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Infamous 2 patch 1.04

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[1.04] InFamous 2 – Page 10 – Video Games – Discuss ANY

Download Infamous Second Son How to Use: 1. Extract rar PES 2020 FIXED 1.04.01 with WinRAR, copy all files to the location below here. Formats: 2 chip ROMs, 6 chip ROMs: Machines: 520ST. Final Fantasy x-2 HD starter save (6) 02. Watch Dogs Starter Save (15) 03. Far Cry 4 game save 11% (1) 04. Far Cry 4 game save 14% (0) 05. Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns Ultimate starter save V2. (5) 06. The Evil Within Starter Save (10) 07. Biohazard HD remaster 100% completed save (13) 08. [US] Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja storm. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon.

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InFamous 2. Blamed for the destruction of Empire City and haunted by the ghosts of his past, reluctant hero Cole MacGrath makes a. There's the infamous "2 Minutes to Midnight" riff that shows up in nearly every trad metal band's oeuvre at some point. La Reine Des Neiges 3ds Test. And I know for a fact that the infamous "Silverite Mine Bug" and Sigrun's broken PQ are still in DAA and need the appropriate mods to overcome.

How Second Son Really Hurt The inFamous Franchise
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Patch inFAMOUS 2 Countdown Begins: Release Date, Pre-Orders

Introducing the amazing L Function! Infamous 2 patch 1.04. May 3, 2020, 1: 04 am. I also have an AC split type 1.5 inverter and this is a recurring problem. Topics magazine-1.04 WIRED is where tomorrow is realized.

HMS Victory (Portsmouth) - 2020 All You Need to Know

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Notorious (1946 film)

By the tens of thousands, Trump supporters flood downtown.

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Disneyland with the Death Penalty

Video: Rebekah Vardy arrives at Dancing On Ice training as. The 1920s have been called the Roaring '20s and for good reason. University of California Berkeley - Blue and Gold Yearbook. Posted by: Muebles Compact on February 26, 2020 1: 04 PM. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Aug. 7, 2000

