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A fun Java Edition network with SMP, Creative, and more to come! Xenon JE 2.0 is the second iteration of the Xenon JE server and has been around for almost a year! The server is semi-vanilla with a couple of datapacks such as one player sleep and some others.

We're looking for active players to expand our community, while activity isn't a requirement it's definitely desired! To join the server, please apply in our discord server: discord.gg/VtE3rtV

Minecraft Server Rules:
  1. No griefing, elytra towers and floating trees count as griefing and are punishable offences.
  2. No stealing or thievery.
  3. Leaving the Discord server will result in being blacklisted on the the Minecraft servers.
  4. No offensive or NSFW skins.
  5. If you take from a community farm, replant the crops.
  6. No hacking, duping, or cheating of any kind is allowed.
  7. All AFK or auto farms must look nice or be at least 1000 blocks from spawn.
  8. All AFK or auto farms larger than 2 chunks in length or width must be built at minimum 2000 blocks from spawn.
  9. Ask a moderator or the owner before building large auto farms or structures.
  10. In order to keep spawn looking nice, go elsewhere for obtaining raw materials such as sand or dirt.
  11. All public access branches of the Nether highway must be 2 blocks wide, 3 blocks tall, and must be labeled with a sign.
  12. Don't build something invading on another building's space.
  13. Obtaining (without cheats) and holding bedrock is allowed, however, admin or owner approval is needed if you want to place it. 14. All shops will and must be labeled explicitly as a shop.
submitted by iapetus-11 to mcservers

Global RR Stats Project [2 Year Anniversary]

Welcome to the Global RR Stats Project!

For those of you who are unaware at this stage, 2 years ago (ish) I went through literally every stats post on the sub and combined them all into a grand 'Global' RR Stats page, covering the entire subreddit.
The inspiration for this came a little while before that when TommySX came up with the idea of compiling personal player stats, as seen here and here.
This evolved into the idea of "what if you could make stats for every player?" which is the result of Global RR Stats Project.
I trawled through the /ultrahardcore archives to find stats for as many rounds as I could possibly think of, and then searched around some more to find some rounds almost no one had heard of. It didn't matter how big or small, if it had a completed season and stats post, it was included.
I then compiled all of these stats posts into a spreadsheet, and using some magic (ie: code) I combined all the completed stats into a giant global stats spreadsheet.
The sheet is currently managed by myself (Ripper). If you're interested and want to help out in any way, let me know!
The Original Post
1 Year Update

Link to the Global RR Stats

Some general notes about the project:
  • The stats only originally included up to date stats. However rounds obviously update constantly and most stats are now up to the most recently released season. Only one round (Medallion) still follows this convention (tl;dr: Medallion stats are not included in the stats) For a complete list of all rounds both included and not, see the spreadsheet.
  • Players (unless requested) are generally listed under the first IGN that I find in a stats post. If you wish to be known as a different IGN, let me know.
  • Again I am a human and there will still be errors. If you find any errors feel free to post here, tweet/DM me (@ripperstevem5) or PM me on discord (rippersteveM5#7549) and I'll fix it.

List of Thanks

  • Brink
  • Emerric
  • Micale
  • TheSonicJoey
  • Jarofcatzzz
  • PelycosaurGaming
  • KirbyMD
  • BJPlays
  • Brownage
  • Weter
  • Crimson
  • Shup
  • Chasmic
  • Hoookey
  • Tony (spiderrpig)
Plus anyone else who did stats for their round/another round at some stage!

The Stats!

Stats were sourced from the spreadsheet, plus some of my personal sheets for some bonus stats (message me if you are interested!)
Seasons Analysed: 648 (545 last year)
Rounds Analysed: 147 (118 last year)
Unique Players: 1590 (1453 last year)
Largest Roster: All Stars (112)
Smallest Roster: Project Singularity (5)
Smallest Roster (more than 1 season): Arcturian (11)
Notable Missing Stats
See spreadsheet for full info
Medallion - Stats incomplete (Missing S3 footage)
Insistence - Stats not done
Mythical - Stats not done
Animated to Life - Stats not done
Simplistic - Season currently in progress
Reddit UHC World Cup - Season currently in progress
Cinema - Season currently in progress
Insidious - Season currently in progress

Individual Stats

Because I know people will ask:
  • As a general rule, double kills are included for both players. This means that a round ending in a double kill is a tie (both get Win and Runner Up, but not counted as Alive at end). This also applies for First Blood and First Death (see Nuzlocke S7 for example).
  • If a player leaves a round and doesn't come back, they are counted as having 'timed out'; this is counted as a PvE death.
  • The 'Most Killls' stat is the number of times you have top fragged. If you can think of a better name let me know, please.
  • For Dragon Rush seasons, the full team that kills the dragon is the winner, with any other players alive being the runners up. If no other players are alive, the runner up defaults to the last full team that died. If the Ender Dragon wins, the last team that died gets the runner up (Ender Dragon KDR when).
  • Spectators do not count as having played a season. The only current exception to this is Pathfinder S4 where Katy is given an honorary participation.

