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Runescape (RS3) 2308 Total, 136 Combat With 609M (will not

Wear mystic gloves and boots to finish the set. I'm wondering what the best herbs are to plant and what other skills are good. However there are walkthroughs for this game as for the quest. Our Runescape Money online e-store primarily focuses on selling Runescape Gold for our customers who seek ways to surpass your ingame counterparts. There's many accounts to chose from.

2, 200 Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza Renown / Seedicide ( 100%

We have been in business for many years, many Old School Runescape Gold suppliers have cooperated with us, we will find the best resources to provide customers with the most competitive and cheapest prices For Old School Runescape Gold. So you can make 1-2m per day. OSRS skeletal visage can be obtained as a very rare drop from Vorkath, a draconic boss-monster located in Ungael. Get the item you ordered or get your money back. We have a blog post detailing the best OSRS money making methods and using the best methods available to an average player one can expect to make about 1m an hour.

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MUST add Clan Leaders to friends list so that they can contact you if needed. It is the ingame currency of runescape. Christmas event 120 Herblore. Get grapes and sell them in the Grand Exchange for around 1, 200gp each. Runescape Money making guide: F2P METHODS TO MILLIONS.

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Activation code for my lol privileged. What are some ways I can turn 10M into 100M?: runescape. Details about Runescape (RS3) 2308 Total, 136 Combat With 609M (will not sell seperately) Runescape (RS3) 2308 Total, 136 Combat With 609M (will not sell seperately) Item information. Runescape money hack to get 10m. Noobs say they got "hacked" because either they want free stuff, thinking somebody feels sorry for them which they don't, or they gave their password like an IDIOT and their "friend" changed the password and took control of the account.

OSRS Gold Guide: How to Become Rich in Old School RuneScape

Don't give up and you'll find yourself back up and on your feet in no time. So, I just went on Runescape and saw that some asshole got on my account and ****ing lost all of my gp AND my dragon armor/weapons and left me with al Has EpicBot been hacked - NextGenUpdate. Hello, Sign in. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Sign in to check out Check out as guest. Because real-world trading is against RuneScape's rules, some players have tried to find legal loopholes, such as.

How can I get 10mil a day in runescape without merching

Buy cheap runescape gold from here and you will feel your most fantastic runescape money& unescape Gold journey! Buy 35 Million RS Gold by phone onebip from Safe Store. For RuneScape 3 players, there are 10 AFK skilling money making methods to earn RS3 gold without paying much effort. Best skill to get 80+ OSRS for money making, Hi guys ive recently just started a skiller and was wondering which skill is most worth getting to the 80+ level range for making gold, Im going to purely, RuneScape 2020 General, RuneScape 2020 General, Runescape 2020 Pictures, Videos & Progress Logs, Deadman Mode General. They are saying this caused a huge influx of money into the game.

How can i make 10M on a runescape non members world

See their knowledge base for more safety tips under safety. Ok so Ive finally hit the 20M mark after 4 years playing runescape. They will sell for about gp in the Grand Exchange. I can guarantee you that fruity really doesnt want to get banned over stealing your 10m zulrah gear, especially when you are paying 22$/month to use his script. That is what my brother did.

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You will be transferred to corresponding MegaAuction edit form. My combat is 46 if that helps, and if I do have to do any non-combat ways to get that much money the fastest tell me which one, no mining though, way too boring for my likes: ). Buy Cheap Runescape Gold, OSRS & RS3 Gold Online at 4RSGold look at here. Live Help will help you get your legit gold within 10 mins, or money back! Therefore, being the most convenient Runescape gold website, we strive to support almost every major money transaction platform, including PayPal, Bitcoin, iDeal, Credit/Debit Card & plenty more.

RuneScape Gold Guide: Top 10 AFK Skilling Money Making
1 What to do...I got hacked one runescape lvl 89...lost 7%
2 Buy Runescape Gold & Items For Old School, OSRS, 2020, RS3 84%
3 Divest LA Press Conference 50%
4 Runescape Gold, Runescape Money, Buy Cheap Runescape Gold 2%
5 Rich people of RuneScape 3... How did you make your first 5%
6 OSRS Max Melee Main with 100M + Pets + 246 QP+ Fire Cape 76%
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Crack runescape 3 Money Making Guide 2020 F2P and P2P [10m-50m

By buying our services you acknowledge that you may be breaking the official rules of the game. We are your best choice! 5 Ways to Make Quick Cash in RuneScape. Elemental staves are unlimited sources of certain runes when casting magic spells, depending on the element of the staff, and are popular because they save money spent on runes. Hi, guys, welcome to our website where you can find a lot of hack for your favorite game.

