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Fake Warren's guide to LiS-ifying your IOS device [Resubmission]

I'm a moron and violated Reddiquette so i'm resubmitting this now, sorry for any inconvenience.
My previous post , where i promised i'd make this; sorry i'm very flipping lazy.
Ok, so to preface this, ; the device i did this on is an Iphone 5 Ios 8.1.3 jailbroken. (Yeah you need to have it jailbroken to be able to do this.)
Now before i start off the tutorial, you should know what you're working towards right? Lock Screen ,Various Home Screens , by the time you're done you'll be using the sounds provided in the mobile media kit as system sounds ( plus an extra little sound: the guitar strum when you pick things up) and your phone will use the LiS in game font.Also , yes you can open your phone by sliding the whole to another universe.
If you just want the tweaks i used scroll down to TL;DR
If you're a newbie and need a step by step read the tutorial
If you're having trouble with the fonts read the section i wrote for them in the tutorial or pm me or reply with your question
Without further adieu
The preliminary step is that you should have your phone jailbroken. I'm sure you can manage that on your own , google it or something , plenty of youtube videos and articles for it. There's also the very helpful IOS 9.x jailbreak help (shout out to /jailbreak , really helpful community) , /jailbreak has posts for each specific IOS version's jailbreak , so if you run into trouble just search for the post. The gist of jailbreak is that you use [Pangu](en.pangu.io) for 9.1, 9.0.2, 9.0.1, and 9.0 and use [Taig](www.taig.com/en) for for 8.4, 8.3, 8.2, and 8.1.3 .
The font is Dudu Calligraphy (DOWNLOAD IT FROM HERE) . The tweak i used for implementing it on the phone is BytaFont 2( 3 if you're on IOS 9) .I got it from the following repo.
Add it to your sources in cydia if you don't have it already. Now download BytaFont 2/3( remember 2 for 8.x and 3 for 9.x) . See the file you're gonna download from the above link(Dudu.ttf ), isn't exactly gonna play nice with the BytaFont straight off the bat. What we're gonna do is install another tweak called 'BytaFont Tweak Mode' , this is gonna open up a new option in BytaFont called , you guessed it, Tweak mode. If you're interested in the specifics , my understanding is that you need to convert a font file to be compatible with IOS , tweak mode allows you to circumvent this limitation and still use the font without conversion.
Now the installation part is done with , move back over to your pc. The next step is to move the file into the file directory where BytaFont stores custom font on your phone. This can be accomplished in a number of ways , there are plenty of file clients like Iexplorer and such , but i've personally never used them. I use SSH to connect with the phone and access it's directory.
Now if you can access the directory yourself with whatever , skip the next two paragraphs
Another way to access the file system is to install IFile from cydia and open a webserver , then just connect to the ip address from your browser. Honestly , i've never managed to get this to work and have been using SSH for much longer but others don't have problems with this so idk more power to you if you use this.
I use WinSCP.(DOWNLOAD HERE) You ofcourse , are free to use any SSH client of your choice . Before we begin with the client side stuff , go back to cydia and download OpenSSH post haste if you don't already have it, after that's done connect both your pc and iphone to the same wifi if possible (if not possible then use a desktop file explorer like ITools(which is what i sometimes use) , IFunbox , Iexplorer and scrap the SSH plan ) , when they're both connected to the same wifi , i presume you're still in wifi settings on your phone; tap on the i next to your wifi name and read the address given for 'IP Address'., this is what you're going to use to connect to your phone (The address should be something like for example). After you're done with this open up WinSCP , It should look something like this , in 'Host Name' , type your ip address i mentioned above. The username for ios devices is always 'root' , the password can be 'alpine' or 'dottie' depending on your IOS version . (I'm on 8.1.3 and my default was alpine)
Just click login after that, it should look something like this.
NOTE:Please install PuTTY, this allows you to access the command line of the iphone through SSH. The reason this is essential is because you need to access the command line and change the default password otherwise people like me who spend way too much time on this shit can access your phone fairly easily if you share the same wifi with them. Now open PuTTY fill in the ip and open it after that it should ask your username and pass. When you're done with this type 'passwd' and after that it should be fairly simple.
Ok , now back out till you're here on the client ; from here , go to 'Library' > BytaFont. Now this is where you're gonna put the file . Before you shove it in the rename it to 'Regular.ttf' and put that in a folder and name the folder 'DuduCalligraphy.font' and put this folder into BytaFont like so.
