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Deadly Trade All-In-One.(All-In-One is the goal)

Today I'll be introducing is Deadly Trade All-In-One.

(All-In-One is the goal)

Hello. This is DeadlyCrush.
I was introduce my addon 'DeadlyTrade'5months ago that thread title is'Introduce small Addon for Helping Trade Whisper (Especially people'Exile' who struggling by Korean Language)'
Caution! TL; TR;
I do love POE and have been enjoying it. And I shared a few addons & macro over 1year.

prologue : Addon development is not a my major job.
I'm just ordinary worker occupied at IT Development. 47 years old getting long in the tooth.

As far as I know, other many addon develpoer's the situation is the same
I made this addon after work or weekend using my free time with pleasure. So, It may contains bug and some issue. I would appreciate your understanding of this addon making situation.
Since the Korean launch of Path Of Exile, Localizing existing add-on programs affected me in many aspects. MercuryTrade, TradeMacro, POE Compass, Lab Compass, TradeForPoe, CurrencyCop, Exilence and many more... All are such an amazing and inspiring examples that I can't thank enough.

All of my add-ons including this, DeadlyTrade, started empty handed, completely on my own. Which means I couldn't have dreamed of navigating through this far without the mentioned frontiers. I do respect all of them.

Although I had great predecessors that inspired me with the ideas, building a functioning program from a completely blank project meant leaving some little cracks and holes here and there. Which I would love to improve together with you people!

Any kind of your point out, suggestion, report are very helpful for me.I'll check your whole comment and set priority and will be update.

DeadlyTrade version. User manual

▶ Video : Detailed English Narration ( Introduce Deadly Trade Beta Functions ) It is old version guide clip. I will make new version's clip ASAP.

DeadlyTrade is created entirely new from an empty project, inspired by the ideas of the existing add-on frontiers. The initial version was released as a trade add-on focused on trade notification function and its convenience, and has been shared with the Korean community. It is being updated since the reddit post, and its upgraded version has been shared. It is still a little less from being an All-In-One add-on, but we are getting there by adding highly preferred features requested by the users to its original design.
I express my sincere gratitude and fellowship to the add-on Frontiers and many others who still create and share add-ons.
​Most of all, I would like to thank all the users who gave feedback, suggested features, encouraged the year-over long development and sharing.

Download & Installation
Instructions on the download for new users and updates for existing users.

  1. New users will have to join our Discord server https://discord.gg/ryjUA7r, and download the latest release of DeadlyTrade at the #download channel or https://github.com/DeadlyCrush/DeadlyTrade/releases .
  2. Existing users with DeadlyTrade version or above will be automatically updated upon the restart of the add-on.
  3. Update logs will be displayed before/after the update, depending on the version.
  4. It is possible that Windows Defender or antivirus programs limit the exe file during the download or an update, due to the recently reinforced security policy. I will instruct you the details in the "Security and Policy" part at the bottom.
  5. You can check source from Github https://github.com/DeadlyCrush/DeadlyTrade/tree/Developing You can download Release from GitHub - https://github.com/DeadlyCrush/DeadlyTrade/releases/download/

Installation & Execution
simple and easy. It is portable.

  1. New users will have their installation completed after simply downloading the latest release archive at the #download channel and unpacking it.
  2. Existing users with DeadlyTrade version or above will be automatically updated upon the restart of the add-on, so no further installation steps necessary.

  1. After the initial download or update, run DeadlyTrade.exe. DeadlyTrade will automatically run as administrator. If certain PC's security settings prevent it from automatic administrator execution, you'll have to manually run as administrator with right-clicking.
  2. Update compares its version to the server's and check for necessary files.
  3. After finding a new version, it displays the update log and downloads the only necessary files.
  4. Need to run as administrator in DAUM KAKAO Client because KAKAO POE client can't use addon if not addon launch as administrator Even if TradeMacro or any addons. If you want I will seperate DAUM KAKAO version and GGG version.

Executable file size / CPU & Memory usage
File size of DeadlyTrade.exe, and its share on CPU & MEMORY.

