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Game Trainers & Cheats. This is a Beyond the Sword (BTS 3.19) project for Civilization 4. It is a 1GB download. Create an account and get 100 coins for free! In 1999 Activision, briefly owning the right to the name, released Civilization: Call to Power, a sequel of sorts to Civilization II but by a completely different design team. Civilization: Call to Power Update - FREE Download. Compared to the other games in the series, Civilization 4 is beautiful, with lush environments, rolling waves, trees moving in the wind, animals walking about carelessly, warriors prepped for battle, and so on, and all of this is from a nearly godlike camera angle, looking down on your civilization. Civilization call to power patch 1.2.

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Borderlands 3. Windows 10 Professional. Here is the updated Combofix log, about to run the Kasp online scanner post will follow completion 20 Jan 2020 Tutorial. In fact, generally speaking, nobody knows much of anything about them. Civilization: Call To Power 2 forum. The sequel could not have "Civilization" in its title because Activision did not have. If upgrading from 1.1 to 1.2 you will need to consult the ^SAdvanced User Notes^T in the 1.2 Readme for saving a scenario/map while in the Map Editor. Civ Call To Power Patch.

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Apply the official Civilization: Call to Power v Update. OGI is the result of countless hours of difficult programming in SDK, Python and XML that is designed to provide a rich variety of strategic choice and enjoyment for all. Is on the order of 1-2 hundred GW while consumption is on the order of 1-2. Instructions: What does the upgrade do? When running in Windows XP compatibility mode I could start new games, but it. The game requires a fair amount of micromanagement (although less than any of the simulation. If you have Gods and Kings, you will also need to delete the videos from \Assets\DLC\Expansion "N" Versions of Windows may not be compatible with the opening videos.

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SphinxAndTheShadowOfSet 2020 11 21 14hours ago Sphinx and the Shadow of Set Patch. If it is Civilization - Call to Power: try setting the Compatibility to Windows As far as I recall CTP2 latest official patch was In CTP it's. Civilization Call To Power 2 No-cd Crack Site. They're named after the island they live on, because nobody actually knows what they call themselves. Sid Meier's Civilization was a watershed for the 4x genre before the genre even had its present name. Microsoft Windows in September 2020, on OS X on November 23, 2020, and on Linux on June 10, 2020. Civilization: Call to Power Mods, Maps, Patches & News https://eldiesel21.ru/download/?file=586.

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Originally created by legendary game designer Sid Meier, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game in which you attempt to build an empire to stand the test of time. Patch from the archive to the game directory. Sid Meier's Civilization is a turn-based single- or multiplayer strategy game. Cls A340 500 serial key gen: Absolute Bedlam-cls key. Civ3 - Official Patches & Updates. It will upgrade Call to Power from the release version or version to version Subcategory: Games Utilities & Editors. Install this in the bottle as unsupported software; it should work with no problems and be very.

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Class no CD Civilization: Call to Power 2 v1.0 ENG/US. Civilization 6 update version 1.03 is available to download now for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch.

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As with earlier installments in the series, Civilization V features the famous "just one more turn" addictive gameplay that has made it one of the greatest game series of all time. Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Remnant From the Ashes. Call to Power II patch. Apply the official Civilization: Call to Power v1.1 Update [GERMAN]. Civilization V - PCGamingWiki PCGW - bugs, fixes, crashes. Civilization II: Call to Power Updater 1.2b is a third party application that provides additional functionality to OS X system and enjoys a popularity among Mac users. An endeavor to create easy-to-share lists for all sorts of data PCGW contains!

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Through conquest, cooperation, skulduggery and innovation, you can build a civilization for the ages -or land on the scrapheap of history. Download Civilization: Call to Power v1.2 for Free https://eldiesel21.ru/download/?file=582. Civilization: Call to Power Activision's take on the 4X genre, giving the player control over an entire civilization throughout its time on Earth. No-CD & No-DVD Patch troubleshooting: The most common problem getting a No-CD/No-DVD patch to work is ensuring that the No-CD/No-DVD patch matches. Deepen your Journey of Awakening by joining our ongoing Innerspace Community. Serial Number, Serial Numbers. GameCopyWorld - Game Index https://eldiesel21.ru/download/?file=574.

