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Power and Politics

  • Common Sense Laws
  • Every country should have an anti-brainwashing institution, governed by the UN
    • mandatory check-ins by every citizen
    • knowledge of one's self and history is a basic human right
    • prevent Nazi Germany
    • prevent North Korea
    • prevent Israel
  • Ethnic cleansing wars tend to produce propaganda claiming the reason they must do this is complicated
    • Germans against Jews
    • Jews against Palestinians
  • Everyone should be duel-careered
    • jobs should be opposite, to give a balanced, healthier life
    • jobs will ideally be oppositely seasonal, so that it's easier to find work when one job is lost
    • industry should expect and promote this, and make it illegal to punish employees for it
  • Soldier vs. Guru Complex
    • at the height of every man is a soldier that would fiercely defend every inch of his space, and a loving guru that would share the universe with you
    • the soldier gives space for gurus to exist, if they choose
    • the guru take that space and create intense quality time, which gives pause to the soldier who should seemingly naturally take over and always be in war
  • Admit which alter you worship during oath in court
    • "I pledge to tell the truth, so help me _________"
    • eg. so help me God
    • eg. so help me Feminism
    • eg. so help me Hedonism
    • eg. so help me Humanism
  • Mainstream gun
    • companies are blackmailed for employees that exercise freedom of speech that is against the mainstream
    • companies create contracts that allow them to fire the employee for making them look bad
    • mainstream thought is a gun that suppresses freedom of individuals
  • The myth of special access to truth
    • why we put Kings, Queens, politicians, religious leaders, etc on a pedestal
  • Critique on capitalism vs communism
    • free thought is detrimental to a Communism regime's ability to plan the future and often requires the suppression of free speech.
  • stop supporting child labor
  • story of the rich hedonist in burning house
    • invited to a mansion house
    • rumor spread that the house is burning, but you see the master of the house has not left, and denies that the house is burning
    • people begin to leave, but you remain, as the master of the house remains
    • you smell smoke, but you remain, as the master of the house remains
    • you see fire down the hall, but it should be easy to take care of, so you remain, as the master of the house remains
    • you see the fire coming closer, but you are reassured that it will be taken care of right away, and the master of the house sits a few feet away from you, so you remain, as the master of the house remains
    • the fire has surrounded you on all sides and you cannot escape. It has come so close that the master of the house lights his cigar by extending his hand out. He then grins at you. You ask the master of the house, "Why didn't you leave when we had a chance to survive?", and he says with a devilish grin, "I lived a very good life, and had to fantasies of living forever."
  • Inconvenient Truths
    • eg. IBM sold computers to the Nazis
      • the Confederate Flag was called "The White Man's Flag" and was created by a racist
      • JFK's family got rich from bootlegging
      • George Washington owned slaves
    • everyone has blood on their hands
    • we rationalize that our continual use of object/company/etc is justified because we didn't do it ourselves
    • there should be a law that certain Inconvenient Truths are routinely exposed, else, morally bankrupt society
  • "Capitalist Conundrum"
    • would more profits be better for society (trickle down economy) vs. would more morality be better for society
    • answered in U.S. court: focus goes to shareholders
    • end result: society became morally bankrupt
    • creates two handcuffs: don't take law into your own hands AND don't take morality into your own hands
  • Cartoon World: distinguishing vs. confusing
    • Character: patron of the nihlist movie theatre of apathy

Create a Global Tribe

  • second family
  • insiders
    • from various industries: health, law, education, politics, business
    • from other countries: help bring overzealous nations back to balance
  • graduations / levels
    • provide right of passage
    • show community how advanced you are in your spiritual development
  • a default Will
    • have a plan for how the tribe will look after financial assets, family members, etc, if you die
  • new world order
    • own our own banks and credit companies
      • interest payments will go towards local and global tribe, and charities vetted by tribe
    • global tribe, since the world is now global, that records to reward
      • blockchain of sin
      • prevent people from simply traveling to escape past evil acts
    • we're at the corner of "religion and church is obsolete + women's rights", producing cucked wankers instead of men and women
    • serve the needs of men and women
    • see life as ongoing educational process
      • problem without routine "church" is that you don't know when or what you're suppose to learn next, and end up crying for help last minute instead of being proactive and productive, healthy, and happy
    • problem with "mainstream law/education" is that it's often geared for either commercial consumption or military power, and does not have your best interests in mind
    • we need to make our own rules
      • today, majority rule create and control laws that govern a physical region, forcing people to be busy creating social groups so that leaders can call in favours to vote biasedly instead of intelligently on the issue
      • internal conflict can cause cognitive dissonance or refusal to vote, leading to lower voter turnout
      • we need the power to redefine federal, state, or municipal laws regarding morality WITHOUT physical boundaries


