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Sometimes it takes a solid year of training before you are physically capable of reaching these scores. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by the Swedish firm EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS and Kindle Fire systems. I made a new account so I could get my first rank(and with that, a new unlock) fast. AusGamers - Australia's largest online gaming resource!

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September 4th, 2020 for EA Access and Origin Access members and available worldwide on September 6th, 2020 until September 11th, 2020. Braddock's melee also makes enemies vulnerable. What is a code for battlefield 2 special forces. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (2020): A reimagining of Battlefield 2 for consoles that includes a single player campaign.

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Which software activation codes can Recover Keys retrieve https://eldiesel21.ru/download/?file=551. Springfield is on the Springfield Plateau, which reaches from Northwest Arkansas to Central. Synccell Cdkey - Free Software Download. Windows Xp Serial Crack Keygen Mugen Jason Voorhees Download Music X4140 Exclamation Mark Leawo Itransfer Serials Solutions Half-life 2 - Fakefactory`s Cinematic Mod 8.2 [pc] Sid Meier`s Railroads Download Maps How To Install Wii Mod Batching Free Program Hallicrafters S40a Manual The Last Story Wii Iso Undub Wiki.

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When you install Earth 2160, it creates a set of registry entries that contain a bunch of data including the serial key.

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Ultra ISO ME 7.23 build 898 1539 Times. Rather than groups certain attributes into a category called "exotica", (which suggests that the level of complexity necessary for WBE is understood but that some fruitcakes like to include fanciful extra components for their own amusement, ) I suggest the levels of complexity be given in a straight-forward way to indicate that the correct level of detail for WBE is truly unknown. Recently i had to install BF2, i did just install it over my previous version, which at first glance, showed vthen it changed to so then i applied the patch, but it said my patch is NEWER than -lol so im using a DLLinjecter on version thats not getting me kicked on servers. Found also in the House Miscellaneous documents of the 52d to the 56th Congress.

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The 42-year-old war hero, who has a record of selfless courage on covert Special Forces operations, is being investigated by military police after revealing harrowing details of the 2020 battle in. SoftOrbits Photo Background Remover 6.0. Battlefield 2 patch 1.5 problem? . Playing Battlefield 2 in 2020+ AFTER the Revive shutdown.

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Correctly and would take at least a team of 4 programmers, 2 to 3 sound engineers, and a project manager, which is my expertise. Tested using a 64-bit WINEPREFIX, which did appear to work (in my testing) - including online multiplayer. Those who pre-ordered the game will receive bonus skins for the game, along with bonus. Feel every hit, every shot with the Unreal 3 graphics engine.

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In the years following the invasion of Earth in 2. May- 1. 5- 2. 01. Strategy. United States Armed Forces click here now. On February 3, 2020, it was announced that the development of the PC version along with the Onslaught for Bad. How about sending 1.5 million joint force Red Army troops fresh.

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Battlefield 2 special forces patch 1.5 music. Music Target: CD/DVD Utilities: Battlefield 2142 Northern Strike [Add-On] Deluxe Edition: System Language Protection CD Cover: PC: SafeDisc v4 (v1.0: v4.60 - v1.4: v4.70) + Serial + Online Authentication: Cover Target: Index: General Links: Important Serial Info; Game Fixes: Battlefield 2142 [MULTI15] No-DVD/Fixed Image; Battlefield 2142 v1.5 [MULTI15] No-DVD/Fixed EXE; Battlefield 2142 v1.4. Two 30" Displays look very good together and the width of two bezels next to each other seems to get lost in the huge visible real estate encompassed by the two displays. Titanfall Cd Key Deluxe Edition EA Origin.

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Discover the best Game Key offers, compare prices to download and play Portal - Bundle at the best cost. Experience the worlds fastest motorcycles, race against the world's most skillful riders. Cheat Code Central: PC Video Game Cheats, Codes, Cheat. Selling ST31-91B now, 60 years later, should be punishable at law for any use other than levelling table legs or a library of the archaic.

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20XX Melee Hack Pack v4.06 RELEASE! (In-game replay recording and playback, drastically improved Save States, DI line drawing, Tag Team Melee, and much, much more!)