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On modern computers this can cause problems, such as the fans constantly being on full while playing the game. A sequel to Civilization: Call to Power, alike its predecessor, features additional fictional future ages and various other improvements. Civ4 - Patches & Updates. Answer the Call to Power. When I heard about plans to release the third installment, Civilization: Call to Power (Civ: CTP), I was excited. Civilization: Call to Power v1.2 ENG. This is the latest official patch for the Linux release of Civilization: Call to Power.

Western civilization chapter 1 Flashcards and Study Sets

[Humanity Fucks You] #13: A Brief History of the Unity, Document UH-3-T240

Hello HFY, the next in my series of what happens when humanity's special gift in the stars is to have children with whoever they damn well please. As with the prior 12, I welcome constructive criticism.
I have a plan... for two stories... hopefully this goes better than my last attempt at planning out multiple stories. Wish me luck!
As always, all you humans and mixed breeds: Keep those comments exciting!
Author Wiki | Series Wiki | World Anvil
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Post Writing Author's Note

Well, this has to be the biggest episode of Humanity Fucks You that I've written, and goddamn did it take time to write, but it hit all the points that I was looking to hit in the plan.
Cass looked down at the light blue notepad that held the message, taking a deep breath before a scowl crossed her face. "October 12th. 2000 Earth time. Reggys Boredom Bar. Red eagle pin. Whats your poison?" What the fuck kind of secret message is this? Wait. Date, which would be about 3 days from now. Time, a little after work. Location, my favorite place to get black out drunk. Now what the fuck does a pin have to do with any of this?
Cass facepalmed as she stated "You're smarter than this Cass. The fuck is it supposed to... oh. FUCK!"
The red eagle is how I'll know who I'm meeting. Then I guess that means that "What's your poison?" is a passphrase... unless "Red eagle pin" is the passphrase and "What's your poison?" is the response. Guess I'm gonna find out when if I go. Who am I kidding, now that I've started I've gotta see what the sneaky message is all about.
Cass looked up from her desk as the door to her office creaked open.
"Hello! Come in." Cass said, removing her headphones. There's only 5, or 6, people who don't knock first.
The door swung fully open as Ambassador Visnella'Zyden walked in. He was 243cm from nose to tail and 98cm tall with 6 legs, each with 3 claws, that creaked as he walked. The wresh's fur was short, well kept, and dull blue with metallic blue gradients that, while hard to see, extended roughly three quarters down his ears and along his tail. The fur on his tail was as well kept as his body fur, sticking straight out in a sign of health. His head was similar to that of a foxes, with a narrow muzzle, but had four ears, the rear left ear drooping rather than standing straight like the rest, and a pair of eyes with horizontally slit pupils with gray yellow irises. I hope he gets that treatment he mentioned last time we talked. Those knees are sounding worse every day.
"Hello Cass. I have a question that has been plaguing me for a while now, but it might seem a bit personal." Visnella stated in Zyfenan. Is he trying to hide something? Just trying to keep in practice? Looking for some sound of home so far from Zyf?
"Go ahead, what's your question?" Cass asked, replying in Zyfenan.
"I read a while back that kitsunes and itarians are at risk for being enslaved for use in recreation planets. Why don't you seem concerned about that?" Visnella nervously huffed as he spoke. Ah, that would be why we're speaking in Zyfenan.
"It is something I worry about and it's something that I wholeheartedly oppose. I donate 10 credits a paycheck to the Unity Slavery Prevention Force, but as for why I don't seem to do much to protect myself? That would be because we aren't in an area where getting captured and sold into slavery is a risk worth considering in our daily lives."
"Why is that? It may not be common, but the personal consequences are much worse than, for example, petty theft."
"Well, we are almost in the middle of yyyn controlled space. They have an incredibly capable crime prevention system, so the big organizations that make capturing and selling people worthwhile rarely last long enough to get a foothold within yyyn space. I'm also about this blase while in the core worlds... Sorry, the UGEC core worlds, since they are extra hard on preventing slavery. However, if I ever had to go to the outer colonies or the second wave worlds, I'd be a lot more careful. They don't have as strong policing and a few of them even allow slavery! At least at the planetary level, since slavery is illegal in both the Unity and the UGEC."
"I guess that makes sense. They just seem to push out warnings for that type of stuff constantly."
"Part of that is that the Unity Slavery Prevention Force doesn't get much federal funding. That and a little bit of fear mongering to make sure people stay alert."
"Do they do this 'fear mongering' constantly?" Right, wresh don't overinflate problems except to play pranks.
"Yeah. Different groups do it for different reasons, from economic to educational."
"How do you deal with constantly being afraid? Isn't it overwhelming?" Visnella asked, shaking slightly as he spoke.
"Well, I do my research here and there to figure out what is actually meaningful advice and what is fear mongering. There is also the fact that New Eden is much bigger on fear mongering, since they aren't allowed as many invasions of privacy as the yyyn police get away with."
"Oh. I'll have to keep that in mind. Also, I noticed that there isn't a translation for the document UH-3. Can you please add that to your work queue?"
"Of course, Ambassador. Was there anything else you needed?"
"No, that is all. Thank you for answering my questions, it has put my mind at ease."
"You're welcome, it wasn't a problem at all."