  • create digital countries, registered with UN and sponsoring nation
    • starting from the home
    • ceremony for new citizens of your iNation
    • citizens revokes sponsor-nation's laws, exception murder and being forced to stay
    • citizens accept new laws specific to that iNation
  • digital currency; possible to get paid in your own digital currency
  • duel-citizenship; iNation flag must embed sponsor-nation flag
  • home not regulated by sponsor-nation
  • spread out to iNeighborbood, iBorrow, iTown, and iCity
  • give up certain rights
    • libel: cannot personally participate in sponsor-nation media, but possible through your own digital media
    • drugs: cannot get drugs from, or distribute to, sponsor-nation citizens, but possible to create your own
    • murder: should remain illegal
  • "four corners of heaven"
    • if people are allowed to live (no murder) and leave (no slavery), then the rest of the world should cease to exist within the four corners of that room
  • all visitors of an iNation must be registered online, like a visa

Create a new country/state


Past countries all exist due to forced (with threat of, or actualized, death) negotiations between opposing groups (churches, kings, farmers, etc)


Create a new land that is not founded on bloodshed, and is not created simply to appease existing special interests
  • harbour the best minds in the world
  • groom future world leaders
  • demonstrate a better way of life
  • focus on the individual, not just the collective, not just the economy, etc.
  • constitution will combine sex, relationships, spirituality, science, technology, drugs, health, fitness, wealth distribution
  • mix of cultures
    • Latin: bold, sexual, emotional, passionate conversation
    • Asian: pragmatic, fluid, light weight, long-term
    • East Indian: spiritual acuity and integrity
    • Native American: Earth, nature, history, groundedness
    • Ethiopian: friendship, oneness, sun, spirituality, wisdom
    • French: ideological fire, passion for food
    • Italian: passion for art and food
    • English: proper social etiquette
    • German: strong work ethic, unafraid of nihilism, philosophical rigour
    • Canadian: peaceful coexistence, spacial harmony
    • Brazilian: sexuality, musicality, physically beautiful, playful
    • American: righteous intensity of now, eye of the eagle
    • Hawaiian/Caribbean: take it easy, breath easy, stay wet
  • Follow the Leader
    • any community should be able to create it's own legally binding constitution
    • the national constitution will be the default constitution
    • certain laws may need negotiation
    • eg. if murder is allowed, the state/country may require that every community member be video recorded acknowledging this potential danger
  • Forked laws
    • laws should be forked and subscribed to (like Git) instead of majority rules and overwriting, esp. for minor laws
    • avoid risk of repeating history as soon as a previous law is forgotten from common memory
  • Residential boroughs should have their own federal/provincial laws
    • happier communities are more productive, pay more taxes, cause less trouble, etc.
    • stop the constant land grab problem around the world
    • stop the "majority rules" unfairness
    • majority rules are better fit for trivial things that are soon forgotten right after the vote
    • public spaces adhere to the "default law of the land"
  • "Wanksterism"
    • create dedicated spaces (eg. provinces/states) where Wankers ("Stage 1 adults"; people who don't give a fuck) live together in a degenerate status
    • entry and exit highly controlled
    • exit might be prohibited (eg. extreme degenerates may be legally prohibited from leaving)
    • no children allowed: no children can join, no one is physically able to get pregnant
    • all laws and culture (philosophy, music, art, politics) changed to suit their lifestyle
    • remove burden on "Stage 2 adults" who need to focus on raising the next generation of humanity
    • we don't share national programming (tv shows, air time, radio time, etc.)
    • we don't pay their health bills
    • we don't argue endlessly about their trivialities
    • we don't allow them to vote on important national issues (federal elections, etc)
  • "Bottle-neck Project"
    • what are all the bottle-necks that limit us today and shape the way we live
    • experts in different fields contribute
    • overall model can show what might change if only bottle-neck A was removed vs. only B vs. A and B
  • societies should have a vision that outpaces changes of government power
    • how long can we continue having a potentially completely different vision every 4 years?
    • this makes us vulnerable to a cycle of creation and destruction, a zero sum game
  • towns, cities, states/provinces, countries should run like experiments
    • every location should have a defined objective and a measure of success
    • non-successful locations should be recycled or destroyed
  • Adam Smith's unnamed fourth order
    • we assume government is the unbiased fourth order that helps the other groups live together
    • as we've seen, the first order has been allowed to interfere in society and government, so we must carve out a fourth order under law
    • the fourth order will live off-the-grid
    • not dependent on corporations
    • not dependent on regular citizens
    • similar to Buddhist monks
    • not similar to organized religion that has a huge preoccupation with finances
    • chief role is to be less biased in research, education, and decision making
  • "Counter-Balance Democracy"
    • funding for government agencies and profits of private corporations have outpaced society's ability to be an effective force to keep them ethical
    • every government agency and corporation should have an anti-government agency and anti-corporation that serves to keep them inline.
      • similar to the FBI, but even the FBI needs an anti-FBI
  • "No President should fear public scrutiny of his program. For from that scrutiny comes understanding; and from that understanding comes support or opposition. And both are necessary."
  • "Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed -- and no republic can survive."
  • "That is why the Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy. And that is why our press was protected by the First Amendment-- the only business in America specifically protected by the Constitution
    • not primarily to amuse and entertain, not to emphasize the trivial and the sentimental, not to simply "give the public what it wants"
    • but to inform, to arouse, to reflect, to state our dangers and our opportunities, to indicate our crises and our choices, to lead, mold, educate and sometimes even anger public opinion."
    "This means greater coverage and analysis of international news It means greater attention to improved understanding of the news as well as improved transmission. And it means, finally, that government at all levels, must meet its obligation to provide you with the fullest possible information outside the narrowest limits of national security - and we intend to do it."
    "Now the links between the nations first forged by the compass have made us all citizens of the world, the hopes and threats of one becoming the hopes and threats of us all. In that one world's efforts to live together, the evolution of gunpowder to its ultimate limit has warned mankind of the terrible consequences of failure.
    And so it is to the printing press - to the recorder of man's deeds, the keeper of his conscience, the courier of his news - that we look for strength and assistance, confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be: free and independent."
    -- John F. Kenedy