Greetings fellow smashers,
The past thirteen months have been a period of significant growth for the 20XX Hack Pack, and I am here to share with you the latest release of the project, Version 4.06. Aside from the tangible new features, much of this growth has occurred behind the scenes, with smarter and safer programming practices in addition to a deeper understanding of the game engine through reverse engineering; an imperative combination for developing a rich and flexible set of practicing tools for the community. I continuously struggle with finding the perfect "stopping point" for releasing full versions of the Hack Pack, but I am very comfortable with its current state and feel it is time. Please refer to the changelog below for details about the new version.
Before attempting to use the new replay system, I implore you to block off 1.5 hours of your life and watch the extremely low production quality, incredibly informal, unscripted, 9 part, 20XX Hack Pack 4.06 - Save States/Replay Tutorial Playlist. The content quality is high though, so pay attention! It will be well worth your time. The only change relevent to the replay system since the time of those recordings was adding a "Random Hold Last Percent Chance" [to continue the replay] flag in the Debug Menu, rather than a hard-coded value like in the videos.
I am relatively new to the programming world, and just created a Github project, my first ever, for the 20XX Hack Pack. The nature of the "source code" for this project is...strange...compared to higher level languages because it is standalone assembly code being injected into already existing assembly code via manual hex editing (although, I let MCM handle the vast majority of code injection now). I guess the current plan for this Github is to just be a public home for some of my notes. Two main files are uploaded - "SSBM Facts.txt" and "Scratchpad - Achilles.txt" whose names and format were inspired from wParam, the Melee hacker from a decade ago that created the original memory card stack overflow exploit. "SSBM Facts" details some of the structures, flags, ID lists, and other things of that nature used by the game. "Scratchpad - Achilles" is basically where I write all my code and research notes. As of now, it is a 27,000 line long text file where order, clarity, and organization is not guaranteed. For the most part, the stuff towards the bottom is the most recent. The majority of the assembly code used in the project can be found in this file, but it is not exhaustive. Both of these files could use a lot of updating.
I also created an official 20XX Hack Pack Discord Chat. I am hoping for this to be a hub of collaboration between community members to assist one another with general questions about features of the Hack Pack and to share effective ways of using its features for practicing techniques.
Much thanks goes out to DRGN, for assisting with updating the alternate costumes for this release and for his incredibly useful Melee hacking programs - DAT Texture Wizard and Melee Code Manager. An obvious thanks also goes out to all the other modders in the community whose work somehow or another has been incorporated into the Hack Pack.
Head over to the 20XX Hack Pack SmashBoards thread to >>DOWNLOAD<< and support the project.
I hope you all enjoy using the Hack Pack as much as I enjoy creating it.
Smash onward,
20XX Hack Pack Changelog - 4.05 to 4.06
Note: Existing 20XX 4.05 memory card data will be overwritten with default 4.06 data. If there is anything you want saved before updating (e.g. color values or something), write it down and manually restore it at a later time.
In-Game Toggles
Quite a few changes here. Make sure to review Debug Menu Training Codes In-Game Toggles 20XX Toggles Info & Develop Mode Toggles Info
Big Note: Collision bubbles are no longer 20XX toggles, but still are and have always been Develop Mode toggles. I know it will take some getting used to, but I am prioritizing removing conflicts between the sets of in-game toggles (and promoting the use of Develop Mode), which is important and was very annoying before.
  • D-Pad Down = Replay/Player Flag Menu
    • The menu to control various playeCPU flags and for recording/playing back inputs on a per player basis. This is not a replay system meant for full match recording. Please watch the tutorial series for an introduction.
  • Y+D-Pad Left = 20XXTE Input Display (basically taken straight from that separate project)
    • Debug Menu Training Codes In-Game Toggles 20XXTE Input Display Y-Pad to adjust the vertical screen location of the display.
  • Y+D-Pad Right = DI Draw
    • Debug Menu Training Codes In-Game Toggles DI Draw Info
    • Drawn DI is defaulted to disappear after hitstun, but there is a Debug Menu option to adjust this. Setting the value to -1 will keep it drawn "forever" until the next player is hit.
  • A+D-Pad Right/Left = Save State [Minor] (...a second save state)