Is there any way to use WASD for camera control?

Get high combat (over level 50 recommended) and good armor (Adamite+ recommended), then go in the volcano on Karamja Island and kill Lessers. Forums Lets Flip Discussion Lets Flip General Oldschool RuneScape 2020 Flip Chart requires an account to use. Hey guys, and welcome to another episode of my road to 1b from nothing series. That's the reason why servers of the Old School RuneScape are still working. I remember getting hacked when I was a noob by someone with jagex in their name.

Is OSRS more pay to win than RS3?

I'm someone who's put a lot of hours into both versions of the game, and from my experience I personally believe that OSRS is more "pay to win". Posting this here because I'm not sure the other subreddit would appreciate it much.

I'm going to start with construction.
In OSRS 99 construction using the cheaper oak planks will cost approx [100m]( https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Construction_training )
In RS3 99 Construction using the cheaper aquarium method will cost approx. [58m]( https://runescape.wiki/w/Construction_training#Levels_63-99_(cheaper_method)))

but here's where it get tricky: what if I have 0gp? What are my options to train? In RS3 There's the monthly god statues, which give 40k free con xp a month(at lv 70. Experience scales) Or I could do Wilderness Warbands, which could give upwards of 240k free con xp a day at lv 70. Or I could look for some money making ideas. You can find [methods]( https://runescape.wiki/w/Money_making_guide) that make around 10m an hour that don't require any stats above 70. So 6 hours of that and you have enough gp for 99 con)
Or you can spend $21 and sell bonds. So approx $3.50 for every hour saved.
On OSRS if I have 0gp how can I train construction? You can't. You need GP. And if you're low/mid level your options for money-making aren't great. On the [wiki]( https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Money_making_guide#Hourly_profit_table) if you look for methods that don't require anything higher than 70+ in a stat you're making less than 1m an hour. So you're looking at upwards of 100 hours to get enough money for 99 con.
Or you can spend $175 and sell bonds. Or approx $1.75 for every hour saved.
You'll find similar things with other skills. RS3 has a free method to train prayer at a decent xp p/h. (345k xp p/h) so you don't *need* gp to train it. OSRS doesn't have those.

Now obviously this isn't considering non-buyable skills. Since RS3 has treasure hunter you have the ability to buy random xp lamps in any skill. I guess I don't personally view this as a very viable training method.

Curious to hear other people's thoughts.
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Beginner Invention Perk Guide Bossing/Slayer

I've wanted to write a beginner guide for perking, as most guides focus a lot on Best-in-slot. I know many people who turn away from invention perks because they seem confusing and expensive. Because of this, this guide will focus on the beginner aspect of perks, and not on every switchscape perk or best-in-slot perk.
In general, one should separate bossing and slayer, because there are many useful perks specifically for slaying. It is recommended that you have armor specifically for slaying (tier 70 gwd1 armour is enough), and seperate armour for bossing:
Helpful links are at the end of this article.


Mainhand weapon: Best-in-slot is Aftershock 3, made from Ilujankan components, which are obtained by disassembling Anima core of Zaros armour or a dragonrider lance. 4 components are given when the disassembly item is leveled to 9+. 5 components are needed for a 100% chance of the perk, while 4 components have about a 66% chance (depending on level). This is what you want to aim for, and it will cost around 50m and require reputation with the zaros faction in gwd2.
A cheaper alternative is Precise 3 Equilibrium 2 (freeing up a spot on offhand). This is made with precise components which are gained by disassembling bows and is significantly cheaper. As another alternative you could put E2 on your mainhand when you have P5 on your offhand.

Offhand weapon: Best-in-slot is Precise 4 Equilibrium 2 (P4E2) or P5E1, which will set you back about 100m+. A cheaper alternative is precise 5, which is made using armadyl components, gained from diassembling armadyl armour, weapons or warpriest. If you afk kree'ara, you should have enough items for this perk in 1-2 hours.
If you have P3E2 on your mainhand, the offhand could be used for the flanking perk which has a nieche use when bossing. Flanking is not recommended for slayer though, as the monster has to face away from you.