  • Canadian government spreading propaganda in social networks
  • 360/Total Exposure Interviews and Conferences
    • politicians must open themselves to all manners of contradiction
    • eg. politicians often blatantly lie about statistics, or about what they have said in the past
    • fast fact checking must be deployed during interviews
  • limits on ability to wage war
    • should not be able to initiate war on foreign soil without vote from the people
    • starve military by not sending children to unprovoked war
  • hold George Bush administration accountable for war crimes
  • truth and reconciliation is needed
    • war
    • 9/11 false flag
    • over-throwing and assassinating past foreign governments
    • Blackwater mercenaries
    • recruiting children for military from school cafeterias
    • stop cycle of sending poor citizens to die for rich elites who don't send their own children to war
      • eg. new law: all elites, and their children, must enroll in the military
    • sex abuse
    • pedophilia rings
    • privacy, security
    • CIA/FBI/NSA/NIST corruptions
    • environment
    • oil companies against climate change and electric cars
  • we should be aware of secret societies and secret knowledge (aka occult)
    • satanism

9/11 Truth Movement

  • illegitimate organizations
    • Patriot Act: rushed in after fake 9/11 attack to gain power
    • NSA: massive spying, hacking on citizens, private business, and foreign governments
    • NIST: propaganda masked as science
    • Government: propaganda masked as 9/11 commission report; history of false flags
    • Mainstream news: cheering on the war
    • Wall street: not investigating who traded pull options and profited $15 billion
    • Disney: tried to prevent Miramax from publishing Fahrenheit 9/11 documentary
  • illegitimate individuals
    • George Bush
    • Dick Cheney
  • Larry Silverstein admits to giving order to "pull it" for WTC 7 building
  • Norman Mineta said that the vice president refused to give the order to scramble jets
  • changes made just a few months before 9'11 to give Vice President sole control of military strike to take down hijacked planes
  • think tank report, "Rebuilding America's Defenses", eludes to need of new Pearl Harbor
    • Vice President and Secretary of Defense were part of report
  • use lessons learnt from Dreyfus Affair
    • solicit a trusted writer to publish news articles on 9/11 Truth
  • websites
    • ae911truth.org
    • 911scholars.org
    • journalof911studies.com
    • 911untersuchen.ch
    • beyondmisinformation.org
  • lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq
  • professor David Ray Graffin
  • WTC 7 demolition took months to plan, which means 9'11 was likely also planned
  • the collapse of WTC 7 will become the symbol of the collapse of the industrial empire of America, and the industrial age, making way
    • due to the ignorance of the information revolution that had already began (cameras + internet)
    • it took 9 seconds for the industrial empire of America to collapse
  • Playing/evoking God should be illegal
    • problem
      • "If you don't sell your house to buy my gallon of oil, which I think is fair, then you and your family, and nation, will die. So do as I say."
    • solution
      • make it illegal to leave a country behind
        • lead to Nazi Germany
        • possibly lead to 9/11 false flag and never ending "war against terrorism"
      • economically: global resources should be shared fairly, no price gauging