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-3-2000 1-10-2000 1-17-2000 1-24-2000
1-31-2000 2-7-2000 2-14-2000 2-21-2000
2-28-2000 3-6-2000 3-13-2000 3-20-2000
3-27-2000 4-3-2000 4-10-2000 4-17-2000
4-24-2000 5-1-2000 5-8-2000 5-15-2000
5-22-2000 5-29-2000 6-5-2000 6-12-2000
6-19-2000 6-26-2000 7-3-2000 7-10-2000
7-17-2000 7-24-2000 7-31-2000
  • We open this week with the death of legendary commentator Gordon Solie from cancer at age 71. Considered by many to be the greatest announcer of all time, Solie had been in bad health for several years after retiring in 1996. He had lung and liver problems from a lifetime of smoking and heavy drinking (if you hadn't heard, Gordon Solie was actually kind of a legendary high-functioning alcoholic). After the cancer and throat surgery robbed him of his voice, he gave up smoking after 55 years. But the surgery didn't work and the cancer spread to his brain. Solie didn't want people to know and asked his closest friends to keep his impending death quiet and until the last couple of weeks, no one outside of his inner circle knew how bad his health had become. Following the death of his wife in 1997 from cancer, Solie had been depressed and was scared of going through the same kind of suffering and had looked into assisted suicide but decided against it. Solie wasn't much of a fan of modern day wrestling but he considered Jim Ross his successor as the best announcer in wrestling and was high on Mike Tenay also. Ric Flair called Solie shortly before his death and is thought to be one of the last people to talk to him. Dave covers his career, from the days of Georgia Championship Wrestling and the Florida territories and eventually becoming the voice of the NWA. The term "crimson mask" is believed to be a Solie creation. He went back to WCW in the early 90s as the Dean of Announcers where he would film little segments here and there (I just recently read Jim Ross' book and he talks about this and basically, they didn't bring Solie back as an announcer full time because he was such an alcoholic that they couldn't depend on him. They'd bring him in early in the morning to do voice-overs because if they waited until afternoon, he'd be too drunk. Ross also tells stories of Solie drinking vodka at the announce table while calling Clash of the Champions shows with him). He was inducted into the WCW Hall of Fame in 1995 but he was unhappy about some of the other inductees and it led to a fight with Eric Bischoff that led to him leaving WCW. There's a LOT of really good historical info about the early GCW and Florida territory days and this is a must-read if you're a fan of that era.
  • There's a whole mess of news coming out of the Owen Hart family lawsuit and related to the typical Hart family drama. This gets a little complicated so follow along. In a wrongful death case, only Owen's parents, wife, and children stand to gain any financial rewards. However, the Kansas City lawyers representing Martha Hart have been accused of entering into an agreement with some of Owen's brothers and sisters for them to receive Stu and Helen's portion of any award, assuming they both die before the case is settled. 5 of the 10 surviving Hart family children signed the agreement. Ellie Hart (married to Jim Neidhart, Natalya's mom) has been the most loyal to WWF in this situation and she's the one who exposed the agreement by sending it to WWF lawyer Jerry McDevitt. The lawyers argued that they did nothing wrong and argued that the document was priveliged information and that WWF lawyers obtained it improperly. The agreement required the siblings who signed on to agree not to communicate or cooperate with the WWF in the case and noted that doing so would make them ineligible to share in any awards if Stu and Helen pass away before the case is over. Some legal experts have said it's arguably witness tampering because it gives potential witnesses a financial incentive to testify the way the prosecution wants.
  • A big part of this case is getting family members to testify to determine how much longer it's believed that Owen would have continued wrestling, which will determine what the lost earnings compensation might be. Hart's lawyers have argued that Owen, who was 34, would have continued wrestling for another 8-15 years, meaning a lost income of anywhere between $6-11 million over that time. Of course, that contradicts what many Hart members stated in the past, that Owen had grown to dislike the business and planned to retire when his contract was up. Of course, everyone in this business always says they're retiring but then they stick around because the money is too good, so who really knows what Owen may have done. Anyway, this could all lead to the lawyers being kicked off the case and possibly even disbarred if it's ruled to be witness tampering. As of now, the agreement that the siblings signed has been rescinded (Martha Hart later said these shenanigans really fucked up their case and was a big part of why she eventually took a settlement and cut the rest of the Hart family out of her life).
