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Why I'm quitting DarkOrbit after 5 days

Alright so I'm a non-FE goliath player, 2 iris 6 flax, 7 lf3, 15 7900, and 2 B02. I started playing 5 days ago and I've put a serious amount of hours into this game. I have some very sad thoughts on how I feel about DarkOrbit.
Darkorbit is a really interesting game. Its this interesting factor that got me into the game in the first place. The way that PvP and missions are designed in this game is really disappointing.
I just started playing DarkOrbit for the first time and I'm at level 13 right now. I already don't want to do these missions. They are very repetitive and uninteresting.
One of the missions I have right now asks me to kill 15 lordakium and all I get as a reward is 255 uridium and 130000 credits. This is horrible. Beyond horrible, this is pointless. The missions at the very start of the game were so much fun because I was getting cool rewards like LF3's, BO2's and 7900's. I enjoyed doing those missions! The missions I have to do now however feel like they are all just copy and pasted from level to level. The rewards are always bad and the entire mission is me grinding a monster that hardly gives me any profit.
What just adds to the disappointment is the fact that while I am fighting these monsters I'm also constantly getting killed by other players. Seeing an enemy pop up isn't even fun at all. I would understand it if I at least had some way I could defend myself but there isn't. These guys pop out of nowhere from their cloaks and they instantly start hitting me for like 60,000 and there is nothing I can do. If I try and fight back its pointless because I hardly do any damage to them. If I try and run its pointless because they are faster than me and I can't get back to a portal because they kill me so fast. I've been killed nearly 200 times already and every time its the same thing. Enemy pops out of nowhere, starts shooting me with x4 white lazers and I'm dead within like 10 seconds. If there was at least some way for me to fight back or escape so that it was interesting and I had a chance, maybe this wouldn't be so bad. But there isn't. Out of the nearly 200 deaths that I've had, I've avoided death maybe 3-4 times. Thats awful. I understand these guys are stronger than me and they obviously should be able to kill me but getting constantly killed is so demoralizing. I understand now why they give you the 2 week of premium from one of the early quests and its because they know that without it new players will quit within hours because of how often they die and have to pay uridium to repair. Its funny because I'm actually on the overwhelmingly stronger company on my server and I'm still getting killed so much.
I'm really sorry to say but I've only been playing for 5 days and I've already lost interest in this game. It starts out really fun because there is tons of progression early game but as soon as I got to the uppers the game got boring. Mission after mission all I do is grind out kills against these boring monsters that are all the same and I hardly get anything in return for my effort. I haven't put any money into this game thankfully.
I just wanted to share what my experience has been like so far with DarkOrbit. Its a really interesting game at the start but the enjoyment dies off very fast.
Thanks for reading.
submitted by ThatGuyFromCanadia to darkorbit

Guide to UFE

Level 1-12 (10.240.000 Exp)

the main goals of these levels are to try and hit FE it might take you a week to a month depending on how you play, its not the end goal where you cant progress but you should keep this in mind as you keep playing. From level 1 all the way to 12 make sure you do missions never stop doing them. Darkorbit doesn't have enough content for you to do anything else.
  1. As your doing mission you'll get 2 weeks free premium so don't be afraid to die
  2. Auction is your best friend you can probably get Goliath and Vengeance for 10,000-50,000 credit. You should bid on all the ships and designs eventually but from lvl 1-8 the ship you need is Leonov. The main reason is because it gives you 25% damage boost and extra 100k Hit points for your home maps only.
  3. As we are doing mission and making credits make sure to buy laser and shields from shop. You can equip them them from your home base or if you logout. Never BUY ANY LASERS, SHIELDS, OR SPEED GENERATORS THAT COST URIDIUM. We can go back to the auction and you want to bid on the Extras. Extras are just cpu or equipment not lasers, shields, or generators. You can win all your cpu for 10k to 20k credits.
  4. From level 5 and up you should start your SKYLAB always keep upgrading it. This will be your primary source of making credits.
  5. You need to make a P.E.T before level 12 and there is two ways of making it. You can buy it straight from the shop for 50k Uri under P.E.T/GEAR, or you can craft one from Assembly requiring 3 H-NCA (cost 5k uri each) and 2 H-HFC (5k uri each) which you buy from EXTRAS costing 25k uri. You can bring down even lower if you craft H-NCA & H-HFC
  7. This is optional but finding a clan that can give you credit can help you a long way don't be afraid to go to global and ask for help with mission or just asking questions. It is a game at the end of the day, no games should be played alone.
  • Just some side notes you cant lose credits at the auction house anymore and once you hit level 12 you can switch to the Goliath ship (Dont forget to put on the design variation like enforcer 5% extra dmg or bastion 10% extra shields)