  • corruption of generational wealth
  • divide between open approach vs. closed approach
    • open approach
      • made up of spiritual, trans-human, transcendent people
      • core of the Earth, middle Earth
      • responsible for creating sustainable systems for the preservation of the Earth
      • willing to be fully, 100% transparent all the time (video recording)
      • have the ultimate say in global affairs, caretakers of the planet
      • these people have always sought oneness with "god", and would likely live together very well
      • being increasingly one body would be an industry for them, a very high goal
        • eg. telepathy, the singularity, etc.
    • closed approach
      • inherit sustainable, technological cities and game it
        • add capitalism, communism, democracy, anarchy, money, etc.
      • people can freely choose which game city they want to live in
    • theory
      • transparency, spirituality, and environmentalism run opposite to having fun, live for myself, selfishness
      • we still need to live with each other, we only have one Earth
      • spiritual, transcendent people can't contribute in the same way as others, but are critical to the success of our species, and are often prevented from making progress due to the closed approach people
  • be able to vote for "None of the above"
    • Neil Degrasse Tyson (1, 2)
  • Centre for Humanity
    • teach enlightenment
      • think for yourself!
      • mandatory critical thinking course
        • advertising
        • news
        • government
        • history
      • propensity for laziness
    • deprogramming
      • helping people leave controlling people, cults, and beliefs
      • proper understanding of government/power corruption
        • 9/11 false flag
        • MKULTRA
    • community outreach
      • work on eliminating homelessness
    • counseling
      • family and relationship issues
      • work issues
      • business issues
    • free education (computers, online courses, tutors)
    • quality entertainment
      • TV programs
        • science and technology
      • summer camps
      • kids programming
        • Bill Nye the Science Guy
        • Sesame Street
        • Reading Rainbow
    • sponsor local sport teams
    • encourage members to join Honesty Inc.
    • report bad activities to Dishonesty Watchdogs Inc.
  • Dishonesty Watchdogs Inc.
    • opposite of Honesty Inc.
    • we tag people who have a history of bad morals and ethics
      • eg. help organize and fund movements against Scientology
  • Honesty Inc.
    • voluntary oath/covenant with democratic society
    • all members of Honesty Inc. vow to be transparent, honest, etc.
    • all members issued QR code business card for quick lookup of honesty report
    • all members agree to more severe fines than mandated in law
    • help change "Economics of Ethics" to better reward honest employees
      • employers excited to Honesty Inc. employees to lower damages caused by dishonest employees
      • help protect and fund whistle-blowers
      • creative punishments
        • plagiarizers must sign all written works with notice that they plagiarized in the past
  • Improve forms of knowledge
    • level 1: books represent monologues, thus perpetuate hierarchical, static forms of knowledge (religion), power (dictatorship, monarchy), and politics (autocracy)
    • level 2: conversations represent dialogues, thus perpetuate oscillating, two-sided, polar opposite forms of knowledge (antagonistic), power (privilege), and politics (oligarchy)
    • level 3: wikis represent "the 3rd perspective"/distributed dialogues, thus perpetuate kinetic, evolving, self-aware forms of knowledge (), power (democratic), and politics (republic)
      • books should be treated as multi-dimensional, ongoing projects
        • as soon as it's published, it becomes exponentially out of date
        • alleviate us from the fetch-read-unknown correction learning cycle we have today
        • dimensions
        • language
        • social justice: racism, sexism, etc.
        • reading level: readable for grade X, Y, and Z
        • concepts: phrases, sentences, paragraphs can be tagged with a concept
        • responses: confirmation, rebuttal
        • historical: precursors to explain context, aka "History Now"
    • each level represents what is deemed self-evident at that time and place
      • level 1: unbalanced, unilateral power of nature over man
      • level 2: dialog between fellow men, fight for control
      • level 3: dialog of common causes, interdependence, spirituality
    • books should be transformed from static texts to dynamic, evolving "book projects"
  • E-democracy
    • scale opinion polls to everyone in the entire country or world
  • Global Governance
    • World Union should own all land
      • plots of land can be licensed/purchased to sovereign countries, just like land is owned by governments and purchased by citizens
    • World Union should collect tax from countries
      • use taxes to enforce transparency laws, human rights laws, environmental protections, etc.
    • World Union would use direct/liquid democracy
    • World Union would make it harder for special interests and corporations to dominate politics
    • World Union could revoke a country's license if it doesn't meet the needs of the people
      • countries would be held responsible for providing a certain level of education and healthcare
    • corporate executive bonuses should be held for review by a neutral 3rd party every year
      • allow employees to anonymously file complaints
      • allow auditors to make sure bonuses were earned ethically
      • unethical practices would be presented to employee union and investors
      • employee union and investors could vote on what to do with the bonuses for that year
  • changingminds.com
    • state your opinions
    • when they change, explain why they changed
    • common hashtags for opinions
  • "Digital Agenda Trees"
    • organizations, political parties, etc publish their agendas
    • individuals sign up to organizations
      • subscribe to new agendas
      • subscribe to changes to existing agendas
      • subscribe to removal of existing agendas
    • agenda wiki
      • individuals use agenda pens to make changes (comments, corrections, suggestions, etc)
      • aggregate agendas and publish statistics
        • per topic/city/country/global
        • annual report on most active agendas
  • Global database of personal agendas and politics
    • allow for transitioning of positions over time
      • don't paint people into a corner forever
    • allow groups to avoid people with conflicting agendas
    • allow individuals to author their past and present positions, and explain why the transitioned each time
  • Government and police prosecuting on Twitter and Facebook
  • Defamation of Statistics crime
    • new law to prevent the creation, distribution, and misrepresentation of bad statistics
      • in government: Senate, parliament, policies, speeches
      • in education: universities
      • in media: journalists, books
    • "Claim Box"
      • original research authors must create Signed/Safe Sentences that are easy to understand, yet accurately reflect the research results
    • Department of Bad Statistics/Misinformation
      • index known bad statistics
      • respond to internal requests for clarification on stats
      • verify speeches and policies do not contain bad stats
      • can connect with foreign governments
    • stats should have chain of trust
      • paper's SHA512 is signed by researchers
      • researchers are signed by department
      • department is signed by university
      • university is signed by government
      • government is signed by UN
      • UN key is universally known
    • standard safety ratings
      • E0: bad claim: straight lie, trivially true
      • E1: bad construction: biased sampling, misleading survey questions, not double-blind
      • E2: bad sampling: relatively small sample size
      • E3: bad review: not peer reviewed
      • E4: bad claimbox: missing claimbox, vague claimbox
      • G: good: no problems found