  • Develop Camera Mode is re-enabled with the requirement of holding B to move the camera. To use Develop Camera, the camera mode has to be explicitly changed by pressing X+D-Pad Left.
    • B+D-Pad Up/Down will save/load the Develop Camera position. This saved camera position will persist between matches and will save to the memory card during a normal save operation.
  • Holding Z while starting a match will disable the 20XX in-game toggles, with on-screen display indication.
A few minor updates. Certainly not the focus of this Hack Pack update.
  • The 20XX AI type is titled "20XX" in the Debug Menu instead of "Normal".
  • Invincibility/intangibility of the 20XX CPU and opponent are now respected (e.g. CPU plays more defensively if opponent is intangible).
  • 20XX CPU level selection changes the percent chance of acting out of grounded, actionable action states (e.g. Higher level = moving more often/links actions together faster more often, lvl 9 is basically what the AI was like in v4.05).
  • Debug Menu options to change the 20XX CPU propensity for playing offensively/defensively.
  • Debug Menu option to have the 20XX CPU perform a specific SHFFL aerial instead of a "random" selection.
  • Debug Menu option to have the 20XX CPU perform a specific out of shield (OoS) option.
  • Shielding logic is no longer broken for Yoshi.
  • Falco has a lower percent chance of lasering high.
  • CPUs will sometimes choose to hang on the edge.
  • Fixed a few other internal issues with the 20XX AI (ex. U-Smash OoS was not working).
  • Debug Menu CPU Codes Added a toggle for specifying Nana to always throw a specific direction.
  • Debug Menu CPU Codes Directional Influence added options for Smash DI Type (random/toward/away/etc.) and a percent chance for the CPU to execute the Smash DI option. Note that this percent chance to SDI is calculated every frame of hitlag, and setting it too high could cause impossible SDI to occur.
  • Random DI options (and other CPU only codes) no longer apply to "Manual" type CPUs.
Stage Stuff/Stage Select Screens
  • Striked stages cannot be randomly selected.
  • Added a sound effect when switching Stage Select Screens.
  • Home-Run Contest floor extended from a max distance of 11,347.2 feet to ?????? feet (an absurdly high number).
2nd Stage Select Screen
  • New Stages:
    • Japan: Suzaku Castle
    • Hazy Maze Cave: Metal Cavern M
    • Planet Zebes: Metroid Lab
    • Return to Dream Land (Night)
  • Hyrule Castle 64 has fixed vertex colors for a few stage elements.
  • Nintendo GameCube stage character shadows are now cast on the white controller port face.
  • Mushroom Kingdom Adventure main stage floor is now flat instead of a slight incline.
  • Greece: Mount Olympus (Trophy Stage) removed clipping through platforms and walls.
  • Custom Battlefields have been moved to the 3rd Stage Select Screen
3rd Stage Select Screen
  • Hooked back in the following hacked stages: Skyrule (Hyrule), Great Bay, Kongo Jungle, Brinstar (no rising lava), Corneria (no ships/gun), Yoshi's Island 64.
  • Added an extended Final Destination (main stage is 3x length).
  • Added KirbyWare, Inc.
  • Home-Run Contest & Brinstar Escape stages in VS/Training Mode now use a regular camera instead of focusing on a specific player.
  • Stage preview texts have been updated.
Character Select Screen
  • Extra characters (Sheik, Giga-B, Wireframes, Popo, Crazy/Master Hand - Press Z on CSS while hovering holding cursor token) can now be accessed while holding a CPU token and not just your own HMN token.
  • D-Pad Down at the CSS to immediately transition to the Rumble Screen has been removed and is replaced by pressing the PAL/NTSC image toward the top of the screen.
  • D-Pad Down at the CSS will now toggle an analog input display, on a per player basis. Use this after plugging in to quickly check if the current controller calibration is satisfactory.
  • Holding Z while entering the CSS is now a shortcut straight to the Debug Menu. Exiting the Debug Menu afterward will automatically transition back to the CSS it came from. Note that memory card data (and Debug Menu toggles) are not saved during this transaction, so you'll need to initiate a saving sequence at some point to do so, such as leaving the CSS normally to the Main Menu.
  • Holding X+A for 3 seconds at the CSS or anywhere in the Debug Menu will perform a system reset and will set all the Debug Menu flags to the default values. If a memory card with 4.06 save data is inserted, a prompt will appear asking to reload data from the memory card. Selecting YES will reload the Debug Menu flags associated with that save file, and pressing NO will leave the Debug Menu options as default and disable further memory card saving.
  • Target Test mismatch can now be accomplished at the Target Test CSS. Select the character to play as, hover the empty cursor hand over the character icon whose stage to play on, and then hold A for 1.5 seconds. Z Button to Retry will stay on the mismatch stage. Beware, high scores on mismatch stages will be documented as a normal high score for the character in the match.