Level 12-17 (327,680,000 Exp)

Congrats on making it to the upper maps (X-8, X-7, X-6, X-5) the main goal of these level are to fully hit FE and unlock some late game gameplay
  1. Here you should really focus on upgrading your skylab to level 20 to farm credits to bid on the auction house or if your in a clan that helps that be even better. You can win a LF3 for 1m-15m credits and same for a B02. Speed Generators usually cost cheaper like 1m-5m credits. Iris drones cost roughly 5m~15m. All these depends on how active of a server your on or what time you decide to bid. Roughly you lasers, shield, and generators should cost around 200m and Iris drones should cost 100m. On active servers it might cost up to 1 Billion to 2 Billion for all your equipment. Finding a clan might be your only option.
  2. Once you get all your equipment or close to it you should have saved up 150k uri from missions and killing npc and your pet level 10 hopefully. There is going to be two big uridium purchases one is a drone formation called MOTH) and another is a pet gear called Kamikaze Gear. Kamikaze Gear is an optional buy if you don't have premium.
  3. Gates are very important as it is your primary source of making ammo such as x2, x3, x4 and sab. The two most important gates to do early is Zeta and Kappa. Both these gates give out drone design such as Hercules & Havoc. You should do Zeta first until you get 10 havoc as it gives out 50 log disks and 25 booty keys after completion. ON Double Galaxy-Gate Reward day YOU WILL GET 100 log disks, 50 booty keys, and 2 havoc drone designs. ALSO Switch to the Phoenix SHIP TO REMOVE NANO HULL FROM GATE SPINS TO SAVE MORE SPINS.
  4. Double Galaxy-Gate Reward day are usually on Sundays (subject to change) and you should always finish your gates on those days.
  5. Lets talk about your 9th and 10th drones Apis and Zeus. Theses pieces of shit will cost you Apis 1,080,000 uri and Zeus 1,485,000 uri. Or if you did enough Zetas you should have saved 2000 keys and you should pick up booty boxes as they give you pieces (45 pieces for ea. drone) or sometimes if your really luck the whole drone can be rewarded from the booty box. ONLY COLLECT BOOTY BOXES ON APIS AND ZEUS DAYS AS THESE EVENT WILL INCREASE DRONE PIECE DROPS
  6. Now we can talk about PILOT POINTS. YOU NEED MINIMUM OF 24 PILOT POINTS which would require 2655 logdisks. They're two ways to earn those logdisks. Option 1 you fork over about 800k uri or option 2 you do 27 ZETA GATES ζ.
  7. Once you get your apis, zeus, and 10 havoc you can go do kappa gate to get 10 Hercules designs.
  8. If you have premium and rebate i recommend doing Hades on Galaxy-Gate Reward day the cost to spin the gate is the same as the end rewards you will get from it roughly. it cost 30k ~ 40k uridium to spin and you make back 30k uri. this is import because the gate has a chance to drop LF4 and you can also build ammo. Switch to the Phoenix SHIP TO REMOVE NANO HULL FROM GATE SPINS TO SAVE MORE URI.
  9. You can farm uri to spin gate by killing Cubikon and Protegits in x-6 maps doing so will net you 8k~12k uri an hour depending on if your in a group and how close to UFE you are. Always spin gates on Galaxy-Gate Reward day. Another way is to go to 5-3 and collecting Palladium with your pet if it has the gear Auto Resource Collector every 15 palladium = 1 free galaxy gate spin, you need roughly 30,000 palladium for each zeta. If you decide to go to 5-3 you'll see a lot of zombies so make sure to aim at their heads.
  • Just some side notes you don't need all your LF4 once your past lvl 17 because you will be focusing on obtaining Prometheus lasers but by this point you should have 10 drones a lvl 10 pet and all lf3 & b02, and 10 Havoc and Hercules. Each Apis and Zeus should cost around 1500 booty keys each. You should buy rebate to get 25% of of Uridium items since it is very cheap to buy the package just to invest in your pet. The should be to unlock all laser slots and A.I Protocols. Also keep doing you PvE missions.