  • The WWF has entered into the world of national politics, starting a voter registration campaign and announcing that The Rock will appear at the Republican National Convention. WWF was already planning to do a voter campaign when they got an invitation for The Rock to appear on behalf of Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert as a way for the Republicans to portray themselves as hip and cool to younger voters as the 2000 presidential election looms. WWF claimed to have 14 million eligible voters as fans, which is not true. They're basing that number on the number of 18-and-older fans who watch their shows and arrived at that number by counting all the shows separately, and even that number is inflated. In reality, most fans who watch Raw also watch Smackdown. They're not separate fanbases that you can total up, so once you start factoring in all that stuff, the real number is probably closer to 5.5 million and even that might be a stretch. But hey, if they can encourage that many people to get out and vote, that's nothing to sneeze at and as WWF has proven, if you go out in the media and repeat a lie long enough, people will believe it so the 14 million number is what's being widely reported. WWF is claiming that this will be a bipartisan effort and they plan to have a presence at the Democratic National Convention as well. Dave says there's a history of wrestling fans affecting elections. Obviously, Jesse Ventura and Antonio Inoki rode their wrestling fame to election victories and there's records saying that Richard Nixon's 1968 presidential campaign, in which he barely beat Hubert Humphrey in one of the closes elections on record (just wait 2 months), targeted wrestling fans in the south with heavy campaigning because they were thought to be an easily manipulated audience (whaaa? Wrestling fans easily manipulated? Perish the thought!)
  • This isn't the first appearance by a wrestler at one of these conventions. Gorgeous George was a guest at the 1952 or 56 Republican convention and Fritz Von Erich attended several of them in the 70s and 80s. Ric Flair was invited to this year's as well but he won't be attending. The announcement of Rock at the RNC immediately drew the ire of the PTC. The PTC chairman L. Brent Bozell III put out a statement talking about how Rock uses obscene language on TV and uses weapons and makes demeaning comments about women. "It is unconscionable that one of America's major political parties would give a prime time platform to someone who encourages young children to behave in such a violent and vulgar manner," he said. The PTC urged presidential candidate George W. Bush to withdraw Rock's invitation and is pressuring Speaker Hastert to dis-invite him as well.
  • NJPW ran its first ever PPV event this week and as of press time, there's no PPV number details so who knows if it was a success. PPV is a much smaller business in Japan than the U.S. As a live show, it was a huge success, selling out the 18,000 seat arena and doing a near $2 million gate. The show was built on Atsushi Onita facing Riki Choshu, who came out of a near-3 year retirement, in an exploding barbed wire typical Onita match. It was a terrible match, with Choshu not taking any big bumps and basically throwing Onita around the whole time. Onita ended up needing 43 stitches in his arm and 6 in his back, bringing his alleged career stitches total to 1,322 (remember, he was trying to go for a world record on that at one point). Onita also came into the match really banged up and needed painkiller injections in his arm and knees just to go out to the ring. After the match, Choshu cut a promo saying this was his one and only comeback match and he's going back to being retired but nobody buys it and due to how quick this show sold out and how much money there is to be made, he'll almost definitely keep wrestling (yup). Meanwhile, Onita is claiming he will retire at the end of this year (lol) but wants to do one of his exploding ring matches in the U.S. first, probably for XPW in October. In the opening match on the show, young lion Shinya Makabe beat young lion Hiroshi Tanahashi with a boston crab (I found the match on NJPW World, for those who have a subscription).
WATCH ON NJPW WORLD: Atsushi Onita vs. Riki Choshu - barbed wire death match - July 30, 2000
  • The Rock/Lita vs. Triple H/Trish main event of Raw did a near record number of viewers. 9,965,000 people watched the match, which makes it the 5th most watched match ever on cable TV. Several segments and matches on Nitro (particularly the women's hardcore match and the infamous Viagra-on-a-pole match) did near record-low numbers.
  • CMLL wrestler Dr. Wagner Jr. has apparently agreed to lose his mask before the end of the year against Rayo de Jalisco Jr. which would be one of the biggest matches of the year if he does it (doesn't end up happening and Wagner keeps his mask all the way up until 2017 before losing it and unmasking to reveal himself as the most interesting man in the world).
WATCH: Dr. Wagner Jr. unmasked in 2017
  • In a bit of a surprise, Motoko Baba named herself as the new AJPW president rather than Toshiaki Kawada.
  • A promoter in Australia put together a Superstars of Wrestling tour that featured the in-ring return of Dennis Rodman, along with all the typical chaos that comes along with booking Rodman. He flew to Australia a week in advance to do publicity but partied so much that he missed all his scheduled media appearances the first day, no-showed an autograph signing on another day, etc. He was supposed to appear at one show to set up an angle with Curt Hennig which would lead to a match at the next show but he showed up late, at the very end of the show, and ended up doing a run-in after the match was over right after his arrival. But the next night, Hennig and Rodman had a match that was said to be surprisingly good in Brisbane and another the next night in Sydney that was the best match of the show.
WATCH: Curt Hennig vs. Dennis Rodman
  • Update on the Brian Pillman benefit show from a few months back. Kevin Nash still hasn't sent the family the $20,000 he claimed he was donating. David Arquette also hasn't yet donated what he said he would, but that's because he's still waiting on some big PPV money from WCW to come in, but he has said he is donating all his WCW profits to the Pillman, Hildebrand, and Droz families (Arquette does indeed pay up as soon as those checks come in. Dave will periodically remind us for the next year that Nash still hasn't).
  • Indie wrestler Shark Boy will be appearing on a show during the Discovery Channel's Shark Week but Dave doesn't know what he'll be doing.