A Brief History of the Unity, Document UH-3-T240, Chapter 1

Written by Tik'Tik'Hauk Veru of the Kigkig
Translated to English by Aaron Thomson (Document UH-3-T240) Translated to Russian by Darya Popov (Document UH-3-T241) Translated to German by Poldi Gerig (Document UH-3-T242) Translated to Italian by Alonzo Muraro (Document UH-3-T243) Translated to French by Nadia Blanc (Document UH-3-T244) Translated to Chinese by Guiying Yuen (Document UH-3-T245) Translated to Japanese by Yori Matsumoto (Document UH-3-T246) Translated to Itari Imperial Common by Itar'em'kan'el (Document UH-3-T253) Translated to Itari Republic Common by Itar're'lif'il (Document UH-3-T254) Translated to Wresh Trade Speak by Cassandra Ferrell (Document UH-3-T255)
For more translations, please contact either your local Unity Diplomatic Official or the Unity Office of History.
[Translator notes added in square brackets]


At the time of this writing, the Unity is the prime government within the whole of Galaxy 1, is made up of 32 species with seats on the Council of Legislation and 11 yet to be inducted species, and is the largest known military force currently in existence. While most of my brothers and their queens would rather focus on the wars within and against the Unity, I have come to believe that an understanding of the start of the Unity is a good lesson on why warlords should watch where they tread, while the rest of the history of the Unity is a lesson on governance and war at scale.
I write this so that the eggs I have managed to fertilize will not make the mistakes of their grandmothers.

Chapter 1 - The Beginning of the Unity

Chapter 1.1 - The Xon Hive

Like many species before the formation of the Unity, the kigkig were made up of several competing hives that eagerly waged war among themselves, ignoring or destroying any species unfortunate enough to not be able to fend us off. Over time the hives of the kigkig slowly decreased in number as stronger hives consumed those weaker than themselves. In the 48,321st [I can't find any information on the conversions to known time units] kig solar year, only 5 hives remained: The Wev Hive, the Tik Hive, the Noz Hive, the Rux Hive and the Xon Hive.
Of the hives, the Xon was the most aggressive, being the only one that had gained its supremacy from martial capacity alone. It was confidant in its ability to suppress anyone if cared to, as the Xon navy had gone undefeated for over 300 kig solar years, and so when it set its sights on a planet of 3 kag [~275 centimeter] tall, 4 legged mammals, the Xon Hive didn't expect that they would be starting the, politically speaking, single most important military conflict in galactic history.
Instead, when the Xon Hive saw the paradise world of Terrllanoffi and its population of almost a million dolvves, they thought that they could take the world and its massive biological bounty as a hive world without significant consequence. They amassed a small fleet of 577 ships and attacked the world, easily destroying the basic orbital defenses that the dolvves had placed around the planet before landing a little more than 5 million warriors on planet.
Much to the surprise, and excitement, of the Xon Hive, the dolvven farmers managed to kill almost 3 million of the warriors before the extermination was finished. The Xon Hive was happy: They had captured a brand new hive world and found a species that could give their warriors a proper challenge, but they were far from concerned. The dolvves were large and powerful, but the population of the Xon Hive numbered in the septillions and they could reproduce in far greater quantities than any mammal could.
With a new enemy to challenge their warriors with, the Xon Hive launched 31, a lucky number at the time, fleets into the small empire the dolvves carved out for themselves.