Now open up BytaFont on your phone , go to tweak mode , tap enabled and then tap 'Font' under 'Base' and then select DuduCalligraphy in auto pair.
Respring aaaaannnnnnddddd VOILA! Your phone should have max's cherished chicken scratch font.
NOTE:My phone's music app can't handle the font so i put it as an exception in BytaFont , fortunately , it's the only thing that causes any trouble. So if some app starts making a fuss , just go to Apps under OVERRIDES and find the app making a fuss ; tap it and then turn off included.
ADDENDUM:You can use the font on your computebrowser too, much simpler on those really. Just get the FontChanger extension on Chrome and change the font from extension settings , change the font in windows settings too if you want the font to be system wide.
For the system sounds , I used the tweak SpringSounds from ModMyI , which i mentioned earlier in the wall of text.The files you want should be in the mobile media kit(UNFORTUNATELY , iphone's system files are in .caf format and mobile media kit has them in m4a which is incompatible so use the link ahead to download the ones i use in .caf, if you want to use something else from the media kit , be my guest BUT REMEMBER TO CONVERT TO .CAF) and the guitar strum(when you pick up an object cough*bottlecough) file which i personally had to scour the game files for is available here.(DOWNLOAD MY ALREADY CONVERTED .CAF FILES HERE )
Now back to WinSCP, this time you're going from the '\' to Library and then to Application Support, from here you go to Springsounds > Themes ; This is the folder where the magic will happen. You should see these folders, now if you downloaded the folder i linked , just put them as follows if you want my setup
Diary_SMS_Send.caf --- > SentMessage folder Diary_SMS_Receive.caf --- >ReceivedMessage folder polaroid snap.caf - PhotoShutter folder (This sounds so cool ,only problem is that i get the incredible urge to reach below my phone and shake a ploaroid pic every time i hear it go off) pickupitem.caf - Lock folder (sounds so good) ThisAction... - Plug folder
I tried putting the texting sounds in the keyboard but everytime you tap on a key the sound loops , i'm gonna have to cut up the sounds to make it better because it sounds horrid otherwise; so i recommend not putting that in.Sorry i haven't had time for that , i have a lot of other hobbies at the moment.
Now pick up your phone and go to settings , from there scroll down until you see SpringSounds , tap it and then go to Community's Sounds.; then select your sounds and then tap respring at the top.
After it turns back on PRESTO! your sounds should be working A-OK.
NOTE: you can make your computer have custom sounds too. I use max saying 'Wowser!' as my error sound and it's hilarious. I also have many other lines (go fuck yourselfie!) sounds as well; so if anyone wants them just pm me or reply saying so.
ok here comes the part i spent the longest time on , image editing isn't my forte and boy was this a pain in the fucking ass. Had to get my photoshop wizard friend on the case. But I digress... moving back to the plan , i used Jellylock7 from BigBoss , the repo link is
This should be there by default but if it isn't add it and install JellyLock7. Now here comes the hard part , if you have an iphone 5/5s/5c you're in luck because i've already done it for you . The hard part is making the 'Hole to Another Universe' image not have a background (aka transparent) so that there isn't a big white background along with it on the lock screen. If you're one of the lucky few , here's the image you need. Now full disclosure , i have no idea how to do this with good quality in photoshop but other iphone users you can maybe take this image and change it's resolution to fit your screen ? or just try this idk. Experiment a bit and let me know so i can add it to the tutorial.
Now once you have the image , all we have to do is open up WinSCP and go to this path
/Library/Application Support/JellyLock7/Contents/Resources.
Once here you should see something like this
The key here is to replace the default jellylock handler with our image , the default is named '[email protected]' ; just rename our file to be the same as the default name for your device (it may be different from mine if you're not using a retina screen device) and then replace it in the folder.
After that just make sure jellylock7 is enabled in settings and then respring/reboot your phone and there you have it , it should be fine. For readers not using my phone type , try taking my image and changing its resolution to fit the screen , meaning if it looks too thin stretch it further with photoshop or paint or something (I'm really sorry i don't the specifics about this , i'm more of a programming dude than an art dude)
AD ADDENDUM: JellyLock7 on my OS version has this weird bug where if you try to use App shortcuts it crashes your phone and sends it into safe boot until you delete teh config file via ssh which causes app shortcuts to turn off.So i'd take care before messing with that option.
Now we're at the really easy part, themes. So before we start , you should know that there are two major theme managers that i know of ; anemone and winterboard . i personally use anemone but you can use either and most themes should work with both of them.