  • Not much new on the ECW TV situation. Viewers Choice in Canada may no longer air ECW PPVs there since, as of next month, they will no longer have TV in Canada after TNN cancels them. They've basically got 8 weeks left on TNN. Heyman is still deep in negotiations with other networks but the problem is, ECW needs more than just a TV deal right now. They need a TV partner that is also willing to pump significant money into the company to help them stay afloat and a lot of these TV companies see that ECW is struggling to survive and they're hesitant to invest in it (and thus, the crux of why ECW went out of business. They were a dying company who desperately needed someone to throw them a life preserver and nobody wanted to do it because no one wants to invest millions of dollars into a desperate, dying company. Catch-22'd right out of business).
  • Notes from Nitro: Lance Storm won the cruiserweight title, and now he has 3 of WCW's championships. Then just to show how much it means when a guy in WCW holds 3 titles at once, Kevin Nash came in and disposed of him like garbage before cutting another lame "shoot" promo about the time Pierre Oulette refused to do a job for him when they worked in WWF together, which Dave says only about 10 people in the world probably had a clue what Nash was talking about. He also brought up the idea of bringing Scott Hall back again, because Nash apparently isn't going to let that one go even though Brad Siegel has already said it's never happening. The Shane Douglas vs. Kidman Viagra-on-a-pole match happened and the less said about it the better, other than Mark Madden on commentary being hilarious, jokingly referencing past "famous" Viagra-on-a-pole matches such as Gagne vs. Bockwinkel.
WATCH: Kidman vs. Shane Douglas (Viagra on a Pole match)
  • Notes from Thunder: the taping was delayed about 30 minutes due to a bomb threat in the building. Vince Russo cut a "shoot" primo talking about taking himself off TV, which Dave predicts will last 3 weeks tops. Goldberg also cut a "shoot" promo basically turning himself babyface again. and talking about guys who draw money and yada yada. Dave thinks its probably the best promo Goldberg has ever done but it's still more of the same that the casual fans (which is most of them) have no idea what he's talking about. The problem with this and everything else Russo is booking is that the whole gimmick seems to be "Everything else you see is part of the show but this part is real." But if you do that multiple times per show in nearly every storyline, it kinda loses its impact.
  • Ric Flair is due back around October and is said to be really excited because for the first time in over a year, he's able to train his chest and shoulders again and he hopes to get back into the best shape a 52 year old man can be in. He'll also be able to throw punches and chops again without pain. Word is Brad Siegel actually doesn't want Flair back in the ring, because in keeping with tradition, everybody who's ever ran WCW has tried to push Flair out and they always fail. Russo does want Flair back in the ring, so there ya go. Speaking of Flair, he's currently working on an autobiography.
  • Bret Hart has been working on an autobiography as well. Speaking of, he wrote another Calgary Sun article this week talking about wrestler deaths and acknowledging Davey Boy Smith's current addictions and said, "quite frankly, Davey's situation scares me."
  • WCW contract news and releases: Roddy Piper has been let go, but Dave doesn't have any details. Kathy Dingman, formerly BB in WWF and who appeared on Nitro last week as Kiwi's valet, is already gone from WCW. People in the company are claiming that Bob Holly (her fiance) didn't want her working there. And finally, Nora Greenwald (Mona) has been released (she turns up in WWF soon as Molly Holly). Bobby Heenan has been taken off TV and will only do studio voice overs from now on and his contract expires soon.
  • Goldberg and Booker T pretty much injured each other last week on Nitro. During the match, Goldberg suffered a separated shoulder while Booker T has some sort of knee injury from the match. For what it's worth though, a lot of people in the locker room are said to be skeptical of how hurt Goldberg really is (he was also accused of milking his arm injury awhile back too so he could stay home longer).
  • I'm just going to copy and paste this one because I don't really know what this means or what half of this is in reference to and Dave doesn't really explain. So here goes: "There was an interoffice memo that went around WCW on 7/31, which I guess shows just how respected Russo is these days internally. The memo was entitled "Top Ten Questions Not Asked of Vince Russo." 10) Would you like to take this opportunity to claim credit for the return of Cake Day?; 9) If the Possum is going to wrestle for us, what reoccurring Saturday Night Live character will he be ripping off?; 8) How much did SFX front you for decreasing the value of the organization?; 7) Are you going to let Bill hyphenate his name to Banks-Russo?; 6) Can you funnel the unwanted talent to the Marketing Department? The New VP of Marketing has numerous openings with lots of opportunity for advancement; 5) When is Hulk coming back?; 4) What does the second "W" in WCW stand for?; 3) How many "young and hungry" employees does it take to screw....up an entire company?; 2) "WCW Creative" -- is it a misnomer or simply a contradiction in terms?; 1) Would you know an original idea if it jumped up and bit you on the ass, or would you just think it was the Possum."
  • Fully Loaded looks to have done around a 1.04 buyrate which is better than expected with the unproven guys like Benoit and Jericho in top matches. It's also the Rock's 8th PPV main event to do a 1.0 or higher buyrate which puts him 5th place all time between Hogan, Flair, Austin, and Bret Hart.
