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Hey guys , is it just me or is PR getting more and more boring every year?

I stopped since Megaforce. Super Megaforce was good because of Legendary Rangers. Rest is History.
What the heck was wrong with Mega Force ? Lol . The guys never changed their clothes even once.
And whats up with these boring repetitive naming? Dinocharge-Dinosupercharge Ninja Steel- Super Ninja Steel
Beast Morphers?
Creative names are now a matter of past. Then comes the opening theme? Hasnt it remained the exact same since Samurai? They’ve just tweaked it everytime. Thats it.
Perhaps the best ones in my opinion were - Mighty Morphin, Space, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, Jungle Fury.
Good Story. Good Name. Good Music. Memories. Jason and Tommy hanging out and practicing Karate? Anyone remembers?
submitted by Tz_Lanthan to powerrangers

Power Rangers needs to get better

I have been fan for a very long time, and I have been a lurker on here for awhile until just recently. I started posting on others posts. Power rangers Is a franchise that is stuck and its needs to change like asap. What I mean is It needs to get better. I think it needs to look at the sentai more.
Now before I start harping on Pr lets talk about the changes PR made that is better then and or as cool as stuff in the Sentai.
-Sam becoming the green range6th ranger in Ninja storm. Great character, Great arc. Way better then the Sentai.
-the mmpr morph call of their dino names is ICONIC and cool. I wouldn't change it for the world.
-Koda being a caveman and Ivan being a knight( instead of a samurai)
-The ninjetti suits are cool and the concept is cool. (I'm talking about the movie version. for some reason for the show they added a extra layer and it makes them look terrible. Tommy looks like a klansmember)
-dino thunder rangers having special powers is cool ( But then right after that so did the spd rangers )
-In space was great, Mega ranger is a good series but what they were able to do with In space and change up the story was interesting.
-Rpm is a good series.
-Forever Red is sentai team ups done right and is arguably one of the best team up episodes.
That's all I can think of right now, If i think about more Ill add into it. So lets get down to it. so what do I mean it needs to get better? basically I think that PR needs to look in to the sentai Footage.
Roll calls/Osts
Roll calls are the staple to super hero shows, Especially to Sentai. Its so cool to see the group transform, say their catch phase and then their color. PR needs to do these better. Its not like they haven't done a decent job at them. the forever red rollcall is a prime example of how to do it. Everyone morphs their catch phase/ the sequence happens/ they say their name. But when you watch a roll call from the sentai and their american counterpart its just different it doesn't feel right.
And why? because PR is focus more as a "brand" and because its a "brand" each series doesn't have its own Identity. Its just makes everything feel the same, so the soundtrack is just all guitar going crazy( MMpr era), the bulk and skull theme being used for all the "funny" moments. Or these orchestra like songs that all sound the same(turbo-time force) I'm not kidding watch a In space episode / time force / lost galaxy and their OST hero music all sounds the same
Lets look at a example at a Roll call
This is the operation overdrive roll call. The Ost is a generic heroic like track, Its not that bad I actually like it. Kick in to overdrive isn't a bad phase and they adapted a great wording for their morph. " overdrive, accelerate"( which isn't shown in this video) But kick in to overdrive shouldn't be the tagline they all say! *insert color* ranger is wayyyy too generic because there are so many ranger series out there. Calling each of them a Overdrive ranger is better. Overdrive Red. ETC
Bokenger has a decent henshin call " start up" With a Ost that Sounds nothing like anything I heard on PR. I have looked through All eras of music and nothing comes close to sounding like this. Now What I mean is this is Strictly for Bokenger. No other sentai has this song used. Each ranger has their own Phase. "the fiery Adventurer" Boken red and so forth. Coming all the way to their team name.
I picked this season because Overdrives Roll call has less "issues" then most from other series( Dino charge has a decent one, So does SPD). " the call to adventure" Is amazing and who ever wrote that for the Overdrive rangers to say. You are amazing well done!. so how could you "fix" this. Well lets say that they keep the adventurer part of the roll call.
'the ___ adventurer -> Overdriveeeee Red! The call to adventure! Operation Overdrive!