  1. Executable file : DeadlyTrade.exe 1.81Mb
  2. Full portable zip file including external resources are 16~18Mb, depending on the version.
  3. Automatic updates only downloads the necessary files, so it could be smaller or close to the full version. Usually it is 1~3Mb.
  4. When executed, it occupies about 50Mb~80Mb in average. Which is roughly about 0.5~1 tab in Chrome.
  5. Even when receiving data from Ninja, or during a massive data calculation, the influence on CPU is insignificant and ignorable.
  6. Because 3D resources are completely excluded after version, it does not occupy GPU at all.

DeadlyTrade Launcher
Launcher now has two functions. It is a utility, and it launches DeadlyTrade.

  1. DeadlyTrade launcher checks for update immediately after its execution.
  2. After checking updates, it imports data and configurations.
  3. It imports major currency data from Poe.Ninja.
  4. It checks the configurations for both add-on and the game.
  5. After importing data and configurations, it enters the auto detection standby state. No further setup needed, as it automatically detects POE directory and game configurations.
  6. It is available for both Kakao and GGG client, and it automatically detects the log file location.
  7. It is available regardless of the language, and it automatically detects the UI language settings.
  8. After starting Path Of Exile, 'START!' button activates. After clicking the button, DeadlyTrade main HUD will be displayed on Path Of Exile

Cache file sorting utility : Cache File Cleaner
Added on DeadlyTrade launcher in version

Everytime you run POE, 'minimap' and 'shader' cache files stack. Too much of these could cause a performance degradation. Cache File Cleaner deletes every cache files older than 3 days.
  1. Clicking 'Check Cache' button will display a utility window.
  2. Clicking 'Start Checking' button checks the cache files.
  3. It counts any minimap cache files older than 3 days in 'My Games' folder.
  4. It counts any 'ShaderCacheD3D11', 'ShaderCacheD3D11_GI' cache files older than 3 days in POE installation folder.
  5. When the cleaning is necessary, 'Clean' button appears and activates. Clicking each 'Clean' button will clean the cache files.

Path Of Exile game configuration backup & restoration
Added on DeadlyTrade launcher in version
Feature that allows you to make a backup of Path Of Exile game configurations and restore them.
  1. If you've never made a backup, 'Restore' button wouldn't be activated.
  2. 'Backup' button to make a backup of your POE's all option configurations.
  3. 'Restore' button to restore your configurations.
  4. If you already have a backup file, it asks if you would overwrite the file. If you click 'YES', of course overwrites it.
  5. If you'd like to manually make a backup of your personal game configurations, copy 'production_Config.ini' file in Documents - My Games - Path Of Exile folder.

Main control HUD
Instructions on main window of DeadlyTrade

Instructions on main control HUD and major feature buttons.
  1. Clicking a small arrow button on the vertical red stick on the right, displays toggle buttons to toggle timers.
  2. With timer toggle buttons, you can turn flask timer (1,2,3,4,5) and skill timer (Q,W,E,R,T) on and off. Changes will be immediately applied after clicking the button.

Window location movement
Movements of Main HUD and some particular windows

  1. Most windows can be moved by dragging the title bar.
  2. The location of the moved window will be automatically remembered depending on the type and use of the window, but some may not.
  3. Windows with no location memory will mostly be displayed on the middle of the screen.
  4. The main HUD, flask timer, and skill timer are fixed by default. Use the lock/unlock button to move the locked windows.
  5. When the windows are locked, you cannot relocate the main HUD, flask timer, and skill timer. It is to prevent missclicks in-game.
  6. Clicking the lock button puts windows into 'unfixed' state. You can move the main HUD, flask timer, skill timer and then click the lock button again to put them into 'fixed' state.
  7. Relocated windows, except particular windows that always appear in the middle of the screen like previously mentioned, appear at the same location as memorized.
  8. Their location memories are stored in ConfiPath_Resolution_Range.ini files. Default is 1920*1080

Detailed instructions on each feature
Instructions on primary features of main HUD.