  • Notes from Raw: the show was clearly built around pushing Lita and Trish Stratus. The company really has something with Lita and they recognize it. She has sort of a tomboy appeal that is likely to get over big with teenage girls whereas others like Trish or Sable in the past are mostly there to appeal to guys. Steven Richards and Bull Buchanan are now going by the name Right To Cencor (RTC, an obvious spoof on the PTC).
  • Speaking of, the PTC plans to start monitoring Raw, Nitro, and ECW as well along with Smackdown. Dave thinks WCW will back down immediately because the higher-ups at Turner aren't going to fight back against them the way Vince has. And ECW is in an even tougher situation because they can't tone down their product without alienating their fanbase but they also can't afford to start losing advertisers.
  • Both the Undertaker and Chris Jericho injury angles this week were done to write them off TV for a week or so because they're both taking off for their honeymoons. Jericho's wedding was front page news in the Winnipeg Sun the next day noting that Manitoba's sexiest man (which he was recently voted in a newspaper poll) was now off the market. In attendance at Jericho's wedding were Don Callis, Billy Kidman, Lance Storm, Edge, Christian, and Disco Inferno. In unrelated news, Jericho is also filming a Chef Boyardee commercial next month in the Bahamas.
  • Jim Cornette basically isn't planning to return to Knoxville until if/when the charges against him are dropped.
  • Steve Austin is still training like a madman for his comeback and they're optimistic that he'll be okay to at least come back in a limited role later this year. His legs are reportedly huge because for most of the time he was out, that's the only training he could really do.
  • A recent news story came out noting that the XFL is having trouble attracting advertisers because all the major companies are being cautious because no one knows what this whole XFL thing is gonna be yet. No one knows if this is going to be closer to NFL football or WWF wrestling and basically, sponsors are hedging their bets until we get a better idea of what exactly the XFL is going to be. Some people are already predicting failure, with one sports marketing expert quoted saying that he thinks the XFL will make a splash in the beginning, but won't last in the long run.
  • Raw on TNN begins on Sept. 25th. The final WWF show on USA will be Sunday Night Heat the night before that.
  • The Haas Brothers (Charlie and Russ) appeared as extras during the Edge & Christian and Acolytes skit on Smackdown along with wrestlers Patty O'Brien and Billy Reil, all of whom wrestle for Jersey All Pro Wrestling (the Haas brothers end up getting signed eventually but sadly Russ dies while they're still in OVW. Charlie went on to have a pretty decent career).
  • Regarding rumors that Eddie Guerrero, Saturn, and Dean Malenko are regretting their decision to jump to WWF, Dave says there's no truth to it. Eddie and Saturn are both working through nagging injuries right now which has taken a told mentally and physically, and Malenko is said to not be thrilled with his current storyline of wrestling against women, but all that said, all 3 men are said to be very happy where they are and glad to not be in WCW anymore.
  • There's been some talk of doing a Benoit vs. Triple H match at Wrestlemania next year, with Triple H expected to be a babyface by then. Rock vs. Austin would still likely headline the show. Of course, things change hourly in this business now and Wrestlemania is still many months away so don't hold your breath.
  • In its annual SEC report, the WWF revealed that the World Wildlife Fund has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against them relating to a contract both sides signed back in 1994 regarding the WWF initials. The suit claims that the WWF violated the contract by using the WWF logo in places it had agreed not to use it, such as internet domain names like wwf.com and wwfshopzone.com as well as using the term "WWF" in foreign broadcasts. WWF argues that the current WWF scratch logo was created after the 1994 agreement and thus not covered under the deal they signed. In the SEC report, WWF noted that if the court rules against them, it could "have a material adverse effect" on company operations. Yeah, just a tad. I'm sure this doesn't turn into a big deal or anything......
  • At a recent house show in Pensacola, Mick Foley came out beforehand and talked about the last time he was in that city, he worked for a different company (meaning WCW) which got the crowd to boo. Foley then said they weren't booing loud enough so of course, they booed even louder. Then he pulled a great rib on Al Snow, saying that when Snow comes out to wrestle his match later that night, the fans should chant for Foley. Needless to say, that's exactly what happened and Al Snow wrestled a match while the entire crowd chanted "Foley! Foley!"
  • A few letters this week trashing Vince Russo and talking about how he's so obsessed and into the hardcore internet fanbase reaction that he assumes everyone else is too, but they're not. Someone writes in about the recent "shoot" promos and how most people at home were probably scratching their heads going, "Who is Brad Siegel?" since he's never been a character or mentioned on TV before until that promo. Someone else points out that by pretending this match you're seeing here is a shoot, it kills the credibility of the rest of the show and all the worked matches, which is the business that WCW is in.
WEDNESDAY: the future of WCW in question, Observer Hall of Fame news, more on Hart family lawyer mess, and more...
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Official /r/CoDCompetitive Top 50 Players in Ghosts - #30-21