  • X/Y Alternate Costume toggling on the CSS is now disabled for some extra characters (Wireframes/The Hands/Giga-BowsePopo). This used to cause issues with a Blue Yoshi CSP appearing.
  • Name Entry [English Alphabet] now contains a "shine" insignia.
  • Reminder: Set the match rule to TIME and hold Start for 1.5 seconds to start a solo player match.
Game Modes
  • Debug Menu Game Modes All-Star Mode Options
    • Can now be played on tournament legal stages only
      • No Fountain of Dreams, for the possibility of lag with 4+ players.
      • CPU Sheik is used instead of CPU Zelda in this mode.
    • Can specify the AI type to play against.
    • Can enable a clone of the main human character that can be controlled by a different player port (2-Player All-Star Mode?!?!).
  • Endless Friendlies is now fixed! The Debug Menu options for this mode have been moved to Debug Menu Game Modes.
  • Endless Friendlies optional random character count has been increased from 3 to 4.
  • New Game Mode: Tag Team Melee
    • One active player on-screen per team with the ability to tag your teammate into play.
    • Debug Menu Game Modes Tag Team Info
  • CSS L/R alternate costumes have been majorly overhauled by DRGN, who not only assembled the new pack of textures, but also spent a lot of time doing color conversions, image touch-ups, and full texture creations. Major shoutouts to his assistance with the project, as well as his Melee hacking programs, DAT Texture Wizard (DTW) and Melee Code Manager (MCM). Make sure to check those programs out if you haven't already, and DTW can now auto-generate the CSP alternate costume background colors, if you choose to replace a .lat/.rat costume file.
  • Debug Menu Texture Hacks all 6 tourney legal stages now have a variety of textures that can be selected, as well as a random option at the end of the list. It is quite easy to add more textures as well - look for a SmashBoards post soon.
  • Debug Menu Texture Hacks added a toggle to disable all in-game GFX and EFX textures (can use this to get a clear view of character hitboxes, e.g. Fire Fox).
Debug Menu - Miscellaneous
  • Holding X+A for 3 seconds will perform the same system reset as mentioned in the Character Select Screen section.
  • Debug Menu Extras Nintendont Users Added a fullscreen texture to inform Nintendont users to enable "Native Control" in the Nintendont settings.
  • Debug Menu Training Codes Collision Bubbles added options to display different hitbox display IDs with different colors, as well as changing the alpha value (transparency) of hitbox/hurtbox displays.
  • Increased the joystick deadzone (to 0.8) for the Debug Menu to reduce the chance of accidentally toggling options while moving up/down.
  • Disabled L/R from toggling options in the Debug Menu, due to R being used for turbo speed.
  • "IASA Enabled" (interrupt as soon as) color overlay now includes IASA frames for the Landing action state.
  • "Auto-Cancel Enabled" color overlay now works for Game & Watch's nair, bair, and uair.
  • Added a color overlay option for "Missed Smash Turn" in Debug Menu Training Codes Color Overlays.
  • Added a color overlay option for Nana type secondary characters being desynced.
  • Debug Menu Stage Codes Force Simple Geometry has been added to disable stage and background models and enable the Develop Mode collision link view mode with plain background by default.
  • Debug Menu Stage Codes Always Draw Collision Links has been added, allowing collision link display overlay on stage models.
  • Debug Menu Extras Widescreen: added a fourth selection for Monitor 4:3.
  • Debug Menu Extras included a toggle for enabling [Smash.gg] "Slippi" match stats extraction via EXI slot B. The use of this feature requires hardware by Jas Laferriere (Fizzi).
  • Debug Menu Item Codes added an option for containers to spawn containers.
  • Debug Menu General Codes Hitlag/SDI Behavior v1.02 is now default in the Debug Menu. I changed my stance on v1.00 being default after remembering that PAL never has the option to play with v1.00 and a lot of PAL players use 20XX.
  • Debug MenuGeneral CodesVS Melee Player Flags P4's CPU AI Type is defaulted to "Normalish" instead of "20XX".
  • Damage staling is now enabled in Develop Mode by default. The option to change this is in Debug Menu Training Codes In-Game Toggles.
  • Debug Menu Extras About Me A little info page about me for anyone curious.
Debug Menu - Memory Card Management - New major Debug Menu page
  • Overwrite the default [NTSC] SSBM save file in Memory Card Slot A/B with a custom one.
    • Current options include:
      Vanilla, 100% complete SSBM: Stage Expansion [Achilles] 20XXTE [Dan Salvato] SDR Lite [Glook, etc.] Minigames Mod [Flieskiller] Crazy Mod [wParam] 
Character Stuff
  • Debug Menu Character Codes Fire Emblem (Marth/Roy) Sword Swing Colors has been added again. Roy is able, but does not contain colors by default. Sword swing colors can now be specified within the costume file. See this post for more details and a more formal post will be created in the future.