1. Hideout : Moves to your hideout upon clicking. Default hotkey is F5, and you can configure it in the settings.

2. Magnifying glass : Clicking the button will open a tool window that allows you to search items with coordinates. Default hotkey is Ctrl +P, and you can configure it in the settings.
  1. Enter the left and the top position, and it will display the location. You need to check the box on the left if you're searching in a quad tab.
  2. When a Kakao client user whispers, we cannot use the notification panel to automatically specify the item, due to the policy.
  3. In this case, you can click on the magnifying glass button or press CTRL+P (Hotkey), and enter the coordinates to manually locate the item.
  4. Once you open the magnifying glass window, it is focused on left coordinate, and you can move to next textbox using TAB key.
  5. On the picture above, we checked the box for it being a quad tab, and entered 5 from the left, 7 from the top.
  6. Pressing Enter or clilcking on the magnifying class button after entering the coordinates will display the item's location with green square.

3. Chat scanner : Allows you to scan the trade chat. Works when the trade chat channel is activated.
  1. UI of the scanning window will be displayed in Korean or English, depending on the in-game language settings.
  2. Enter words to include/exclude. Multiple letters are separated by semicolon( ; ) without any space.
  3. When the scanner detects chatting in trade channel that meet the conditions, it displays them on the list. By right-clicking on the list, you can see the detailed information panel like the picture above.​
  4. The panel contains the scanned content, button to whisper the person who made the chat, button to identify the person with /whois nickname command.
  5. 'Clear' button deletes all the scanned content on the list. If you leave the scanning window open, the list will be filled with new chats.​

4. Ninja currency : Feature that allows you to check major currency data imported from Poe.Ninja.
Item name on the list will be displayed in Korean or English, depending on the in-game language settings.
  1. You can check the market status in 19 categories. Categories will be added if needed.
  2. Clicking on each category button will list the price of each item based on the last checked time.
  3. You can choose the league on the upper-left combo-box.
  4. 'Refresh' button will re-import Poe.Ninja data of the exact time you click it. Refeshed time will be displayed on 'Last Checked'.
  5. It might take a little time to 'Refresh' or change the league, as informations in 19 different categories get re-imported.

  1. Using the search box above the list in the middle, you can search items. Supports English and Korean search.
  2. Enter the name of the item to search and press Enter, or click '=?' button to select the item in the list, and the item will be highlighted.
  3. By entering ea(amount) under the search box, the Chaos and Exalted orb value will appear depending on the selected item and its amount. ex) Search vaal orb → Automatically selected → Change the amount to 350 and press Enter → 147.00 Chaos orbs / 0.92 Exalted orbs
  4. There are simple but useful caculation features on the right. All currencies are caculated based on 'Last Checked' time
  5. You can caculate Exalted orbs in decimal numbers into Chaos orbs.
  6. You can caculate Chaos orbs into Exalted orbs.
  7. You can caculate certain currencies into Chaos orbs with the combo box.
  8. Currency name on the combo box will be displayed in Korean or English, depending on the in-game language settings. ex) '색채의 오브' or 'Chromatic Orb'
  9. Caculation will be done immediately after changing the currency kind. After changing the amount though, you will have to click '=?' button. ex) 3000 Jeweller's orbs = 210 Chaos orbs / 1.31 Exalted orbs
  10. You can caculate just by pressing Enter on every input box, except for the currency exchange.
  11. Under 'Useful Sites (Link)' there are links to many useful sites.
  12. Clicking the link will open the site with the user's default browser.
  13. There is the official homepage with the sites known to be useful.​

5. Chromatic caculator : Caculates the odds and expenses to efficiently use the Chromatic orb.
Unless you're not very lucky, the predictions will be close to the real outcome..
Still, the Off-Color work would be a better choice if the odds and expenses are ridiculous.
  1. Craft : The choice you make at the crafting bench. ex) 1G 1B = 1 Green 1 Blue crafting
  2. Avg.Cost : Expected value of the Chromatic orb expenses. Close to the real outcome.
  3. Success % : Odds of successfully crafting the sockets you want.
  4. Avg. Attempt : Average attempts you need to go through to success.
  5. Craft Cost : Amount of Chromatic orbs needed per each crafting.

6. POE commands : Feature that allows you to use major commands of Path Of Exile with ease.
  1. Showing useful POE command buttons
  2. You can use autoreply, afk, managerie, azurite mine, passives, played, deaths, exit buttons

7. Labyrinth overlay : Imports the labyrinth info from Poelab, and displays the image with overlay.
  1. Click the button of the labyrinth level you would like to enter, to load the image in the middle.
  2. Date below is based on information from Poelab. Poelab info refresh time is based on GMT 0.
  3. Click the 'Launch Overlay' button to make a pop-up overlay of the image.
  4. You can move the image by dragging the title bar.
  5. You can resize the image with zoom/zoom out buttons.
  6. After sizing and locating the image, the overlay will be a useful guide for your labyrinth.