  • Corrective Information
    • we need a news media that always pairs liberal and conservative opposing perspectives for every article
    • algorithms change from "This is what you might like to see" to "This is something you haven't seen yet and might need to see"
    • avoid polarization, which leads to radicalism and extremism
    • split every page and article down the middle using a standard "S"-like symbol to signify the opposing perspectives
    • QR codes for print media
      • redirect to online article containing corrections
    • network of references, criticism, quotes, etc.
  • The Geo-Political Landscape of Earth
    • dedicate parts of the world to different politics permanently
    • everyone is free to move anywhere they want
    • sign contract for 1 year, then mandatory check-in with border
      • declare if you want to stay or leave
        • ensuring freedom of thought/belief evolution
      • everyone checks-in at the same time
        • is no pressure/threat to stay, and can completely dissolve at once
      • ensure purpose driven life and lifestyle
    • possible solution to North Korea, and similar dictators
    • spacing may be organized by the Power-Politics Continuum
    • allows for non-violent, timely evolution of populations from primitive tribalism to global enlightened humanity
    • examples of political-personal geographies
      • communist: for those that don't care about profit making, high taxes, free healthcare
        • socialists, old-aged, disabled, female-energy driven
      • capitalist: for those that want to make a profit, low taxes, private healthcare
        • hedonists
      • liberal: for those that hold freedom of speech as most important
        • intellectuals, artists, masculine-energy driven
      • anarchist: for those that want the least possible government
        • Islam, Zionists, tribes
  • The Human-being Manifesto
    • we are all born free, and must always remain free if we expect lasting global peace
      • freedom of travel (between global geographies)
      • freedom of politics (sex, religion, etc)
      • we all share ownership of the entire planet
      • we all have an equal duty to care for the planet
  • The Power-Politics Continuum
    • is it possible to create a 3D model of the dynamic relative relationships that certain types of politics have on the power of specific actors?
    • similar to space-time continuum
    • break away from classical model of knowledge
      • polar opposites/extremes, with moderate majority in the middle
      • based on 2-dimensional gradients/spectrum
      • built-in fundamentalism
    • can this model predict the Trump Presidency, and the rise of fascist SJW?
  • the power of online education
    • single-discipline online Universities to be free of growing political correctness at Universities
    • Self-Authoring.com Suite
    • Future Authoring: helps you plan for your life
    • 25% improvement in drop-out rate
  • 4 types of fake news, Eric Weinstein
    • narrative: "Hillary is inevitable"
    • algorithmic: software walls you into specific news based on your preferences
    • institutional: bad/misleading stats, powered by appeal to authority
    • actually false news: propaganda, teenager in a basement, etc.
    • eg. perseveration on talking points to make something "as if true"
  • Preference Falsification
    • you'll get a revolution when you're not expecting it
  • The prevalence of internet trolling
    • we need to recognize that most extreme language on the internet is done looking for a reaction
  • Social networks actively manipulating their network to support liberals and demote conservatives, extremists, unpopulars
    • Twitter admits to promoting accounts to top of list, and burying other accounts
    • Facebook employees admit to manipulating news
    • Instagram blacklisting hashtags and emojis
    • Facebook conspires with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to suppress anti-immigrant posts
  • Google hides "non-fact based" sites, similar to George Orwell's 1984
  • Open question to scientists