Seasons Played

1st. TommySX - 129
2nd. Flouzemaker - 101
3rd. Fairyjuice - 95
4th. ShyGus - 88
5th. Micale, Speedoshire - 86
7th. Dibzcraft - 84
8th. TheSonicJoey - 82
9th. Jakekub - 80
10th. Chasmic - 78
11th. Frostbreath - 75
12th. XeR0x4 - 73
13th. ShutUpBrick - 72
14th. maximum50 - 68
15th. Kiinako_ - 66
16th. KOKeowner - 61
17th. Glyphical - 60
18th. Bergasms, KevinMB - 58
20th. Emerric, Lenboy124 - 57
22nd. QuilJ1 - 56
23rd. ColdBacon, sir_please_stahp - 55
25th. brodioh - 54
26th. Evader_ - 52
27th. FazedMC, LordLaelaps - 51
29th. MrTeamRaven, SidGarcia, WintherWaffle - 50


1st. TommySX - 163
2nd. Dibzcraft - 132
3rd. Micale - 129
4th. Speedoshire - 124
5th. ShutUpBrick - 113
6th. Lenboy124 - 107
7th. ShyGus - 103
8th. Jakekub - 97
9th. brodioh, TuxedoPenguin - 96
11th. Purpdan - 92
12th. Austronomical - 91
13th. maximum50 - 84
14th. xNestorio - 81
15th. ColdBacon - 77
16th. Bobbytheturtle - 76
17th. , KevinMB - 74
18th. Jinko42 - 72
19th. CedGhoss - 71
20th. Glyphical - 70
21st. TheSonicJoey - 67
22nd. Vinny212 - 66
23rd. Walshy - 64
24th. Flouzemaker - 59
25th. Zenniker - 58
26th. Edviin - 57
27th. CoolestOrange, BigOne - 56
29th. Chasmic, XeR0x4 - 54


1st - TommySX, Speedoshire - 21
3rd. Flouzemaker - 15
4th. Micale, Purpdan -14
6th. TuxedoPenguin- 13
7th. TheSonicJoey, Austronomical - 12
9th. ShyGus, Jakekub, LordLaelaps - 11
12th. Dibzcraft, brodioh, maximum50, ColdBacon, Glyphical, CoolestOrange, Costanza - 10
19th. Lenboy124, xNestorio, CedGhoss, Walshy, XeR0x4, Timonscholte, __ZachAttack, Silhou - 9
27th. KevinMB, Edviin, Fairyjuice, upriserryker, Cappyrappy, Emerric, Kidfierce, Kurtit, dino_yoshi13 - 8
36th. Jinko42, kecleon, _mrcool, Cryptic, jacobcraft1111, Sugarpuffzz, Apex_Twinkie, Frostbreath, TheChrisD, rippersteveM5, iceshardeleven, VeryNice, RwDragon - 7

Most Kills (Number of times Top fragged)

1st. Speedoshire, TommySX - 14
3rd. Micale - 13
4th. Lenboy124, Dibzcraft - 12
6th. Purpdan, Jakekub, Austronomical - 11
9th. TuxedoPenguin, xNestorio - 10
11th. brodioh, Jinko42, ShutUpBrick - 9
14th. CedGhoss - 8
15th. TheSonicJoey, Walshy, TheChrisD, Bobbytheturtle - 7
19th. maximum50, Costanza, Shoopter, Andrewcraft512, Shortgamer, BigOne, Zakkeagle - 6
26th. ColdBacon, Glyphical, CoolestOrange, KevinMB, Edviin, upriserryker, jacobcraft1111, bjr201111, PsyDuckMC, slowpr0 - 5

First Blood

1st. TommySX - 12
2nd. Glyphical - 11
3rd. Dibzcraft, XeR0x4 - 9
5th. Micale - 8
6th. ShutUpBrick, Zenniker, Fairyjuice - 6
9th. Speedoshire, Lenboy124, Jinko42, ShyGus, Frostbreath, MaverickMC_ - 5

First Death

1st. XeR0x4 - 12
2nd. LegoBeast - 10
3rd. Frostbreath, TommySX - 8
5th. Mjora, sir_please_stahp - 7
7th. Kidfierce, SidGarcia, MrTeamRaven - 6
10th. BushieHalf, LordLaelaps, DeRockProject, Mop19 - 5