8. Act helper : Feature that helps you go through the main quest after creating a new character.
Helper's reference and idea is from POE Direction, POE Leveling. Thanks for your effort.
Though there are limits, due to the vast of information in many different maps, and also because the season update alters some map layouts.
Still, the info Act helper provides will definitely be useful during your play through, if you match the info with the quest and its objectives.
  1. ​Blue dots are way point.
  2. White dots and green dots are entrances or exits, depending on the situations.
  3. Gray lines are roads to optional quests or NPC and quest items.
  4. Transparent dark green lines indicate labyrinth related quests.
  5. Instructions will be displayed in Korean or English, depending on the in-game language settings.
  6. Click the [ENG] or [KOR] button to switch between part 1&2 in an identical map.
  7. It is advised to read the instructions with the quest and its objectives in mind.
  8. Depending on the quest, the order of progress may be displayed in numbers. Also it could display the locations of quest items and NPCs.
  9. UI will be displayed in Korean or English, by automatically checking your UI configurations.
  10. When there are multiple images in display, go through the instructions and compare your in-game map with the images. Follow the image with the same layout.
  11. Some maps with updated layouts do not have their changes reflected. In that case, please focus on the quest and instructions on the Act helper.
  12. Some maps with no information at all or maps that do not need detailed instructions to go through, will not display images.

8. Grid configurations
  1. You can locate the grid by dragging the upper-left red triangle.
  2. You can resize the grid by dragging the bottom-right corner.
  3. Click the upper-right close button to save&exit.
  4. Grid doesn't have to perfectly fit with your stash. Just the similar location and shape will do.

9. Syndicate information overlay
Overlay that displays info of Immortal syndicate rewards.
Hotkey is F3 by default, and is configurable in the settings. You can locate it by dragging the title bar and you can resize it.

10. Temple information overlay : Overlay that helps you decide the rooms during the Alva quest.
Hotkey is F6 by default, and is configurable in the settings. You can locate it by dragging the title bar and you can resize it.

11. Atlas information : Information useful for Atlas mapping. This main function have 2 sub-functions.

  1. Click the 'Atlas Inform. Overlay' button to display the overlay. It shows what maps are inside each of the 8 regions.
  2. Hotkey is F7 by default, and is configurable in the settings. You can locate it by dragging the title bar and you can resize it.
  3. Click the 'Search Region & Map' button to open a pop-up that allows you to easily find maps in 8 conqueror regions. UI will also be displayed in Korean or English, depending on the in-game language settings.
  4. It is advised to use this feature with your stash open.
  5. Click a region to search all the maps in the region and display them on the list below.
  6. Double-click a map in the list to search it on your stash.

12. Oil enchantment information : Search feature for oil enchantments.
  1. You can search in both English and Korean.
  2. It shows the oils you need.
  3. It displays the name of the node in the passive skills tree, in English and Korean.
  4. It displays the description of the node in English.

Trade notification feature
Instructions about the trade notification panel.

Trade notification panel that pops up when you have an incoming trade whisper.

  1. Click the item's name, name of the stash the item's located, or the coordinates to display a grid that helps specifying the item's location.
  2. How the panel looks like when extended with the '▼' button located at the right. Detailed instructions below.

Miscellaneous functions
Remaining monsters count, hideout visitor notification

  1. Remaining monsters count hotkey is F2 by default, and is configurable in the settings.
  2. More than 50 monsters are displayed as 50+.
  3. Automatic feature that works in the hideout.
  4. When somebody enters the hideout, a panel with the character's name is displayed for about a second, like the picture above. It is more useful during a trade.

Chat log policy
Instructions for the cases when trade notification panels do not pop up
Unlike GGG client, Kakao client users confirmed their private informations, so they do not leave any informations of their chat in the log files, due to the Korean private informations policy.
​So DeadlyTrade only shows the copy-pasted trade whisper from a Kakao user on the notification panel.
I will instruct you the details in the "Security and Policy" part at the bottom.