    • why conservatives look and sound the same: stiff, wooden, shallow
    • answer: Jonathan Haidt: conservatives are closed, care about purity, ingroup, and authority
  • We need an "Anti-Spinzone" wiki to highlight insightful facts that are counter-intuitive or controversial
  • Political parties should create unchangeable constitutions that serve as their platform
    • party leaders and platforms change over time
    • a consistent brand name, but a different product, only confuses voters, and stifles democracy
  • Non-peer-reviewed studies should be illegal
    • fake news of the worst kind
    • fine Universities and media outlets
    • must be peer reviewed by 2+ sources
    • 1 sentence conclusions must be made available for easier, yet accurate, soundbites
  • The Tragedy of Donald Trump's Presidency
  • "Hard Work Democracy"
  • "Democracy Up To A Point" or "Half-hearted Democracy"
    • Royal family is Democracy Up To A Point
    • Mass government surveillance is Democracy Up To A Point
    • Telling people what they can do to their own body (drugs, abortion, etc) is Democracy Up To A Point
    • Externalities (eg. child labour in outsourced nations) should be illegal
  • Categories of a Nation
    • Destructive people: send them to an island
    • Passive people: stuck at bottom of hierarchy of needs; help move up the ladder
    • Productive people
  • Pirate Party
    • introduce Big Government and Small Government
    • introduce smart money
    • introduce techno justice
  • World President
    • global watchdogs
    • monitor and enforce government transparency
  • voting license
    • requires taking a course and passing a test
    • specific voting license required for different topics (business, economics, social justice, etc)
  • racism
  • we need to stop destroying people's lives because of their sex life
    • Bill Clinton
    • Anthony Weiner
  • major cases of corruption in the last 15 years
    • List of federal political scandals in the United States
    • government
      • 1972: Watergate spying scandal
      • 1987: Iran–Contra scandal
      • 2003: Invasion of Iraq
      • 2008: Housing crisis
      • 2013: Mass surveillance
      • 2016: Panama papers
      • ongoing
        • deleted emails
        • bribery
        • tax evasion
        • campaign funding
        • suppression of freedom of speech
    • corporate
      • Accounting scandals
      • 2001: Enron scandal
      • 2003: WorldCom accounting scandal
      • 2005-2015: News International phone hacking scandal
      • 2006: Hewlett-Packard Patricia Dunn spying
      • 2009: Nortel
      • 2008: Lehman Brothers and Housing crisis
      • 2008: Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme
      • 2015: Volkswagen emissions scandal
    • sports
      • 2004: Siemens and Greece Olympic bribery
      • 2013: Lance Armstrong doping
      • 2015: FIFA bribery, fraud, money laundering
    • technology
      • 2005: Sony BMG copy protection rootkit scandal
      • 2003-2016: RIAA and MPAA suing torrent downloaders
      • Yahoo, Google, Microsoft co-operating with China's censorship
    • journalism
      • TODO
  • "deviancy amplification spiral"
  • major themes:
    • "too big too fail"
    • auditor corruption
    • CEO bonus pay
    • absent or short sentences for white-collar crimes
    • getting out of jail early
    • post-truth politics
    • trust in the media
      • corporate interests
        • firing of Cenk Uygur from MSNBC, leading to creation of The Young Turks
        • sidelining of Ashleigh Banfield for speaking against Iraq war
    • ghostwriting articles
    • virtue signaling between other journalists
    • focus on distractions
    • lying
      • Brexit
      • Matt Lauer
    • political bias, propaganda
  • outcomes
    • 2002: Sarbanes–Oxley Act
    • 2011: Occupy movement
    • 2010-2012: Arab Spring
  • corporate/lobbyist donations hinder politicians from being hard on corporations and special interests
  • inter-generational rights
    • pensions, retirement age
    • environment
  • global issues
    • North Korea oppression
  • tribalism
    • feminism
    • racial
    • actual tribes