Now for the good stuff , for this setup i used 'Ayka' , but be warned that it costs $3.49 to get. You could pirate it/the ones below from a different source , but i'd prefer not to cover anything illegal in my tutorial.
Some really good themes that i think would work well with the LiS feel are these
*Uni ($1.5 from zodttd)
  • Jelly 1/2 (both of them are $2.5 from zodttd)
Sorry i couldn't find any good themes that felt fitting which didn't cost anything; unfortunately most good themes are monetized so you either shell out cash or pirate them. I'm unfortunately unable to help in either endeavor so you're on your own .
So to get a screen like This ( the slider can appear over the album art btw you just need to tap it , i kinda forgot to do that in this photo so it looks weird.) , i used a tweak called 'Acapella' (no not the type of music) , unfortunately this costs $2 and available from the BigBoss repo which i've linked above . (For IOS 8.4+ users , you guys should get Acapella 2 instead of just Acapella)
To get the cute cartoony battery , i use a tweak called Alkaline . It's free and available from ModMyI. There are other options than the battery i use so feel free to customize ; and if i was good at drawing i'd make a custom butterfly battery (HINT HINT GET ON IT ARTISTS).
To get the lowercase keyboard letters to show there's a tweak called ShowCase available for free from BigBoss.
For replacing the carrier i used a pretty classic tweak which's been around for quite a while now , called Zeppelin , available from ModMyI for free. This nifty little tweak lets you change what you get instead of your carrier (mine is a tiny cloud) , There is a huge repository of already made carrier logos which you can check out ; i'm sure someone has made a butterfly one already . If you're diligent enough you could find the blue butterfly (or make it yourself if no one has).
For the stylized icon arrangement as so , a tweak called HomescreenDesigner was used , it's available for $2 on BigBoss. The spiral type arrangement i'm using is available under the popularly used section on the app . just download it and apply if you want my home screen.
For some of the finishing touches to my little project , i stumbled onto a tweak called Springtomize 3. , available for $3 on the bigboss repo. I didn't change too much with this , Added an animation for when i switch pages on my phone called Time Machine (get it because max can time.. ah fuck it) , Hide Background option under dock settings , Nested Folder option (to make folders inside folders), Hide Badges in Icons settings (so they don't overlap in my rather congested icon arrangement).
I also used a tweak called Mobius , which allows me to scroll between the pages of my home screen to my heart's content.(I love doing that when i'm standing in line and have nothing to do) It's available for free from
BytaFont -- FONT CHANGING SpringSounds ---- > SYSTEM SOUND CHANGING JellyLock7 ---- > HOLE TO ANOTHER UNIVERSE SLIDER THEME ---- > 'Ayka' KEYBOARD --- > ShowCase BATTERY--- Alkaline CARRIER-- Zeppelin HOME SCREEN DESIGN-- HomescreenDesigner LOCK SCREEN -- Acapella MISCELLANEOUS --- Springtomize 3 , Mobius
-------------------------------TUTORIAL END-------------------------------------------------------
OK... phew..... that was a lot more work than i expected. Thanks for taking the time to try this out , i hope you got the results you were expecting ; please comment your home screen so i can beam with pride at my mediocre teaching skills.This took me a whole lot of hours and was inspired by some redditor here sharing his own setup , which was super cool and i'll try to link if i can find it. I don't usually mess with my phone , but unfortunately LiS sucker punched me hard enough in the feels to warrant an overhaul on my phone. If you guys have any questions , feel free to shoot them at me ; I'm here to offer support if you need it with anything. You got any questions or if you just wanna talk pm me or reply to the post and i'll be happy to oblige.
Does this nerd tutorial make me warren yet ?
submitted by BLAZINGSORCERER199 to lifeisstrange

[Discussion] iPhoneX running Electra v1.0.4 on iOS 11.1.2 setup, thoughts and experience

Alright you two timin, reddit lovin, city slickin jailbreakers. I’d like to start this discussion with the why. I felt the need to write this overview, if you will, as I am absolutely loving my iPhoneX and how it is performing therefore I wanted to share what is set up on it that is truly working for me.