Instructions on settings of DeadlyTrade.

  1. Check and configure your hotkeys. ( default is below )
  2. Remaining monsters count : F2
  3. syndicate reward info : F3
  4. Go to hideout : F5
  5. Incursion info : F6
  6. Atlas cartography info and Region map search : F7
  7. Find item by position (x,y) : CTRL+P
  8. Emergency exit to character selection : CTRL+SPACE
  9. Check and configure the messages used in the trade notification panel.
  10. Configure the duration and color of the flask timer.
  11. Configure the duration and color of the skill timer.
  12. Color palette will be displayed when you click the colored square, like the picture.

Tray menu
Instructions on the trade menu.
Nothing special on the tray menu, as the launcher and main HUD contains all the features and buttons.
  1. Maximize launcher to show the launcher again to use the utility functions.
  2. Exit to instantly shut the add-on down.

DeadlyTrade and resolutions
Instructions on each resolution of the game and display.
  1. ○ DeadlyTrade is developed based on 1920*1080 windowed fullscreen, like many other add-ons and macro programs of Path Of Exile.
  2. ​○ DeadlyTrade supports every resolution, although manual relocation is required.
  3. Supports resolutions 1280*768 ~ 1600*1024. (Configurations saved in ConfigPath_1280_768.ini)
  4. Supports resolutions 1600*1024 ~ 1920*1080. (Configurations saved in ConfigPath_1600_1024.ini)
  5. Supports low resolutions, under 1280*768. (Configurations saved in ConfigPath_LOW.ini)
  6. Supports high resolutions, over 1920*1080. (Configurations saved in ConfigPath_HIGH.ini)

Trouble Shooting
Log file and Font
  1. If UI showing wrong font please install Gulim font that located in sub folder 'FONT' gulim.ttc
  2. It use gulim and arial font.
  3. If you had any trouble pleas send to me log file that located in sub folder 'LOG'.
  4. Your point out, suggestion, report are very helpful for me.

If the problem isn't from resolution
check default display scale / system font
○ Add-on placement could go wrong if the display scale is not 100%.
  1. Check 'Change the size of apps and text on the main display'' in Windows options - Accessibility - Display.
  2. Check 'Scale and layout' in Windows options - System - Display.
○ Application UI size can be influenced if you changed your default Windows font.
  1. Check your default language in Windows settings - Time & language - Language
  2. Check the recommended launguage of your region in Windows settings - Time & language - Region.
  3. Compare your language setting in 1. 'Language' and 2. 'Region'.
If they differ, set your language as your recommended language. If necessary, you will have to try 'Restore default font settings' in 'Font settings' of the Control Panel.

Low / High resolution UI
Instructions on realistic ways to fix UI size problems on either high or low resolution.
DeadlyTrade deleted any logic that affects GPU since version
So it doesn't use DirectX nor OpenGL. Direct drawing with GDI is also not used except for the stash grid. UI scaling depending on Resolution is a very complicated and tiring work without using GDI(GDI+) drawing or any GPU-using programming. Scale process needs to be done in every window in the program and controls each window contain. Which is why freewares/adwares/commercial softwares from average corporations do not support the resolution proportional UI scaling feature, except for video games or graphics softwares.

○ Right-click DeadlyTrade.exe inside the installed folder and select 'Properties', then click 'Compatibility' tab.

  1. Click 'Change high DPI settings'
  2. Configure the 'Program DPI' section.
  3. Select 'Use this setting to fix scaling problems for this program instead of the one in Settings'.
  4. For 'Use the DPI that’s set for my main display when', select 'I open this program'.
  5. Click 'Advanced scaling settings' to resize on your will.

Security for extensions with potential threats such as .exe
Instructions for when the downloading stops or the file cannot be executed

○ Normally, Windows and antivirus software determine an .exe extension file to be a danger when it does not have a paid code signing certificate from an international certification authority. Thus it isolates and examines it primarily.
○ There are two ways for us to fix this problem.
  1. Get the yearly paid certificate for the .exe file.
  2. Have multiple reports determine the .exe file to be safe after examination.
But solution 2) is an impossible one, as the update replaces the .exe file.
○ So for now, if you have any problem downloading and executing the files, please deactivate any antivirus programs and real-time PC examinations, and run virus scans afterwards. After the results that confirms the safety, exclude the installed path or the .exe file itself from your antivirus scan.