  • PAL Donkey Kong no longer loses Giant Punch charge upon being hit out of Up-B.
  • PAL Samus can no longer enable the extended grapple.
  • PAL Samus can no longer cancel aerial grapple with bomb jump.
  • SDR toggled Fox & Falco can now "eject" out of their Up-B animation with an instant Z press (again, these are not official SDR changes - just my fun experiments due to having a free character toggle).
  • MasterHand and CrazyHand are now controlled by the selected port.
  • Fox and Falco taunts will now randomly (~50% chance) execute the Corneria special taunt on any stage. The Corneria special taunt animations have been modified to have the exact same frame length as a regular taunt for both characters.
  • 81 new HPS music files have been added to the default 20XX soundtrack! Tons of classics.
  • Every non-vanilla HPS music file has been re-encoded using dsp2hps. Hopefully, this fixes console audio issues somes users were experiencing.
  • Debug Menu Music Codes Custom Music Playlists Added an option for the Global playlist to not override the Menu playlist.
  • D-Pad Up at match start (during the READY, GO!) will reload the background music. If using a random playlist of some sort, a new track will be chosen. A reminder that this can also be accomplished by pressing D-Pad Up on the Pause Screen.
  • Pause Camera focus point z-axis translation (into and out of screen) can now be accomplished by holding Z and using the C-stick y-axis.
  • When a Custom Shield Color is enabled, the color of the game series logo (behind player percents)/nametag arrow/off-screen magnifier bubble are changed in accordance to the new shield color.
  • Salty Runback is now disabled for Single Player Modes.
  • Salty Random Runback is a new feature triggered by holding A+Y when exiting a match (same scenario as regular Salty Runback). A new match will automatically be started with the same players/characters from the last match using RANDOM stage selection (similar to Endless Friendlies).
  • Pause screen "P1/P2/P3/P4 Pause" textures use a new font, instead of the default Comic Sans or whatever that crap was.
  • Removed some Japanese files from the file system to clear space.
  • An immense amount of general code cleanup!
Modding Features
  • A fourth Stage Select Screen has been added for modders to create a custom stage page.
  • Pl__.pat character files (PAL files in vanilla 20XX) now read frame speed modifications (FSMs) starting at 0x32BA80 in the DOL. No setup is necessary other than placing the FSM hex list at this location, and they will be immediately honored in-game.
  • Itaru's extended Pl__Aj.dat files are used for all characters, allowing Results Screen animations to be used in-game.
  • Subaction Event codes: Modified self damage/heal, character data modifications, projectile/item spawn.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where "SDR" Falcon Kick fire textures would not appear.
  • Fixed a bug where killing CrazyHand in Classic Mode would not allow you to finish the match.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the game to freeze upon returning to the VS Mode CSS after playing certain Stadium/1P Modes.
  • Fixed a bug where the Tap Jump Disable Debug Menu option would be ignored for characters with DJC'able aerial jumps (this bug applied to aerial jumps only).
  • Fixed a bug where mid-game player spawns for Event Matches (e.g. Event Match 16) would be disabled at certain times when it should not be.
  • Fixed a bug where Debug Menu CPU Codes DI Custom DamageFlyTop DI Inward % chance was actually the outward DI % chance.
  • Fixed a bug where Debug Menu CPU Codes Custom getup attack percent chance (non-frame perfect) was not being read correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where selecting a character in All-Star (and maybe other Regular 1P Modes) and then switching to an alt costume/PAL/SDR would cause the game to freeze upon completing the first match.
  • Fixed a bug with the Salty Runback code that would freeze the game if holding A+B while transitioning from SSS to CSS.
  • Fixed a bug in Chess Melee where pummeling/mid-throw damaging a stamina player to death would not cause the thrower to freeze following the victim's death.
  • Fixed a bug in Chess Melee where two or more players dying on the same frame would cause the lower port character to not be respawned.
  • Fixed a bug where Players 1 & 2 were unable to pick-up coins in Coin Mode matches.
  • Fixed a bug where some stages normally with a permanent fixed camera (e.g. PokeFloats) would use a regular camera instead.
  • Fixed a bug in Event Match 3: Barrel Buster where breaking barrels before the match timer started decreasing would not add to the total counter.
  • Fixed a bug in Event Match 3: Barrel Buster where the high score could not go higher than 2:00 (120 barrels busted).
  • Some of the new features fixed bugs and things.
submitted by achilles1515 to SSBM