Welcome to the 3rd day of the Official /CoDCompetitive Top 50 Players in Ghosts List. You can find the hub post right here with more information. Quick notes:
  • This was a community poll, this is not my list. Naturally, there will be some weird choices. Try not to take it too seriously!
  • Give @CoD_Stats a follow on Twitter. Many of the stats used are tracked by them.
  • Discuss in the comments below who you think is underrated and overrated!

#30 - "Neslo"

Written by Adamf3690
Jeremy 'Neslo' Olsen made his breakthrough into the competitive scene fairly late compared to most of the other top tier pros. He played amazingly at MLG Anaheim on the team of Prime Example that featured Revan, Davis and Kozmo. This team shortly broke up and he managed to land himself on the newly formed Team Kaliber. Skip forward to a year later and Neslo is still on tK, He has enjoyed great success with this team securing multiple T4 finishes. Since the 11th of August 2013, tK did not place outside of the T4 for over 7 months!
Neslo's main strengths are his in-game communication and his leadership. He is not the captain of tK but he calls a lot of their plays in game and really controls the team. Another positive about Neslo is he genuinely enjoys the game; a lot of pros were talking recently in a skype call and they all agreed Neslo plays this game because he really does love COD. His dedication and determination is admirable. His expert game-knowledge means that his team excels at domination - their rotations are on point, they know the spawns inside out and they push when needed. tK went 7-1 in domination maps at the X-games.
Neslo's close-quarter gunfights are really on point - he racked up some insane K/D ratios on fast-paced maps at the X-games (1.26 Strikezone Dom and 1.3 Freight Blitz). Neslo is a very clutch player and doesn't have any clear weaknesses, He is consistent across all gamemodes and does not slack on any OBJ work, but he can also slay with the best of them.
I will post below some highlights from Neslo's gameplay:
Huge 1v2 Clutch, OpTic Gaming, X-Games. Funny remix too.
39 bomb, Freight Blitz
Strikezone Dom VS Faze Black