Open Societies Interconnection model (OSI model)


  • Current governments are simply the sanctioned gangsters of the day
  • All of these different and opposing approaches to personal, inter-personal, and resource sharing should be able to peacefully co-exist on the same planet simultaneously:
    • Capitalism vs. Communism
    • Democracy vs. Autocracy/Oligarchy
    • Feminism vs. Darwinism
    • Liberal vs. Conservative
    • Every level has betrayed the dignity of man
      • Government: setup false flags operations (eg. 9/11) and enter into illegal wars (eg. Iraq)
      • Women: "we don't owe men anything"; get half of everything he worked hard for
      • Children: force men to pay child support; divorce courts favor custody to women
      • Land: every sq.in. of Earth has someone else's laws


  • Create an abstraction between personal, inter-personal, and resources.
    • provide the same benefits for society as it did for technology in the 1980s.
    • allow faster iteration and more creativity at each layer, but especially the top layer, where individuals exist, without bloody revolutions and martyrs
    • if we can try any set of systems at any time, then we will be able to safety determine which work in practice, and which don't, without starting civil or international wars.
  • Applies to companies as well
    • companies are the executive hand in which we share resources, so they are not an optional aspect of modern society.
    • companies may want to create their own personal and inter-personal rules (or laws), like a micro-nation.
    • these laws should be written and made explicitly clear, even before an applicant applies for a job.
  • Distributed economies
    • share a stack = share an economy across different geographic locations
    • increased choice => increased happiness => increased productivity => increased investment => increased global growth

Example OSI model

Four Individual layers 7. Application [ individual self-expressions via common set of problem/solutions ] 6. Presentation [ regional language translation ] 5. Session [ individual identities ] 4. Transport [ currency/marketplace ] Three Community layers 3. Network [ global < local communities interconnect ] 2. Data link [ interpersonal connection ] 1. Physical [ laws, taxes ] 
  • Common set of problems for all societies:
    • Physiological [ Body ]
    • Safety [ Home ]
    • Social belonging [ Family ]
    • Esteem [ Value system ]
    • Self-actualization [ Individual Identity ]
    • Self-transcendence [ Universal Identity ]
  • Developers / social engineers write applications using social platform APIs
  • Fully vertically integrated enterprises vs. specialized services vs. free and open / barter


Complexity = Multiplicity (costs, requirements) / Divisibility/Grouping (output, solutions) Information = Accuracy x Data = (Hard deception - Soft deception) x Data Hard/active deception = purposeful deceit, man-in-the-middle attack [ attack from the front ] Soft/passive deception = lack of fact checking, accidentally copying numbers/facts incorrectly, etc. [ attack from behind ] 
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ImADuckQuackk - POTM November