Chapter 1.2 - The Howl to Arms

Much like the Xon Hive, the dolvves of the time were proud and powerful warriors, and were more than happy to fight against the fleets invading the territory of their 17 churches. At first the dolvves managed to stall 9 of the fleets, destroy 5 of the fleets, repel 11 fleets and absorb the losses to the remaining 6 fleets, but the Xon Hive had far more than just 31 fleets. Thousands more fleets.
During this time, the 17 churches of the dolvves banded together to form the Wenntholfa Papacy, a supposedly temporary position that acted as an emergency leader of all 17 churches. As of this writing, the Wenntholfa Papacy still holds the 17 churches together.
During the time of the formation of the Wenntholfa Papacy seemed unimportant and ineffectual at the time, it would come back to bite the Xon Hive later on. However, with the addition of more fleets to support the invasion of the Papal territories, the Xon Hive was confident that the dolvven resistance wouldn't last much longer.
Confident that they had the resources to exterminate multiple species at once, the Xon Hive attacked the qwell, which were fighting a 3 way civil war in a largely ignored star system. Not long after, the Xon Hive attacked the ssissrawrs, who had only a few planets that fought amongst themselves.
While the Xon Hive was certain to win the fights it had picked so far, the Pope of the Dolvves wasn't going to let his people be exterminated. Pope Wenntholfa did something unheard of at the time and announced a "Howl to Arms" to the hrumrum, a species that managed to stay out of wars by being a benign trading partner to its neighbors. The hrumrum, being a species with almost no capacity for war did the only thing they knew how to do in times of crisis: Be friendly and acquire allies.
Preforming what is, largely considered, to be the first true instance of interspecies diplomacy, the hrumrum called for all species they knew to participate in destroying the Xon Hive and protecting the species currently under siege.

Chapter 1.3 - 10 Species, 1 Enemy

According to interviews taken after the defeat of the Xon Hive, neither Pope Wenntholfa nor Diplomatic Overseer Hiphious'wotunma Venepha expected a reaction nearly as extreme or rapid as what occurred. Within less than a hundredth of a kig solar year, the leaders of ten species met on Hrum. While the names of who was present has been kept secret by the hrumrum, we do know that the species present were the dolvves, hrumrum, ssissrawrs, mechanids, kigkig (of the Noz and Rux hives), yyyn, qwell, jurion [extinct], lethmal [extinct], and gar'tiral'uun [endangered].
When the meeting, that would serve as the first known time that more than 3 intelligent species shared the same room, occurred, it was expected that the war would be lost there as each leader would make unrealistic demands of the others and stalled the potential alliance until it was too late. The reality, however, is that the ssissrawrs came in practically begging, the dolvves had already swallowed their pride, the qwell were loosing worlds to fast to waste time, the kigkig wanted the Xon Hive gone before it brought the galaxy down upon them, the hrumrum knew the potential alliance was their only chance against the Xon Hive, and the rest who had come wanted to strike at the Xon Hive as quickly as possible.
Within a single rotation of Hrum, a response time that is almost unheard of even now, the Alliance for the Destruction of the Xon Hive was formed. The yyyn and mechanids moved to support the dolvves and make the Xon Hive's most costly front even more so. The lethmal and jurion moved to defend the ssissrawrs and allow them room to recover. The gar'tiral'uun moved to halt the attacks on the qwell and organize effective counterattacks. The Noz and Rux hives struck at the rear of the Xon hive, reducing the number of fleets that the Xon could deploy in response to the sudden reinforcement of the war fronts. Through it all, the hrumrum deployed armadas of merchant ships that evacuated planets and provided vital relief supplies.
It didn't take long for the Xon Hive to start taking their numerous wars very seriously after the Alliance for the Destruction of the Xon Hive formed. The introduction of the new species to the conflict suddenly evened the odds, and made 3 assured exterminations questionable at best. The initial response of the Xon Hive was to send groups of 5 to 20 fleets at a single front and try and acquire as many hive planets as they could, but this would backfire as the evacuated worlds would be retreated from after a short, but brutal, fight, only to have the survivers return with reinforcements to attack the fleets while they were setting up birthing operations on the surface of the evacuated planet.
Within 5 kig solar years, the Alliance for the Destruction of the Xon Hive had drained the Xon down to almost equal numbers, but over that time the Xon learned better ways to fight the Alliance. They would seed unmarked planets as hives while attacking Alliance worlds as a distraction. They would get Alliance fleets to chase bait ships into ambushes. They would bring more vehicles when they expected to find dolvves on the battlefields planetside. The Alliance had also learned how better to fight the Xon Hive, taunting their leaders into reckless attacks, developing ground-penetrating weaponry to better destroy the hives they found, and even temporarily cooling planets to weaken Xon Hive warriors.
Around 8 kig solar years after the Alliance for the Destruction of the Xon Hive formed, the ssissrawrs had finished recovered enough to begin properly supporting the Alliance with bigger, heavier troops. While a single dolff was bad news for the kigkig, the ssissrawrs were living artillery that, when paired with a pack of dolvves, could decimate formations of Xon Hive troops. Add on the ssissrawrs converting all resources not helping with repopulation to the production of war materials, and the Alliance for the Destruction of the Xon Hive finally broke the stalemate of the war.
A little over 18 kig solar years after the Alliance for the Destruction of the Xon Hive formed, the Xon Hive was officially defeated and its survivors absorbed into the Noz and Rux hives.