Path Of Exile Policy
Instructions on GGG's policy with their games, and trade notifications with Daum Kakao users.

○ DeadlyTrade complies with GGG's TOS(Terms Of Service).

  1. DeadlyTrade does not include any code related to POE's packets, and it never spies on or transforms network packets.
  2. DeadlyTrade does not include any code that monitors or mirrors the screen.
  3. Every API DeadlyTrade uses is provided officially.
  4. DeadlyTrade complies to the 'one Button one Server-Side Action' that GGG made clear on their TOS.
  5. 'one Button one Server-Side Action' states that a single click should only result in a single game-affecting action, including the movement of the cursor.
  6. 6. DeadlyTrade strictly abides by the 'one Button one Server-Side Action'.
  7. 7. I do not include illegal functions and not support that functions like automatic do something.
  8. 8. Flask timer just show progress icon by your time setting on addon not in game's flask. And this addon not scanning any game screen and not capture any network data.

○ There is no way to notify incoming trades from Daum Kakao POE users complying to the game's TOS.

  1. ​Users of Daum Kakao client leaves no chat logs on the file. I know no more about than that it has something to do with their private information security, because they confirmed their real name. It changed like this since the official service launch last June(2019).
  2. Because of this, every POE add-on that notifies trades, cannot do so with the trade whispers from Kakao users.
  3. Kakao POE users cannot be scanned by the trade channel scanner due to the fact they do not leave any chat logs.

Manual, Q&A, Report, Suggestion
The main contact for DeadlyTrade is its Discord Server.

The main window for DeadlyTrade Discord Server. Sub is https://github.com/DeadlyCrush/

  1. Our discord has many different channels for announcements, update histories, Q&As, work progresses, bug reports, and suggestions. Leave your comments in corresponding channels, and I will try out best to get back to you as far as our family, work, social, personal schedule allow us to do so.
  2. Please remember that DeadlyTrade is a program developed by an office worker, investing personal time and resources. And that it's not a corporate product, and that it is at heart a personal activity to share joy in gaming, as another gamer.
  3. I've met some people helping me with the same goal a month ago, and have formed a team named 'Deadly KOR' in my personal Jumpleasure Project. I, as a developer, now can spend less time designing every icon and answering every question. I, and we, would like to express deep gratitude for everyone that help us.

I would like to sincerely thank every user who
pointed out problems, suggested features, and encouraged the development of the add-on.

  1. I've been announcing your suggestions through our Discord servers. Since version, we've been documenting and sharing them. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/191UCVjKdvvAjtSZdwe90q5HOTIJRbE7zzvX3EnFmUfM/edit?usp=sharing ( Anyone can view the link. )
  2. This type of status announcement will be made in many different fields, such as bug reporting and Q&A, with keeping in mind that we create together with the community.

DeadlyTrade Web Site for Archive
I am using 2 personal server to distribute, update, post manuals and info of DeadlyTrade.

  1. We opened a site https://www.jumpleasure.me/deadlytrade/ to post manuals for DeadlyTrade.
  2. Initial purpose was to create user manuals, but we are planning to connect most of the information, with our Discord server being the main axis. You can access the site with the link below.

Goal : All-In-One Addon for Path of Exile
The goal DeadlyTrade is aimed for

  1. DeadlyTrade's goal is to become an All-In-One add-on. But,
  2. We will exclude features that make the add-on too heavy.
  3. We will exclude features that affect the performance to a certain degree.
  4. We will delete features that grows unnecessary and unimportant.
  5. I've been reflecting game updates, adding small and big features, and fixing bugs. It will continue, and we hope you could be with us through our course to finishing the All-In-One add-on. Your reports, suggestions and encouragements are my source of power. Thank you for being with us. Let't make together Exile!

Highly recommend using Discord server's #download channel.