Iron Man

1st. nihontiger - 17
2nd. TheSonicJoey - 13
3rd. ShyGus - 10
4th. Kiinako_ - 8
5th. Crimson5M, KOKeowner, TheRealHagrid , Wilsonkong - 7
9th. QuilJ1, rippersteveM5, BurningT, 016Nojr, Speedoshire, Flouzemaker - 6
15th. Glyphical, Fairyjuice, Bobbytheturtle, Chasmic, DanQCC, xenon_54, Do_You_Minecraft, Livin423, Cappyrappy - 5

First Damage

1st. ShyGus, Spongey - 13
3rd. dRawry, Kidfierce, Dj8ninja - 12
6th. MrTeamRaven - 10
7th. Micale, FrostBros - 8
9th. Logsbadogs, Bergasms - 7
11th. MadDjinn, PaperVinnie - 6
13th. XeR0x4, sir_please_stahp, Kakintse, JamestheDouglas, xLitten, Fensua, Kurtit - 5

PvE Deaths

1st. MadDjinn, Frostbreath - 12
3rd. MrTeamRaven, BJPlaysL - 11
5th. XeR0x4, TommySX, Makahlua - 10
8th. AlphaShard - 9
9th. DeRockProject, LegoBeast - 8
11th. claybornful, Flouzemaker, Mjora, DanQ_CC, Willowless, elKingMorgan, SidGarcia - 7
18th. Kidfierce, sir_please_stahp, ShutUpBrick, beastboyrolf, Chasmic, Broseph, WintherWaffle, TheMeInTeam - 6

Best Kill/Death Ratio (Minimum 10 rounds played)

1st. Andrewcraft512 - 5.00
2nd. Purpdan - 4.38
3rd. xNestorio - 4.05
4th. Austronomical - 3.50
5th. Walshy - 3.20
6th. TuxedoPenguin - 2.91
7th. VinylKMS - 2.90
8th. upriserryker - 2.88
9th. Guep - 2.8
10th. Vishious_, ScOpE_H3ad, Flameeeeeeeh - 2.75

Best Kill/Death Ratio (Minimum 5 rounds played)

1st. BloodStinger745 - 5.33
2nd. Andrewcraft512 - 5.00
3rd. Purpdan - 4.38
4th. GeoLP, Scurry_ - 4.33
5th. xNestorio - 4.05
6th. Tylarzz - 4.0
7th. Dylan_SF - 3.83
8th. Austronomical - 3.50
9th. Ubermarklar - 3.33
10th. Xenox- 3.25

Worst KDR (0 kills)

1st. DeRockProject - 0/17
2nd. IX10510IX, Rawkeyy - 0/13
4th. elKingMorgan - 0/12
5th. AcornAF, flxnwolf - 0/10
7th. eZpanZ - 0/9
8th. SmoothieGod, JonnyFairplay, BaneOfSmite, 1mpaired - 0/8
12th. Sepulchr, TherealJJBall, Dadkub, Verxity, Cookiecrumble_ - 0/7
17th. Aslandier - 0/6

Worst KDR (more than 0 kills)

1st. KatyLawson - 0.030
2nd. Makahlua - 0.056
3rd. Long_Journey - 0.059
4th. AlphaShard, 78ford - 0.063
6th. SummerBqsh, PokeLP - 0.067
8th. JoshC2 - 0.071
9th. Osha - 0.083
10th. BulbaSnover33, CountryCutie - 0.091
12th. ShockeryFlame - 0.100
13th. _bla- 0.105
14th. Mop19 - 0.108
15th. SandraStorm, ChickMang, kalleina, NJeeeyy - 0.111