#29 - "MBoze"

Written by greenspheres
Marcus ‘MBoze’ Blanks also know as Money B started his Call of Duty career in Cod Modern Warfare playing Pubs with his friends. He would slowly improve at the game and when Black ops 1 came out he took Call of duty more seriously and started playing GB SnDs. During Black ops 1 Mboze would become a known SnD star and a Solid SnD player. Mboze’s Competitive career really took off in Modern Warfare 3. During Mw3 Mboze became know as one of the best SnD players in the game with winning many SnD tournaments. As Mw3 got older and the release of black ops 2 around the corner Mboze had a lot of stature in the Gb SnD community. Around this time Mboze joined his first team Icons.
Black Ops 2
With his success at black ops 1 Mboze was set for the Release of black ops 2. Mboze although mainly know for his SnD ability wasn't a bad variant player. Mboze didn’t attend the first Lan of black ops 2 because his team at the time obey couldn't attend. Mboze’s first Lan was the MLG winter championships with Soar pro. Soar finished 8th at this event and shortly after Mboze left the Soar pro team. His next Lan was UMG St. Louis where he attended with a pick up team of eGo, Revan and Studyy. Mboze finished 4th at this event.
After St. Louis Mboze would had become very known in the Call of Duty community and recognized as a pro and joined the FaZe pro team to attend the MLG Spring Championships. At this event he was teaming with Heist, Methodz and Replays and managed to get 5th.
Still looking for a T3 finish he left FaZe to join UNiTE with Nameless, Ricky and Parasite. MBoze considers Ricky and Nameless to be some of his best friends in the community and was happy with the team. It was with this team that he got his best placement as a player and his only Championship when they attended the Pax Prime Invitational. UNiTE beat complexity in the final on Raid Hardpoint. It is in this map where Mboze’s best gaming moment came, his 3 piece on the final hardpoint to win UNiTE the map a move them closer to beating CoL. Mboze’s Last event on black ops 2 was UMG Atlanta. The team was the same UNiTE that beat complexity but –Parasite +Saints. Similar to Ricky and Nameless Mboze considers Saints to be a good friend as well. UNiTE had a disappointing finish at UMG Atlanta finish 7th. Although a disappointing finish the players had good chemistry and stayed together for the start of Call of Duty Ghosts.
The First event of Call of Duty ghosts was MLG Columbus. UNiTE finished 3rd at this event and it was the last event UNiTE played. Mboze’s Next event in ghosts was UMG Philadelphia which he attended with the pick up team juKed. JuKed consisted of Mboze, SpaceLy, Sin and Saintt. They fished 6th which Mboze felt it was a good placing for a pick up team. After this event Mboze joined FaZe for a short period attending no events before joining OpTic gaming. Mboze joined OpTic after they had experienced a meltdown after placing poorly at UMG Philly seeing BigTymer retire, parasite be picked up and Dropped and Scump leaving OpTic in seemingly bad blood before returning 2 weeks later. After the roster whirlwind had stopped the OpTic gaming line up was set going into the biggest event of the year. Call of Duty Championships.
To qualify for Champs OpTic needed to go through and online qualifier then win 2 games at regionals to qualify. After joining OpTic Mboze decided to leave his home in Bayonne New Jersey to live in the OpTic House to practice for Cod Champs. OpTic gaming qualified with ease for Regionals where they were set to play Elevate then EnVy. Just like they did in the online qualifier they swept Elevate easily. EnVy also won their match which set up an OpTic v EnVy match to qualify for champs. Unfortunately optic lost which meant they had to play Curse Ny for qualification. The map count was 2-1 in favor of curse when they went to sov dom. Optic were leading throughout the match with C and B control when Curse OE’d to the C flag and secured it. Mboze rotated back and picked up a 3 piece giving the flag back to OpTic who went on to win the series and qualify for champs. At champs OpTic gaming got a third place finished, which meant Mboze walked away with $30,000.
After champs it was clear that OpTic didn’t have enough slaying power so Mboze was dropped forming his own team; OpTic Nation consisting of Killa, MirX and Ricky. In their first Lan together UGC Niagara they finished 4th outplacing their other team OpTic Gaming. Mboze most recent success was in the MLG Anaheim open bracket, which they won, Qualifying for the MLG Season 3 league.
Playstyle and Trivia
  • Mboze considers himself and OBJ player and an SnD specialist he is known his clutches in SnD and his very sneaky playstyle which makes him a great SnD player.
  • Mboze's gunskill is rated as one of the best in the game because of his unique and random movements when shooting in a gunfight.
  • The Origin of the gamer tag Mboze is considered to be a secret.
  • Mboze started to play competitively because of his real life friend SpaceLy
  • Mboze's Hometown in Bayonne New Jersey.
Money Plays

#28 - "Parasite"

Written by IPlayCoDOccasionally
Event Overall K/D Kills/Respawn Dom Caps Per Map Blitz Caps Per Map SnD K/D
PAX East/Season 1 Playoffs 1.11 26.09 3.71 2 1.68
Ghosts League Season 2 1.11 22.95 4 1.95 1.21
UGC Niagara 1.04 23.4 3.44 1.5 0.84
MLG X-Games Austin 0.99 21.85 4.25 2 1.19
MLG Anaheim 2014 0.9 20.57 4.5 1.67 1.08
Overall LAN 0.99 22.26 3.95 1.71 1

Introduction to Parasite

Parasite is 19 years old. He's been playing Call of Duty competitively since CoD 4: Modern Warfare, his first event being MLG Dallas 2011. At the time of writing this (and hopefully while you're reading this), he is playing for FaZe alongside Dedo, Apathy and Censor. He is one of only 7 people (excluding CoD XP) to have won a CoD Champs title.