Background skip to setup cause this part is boring - I have been in the jailbreak scene since iOS 3 and can remember the days of rock and cydia, rock ultimately being bought out by cydia. I have always tinkered and spread my wings as a true script kitty mastering all the tutorials i could dig my fingers into. The point is I’ve seen some stuff and i’d like to pass on the experience
  • P = paid
Setup- Tweak List
AppSync Unified: 9.0 - enables the ability to install unsigned apps
why - no need for a computer to install apps as well as no need to resign third party apps
Barmoji: 1.0 - quick emoji access for iPX
why - a good use for the godawful dead space under the space bar
BatteryPercentX [Public]: 0.0.9-8-7- replaces battery icon with percentage on the iphone x, bonus features: tap+hold respring, double tap toggle LPM
why - one less step to get the battery percent
Bloard: 0.1.2-1 - universal dark keyboard
why - cause i like the look
Bouncy10: 1.0-1- bounce animation throughout iOS
why - adding style points to the iPX and who doesnt like things that bounce
ClearBadges3DTouch10: 1.0.1- 3D Touch shortcut to clear app badge
why - it’s annoying to hunt down the notification in the app, less steps
P ColorBanners 2: 1.1.0 - color your notifications
Why - “its pretty neat”
Cylinder: 1.0.6 - add animations to your home screen transitions
Why - big wow factor when showing people your JB also remember those style points
DismissProgress: 1.0.3 - dismiss cydias installation window without closing cydia
why - ability to do other tasks without having to respring
P Dots: 1.0 - sweet notification identifier that utilizes iPX OLED
Why - ios never had the ability till now and its effing awesome
DoubleCut: 0.4.1-1 double/triple-tap/long press key to insert text
Why - shortcuts on sterioids
DoubleTapLock [Public]: 0.0.3 - double tap home screen wallpaper to lock device
Why - it’s easier
EasySwitcherX [Public]: 0.0.3-1 - swipe up on apps in the switcher to kill them, without having to press and hold Bonus features: swipe down on any card to reveal option menu Kill all, Respring, or reboot
Why- fixing apples shit
P Eclipse X (iOS 11): 5.0.4-1 - universal night mode for ios 11
Why - for iPX it can save a boat load of battery and it looks cool
EQE: 2.0.9 - system wide parametric equalizer
Why - i like my sound and thats final
P exKey: 1.8.9-3 - add an extra row of keys to keyboard
Why - add a number row on home keyboard
Ext3nder Installer: 16.6 - cydia extender installer with extra features
Why - semi auto sign electra, its complicated
Fast Copy: 1.0 - removes copy/paste menu choice delay
Why - because delay and i like it fast
FastUnlockX: 1.2 - faster unlock for iPX
Why - dont like slow things gosh
fastUpRepo: 0.0b4 - speed up cydia update sources by blocking download translations
Why - wud i say about slow things, catching on yet
Filza File Manager 64-bit: 3.5.0-17- file manager for iPhone
Why - to mess with things
bonus knowledge, you can pretty much change anything in ios if you know the file to go to and what to change. i know right. All im saying is ("gurl, the back of yo head is ridiculous") filza is POWERFUL. it can EFFF things up or you can change things to be exactly how you want. requires a little research. sorry for the vagueness but its for your own good.
FiveIconDockXI: 0.0.1-20 - five icons in the dock
Why - five icons in the dock
Flame: 1.3 - make cydia better
Why - everything could use some improvement
FlatSafariURL: 0.0.1 - flat appearance on safari url bar
Why - again with style points
FormulaOneOne: 1.0.1-3 - disable loading sauriks repo on electra & more (cause theres always more
Why - cause that shit would get annoying
Hide Labels: 0.0.1-10 - hide icon labels
Why - were at like a million style points
HideBarX [Public]: 0.0.2 - hides the iPX home bar
Why - do i even have to say
iCleaner Pro: 7.7.0 - ios system cleaner and optimizer
Why - cause its amazing
Extra knowledge - used to fix pretty much any jailbreak issue or at least diagnose
to diagnose the easy way
open icleaner
click + bottom left
cydia substrate addons
click all top right (this will disable all cydia tweaks)
go thru and turn on a few at a time till you pin point the issue, then uninstall problematic tweak.