Interesting Conclusions

  • TommySX has still played the most seasons of any player with 129. Flouzemaker has now jumped Fairyjuice (who jumped Dibz last year) for 2nd most rounds played (101). He is the 2nd player to bring up the century of rounds played.
  • Tommy also has the most RR kills with 163, with Dibzcraft a distant 2nd on 132, mostly due to inactivity.
  • 2 new players joined the 100 club for kills this year, with Lenboy124 (107) and ShyGus (103) both notching up the century.
  • 48% (64 kills) of Dibz's kills are from WMC. 64 kills is the most number of kills in a single round by a VERY large margin (can you guess who is 2nd this year?).
  • Of Glyphical's 70 kills, 11 of them (16%) are First Bloods. Glyph is the 2nd person (other than Tommy ofc) to notch double digit First Bloods.
  • TommySX is now 2nd in unique rounds played (39). Flouze now owns the prestige of having appeared in the highest number of different rounds, with 41.
  • And in another 'changing of the guard' so to speak, Tommy has now been equaled in both RR wins (21) by Speedoshire.
  • Speedoshire has also been alive at the end of the most rounds, 20 times. He has only died twice while still winning the round (the imbalance being due to a Dragon Rush season: see above)
  • Tommy has clawed back on Top Frags, drawing equal wtih Speedo this year (14). Micale has also notably gone past Dibz to be a close runner up with 13.
  • Frostbreath has now drawn level with Polycraft's MadDjinn in PvE deaths, with 12 each. BJPlays has also drawn into a close 2nd with MrTeamRaven. Good on him.
  • In a tussle for the ages, XeR0x4 (12) has pratically dominated this year in dying really early, having flown past LegoBeast (10) in First Deaths. You can do it bud, I believe in you.
  • Nihon could drop dead at this stage and still no one would probably ever get near his Iron Man record. 17 in 36 rounds is just ridiculous, given that 2nd Place TheSonicJoey (13) has taken 82 rounds to get to his number. At that pace, Joe would have to play a further 26 rounds just to even equal the Iron Tiger's impressive record.
  • ShyGus and Spongey have raced to the top of the First Damage leaderboard this year. Notably, dRawry also makes an appearance near the top of the list, joining the old guard Kidfierce and Dj8ninja in 2nd place.
  • Andrewcraft held a KDR of 4.2 last year, however had yet played 10 seasons. In the last 12 months, he has not only played enough rounds to qualify fopr the '10 rounds' list, but has also bumped that number all the way up to achieve a 5.0 KDR, usurping Purpdan from the top of a very competitive list.
  • Notably, Purpdan actually increased his KDR this year, but was still beaten to the top. Real stiff.
  • DeRockProject still has the unfortunate title of worst KDR of all time, having died 18 times without a kill (5 First Deaths, too). He hasn't recorded a single RR win, either (although he has been Runner Up twice). Weirdly, he actually has a single Iron Man to his name.
  • KatyLawson still holds the prestigious worst KDR for players with 1 or more kill, having "improved" it since last year! Friendly reminder that KevinMB was her kill.

Other interesting observations

Most seasons without a...