[Event] Caribbean Emergency Reforms

Caribbean Emergency Reforms

September, 2034
Presidente Andino found his republic vastly unprepared to deal with the rise of fascism in the Caribbean. The Special Period, despite ending in the mid 2000s, left a long-lasting impact that was felt until the 2026 economic reforms were implemented. Since then, the economy has made a quick explosion. However, the further military funding, reforms, and dealing with the intelligence apparatus have been neglected until now. Luckily, the republic still exists, so it is not to late to make the necessary changes to prepare Cuba for the modern world and to protect Cuba from the outside such as the Dominican Republic. To better prepare Cuba for the new realities it will face in the modern world, the Communist Part of Cuba has enacted a series of reforms to quickly lift Cuba up-to-date and make vast improvements on Cuba's potential and society. The reforms, in full consideration, were labeled in Cuban media as the Caribbean Emergency Reforms.

Revolutionary Armed Forces Reform of 2034

Cuba has seen a rapid build up of military equipment from 2030 as a result of the militarization of the Dominican Republic. Although Cuba has spent a considerable amount of funds purchasing new and state-of-the-art equipment to replace the aging military, the training and the requirements expected of the soldiers has been less than satisfactory. The entire armed forces has had the minimal training necessary to maintain the force, and is in desperate need of a restructuring and overhaul.
To start, the Communist Party of Cuba decided to bring in the Paramilitary Units, and the National Reserves under the Civil Defense. To do so the Ministry of Defense has been restructured to host the following branches:
  • Revolutionary Army
  • Revolutionary Navy
  • Revolutionary Air Force
  • Fatherland's Guard