Chapter 1.4 - The Confederation of Unified Species

Diplomatic Overseer Hiphious'wotunma Venepha stated, during an interview with ssissrawr scholars concerning the decision to propose the Unity, that "After the success of the Alliance, it's only natural to attempt further unification. We have proven that such a thing is possible, now we just needed to figure out how we were going to make it something that will last."
In what most members of the Alliance to Destroy the Xon Hive thought was their last meeting, Diplomatic Overseer Hiphious'wotunma Venepha proposed an idea that the merchant-diplomats of the hrumrum had been working on for close to 10 kig solar cycles: A single, unified over-government that serves to encourage cooperation, provide a unified military for times of emergency, and facilitate diplomacy with newly discovered species. While such a proposal might seem obvious now, all documentation from the time suggests that Diplomatic Overseer Venepha was met with general confusion and questions of how the hrumrums' plan could actually work.
Apparently the plan the hrumrums had was good enough that it kept the members of the Alliance's interest. After 57 rotations of Hrum [around 9 weeks, Earth time], the architects of the Alliance for the Destruction of the Xon Hive left Hrum with the official declaration of the creation of the Confederation of Unified Species, the earliest proper form of the Unity.
The first objectives of the Confederation of Unified Species were to build up a "federal" military, to unify each of the member species into a single over-government each, and to ensure that all its members recovered quickly.
Cass stood before the mahogany door to Reggy's Boredom Bar, wearing a pair of baggy, navy camo pants with a black and red hoodie over the armored black body glove and IBA armor plates with her GPD 14 holstered in one of the cargo pant's pockets. It's going to be fine. It's going to be fine. Even if something goes wrong, you know what to do Cass. It's going to be fffffiiiiinnnnnneeeeeee. Cass took a deep breath in before placing her hand on the doorknob and pushing the door open. C'mon Cass. It's a bar. One you've been to before. You've never been nervous about walking into a bar.
The mahogany door swung open wide as Cass walked into Reggy's, keeping her eyes toward the bar itself as she walked down the center of the Boredom Bar. The field of round tables that made up the center of the bar caused Cass to veer slightly off from her straight path from the door to the bar in the back.
Cass sat down at the bar and took a moment to look around. There's a couple of people in the booths, the center tables are mostly empty. Oh, a proper bar band tonight? Wish I came here to drink. Now, where is...
"Yer lookin' like ya gonna have the pineapple cider today." Stated Reggy from behind the bar, his bright blue eyes contrasting with his tanned skin and caramel as he peered inquisitively into Cass's eyes.
"Yeah, it's a cider kinda day." Cass said while placing a 10 credit bill on the counter.
As Reggy grabbed a bottle from the back wall, Cass took a second look around. Red eagle pin. Red eagle pin. Red eag... there! Cass turned to the bar as a glass met the wood in front of her. Taking a bottle opener from under the bar, Reggy popped open a glass bottle with a colorful artistic rendition of a pineapple with sunglasses and poured it into the glass.
"Here's yer cider."
"Thanks Reg."
"Now what're ya comin' round here lookin' like yer gonna jump outta yer skin for?" DAMNIT! I was hoping to be *kinda** sneaky.*
"Ended up having to go through Market District 15 today."
"Ya wore somethin' protective, right?"
"Yeah, I still have the armor from CCT. Wore that, not openly. That would've been trouble."
"Ah, well I'll let ya enjoy yer cider." Reggy walked away from Cass, quickly finding another customer to stop at. I'm not sure I could've kept the lie straight for much longer.
Cass took a sip of her cider before standing up and walking over to the stall in which she spotted the red eagle pin. In it sat a short, muscular human male with green skin, black buzz cut hair, and two tusks rising from his bottom jaw. He wore a black leather jacket with a red eagle pin over the right breast.
Cass sat down in the booth across from him, setting her pineapple cider down calmly. Yellow eyes. That's neat.
"What's your poison?"