Win: Still held by MrCraftinator (39 seasons), however with Professer_TNT (38 seasons) now not far behind.
Alive: Obviously XeR0x4 Holy shit I can't believe it the bastard actually did it, it's actually sir_please_stahp (55 seasons) now!
Runner Up: frankie_newman (28 seasons) has never come 2nd in a season, despite having won 4 times!
Kill: We went over this (DeRockProject - 18 seasons)
Most Kills: Frostbreath (75 seasons) has not yet Top Fragged in a season
PvE Death: ColdBacon (55 seasons) has never felt the disappointment of not dying to a player. Close 2nd is brodioh (54 seasons).
First Blood: Bergasms (58 seasons) still leads this category. Stop caving and start fighting bud! (Never mind that I'm 4th, that's irrelevant)
First Death: Unbelieveably, Flouzemaker (101 seasons) has never been the First Death of a round. This one actually blows my mind, what.
Iron Man: Frostbreath (75 seasons) has also never been Iron Man, probably because he spends his time dying to mobs, I guess.
First Damage: Glyphical (60 seasons) has now avoided being First Damage the longest (taking the mantle from dans1988, who still hasn't taken damage mind you). I hate to say it, but NO PRESSURE BUD.
Death: what? Oh hey, Franz (2 seasons) has actually never died. Ping ProjectMccabe to get him back to International!
  • In his 16 18 WMC seasons, nihon has claimed the Iron Man title in 10 11 of them (61.1% of the time!)
  • kalleina (4/9) and Leriella (3/7) also possess impressive Iron Man ratios, albeit in a much smaller number of seasons than nihon.
  • Owltin also has 4 Iron Man titles...from 6 seasons played in total.
  • In fact only 3 players; nihontiger (WMC), DanQ_CC (Polycraft) and Owltin (UltraCakeCore) have achieved Iron Man more than 3 times in a single round.
  • XeR0x4 and LegoBeast have both died first 3 times in two separate rounds - TTE and Phobia for Xero, Ambition and Frenzy for Lego
  • Showing domination in theior respective rounds, Stollaz (Draftcrafters), Purpdan (Fission) and Tragik (Evolution) have all won 5 times in a single round.
  • There are a number of people with 4 wins in a round, but the clear outliers are Austronomical (Simplistic) and Speedoshire (Hilt and Quiver), both having achieved 4 wins from only 5 seasons.
  • The highest amount of RRs with a single win is KOKeowner (61 seasons).
  • MrCraftinator holds the record for the most kills (23) without a single RR win. KOKeowner also has the most kills (42) with only a single win.
  • SidGarcia has 3 wins and 8 Runner Ups, but has never been alive at the end of a round.
  • The most Runner Ups achieved without a Win is a 5-way tie between Aunk_, dragonpasa, 016Nojr, Nintendoshi, MrCraftinator (5 times each).
  • The person to have played the most seasons of a single round without a win is miles1baseball, having played 19 seasons of Ambition without a single win. Mop19 almost holds this, having a single win out of 21 WMC seasons.
  • The most seasons played in one round without a kill belongs jointly to elKingMorgan (Polycraft) and IX10510IX (WMC), having played 12 recorded seasons without a kill.
  • On a more positive note, KOKEowner and Scriblur have played 22 and 21 seasons (respectively) of Ambition and not died to PvE a single time.
  • Both Frostbreath and BJPlays have 5 PvE deaths in the rounds they organise.
  • I haven't mentioned many Polycraft stats due to their outlier status, however dino_yoshi13 has never not come either 1st or 2nd in a round, having played 15 seasons maintaining a constant 1st or 2nd. Bloodstinger745 (6 seasons) also has achieved this.
  • BloodStinger745 has in fact won 5/6 rounds he has played.
  • xhockey (21 seasons) has First Blood 4 times without a single win. BTC best strat?
  • 016Nojr (16 seasons) has achieved Iron Man 6 times without a win. Uh, ignore the last point.
  • For people that were wondering, the 2 people with the best KDRs of all time with no season restrictions are Abandoned and briquan (both 3 seasons played) both having KDRs of 11.
  • The best KPR (Kills/Seasons played) with no season restrictions is held by NickbSMH (Over The Top S2) and macdde (Special UHC) both with 7 kills in 1 round. The best KPR with >1 round played is Cleg99 at 5.5. xNestorio easily has the best KPR of anyone over 10 seasons (3.14)
  • The best KDR for the top 10 of seasons played (see above) is Speedoshire with 1.88. The worst is Fairyjuice with 0.56.
  • Every single one of the top 10 (for seasons played) has taken the first blood, achieved Iron Man and taken first damage at least once. Unbelieveably, 3 of the top 10 for rounds played have never died first: Flouzemaker, Speedoshire and TheSonicJoey
  • Incerdibly, Berg has played 58 seasons for 7 First Damages, but has not achieved any of First Blood, First Death or Iron Man even once.
  • ScottishNutcase only has 8 kills, but 3 of his kills have been the first blood of the game. stingswitch has a similar ratio (9 kills, 3 First Bloods).

Individual Round stats

As Polycraft is an outlier (due to a large number of small person seasons) I have not included them if they completely dominate the categorycough PvEDeaths cough
Most seasons played in one round: 25 - Bergasms (WMC), 23 - Dibzcraft (WMC), Fairyjuice (WMC)
Most Wins in one round: 8 - dino_yoshi13 (Polycraft), 5 - Stollaz (Draftcrafters), Tragik (Evolution), Purpdan (Fission)
Most Runner Ups in one round: 7 - dino_yoshi13 (Polycraft); 6 - TheChrisD (Polycraft), MrTeamRaven (Ambition)
Most Kills in one round: 64 - Dibzcraft (WMC)
Most Top Frags in one round: 7 - TheChrisD (Polycraft), 5 - Dibzcraft (WMC), CedGhoss (Addiction)
Most PvE deaths in one round: 6 - DeRockProject (WMC), 5 - BJPlays (New Dawn), Frostbreath (To The End)
Most First Bloods in one round: 5 - Dibzcraft (WMC)
Most First Deaths in one round: 4 - Makahlua (Polycraft), DianaB (Evolution), Mop19 (WMC)
Most Iron Mans in one round: 11 - nihontiger (WMC)
Most First Damages in one round: 6 - MadDjinn (Polycraft), 3 - Makahlua (Polycraft), sir_please_stahp (Cataclysm), Kidfierce (New Dawn), Micale (Cynical), LongaVita (Risk and Reward), Bergasms (WMC), 99_King_0 (Ambition), MrTeamRaven (WMC), Spongey (Vanguard), ShyGus (Simplistic)
Best (current) KDR in one round: 22.0 - Austronomical (Simplistic) **Strangely, I only had to change the name and round from last year, the number is the same!
If you want to see more of these, let me know!
Feel free to comment below if you think of an interesting stat for me to include/look up! I've had fun doing this and I'll still do little quizzes on my twitter (shameless plug @rippersteveM5) from time to time to keep you entertained.
That's it have fun friendos
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