Afternoon Reddit!
As usual these guides can be found on FUTBIN a day or two before Reddit, so make sure you follow them and myself on twitter! <3
**FUTBIN Article
So, the month of November has finally come to a close, well in terms of the Premier League fixtures at least, and while there have been some fantastic performances across the month, a list of realistic candidates can be named on a single hand.
Now while we could spend time writing about the possible nominations, potential options of who may make the shortlist and investments surrounding these players, this time, in this month, I feel like we would be wasting everybody's precious time. Let's be honest, there is one man who has had a month far superior to that of anybody else's, and to see him not take home the award would be nothing short of a travesty.
Mohamed Salah
To say that Liverpool are a team in form would be an outright lie. From wasting a 3-0 lead in the champions league to simply conceding in almost every Premier League game they play, it is clear their defense is struggling.
This being said, a handful of attacking players have really stood out this year. One man in particular has been so impressive, that he currently leads the top scorer list and is the clear frontrunner for this month's award.
04/11/2017 West Ham 1 - 4 Liverpool Goals: 2 Assists: 0 Match Rating: 8.8
18/11/2017 Liverpool 3 - 0 Southampton Goals: 2 Assists: 0 Match Rating: 8.4
25/11/2017 Liverpool 1 - 1 Chelsea Goals: 1 Assists: 0 Match Rating: 7.7
28/11/2017 Stoke 0 - 3 Liverpool Goals: 2 Assists: 0 Match Rating: 8.0
Over a total of 4 games this month, Salah had 3 starts and most recently came on as a super sub in the fourth and final game against Stoke. Liverpool picked up a total of 10 points from 12 and scored a total of 11 goals, Salah himself provided 7 of these. For a right winger, scoring a goal a game is extremely impressive, Salah has practically doubled that and looking past him for a possible Player Of The Month is simply absurd.
Now while we may be looking at making investments around this event, we also need to remember that prices will already be inflated as others have already picked up the cards they see as viable. Due to this it is extremely important that we are using tools such as the FUTBIN price graph, to ensure we aren’t buying at massively inflated prices and that we can still squeeze fantastic profit margins out of things for ourselves.
NIF Premier League Players: Fairly simple here, we have often seen the requirements for these challenges include an X rated premier league squad. The only question we need to answer is the potential rating of this squad, if it were to be included again. Picking up 84+ rated players when the prices are right could provide a risk-free investment method that also is applicable for other challenges along the way.
Inform Premier League Players: Within the above requirements, we have also previously seen the requirement of a PL inform card to be used. Once again this is a fairly simple and straight forward investment route, aim to pick up such cards for as little as possible but ensure you take the rating into consideration as well.
Egyptian Players: Player prices here are already super inflated and you don’t need to be any sort of expert to predict why! If we are looking at taking this investment route, I suggest returning to tried and tested methods such as sniping, mass bidding or buying during rewards.
NIF Gold Liverpool Players: We saw this last year and the trend has carried across to FIFA 18 as well. Players from the winner's club have often been part of the requirements and with Liverpool having a limited supply of 82+ players, it becomes fairly easy to see where the best choices may lie. Again, if this is the route you take, be wary of prices and try not to overpay.
NIF Salah: Salah was 4,000 coins a few days back, he now sits comfortably at 8,000 coins and higher. This is not simply due to a significant rise in demand, this is simply down to investors picking him up already. If this is an option we believe is viable, we need to be sniping him where possible, paying a lot less than his current market value.
Special Salah: So far this year we have seen a total of 3 special Salah cards (OTW, Hero and Inform), personally I just don't feel like there is enough supply on the market to warrant such a requirement being used, however you may disagree and hence it gets a mention here.
NIF Gold Basel Players: Salah played for Basel between 2012-2014 and past clubs is a requirement we have seen EA jump to time and time again. Not a lot needs to be said here, if we are choosing this route for investments, aim for the highest rating possible for the lowest possible price.
Inform Basel Players / Inform RSL Players: Looking at this category and we face a similar problem to the availability of Special Salah cards, there simply isn't enough. There are currently two informs from Basel, Lang and Elyounoussi. Now while I don’t believe EA could use a requirement such as this, it doesn't mean that hype won't raise their prices as we get closer to the event and people begin preparing.
NIF Gold Chelsea Players: Salah was at Chelsea between 2014-2016, and while he may have only played 13 games (he spent most of his time out on loan) it still provides a viable investment routes. Again, just like before, we want to be looking at the best rating possible for the most realistic price if this is our method of choice.
Inform Chelsea Players: We have covered Premier League Informs above, and if we decide to look specifically at Chelsea players, we will find we are limited to just the four. Batshuayi provides the cheapest option, Morata the second, Azpilicueta is third in line and finally Hazard provides an unrealistic investment choice. Once again, I personally see this investment as unlikely to be needed, but if you do choose this route, hype is an investors best friend.
NIF Gold Fiorentina Players: During Salah's time at Chelsea, his first loan spell was to Fiorentina. Again, if we are aiming to cover all bases or even if this is the investment option we choose, aim for the highest rated players for the lowest possible cost.
Inform Fiorentina Players / Inform Serie A Players: If you decide that Inform Fiorentina players is your choice of investment, you are going to become extremely rich. Now this isn't because it will be included within the challenge, it's simply because these cards just don’t exist! Instead, we could be turning our attention to other special cards from within the league. Always aim for a decent rating if this is your preferred method of investment, but also consider how you could be linking them up if a hybrid is required, factors such as nationality and position could be important.
NIF Gold Roma Players: Once more we really don’t need to go into depth with this option, highest rating possible for the lowest cost you can find!
Inform Roma Players / Inform Serie A Players: Seeing as we have covered informs from the league above, we will simply focus on Roma informs here. There are three possible informs from Roma; Kolarov, El Shaarawy and Nanggolan. Once again, this just seems like an unviable requirement for the actual challenge as supply is simply too limited, and nobody is ever going to submit an IF Nainggolan into the SBC anyway. Investments here should be bought for hype again.
NIF Gold November Opponent Players: Another feature we have seen EA include in the past, cards from the opponents Liverpool played in the month of November. This one is straight forward and investments here really don’t need an explanation.
Also for those of you looking to discuss trading a little more on an up to date basis, we have a discord up and running exactly for this! **Discord
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