  1. Discord server's #download channel and Github contains direct download link when big change occurs. Usually you can use auto update. update automatically.
  2. Version has a big change. DeadlyCrush Jumpleasure server, being the main server, will be mirrored to DeadlyTrade server. We beg your excuse about having to download version in whole instead of partial update, because of this reason.
  3. you can check this in GitHub Here is direct download link : GitHub - https://github.com/DeadlyCrush/DeadlyTrade/releases/download/
  4. Deadly Server - https://www.jumpleasure.me/deadlytrade/repository/DeadlyTrade_1.3.9.6.zip
  5. Please Join Our Discord - https://discord.gg/ryjUA7r and check https://www.jumpleasure.me/deadlytrade
  6. We are working to support English on every content we provide, including Discord or any other sites. English will always be an option from now on.
  7. You can check source from Github https://github.com/DeadlyCrush/DeadlyTrade/tree/Developing

Thanks all Exile. Good luck & Have fun~!

ps. > Past Activities all shared and sharing.After 'GGG's release Korean UI, Gateway and after kakao pre-open service My activity is below .DeadlyTrade almost over 10,000 users used, using it 1 year over in Korea POE Communities
◆ Deadly Trade Launch ~ Now. DeadlyTrade Update. : c++/cli/c#◆ Deadly Trade with Exile Direction Beta 1.0 (v0.1.0.1Beta) : c++/cli/c#◆ Deadly Trade with Exile Direction Beta 0.9 : c++/cli/c#◆ Exile Direction V2 : c++/c#◆ Exile Direction V1 : c++/c#◆ POE Compass KOR : c#◆ Dekard Cain Based on Neversink Filter : loot filer◆ Mercury Trade KOR Whole UI and Function : java◆ Mercury Trade KOR After jun update : java◆ About Korean Trade Message after Jun update : information◆ About KAKAO Client Log file after Jun update : guide video, docs◆ How to use TradeMacro in KAKAO Client : ahk◆ How to find GGG and KAKAO Client Path(Directory) : information video, docs◆ Syndicate Overlay (+Some Information) ahk

Last Edited : 2020.01.16 2:02 PM in Korea
▶ 1st. Edited 01.26 10:21 AM - Add Git Hub related.▶ 2nd. Edited 01.26 10:43 AM - Add Git Hub Source URL▶ 3rd. Edited 01.26 11:05 AM - Font and Log, Trouble shooting, point out to me▶ [ DeadlyTrade Released. ] 2020.01.26 11:59 AM Hotfix○ If font is not installed show install guide message. It use gulim and arial font.○ Before fix the slow moving at certain PC when using CTRL+MouseWheel for moving stash tab. You can check/uncheck that using CTRL+MouseWheel for moving stash tab. Now that checkbox work propery.▶ 4th. [2020.01.26][Starting. : Work on Progress] 2020.01.26 2:02 PM in KoreaThank your for your suggestion Exile~!!!.Check Steam Client.MouseWheel Problem in certain PC.ICON Re-Design.Gathering point-out, suggetion, bug-reporting and Set Priority▶ Anytime You can check all this working state at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/191UCVjKdvvAjtSZdwe90q5HOTIJRbE7zzvX3EnFmUfM/edit?usp=sharing and the other user's point out, suggestion, bug-report.

DeadlyTrade with Team Deadly KOR on Jumplearuer Project & DeadlyCrush Personal

DeadlyTrade / Deadly KOR Team >○ Discord - https://discord.gg/ryjUA7r○ Site - https://www.jumpleasure.me/deadlytrade○ KAKAO Open Talk - https://open.kakao.com/o/gylOSztb
DeadlyCrush Persnal >○ Discord - DeadlyCrush#7202​○ Twitter - https://twitter.com/crush_deadly○ Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/useDeadlyCrush​○ BLOG - https://blog.naver.com/eocsdev2○ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/deadlycrush.kor
Funny Project >​○ Site - https://www.jumpleasure.me/deadlytrade (and so on... the other project)​○ GitHub - https://github.com/DeadlyCrush○ Azure - https://dev.azure.com/DeadlyCrush/
​​Media >​○ Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/deadlycrush○ Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/c/DeadlyCrush
Deadly KOR Team Member >they are joined together a month ago :D○​​ DeadlyCrush : Team Leader, Main Development, Planning .○ WindNoth : Team Management, Planning, QA Directing.○ AYaS : Data Mining, QA.○ zjvmf34 : Main Design, Development .○ jumpleasure : Translations. Sub Design.○ MontesLara : User communicator.
submitted by DeadlyCrush to u/DeadlyCrush

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