MakeCydiaBuyAgain: 1.0 - activate the purchase ability on cydia
Why - lets go shopping
MessageTypingIndicators: 1.0-1 - enable disable typing indicators for imessage
Why- cause we all like to have the power
Minimal Hosts Blocker: 7.3 - ios ad blocker
Why - ads suck
NewTerm 2: 2.0~beta3 - powerful terminal emulator for ios 11
Why- so we can do cool code thingys with our iphones
Extra knowledge - use this to change your root password and learn some basic commands, it helps along the way
how to change root password and mobile password
first enter: su root
type in the password (default: alpine)
that will get you to root. then just use: passwd
type the new password twice, then: passwd mobile
type a new password twice (can be the same or different from the root one)
and you're done
Basic commands:
su login as SuperUser (administrator)
apt-get update
Google other commands and learn about them, those two will get you started
NoLargeTitles: 1.0-1 - remove large titles system wide for ios 11
Why- theyre too big, i know right
NoMoreSmallApps [Public]: 0.0.2 - make all apps full screen for iPX
Why - developers havent gotten around to optimizing their apps for iPX, this tweak forces optimization
NoNewMark8: 1.0-1 - removes blue dots for new/ updated apps
Why - they're like your clingy friend that just keeps coming back. be gone
NoSharePlz: 1.0 - removes the share button on 3d touch menu
Why - have you ever shared anything from 3d touch? it crowds it. bye Felicia
NoSubstitute (Electra): 1.0-1 - disables subsitute in app
Why - helps stabilize things
PhotoData: 1.0.0~beta16 - view photo exif data and video data in the photos app. Open gps location in maps
Why - nice to know what info your photos are saving
RealCC: 1.0 - actually disable wifi and bluetooth from ios 11 cc
Why - cause we dont want the fake ones
Safari Plus: 1.4.4 - various enhancements to safari
Why - make safari useful again
Shy Page Dots: 0.1.1 - hide page dots when not scrolling
Why - ohh the sexyness
SleepRemaining: 1.0.0-1 - adds hours and minutes of sleep to sleepcycle
Why - math hurts
SlideCut: 0.4- slide shortcut via space key
Why - another way to easily copy paste select etc…
SmoothCursor: 1.1.2 - office styled cursor animation
Why - because its smooth and office
SwipeForMore: 1.1.7 - manage packages via swipe in cydia
Why - easy access. you know it
SwitchService: 3.0.0-1 - hold send button to switch between imsg and sms
Why - not everyones cool and has iphones
TapTapFlip: 1.3.3 - double tap to flip camera between front and rear facing
Why- cause its easier to see that "B.E.A.U tiful" smile then kick back to the rear cause we all love it back there.
TapTime [Public]: 0.0.31 - tap the time in status bar to reveal the date
Why - its easy to lose track of the date
P TetherMe for iOS 11/10/9/8: 1.2.0+electra-2 - dynamically enable native tethering
Why - grandfathered into old verizon unlimited plan / no cap / unlimited internet
togglesafe: 1.0.2 - toggle ring switch rapidly to enable safemode
Why - cant be too safe, you've just used "escape rope"
ToneEnabler: 1.1r-14 - restore ringtone folder use
Why - easy to set ringtones on ios 11, looking at you apple
tweakCompatible: 0.0.7 - adds a way to check tweak compatibility in cydia
Why - check to see if any tweak is compatible, this is community based so your input is imperative
VideoHUD: 2.1 - ios video player hud used system wide
Why - gets rid of terrible volume hud that blocks everything. absolutely amazing. Download first
P WeatherVane: 1.1.0 - access wifi networks and bluetooth devices from CC
Why - one less step to get to it
WiFi Passwords: 3.0.1 - shows previously entered wifi passwords
Why - why isnt this in ios 11
wifiFirmwareUpdater: 4.0 - loads ios 11.2 wifi firmware
Why - secure your iphone from hackers
YouTube Tools: 1.6 - essential toobox for youtube
Why - makes youtube a polished turd
I understand this list isn’t for everyone, simply what has been working for me and most importantly working smoothly. Please let me know of any tweaks that I can add that may better the experience or tweaks that you think are simply awesome.
Let’s support the devs and do what what we can, weather its spreading awareness of their tweaks and apps or donating to them. Most importantly let’s stay active and keep learning. I love this community and can’t wait to see what comes out next
Edit: I’m home now reading thru everything and posting repos and updates. You guys are awesome.
Edit 2:
have no fear for the repos are here, low and behold
the following is a Flame ready list. I recommend first installing the tweak Flame.