"Jack Daniels. Yours?" I hope there isn't supposed to be a countersign, or whatever the hell they call them.
"Pineapple cider. You ride?"
"Yeah. An old Harley. Damn thing has to be almost 200 años old now."
"Nice. All I had was an old junker that I'd spend half my weekends rebuilding."
"I can respect that. By the by, did our mutual amigo send you?" The green skinned man leaned forward as he spoke.
"Yeah, he did. Uh, my name's Cass. Yours? Also, what are you?"
"Antonio. Most call us orcs, but we prefer Orisans, but half orisors aren't exactly common yet."
"Did he tell you what was up?" Antonio leaned back into his seat.
"No, he didn't. What's all this about?"
"About a week ago I got a mensaje from a... desperado station about a matter of... national security. This normally wouldn't be much of a problema, but the sender said they would only work with someone who could speak Zydonian."
"Northern or southern Zydonian?" I'd rather not open with "Your mother likes to lick me" when I mean "Hello there, how are you?"
"Joder si lo se. Is it important?"
"It's like Spanish and Italian. Similar but different." Cass shrugged a little as she spoke.
"Joder, can you speak either of them?"
"I can speak both."
"Then I guess you'll be asking when you meet with the sender."
"Okay. Now, what is this matter of national security?"
"Something a bunch of desperados shouldn't have. Not retrieving it could cost thousands, if not millions, of lives before everyone has a chance to adapt. God only knows how bad it could be if they used it to kidnap someone important."
"So important I'm not allowed to know what I'm retrieving?"
"Yes, that important, but you won't be the only one retrieving it. I have a team of activos negables that I normally use for these operations, but none of them speak any wresh languages, much less some regional tongue." Antonio picked up a "chicken" wing from a plate previous unnoticed, removing all the meat in a single, smooth motion as he pulled the wing from his mouth.
"Okay. What if I say no?"
"We perseguir someone else that can speak Zydonian, but I've got no idea how long that would take. It could take long enough that we lose the lead." He's really leaning into that guild trip, isn't he?
"And if I say yes?"
"You'll be meeting up with my activos negables in about 2 days. They'll take you to the station in question and guide you to the sender. You'll convince the sender to work with the activos negables and then, hopefully, everyone can come home sano y salvo. Does that sound like something you're willing to do?" Only because I trust Ambassador Andrews.
"Sure, I'll do it." What did I just agree to?
"Maravilloso! My activos negables should be here in about 2 days. They'll be arriving in dock M7. I'll have them wait for you there." A military dock? I guess that adds some sense of legitimacy.
"See them there, I guess." Cass said before raising her glass up to her mouth, only to be met with dry air. Shit, I must have been drinking more than I thought.
Cass woke up to her "phone" buzzing quietly, her head turning to look at her alarm clock. I've still got 2 hours before work. She turned back to the now quiet phone, grabbing it with her ghost hands, bringing the small device to her face.
As Cass unlocked the phone, it had a single message unread: "Dear Cass, please meet me today after work. We need to talk." What? Why?
Cass replied with "Okay. Your place?"
Within a minute, the phone buzzed again and the reply displayed.
"Hello Cass. Thank you for coming over on such short notice." Stated the writhing mass of red, green and yellow that was Jim, seated on his signature grav-plate.
"So, what did you need to talk to me about?" Cass asked, tilting her head slightly.
Jim started moving his grav-plate towards the dining room of his apartment. "Yesterday I saw you enter Reggy's a little while after someone I was monitoring went in. Did you happen to meet with a green skinned human?"
Cass looked around suspiciously before asking "Why do you ask, Jim?"
Jim's grav-plate finally reached the 4 person, wooden round table. "Maintaining reactors isn't actually my day job. It's more of a side gig that I use to help fund my actual job. I'm an agent of the Unity Slavery Prevention Force and I've been tracking a lead about suspected sapient trafficking on Yadakulter Station." Fuck.
"So, ah, what exactly is this lead?" Cass asked, sitting down slowly and shaking slightly.
