallly my first piece of fiction writing I have actually made a decent effort to create.
Here it is:
Fallout: Final Resolution.
Fallout is owned by Bethesda Softworks, and many of these characters were originally conceived by Jef(No name given), creator of the Enclave reborn submod.
This Novel is dedicated to three things: To the men and women who gave their lives to defend the great American Experiment; To Tim Cain, for creating an amazing universe; And to God, for granting me life, despite the unlikelihood of my existance.
We have it in our power to begin the entire world over again----Thomas Paine.
Dramatis Personae
Commander Douglas Alexander Granite; Commander of Granite Company, and Reformer Presidental Candidate(Human Male)
Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Anne Macarthur; Second-in-Command of Granite Company(Human Female)
ED-E; Personal AI assistant of Douglas Granite(Artificial Intelligence, Male Programming).
Aurelius; Scavenger(Human Male).
Jane ‘Firetorch’ Frederick; Mercenary(Human Female).
Dr. Franklin Anderson; Head of Enclave Research and Purist Presidential Candidate; (Human Male).
Sergeant Arch Dornan; Provisonal Commander of the Enclave(Human Male).
General John Grimm; Enclave General of the Armies(Human Male).
Dr. James Simmons; Reformist Enclave Scientist(Human Male).
Dr. Abigail Simmons; Reformist Enclave Scientist(Human Female.)
Private Emma Summers; Enclave Solder(Human Female).
Commander George Smith; Enclave Squad Commander(Human Male).
War, War never changes…..
In the 21st century, humanity become embroiled in a global war for resources. Millions died in conflict throughout the world, from the collapse of the European Commonwealth, to the Chinese invasion of Alaska, and the subsequent American invasion of the Chinese mainland. In the United States, food riots tore the nation apart, as the Government became increasingly oppressive. The government of America had long ago abandoned it’s founding principles, caring only for it’s own survival, and not the greater good of the nation. Even as the Government began to respond to the riots tearing the nation apart, on October 23rd, 2077, a nuclear exchange began with the People’s Republic of China. Although the government had reported that the mainland had nearly been occupied by the American forces, the Chinese still had access to a large supply of nuclear weapons. America retaliated with it’s own nuclear arsenal, and by the end of the day, much of the planet’s population had been destroyed. What remained of the population hid in vast underground Vaults, protected from the outside world by massive steel doors. The government meanwhile, evacuated several days before the Great War to Control Station Enclave, one of the last oil platforms in the pacific ocean. The President, along with the countries top Military commanders formed a secretive organization known as the Enclave, which dedicated itself to the preservation and restoration of the American way of life. Eventually, however, the Enclave developed genocidal tendencies, believing the population of the American wasteland to be subhuman. Under President Dick Richardson, the Enclave developed a modified strain of Forced Evolutionary Virus, planning to unleash it upon the American mainland. Before it could be released, the oil rig was destroyed in 2241 by a tribal known as the Chosen One. Attempting to save their tribe from the Enclave’s experiments, the Chosen One discovered the Enclave’s malicious intentions. After the destruction of the oil rig, what remained of the Enclave fled to Navarro, the Enclave’s last base on the West Coast. During which time, the New California Republic, a nation which had arisen out of the ashes of the Old World, were informed of the Enclave’s existence by the Chosen One. The NCR attacked Navarro, destroying most of the Enclave’s forces. A small group of Enclave remnants escaped, however, evading the NCR’s detection. Fleeing to the Sierra Army Depot in Nevada, the Enclave established it’s territory in the area surrounding the Depot. One of several Enclave soldiers to escape the Oil Rig was Sergeant Thomas Granite. Granite was the leader of Granite Company, an Enclave regiment which had escaped from Navarro and fled to Nevada alone. There, Granite had a romantic encounter with a woman who called herself ‘Firetorch’, a mercenary he had met in a bar. Firetorch gave birth soon after to a son, whom he named Douglas Alexander Granite, after the American statesman Frederick Douglas and the conqueror Alexander the Great. Granite took the child with him to the Sierra Army depot, after he had been informed of the existence of other Enclave survivors. Granite’s son grew up surrounded by Enclave propaganda, but he made certain his son also knew of America’s past mistakes. Douglas became a prodigy of American history and government, along with a variety of subjects. When his father was killed in a super mutant ambush in 2275, Granite accepted the leadership of Granite company, becoming the youngest soldier to achieve the rank of Commander. He became disenchanted with the Enclave’s anti-mutant stance, due to his mixed heritage. He decided to stand for the Presidency, for the growing Reformer faction. Granite faces great opposition from both the Enclave’s elite, and from within his own regiment. Can he win over those among the Enclave who do not share his vison? Or is the last, best hope for humanity doomed to fail against the darkest aspects of humanity?
Please leave any critiques/comments/suggestions down below. I really need help with this one, guys. I am an amatuer writer.
submitted by LordMacragge to OldWorldBlues

Final Resolution Fallout!: TNA 2005 Episode 4

Final Resolution Fallout!: TNA 2005 Episode 4 submitted by Lionsault_Ent to FantasyBookers

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