Level 17-24 (41.943.040.000 Exp) That's right 41.9 billion

Congrats you made it to the endgame now. This is when you should quit or finding a job that pays over $250k a year to feed your spaceship addiction. There is only three things that left in the game which is hitting true UFE, climbing rank, getting pushed banned. Oh yea there's something called 100 quest. You know the one from fairy tail? well its the same thing it'll take you 100 years to do it without botting 24/7.
  1. You can now access the X-BL maps. The gate to this is on your X-8 maps. A new material called Rinusk can be farmed through blacklight NPC on X-BL maps. A new shield called Bo3 is now craft able from assembly with Rinusk.
  2. First thing you should do hitting lvl 17 is doing your first 10 black light mission because each one of the mission will drop 1 Prometheus each. For a total of 10.
  3. You should start upgrading all your drones to level 16 once you finish upgrade your Prometheus lasers as you craft them. Then your B03.
  4. Try to unlock Kronos Gate wait for 2x Kronos day to double the part you get from finishing gates. The reasoning to do this is to unlock the Spartan Design blue print for assembly which will be replacing your Havocs designs. You need 10 Havoc and 10 Hercules to make 10 Spartan Designs for your drones. DO NOT USE THE 10 EA. DESIGN YOU ALREADY HAVE, MAKE 10 NEW ONES OF EACH DESIGN. You need the farm zetas for your pilot points and getting more booty keys to craft Prometheus anyways.
  5. There is nothing else to do but finishing your 100 Missions. To unlock the first mission is you need to complete Silent Sabotage destroy 17,500 Saboteurs. You don't need to finish all 100 mission, just until you lvl 24. Don't forget experience and honor boosters BEFORE FINISHING YOUR QUESTS and being part of a group where everyone in the group shared boosters for 28% more exp and honor and change ship design and drone formation if you have the veteran formation for even more.
  6. Your end goal is to be lvl 24 to farm Mindfire Behemoth because it can give as much as 5k uri and 100-110 Rinusk. You also need to be lvl 24 to access the other 2 X-BL maps.
  7. Once your able to farm uri in a large amount start buy the rest of your drones formation and start investing into unlocking you pets lasers, shield, A.I Protocols.
  8. Lets take a moment to understand what you need to hit New Uber FE means. Lets assume Goliath as the standard ship. You would need 35 Prometheus, 35 B03 for your ship and 12 Prometheus, 22 B03 for your pet. 50 pilot points which should be around 7m uri if you have Premium and Rebate.
  • |3525 booty keys |9.4 Billion Credits |705,000 UCB-100|117,500 RSB-75 |282,000 Rinusk|--------For 47 Prometheus
  • |114 H-MT (4,560,000 uri)| 114 H-HP (4,560,000 uri)| 102,600 Chromin| 285,000 Rinusk|---------For 57 B03
  • You need 46,644 Hybird alloys to craft 1554 qz gates to get 31,096 ABR TO UPGRADE 47 LASERS AND 57 B03
  • 31,096 ABR
  • 4,056,000 Uri
  • 4,368 I-Oil
Final Note just have fun getting killed by one clan ruling the server. Maybe one day you'll be general after doing 30,000 Hades with 250% ep and honor boosters and have spent 3,000 dollars. Good luck Space Pilots.
If you are a UFE stack and in a good clan please do your best to nurture new players. Just remember what might take them 2-3 hours will take you 15-30 min. In the end of the day it's these players who we need to grow the game and prevent dead server.

These wiki are great if you ever need help and are my sources:
If you have any question just pm me
I Play USA server
Discord: SteadyAimۥ#3244
submitted by Cant-_-See to darkorbit

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