"Ambassador Andrews has been sending and receiving suspicious communiques through the Bismark II. One of the communications operators passed the information to us some time ago. I believe that green skinned man to be some kind of agent that Ambassador Andrews is using to pass messages around for whatever he is planning, but both Andrews and the green skinned man are very good at hiding what they don't want seen." Jim pulled a box of snack crackers out of a hidden cupboard before hoisting himself onto a wide stool. He gently placed the box between Cass and him.
"Uh, yeah I met with him. Do, um, do you have any proof so I can verify your claims?" Cass grabbed the box of crackers, opening it and pulling out one of the sleeves.
"Here." Jim reached somewhere and pulled out a small card with several numbers written on it. Unity Agent ID. Looks legitimate, but I should double check.
Cass took the card and pulled out her phone. After a few minutes of searching, she pulled up the Unity Operation Validator "website" and scanned the small card. Her phone beeped and a picture of Jim appeared as well as the words "Slavery Prevention Force, Actively Deployed."
"Okay, what do you want to know?" Cass asked.
"What did the green skinned man ask you to do?"
"He asked me to meet some... He used some spanish words to describe them, but I think it was intended to mean either mercenaries or deniable assets, in about a day from now at dock M7. They're supposed to be taking me to a 'desperado' station, which I think means a pirate station, where we are going to be meeting up with someone who has a 'matter of national security.' He made it seem really important."
"Did he tell you why he needed you?"
"The person with the 'matter of national security' will only work with someone that speaks a specific wresh language. Zydonian. He didn't know if it was North Zydonian or South Zydonian that the person was expecting. He's not planning on selling me off, is he?" Cass's speech was slowly getting more and more shaky as she spoke.
"I don't think so. It would be incredibly foolish to have you taken. Too easy to follow the leads back to him. I'm not sure what you are being sent out to do, but they are at least going to disguise it as a handoff if they are bringing an unknown in. He's probably dealing with a particularly nervous buyer or seller who wants some kind of validation that nobody else could provide. A well versed Unity Standard to Wresh translator would be a pretty safe form of validation." Jim said, rubbing his spherical body with several tentacles idly.
"So, what should I do?" Cass asked, somehow managing to maintain a semblance of composure.
"Go with them. Thing is Ambassador Andrews and the Bismark II are both UGEC assets, so this could well be a secret military operation, but usually the SPF is told to back off when we run into UGEC black ops. Not sure if it being a military operation they wouldn't admit to would make it better or worse than the alternative."
"What am I supposed to do if this is actually a plot to abduct me? Or if I get in trouble? I'm bringing my sidearm, but what if they drug me or get me in my sleep?"
"I can put a tracker in you. Something you would have to activate, but it would have SPF forces swarming your position in no time. We can't risk letting a possible large slaver force getting away because of a mild reaction, can we?"
"No, I guess not. How painful would this tracker be? How obvious?"
"It's a nanite pill. It'll adhere somewhere along your digestive tract and remain in place for about 4 USRTs [~20 days]. We can tune it to a couple of different triggers, such as a sister device that serves to activate or some specific words. The most typical is connecting it to a neural implant or a button in the grasping appendage."
"If the trigger is set right, I'll be able to activate it with my ghost hands."
"That could work. Does this mean you're willing to follow through with this?"
"Yeah, I guess I am. What are you expecting out of me?"
"I'm expecting that you bring me a report of what happened after you're done with this or that you activate the tracker if you get captured. Also, I would like you to come home safe. I would like more lessons in 'general Unity etiquette.'"
Continued in the comments
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My idea for the next Planetside 3 plot