Boom that's it, You have a super cool Roll call and just made that season have more of a identity then other power rangers team. I also bring up the soundtrack because I been watching Beast morphers and the OST has been subpar ( and kinda loud, maybe that just me) and we all know how they relay on the whole "go go power rangers" phase and music.
look at the avengers they always pose together, they may not say like a line (other then AVENGERS ASSEMBLE) But they do the same thing. Especially in Endgame, and its done twice! ( by all of the heroes and then all of the female heroes)
Suit acting not matching The characters
The Sentai footage has certain characters acting a certain way, PR needs to match the personalities and or fighting styles of the sentai footage to flow better and add another layer for their characters. Lets look at megaforce. Not the best season and the super series was even worst but what we want to look at are the characters of Blue and Black. In mega force Blue is the smart one and black is like the jock?, I didn't really watch Goseiger but thats not where the problem lies. The problem lies with the adapting of Gokaiger. Blue in that one is the super cool Swordsman guy a completely different blue from Goseiger while Green is the goofy weirdo. In PR they made Jake who was the strong black ranger into the green ranger for super.
So now we have the strong guy Jake doing weird shit and posses out of character for him. Same with Noah. Now PR has done some cool stuff though. Making Koda a caveman is great because of the theme of their show plus the original blue from the sentai is a grappler fighter! That was a great idea.
One more example. Jaden Is alllll about friendship and what not. He tells the rangers " guys we can do this together!" summons his weapon and runs off by himself to beat everyone. so Already they are creating a contradiction for Jaden as a character.
compare that to the sentai in which Red doesn't want their help, its funny cuz Jaden doesn't give the rangers a heads up when he swings his sword but hes the one who is alll about friendship right? righttt?
Again PR is its own thing I know. But I know it could be better, It just not treated with respect either. Look at the dimension in danger episode. This was a Episode ALL ABOUT SUCKING TOMMYS COCK. Tommy had the most lines. well the other guest ranges had like 1-3, with 3 being the best they could have done. He was also the only person to get to say his morphing phase and get a morphing sequence! So we dont get Tj saying lets rocket (335) Or any of the other rangers at least get newly updated morph sequence.
This mostly came from the current thread thats is up about jason vs tommy in leadership. TJ is a fan favorite. A lot of these rangers that they picked are! and only Tommy, wes , silver RPM ranger had any lines. ONLY TOMMY HAD A MORPH SEQUENCE (3 TIMES BTW) NOT EVEN THE NINJA STEEL RANGERS HAD ONE THAT EP. You watch a Sentai team up at least the ones there get their chance to shine in the roll call if they aren't seen much plot wise.( its should have been a 2 parter tbh)
So what can they do? America Tv is different. There are certain things you can really talk or show like death or blood or cursing. Take PR to a streaming service is a idea I seen thrown around and honestly that's the best option. My nephews and niece and little cousin don't watch tv anymore. And my nephew seen beast morphers ON netflix. Yes its a kids show, but kids shows aren't like those of the 90s anymore and power rangers needs to shift.
Having it on a streaming service could give the show ALOT more Freedom. beast morphers is alright so far, Im not too far into really give a opinon, but I think the Jason Dino team up is whats going to make or break the season for me.
So heres what I think Hasbro needs to do.
-Stop dumbing down the writing for kids, In space-timeforce is a great Era because It was semi mature. Look at the PR Samurai first battle and watch the time force first battle. There are no Cringy one liners or Quips
-Make each Season keep its Individually instead of each show just being POWER RANGERS
-Acting needs to get better( tbh I feel like its more a writing/directing thing. So this could be more of a Writing needs to be betteDirecting needs to be better)
-have More respect towards the series and the history of PR. (much like sentai respects itself)
-Better soundtracks( they don't have to copy the sentai but they really need to get better. )
There's alot of other stuff I want to say ( like how they gave us Alien rangers and competently butchered Kakuranger!) But I already made this long and just wanted to talk about some of the issues I been having watching PSentai.
submitted by Monchi_21 to powerrangers

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