Black Ops and MW3 seasons

Over the course of the Black Ops and MW3 seasons, Parasite attended 6 "major" events with 3 different teams; Ground Zero, apeX.Collapse and EnVyUs. He didn't place out of top 4 in any of these events, with his exact results being:
  • 4th at MLG Dallas 2011 with Ground Zero
  • 2nd at MLG Raleigh 2011 with apeX.Collapse
  • 4th at MLG National Championships 2011 with apeX.Collapse
  • 1st at UMG Championships with apeX.Collapse
  • 1st at Insomnia 46 with apeX.Collapse
  • 3rd at EGL 8 with EnVyUs

Call of Duty: Black Ops II season

After 6 consecutive top 4 finishes throughout Black Ops and MW3, Parasite came into Black Ops II ready to continue his success, but at UMG Chicago, the first event of the season, he could only finish in 6th with RoughneX, a team made up of him, Clayster, Intake and Rambo. Soon though, he left this team and went on to join the dominant team of the first half of Black Ops II; Impact. The team was Parasite, Killa, Karma and MiRx, and they took the community by storm. They started by winning MLG Dallas over UNiTE Gaming, before winning EGL 9 later in the month. And then, they won the biggest competition possible; CoD Champs, overcoming EnVyUs in Game 11 of the Grand Finals to win the whole thing, including $100,000 each. They continued their run of dominance, winning UMG St. Louis over EnVyUs once again, before being dethroned at MLG Anaheim 2013. Coming up to the finals of this event, while in an interview, Parasite decided to infamously fire shots at compLexity, their opponents in the finals, which eventually backfired when coL went on to beat them in the Grand Finals and dethrone them, going on to dominate the CoD scene themselves. Parasite stayed with Impact for 2 events; Gfinity 1, where they finished 4th, and UMG Atlanta, where they finished 3rd, before the team broke up and they went their separate ways for a while. A month later, Parasite was at the MLG PAX Prime Invitational with UNiTE (him, MBoZe, Nameless and Ricky), where they became the first team to beat compLexity in the finals of a tournament since their inaugural win at MLG Anaheim 2013. UNiTE then dropped MBoZe and picked up Killa, leading to a drop in form for the team towards the end of Black Ops II, finishing 8th at Gfinity 2 and 3rd at MLG Fall Invitational. Through Black Ops II, Parasite had 5 event wins, a 2nd place, 2 3rd places and 3 other placings in the Top 8, cementing his status as one of the best anchors in the game, and one of the best players at that point in time.

Call of Duty: Ghosts season

The Ghosts season didn't start well for Parasite, as, with Curse LV, he got his worst placing of all time at MLG Columbus, finishing 10th place. Though, the team learned from this, and came back to finish 3rd at UMG Philadelphia. Then, Rostermania happens, and the true sketch inside Parasite came out. He left Curse LV and joined OpTic Gaming, which consisted of him, Nadeshot, Clayster and Ricky. After 4 days of playing under the OpTic organisation, he left with Ricky to join Curse LV once again, with many believing he only went to OpTic in the first place to both gain followers and get Ricky back onto his team. Nonetheless, after Rostermania, Curse LV went on to win the playoff of the Winter Invitational, before missing out on CoD Champs after finishing 13th-16th at the CoD Champs US Regional Finals. After this disappointment, Parasite was left on Curse by himself, as all of his teammates left him. Soon after MLG PAX East, where he finished 3rd with his old teammates after MLG forced them to compete together, Parasite sketched once again, joining FaZe Black before leaving that team on the same day he joined to compete with EnVyUs instead. Under EnVyUs, Parasite finished 2th at UGC Niagara, 4th at the MLG X Games Invitational and 5th at MLG Anaheim 2014, before he was dropped by them. Afterwards, he joined up with the team he is at now, FaZe, and will hopefully stay with this team for longer than he has before.

Why Parasite is a dangerous player…

Firstly, Parasite is very versatile in his weapon choice. He used an AR in Black Ops II for the duration, before changing to an SMG to become a slayer in Ghosts. Heck, he even won a sniper tournament in Ghosts at MLG X Games! Also, he can vary his roles very well. Being an anchor in Black Ops II, he had to change his style slightly, and is now becoming a slayer, showing how good at adapting he is. And finally, he's a smart player and person, which is dangerous any way you put it.

Some of Parasite's best maps…

CoD Champs 2013 - Grand Final, Fariko Impact vs EnVyUs, Game 11, Meltdown SnD, The last map winner for Parasite and his teammates, taking the biggest prize of all
MLG X Games Austin - 1v1 All Star Sniper Showdown Final, Parasite vs Crimsix, Not really a competitive game at all, but it's pretty fun and is another win for Haggy
Gfinity 1 - Group B Pool Play, Impact vs EnVyUs, Parasite and co. shut EnVy down, sweeping them and making it look too easy
Also, Parasite's recent event results (excluding MLG Anaheim) are available here for your viewing pleasure.
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