Creation of the Fatherland's Guard

The Fatherland's Guard will encompass all of the former paramilitary units, national reserves, and the civil defense. The purpose of the Fatherland's Guard will be to protect Cuban territory, and the welfare of the proletariat. The Fatherland's Guard solely exists for the defense of Cuba land, sea, and air. For example, in the event of a foreign invasion, the Fatherland's Guard would assemble from military bases to thwart a naval invasion, man SAM in the event of an air raid, assist in the evacuation of cities, and deal with civilian welfare in wartime. The Fatherland's Guard will routinely train to fight off foreign invaders, through gaining a deep expertise for how Cuba's resources and geography could be utilized to mount a strong resistance. The Fatherland's Guard, in the event of a foreign invasion, will act as a supplement to all of the other branches, unless they are otherwise occupied. The Fatherland's Guard will not be deployed abroad, and will not have any foreign expertise such as fighting in other terrains. Instead, they will hone the entirety of their training to preparing for the possibility of foreign invasion.
The Fatherland's Guard will also have deep political roots within the Communist Party of Cuba. Every soldier is required to be a member of the Communist Party of Cuba. The organization is also structured in a way to allow for a strong political element. Every city will host a Fatherland's Guard Base to include a barracks and other training facilities, called a Station. The organization of each facility is as follows:
  • Station Lieutenant Colonel of National Defense
  • Station Chief Political Commissar
  • Lieutenant of National Defense
  • Lieutenant Political Commissar
  • Junior Lieutenant of National Defense
  • Political Commissar
  • NCO and Enlist Ranks
The senior organization of the Fatherland's Guard has been created as follows:
  • First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba
  • Major General of the Fatherland's Guard
  • General of the Fatherland's Guard
  • Commissar General
The Fatherland's Guard will operate one major Officer's University in Pinar del Rio, called the Bayamesa Academy of National Defense that will specialize in training all non-political officers of the Fatherland's Guard. All political officer positions will be trained at the new constructed Central University of the Communist Party in Havana. It is the primary task of the political commissars to work alongside a unit at the base and during training. At the base, the political commissars are tasked with guiding the Fatherland's Guard political teachings to that of Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, and Presidente Andino. At training, the political commissar will teach recruits the party line during the on-boarding process through tests, literature, military songs, and party history only as a unit within the process. The political commissars will also serve a more sinister task on bases, to conduct counterespionage and political investigations into the ranks of the soldiers. Since the Fatherland's Guard is tasked with knowing the ins-and-outs of Cuba, Cuban terrain, resources, contingency battle-plans, it is of the utmost importance that the intelligence is not leaked. The political commissars will report their findings up the chain to the Station Chief who will decide to launch a formal investigation that could lead in the imprisonment of the traitor. However, when the Fatherland's Guard unit deploys on off-base practice, operations, etc, the political commissars will remain on base so as to not influence the unit's combat efficiency and leadership hierarchy. The political commissars also have authority to reward soldiers with political medals and awards, and give verification of political beliefs of soldiers that could assist officers from making rank-up decisions.
Enlisted and Conscript Basic Training Topics
  • Military Discipline (Moving, Marching, Barracks Management)
  • Physical Fitness
  • Conventional Infantry Tactics
  • Communist Party of Cuba Ideological Thought
  • Guerrilla Warfare
  • Emergency Response
  • Anti Air-raid Response
  • Naval Invasion Quick Response
Officer Training Topics
  • Military Discipline
  • Physical Fitness
  • Infantry Tactics
  • Guerrilla Warfare Tactics
  • Rapid Response Tactics
  • Logistics
  • Cuban Geography and Resources
  • Communist Party of Cuba Ideological Thought
  • Cuban Flora and Fauna

Revolutionary Armed Forces Training and Physical Fitness Reform

For years, the Cuban Armed Forces primary military doctrine rested on the idea of "people's war." However, post liberation from Flugencio Batista, as the country was no longer in a civil-war, it is no longer necessary. Cuba cannot always rely on the theory that it can swarm the enemy force. While the Fatherland's Guard is focused on Guerrilla Warfare and Limited War, by choosing engagements by the ones they can win and surprise, the rest of the Revolutionary Armed Forces will have to embrace the reality of modern Operations and Mission-based Warfare. This means that the branches will have to work together in combined-operations to undertake missions and manage front-line engagements. All of the branches are united under the same banner in conflict, and should be trained to act as such on the battlefield, requesting support when needed, and arming their commanders and squads with the ability to make decisions. Fortunately, the Revolutionary Armed Forces has already worked on implementing such policy through the creation of the Máximo Gómez Command Academy. The school will be renamed as the Castro Military University. The Chinese PLA command that is currently working on the massive training and upgrade of the Revolutionary Armed Forces will act as the first sitting faculty at this university to teach mission-based tactics, and combined operations warfare. All current officers will have to be rotated through the university for retraining on the new doctrine and simulations for its implementation, all future officers will be required to attend the Castro Military University.
The Revolutionary Armed Forces' enlisted men that have been retrained by the PLA will be the new standard for the Revolutionary Armed Forces training. The Revolutionary Armed Forces will create one large training facility for each branch and the PLA's training will be codified to suit the new Revolutionary Armed Forces. The physical fitness and combat readiness of the current force will be a major part of the retraining, and become the core of the new basic training. Additionally, the Revolutionary Armed Forces will implement strict physical fitness standards, and firearms tests to ensure the forces are keeping up with their training, having annual testing. The armed forces will set a BMI maximum, a height and weight minimum, in addition to an initial physical test that must be passed to join to include 1.5 miles in 13 minutes, 40 push ups in one minute, 2 pull-ups, and 60 sit-ups in 2 minutes. Basic training will be 18 weeks long for each recruit. Two months of war games and combat training will be held for each recruit to maintain their readiness annually.