finaly of Planetside 2 , the Vanu Sovereignty Victory , but before it
Terran beat VS and NC , the Terran Republic win , after they win , successive revolutions and revolts took place in Terran society , corruption, dictatorship, the terran republic collapsed
like Roman Empire , now people angry , the people pain , the cure for them is the ideal of the Vanu religion
150 years after the terran republic fall , Auraxis today become the truth belong to the new Vanu Sovereignty , with new name is the Republic of Vanu , however, they were not like before, they were just like medieval Europe, controlled by the Vanu religion and the govermernt , the Vanu Republic become a brutal dictatorship like the terran before , now and again people want go back to the truly Vanu , A religious revolution finish, the Vanu republic became a cult like the former Vanu Sovereignty, genetic mutations and brain surgery to remove emotions and increase brain mobility. the old name go back
the Vanu Sovereignty Victory
With great technological advances, they built wormholes to return to the earth
But in any society, there is oppression
after the terran collapsed 150 years ago, the NS company has moved out of Auraxis, becoming truly true liberals, along with exiled Terran civilant and NC veterans, they continue to hide for 150 years. now they stole a wormholes gatewasp from Vanu and made contact with the earth
and now , what happen in the Earth ?
we now human come to Auraxis is 1150 year ago
if you read the bible , about the tower of Babel
''human build a city and a tower tall enough to reach heaven. God, observing their city and tower, confounds their speech so that they can no longer understand each other, and scatters them around the world. ''
and we know all empire will fall
Roman empire , han empire , Mongo Empire , Britanian Empire , Soviet union , US and Eu must fall someday
Democracy on earth is gone, so is the Terran Republic there, the earth has been divided into 45 countries, and the Vanu radical religion wants to enlighten the earth, you know it, and war is comeing
but before the Vanu can return the Earth
On Earth, during 1150 years there have been many capitalist super corporations, existing and bankrupt
At this time, the largest capitalist group in the world is China the Megacorp, which owns all of Australia and a neutral region in Iraq, becoming a neutral trading zone between 45 countries.
sad because all 45 countries are dictatorships, because it is divided, it will never be united, dictatorships exist forever
the China the Megacorp makes money from conflicts between 45 countries, because they are a the truly capitalist empire, they adhere to the principles of free market, democracy, residents of Australia and Iraq are two places of democracy , free than anywhere in the Earth
When Vanu invaded the earth, the authoritarian states allied together
And then, you know they will expropriate all of China the Megacorp's assets around the world , all for against the Vanu Sovereignty
China the Megacorp declares against dictatorships around the world and the inhuman religion of Vanu Sovereignty
Exiles live in the meteors surrounding Auraxis
they were terran exiles 150 years ago, and in exile against Vanu extremist religious regime, people from the Vanu Republic fled, what remains of Nantie System company has successfully fabricated wormhole. their own and affiliated with China the Megacorp
the Megacorp officially collapsed, Australia became a coalition of industrial branches split from China the Megacorp, they called on the people to flee and start building their own army
the bases around Auraxis were also destroyed, the liberals around Auraxis had moved to Austraylia with wormhole and linked with the liberals there, unfortunately as the entire continent of Australia wcompletely destroyed by Earth Republic Union.
They had to relocate to Mars, and renovations the Mars , with the power of space heavy machinery, they quickly turned Mars into iron fortresses to launch attacks on the Auraxis and the Earth
Right now, the whole earth was united, a dictator governing the European Republic successfully assassinated the remaining 44 heads of state while multinational discussion and blaming megacorp
With the power of propaganda and pure violence, the European Republic dictatorship successfully persuaded all united countries to become one nation, at the cost of which their dictator died along with the other 44 heads of state and returning to the values ​​of Republicanism, and democracy, but protected by absolute military might, Vanu sovereignty ultimate goal is the occupation of Earth and Mars, because it , they has defined the goal of the Republic of Terran's absolute guarantee of invade by landing on Auraxis to prevent a future Vanu invasion, Vanu goal is destroy all Mars to prevent terran from possessing the technology Nantie because Earth has a larger population than Auraxis and Mars
The inhabitants on Auraxis have the absolute goal of enlightening all of mankind in the universe
The inhabitants on Earth have been fostered for the ideal of Republicanism, and democracy, they will not let the earth be ruled by inhumaneists and capitalist corporations.
At the Mars now many people were fleeing from Auraxis and Earth , Liberals will someday return to their place and free their families from Vanu brutal religion, and free 1.2 billion refugees and free resistance trapped in war on earth , they want save 25 million people who fugitive from brutal religious regime of Vanu Sovereignty now hiding throughout Auraxis , and to reclaim their homeland, and their loved ones trapped on Earth.
and in tribute to the people who fought for freedom in Auraxis 150 years ago, they united to become the new of the New Conglomerate
submitted by TrumpLoveYouToo to PS4Planetside2

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