copying all repos, once in clipboard
go to cydia
Flame will ask for normal mode or batch mode, chose batch mode to install all of them at once
if there are any doubles simply delete afterwards
i also recommend doing half at a time depending on internet speeds
http://apt.saurik.com/ https://midnightchip.github.io/repo/ http://beta.cpdigitaldarkroom.com/ https://r3st1t0u.github.io/ https://cydia.angelxwind.net/ https://cydia.hbang.ws/ http://rpetri.ch/repo/ https://repo.thireus.com/ http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia/ http://saj0vie.github.io/ https://dannyglover.github.io/repo/ https://legitcomputerwhisperer.github.io/ https://gmoran.me/repo/ https://imkpatil.github.io/repo/ https://jb365.github.io/ http://www.harrisonapps.com/repo/ http://cydia.jerryen.com/ https://ib-soft.net/cydia/ http://repo.tetherme.net/ http://cydia.ichitaso.com/ http://www.tateu.net/repo/ https://ib-soft.net/cydia/beta/ http://repo.sparkservers.co.uk/ https://creaturesurvive.github.io/ http://jakeashacks.com/cydia/ http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com/ https://packix.ioscreatix.com/ http://tigisoftware.com/cydia/ http://smokin1337.github.io/ http://beta.sparkservers.co.uk/ https://beta.unlimapps.com/ http://limneos.net/repo/ https://reddestdream.github.io/ http://repo.auxiliumdev.com/ https://seiterseiter.github.io/ https://cydia.ianburns.co/ http://ios11central.yourepo.com/ http://apt.modmyi.com/ http://randompacks.yourepo.com/ http://julioverne.github.io/ http://repo.jed.bz/ http://repo.mehulrao.com/ http://repo.m4cs.xyz/ http://cydia.zodttd.com/repo/cydia/ http://cydiageek.yourepo.com/ http://artikushg.yourepo.com/ https://electrarepo64.coolstar.org/substrate https://electrarepo64.coolstar.org/
another tip if you have sources that are not refreshing properly, this is how i fixed it
download the tweak NewTerm2 from cydia.hbang.ws repo
once installed open it and execute the command as follows
enter password (default: alpine)
apt-get update
if its successful, your good
if it freezes on one of them, delete it from cydia and try adding it again singularly.
Cydia Impactor, Kodi and Emulation Overview
Cydia Impactor
Cydia Impactor common problems and fixes
You will inherently need to use cydia impactor at some point. most likely will run into issues, many of them. Before you give up, heres how i navigated thru them and ultimately got it to work.
first know that there are not one but two versions of cydia impactor that you need downloaded to fully utilize signing and revoking of apps. Impactor_0.9.43 and Impactor0.9.44
download both of them
rename Impactor_0.9.43 to Impactor_0.9.43_revoke
rename Impactor_0.9.44 to Impactor_0.9.44_sign
yes you've guessed it, you will be using the respective versions to do just that and nothing more.
weather you want to sign or revoke an app you need to do as follows
To revok, use version Impactor_0.9.43
while your phone is plugged in, click xcode
when prompted for apple id, enter a real one that you have access to
when prompted for password make sure you use the app specific password generated thru appleid.apple.com
to generate a password go to appleid.apple.com
sign in using your apple id credentials
click generate password
copy that password and use it for the impactor password prompt.
To sign, use version Impactor _0.9.44
download your app of choice, make sure it is in .ipa format
while your phone is plugged in, click and drag .ipa app to the cydia impactor
when prompted for apple id, enter a real one that you have access to
when prompted for password make sure you use the app specific password generated thru appleid.apple.com
to generate a password go to appleid.apple.com
sign in using your apple id credentials
click generate password
copy that password and use it for the impactor password prompt
KODI Install work around (credit)
Install cygwin x86 on Windows
Download the iOS Toolchain for Windows
Drop the files in the bin folder from iOS Toolchain zip into the cygwin/bin folder
Download the Kodi 17.6 deb
Extract the data.tar from the deb, and then extract the tar file. All you want is the Kodi.app folder
Create a folder called Payload, and drop the Kodi.app folder into it
Open cygwin and navigate to the Kodi.app folder you put in the Payload folder
Had to figure this out the hard way, drag the whole kodi.app folder you just created and drop it into the cygwin window. It should navigate to the folder automatically and you should be able to proceed with the following commands.
Run these commands:
ldid2 -S Kodi find $PWD/ -name *.so -exec ldid2 -S {} \; find $PWD/ -name *.dylib -exec ldid2 -S {} \; 
If you don't have 7zip, install it. Right click the Payload folder and add to archive with 7zip. Make sure it is a zip and name it Kodi.ipa
Install the IPA with Cydia Impactor
Little tricky but thats what I followed to get kodi to work.
Emulation overview:
I Love using both RetroAch and Provenance.
Follow this link
scroll clear down to the bottom till you see
RetroArch.1.7.0-ios11.ipa and Provenance 1.4-n64 swift.ipa
download those two .ipa's to get a full suite of emulation platforms.
install either via cydia impactor or thru filza with appsync unified intalled before hand.
submitted by pinekloud to jailbreak

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