Military Base Facilities Upgrade

After the Revolutionary Armed Forces has been re-armed with new technology, the facilities at all Cuban military installations will need massive upgrades. The facilities should all have security fencing, and armed entrance and exit checkpoints, with roving patrols at the facility border to prevent infiltration. The facilities should all have air-conditioning, bathroom and showers separated by gender, barracks separated by gender, a mess hall, officers barracks, detainment barracks, training range, exercise facilities, laundromat, working internet and telecommunications, a communications office. Barracks will be allowed to have a radio receiver, a television, video-game systems without internet or cell-access. Base residents will have to store all of their cellular and internet using devices at the communications office on base for security reasons and will only be able to use it on their daily free time in the communications office. The communications office will have security cameras with audio recording capabilities and be running constantly, no resident can be in the communications office for longer than 2 hours a day. The strict controls around communications exists to prevent security breaches and espionage. All facility equipment older than 10 years will be replaced with new modern equipment.
All runways at Revolutionary Air-Forces bases will need to be extended to support 4,000 m worth of runway in order to cater to large and modern military aircraft.
Two large Revolutionary Navy bases will be constructed, one at Matanzas and the other at Manzanillo to support a wide-range of large and modern military naval craft, and SIGINT stations. Approximately $600 Mn will be spent on each facility, with the addition of one large Union de Industrias Militares - Navy shipbuilding yard be constructed at the Port of Cienfuegos SEZ. The shipyard will be built over 3 years and cost $1.2 Bn. The shipbuilding yard will be the military-owned addition to the Port of Cienfuegos. Four large drydocks will be constructed, to house five large cranes. This comes as part of the Port of Cienfuegos SEZ upgrade to become the major Cuban trade hub. The military drydock portion should be able to support corvettes, destroyers, frigates, patrol boats, amphibious assault ships, submarines, and of course trade freighters. The Port upgrade portion should be able to handle 30 million TEUs and have the crane, container, and quay facilities as a deep water port to do so.

Free Haiti Radio

The Intelligence Directorate has created the "Free Haiti Radio" that will exclusively broadcast to Hispanola from Baracoa in Cuba. Free Haiti Radio will provide Spanish and French language broadcasts to Haiti for listeners with radio access to inform them of world events, and news about the Dominican Republic and the war. The news section will not future any Cuban propaganda tint, but seek only to provide them information about what they are being prevented access to and give them hope. The station will also occasionally play Cuban folk music. Everyday at a specific time, the Intelligence Directorate will use the Free Haiti Radio to congratulate the People's Resistance on how useful their intelligence has been through using code names of agents and code names of operations, underground organisations etc. This will let the People's Resistance know that their intelligence and operations are being received and appreciated without providing any excess information to the Dominican Republic.
Twice a day, the Free Haiti Radio will feature a Cuban propaganda section that is specifically marked as "Cuban Politics," where the announcer will discuss Cuban Socialism and educate the listeners. The socialism broadcast will be in English, French, and Spanish. Listening is of course not required, but is appreciated, and is pretty much to be expected when Cuba is providing it.

Domestic Cuban Media Efforts

The Cuban media has exploded with pro-military efforts after the amending of the Constitution to re-include Cuban military internationalism to stem further recruitment. However, the propaganda has expanded in several ways. Posters flood the streets of Cuba warning citizens not to reveal information to Dominican Fascists, and to be on alert to protect the island from foreign spies and invaders. New slogans have been etched across billboards and posters calling for the "Liberation of our Haitian Comrades," and "Cuba Defends the Caribbean." With the news outlets, newspapers, magazines, and even popular music artists talking about the incoming conflict, the new line of propaganda focused on the conflict makes it all the more expected and provides awareness to the Cuban citizens.
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