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Story of my Life

Hi, this isn't supposed to be a auto-biography or something, but I just want to write down something about myself, and the problems that I faced in the past. I am not going to cover everything about myself, just about the part of me and the videogames.
I never really played many videogames until I turned 7, back in 2004, which is already 10 years ago. So, in June was my birthday, and some of the people in my class in school and most of my friends played on this "GameBoy", and for my birthday I got one of those as a present from my parents, together with the game "Pokemon Fire Red". I played it a lot over the summer holidays with my friends and I quickly realized that I was just average, but one of my friends, let's just call him "T", was exceptionally good, and his father was programmer and I went to hang out at his house often, to play with him. I tried to get better than him, but I never really got better than average.
About 2 and a half years later, people around me started playing on the computers of their parents, games like "4story" (a World of Warcraft clone, which was free2play), "RuneScape" (which was a browsergame, but I don't remember how it was), and one more game called "Lord of the Rings - Battle for Middle Earth" (An amazing strategy game that I played a lot with my friend "T". Well the problem was though, that I didn't have a computer, so I played on my parents' one. It worked out and all but my father got kind of angry about me using that computer all the time. Again, "T" was better than me, and was only average. Also my grades in school in 4th grade fell behind a little. And, as I am from Germany, the school system here is a little different, than yours might be. So after 4th grade in Basic School, you are able to change to a higher School (Gymnasium), and that only if you have exceptionally good grades. Well, I didn't, and my father was kind of disappointed of me. So my parents had to limit the time that I spent on the computer and on videogames in general. My friend "T" had good grades and he passed to the other High School for 5th grade. While I had to stay for another 2 years.
In those two years, I didn't play videogames too much, I still did, but limited, by my parents. In those 2 years, my grades got better and I "graduated" Basic School, with rather over average grades and I was happy that my teachers gave me a recommendation to visit Gymnasium High Schools. So I was able to go to the High School, my friend "T" was in. Once in there, I was about 12 years old in 7th grade, just like my friend, he showed me a new game, that was in 2009 and the games' name was League of Legends. He already played for a month or so and he was already pretty good at it. He Reached the highest level (30) when I started playing, and I sucked pretty badly, it was alright though, we played just for fun, and he carried all the games, while I was feeding hard (meaning I died a lot to the enemy champions, who got stronger and stronger because of that, while my friend "T" was the guy in our team, getting fed.
I had to quit playing after 4 months or so, leaving my level 22 account "Jesvel" behind and inactive, because I had to concentrate on school, for the next few months I couldn't play at all. After a long half a year break or so, I played again, on a new account, who's name I forgot. After a few months again I had to stop and so on and so on. So, over the years I created several accounts, (about 5 I guess) on multiple regions like in Europe West, North America, and Europe Nordic and East.
I started an exchange year, in 2013, went over to the USA, because I was going to stay there for the next 340 days. Until January 2014, everything went right, but when the winter started, football season in the school I went there ended, and nobody even tried to do something with me, everybody, including me, stayed home for hours after school, not doing anything. So instead of watching movies for 6 to 8 hours a day, I downloaded the game League of Legends again.
I created a new account on the North American Server and played it to level 23 or so in about 3 weeks ("Vermaechtnis") And then I started skyping with my friend "T" again, having lots of conversations about the game, and he remembered the name of my highest levelled account in EUW again ("Jesvel") and I remembered the password, so I was able to play finally again on one of my old accounts (that was level 24 or something I don't really remember). I played that account to level 30 in less than 2 weeks, playing 5 hours a day and watching about 2 hours of stream in between breaks, because I got addicted so badly, that I didn't even know that I shouldn't have started playing again.
I started playing ranked immediatelyand got placed in Silver IV. But what I didn't realize was, that I actually sucked hard and got carried. I got demoted to silver V. And after about 50 games there, I got demoted to bronze, and I started flaming the people ingame, because of my own mistakes. Then I started getting reported, until my chat was restricted for 40 games. I still flamed, screamed around etc. etc....
I got demoted to Bronze III, and then I started playing Udyr, got me up to Bronze I, 100 LP, and my friend "T" helped me on his smurf account to get through my promotions. So back in Silver V again, he told me he's not gonna help me unless I stop flaming. So I limited the amount of flaming and I got better and better, until I carried myself to Silver I, and then I dropped back to Silver II, which is where I am now.
A couple months ago, I told my friend "T" that I will be reaching Gold I, by the end of season 4. He laughed about me and said "Keep dreaming" and btw, T is Diamond II atm, still climbing and with a high chance of getting close to Challenger this season. He didn't stop playing and create thousands of accounts. He kept playing, getting better, improving more and more, becoming an amazing player. With over 2200 normal wins, playing ranked in all seasons, being over 1.8k elo all the time.
So why am I telling you this? Well, here's what makes me addicted to this game. 10 years ago I already tried to become better, better than my friends, better than T, better than average. But I am not, and that's what makes me trying to become good. I just don't want to be average. And one more thing, I hate losing games, more than I like winning. When I lose a game, I get frustrated, really pissed and angry. While I make it a standart to win...
submitted by jesvel to leagueoflegends

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