Two-handed: Combine the slots from above, as 2h has 2 perk slots.

Planted Feet Switch: To extend sunshine or death swiftness duration, the planted feet perk should be on a switch-weapon. If you do have aftershock on your mainhand, you should combine planted feet with aftershock 1 (pfa1) , so you dont loose your stacks on switch. You will need 3 cywir components and 2 illujankan components for pfa1. Disassembly at level 9+ will get you 4 times the regular components. A good weapon for this perk is an augmented reforged sunspear) (from river of blood), as it can change combat styles, saving you money. This perk will set you back about 45mil, unless you have illujankan components left from creating aftershock. Requires reputation with seren faction in gwd2.
I am mentioning this switch as an exception, because it is the most significant dps increase out of any switch-weapon.

Armour Top
Crackling 3: Deals periodic extra damage. The perk is made from explosive components, which are obtained easiest from disassembling handcannons. For the best chance at just crackling 3, use 4 explosive components and an imbued component. BIS is a crackling 3 + comboperk, i.e. c3+venomblood, c3+mobile, or c3+dragonslayer (if you do a lot of ED2, this is BIS). However the chance at these perks is very low, and depending on luck, c3+dragonslayer can set you back about 50m.
Biting 2 + comboperk: Increases your critchance. This perk is made from direct components, and frequently yields a bad perk; cautious. Biting 2 should always be attempted as a combination perk for this reason. Biting 2+mobile and Biting 2+venomblood are common perks and should take about 15 attempts. Biting 3 is BIS, and is made from noxious components by disassembling noxious weapons.

Armour Bottom
Enhanced Devoted 3: This perk provides a chance that your melee/magic/ranged deflect prayers will reduce 100% of the damage, directly increasing your survivability at bosses and decreasing your food consumption. This perk is obtained through 5 faceted components, which are best obtained from disassembly of crystal flasks. In most cases it will cost between 500k-1m. There are more expensive options of obtaining this perk, but it is easy enough to obtain with crystal flasks.
Impatient 3:This perk has a chance of increasing adrenaline gained from basic abilities, allowing for quicker buildup to sunshine or threshholds. The best chance for obtaining this perk is through 5 zamorak components by disassemblying zamorak mijelnors, subjugation armour, or warpriest. This perk can cost you around 5m-10m depending on your luck.
A cheaper alternative to impatient 3 is absorbative 2/3, which can decrease the amount of damage received. This perk is made from fungal components gained from ganodermic armour. Also, impatient 3 can be comboed with devoted 2 (not enhanced devoted), but this can be very expensive and has nieche uses.

Shield: Turtling 3 is made from evasive components, gained from dragonhide armour. There is no point in aiming for turtling 3 venomblood, as you will most likely use the shield as a switch only. Alternatively absorbative 3, but only in nieche situtations like when wanting to reduce prayer drain from divine spirit shields.


For slayer, you should have at least gwd1 armour set for each style. Using hybrid armour is not recommended, as they have penalties and will cause you to loose dps. The only exception for this is if you own scavenging 3, so you can augment it to a hybrid bottom to bring it with you everywhere. Scavenging 2 is easy enough to obtain to make 3 perks anyways.
The general set-up, regarding weapons and armour top is the same as for bossing, except that your slayer perks can replace the perks on the leg slot. Unless you go try-hard, the adrenaline gain from impatient will be wasted (like when afking) and usually you will be using soulsplit so enhanced devoted 3 has only nieche uses. These are nieche perks for slayer:
Genocidal: Increases damage up to 7% against monsters on task, depending on task progression. Can be in combination with one of the 3 perks below to save perk slots:
  • Dragon Slayer): Increases damage by 7% against dragons. Should be on your ranged armour, as you will use this style most for dragons and especially for rune dragons. Best dps perk vs dragons.
  • Undead Slayer: Increases damage by 7% against the undead, most notably edimmu, spiritual warriors and mages. Depending on what combat style you prefer at these tasks, you should match the perk to the armour type. Best dps perk vs undead.
  • Demon Slayer:) Increased damage by 7% against demons. As you will be using darklight for many tasks or halberd weapons, this should be on your melee gear. Best dps perk vs demons.
Absorbative 2/3: Has a use to increase survivability if doing AOE soulsplit tasks, i.e. darkbeasts or abyssal demons.
Scavenging 2: This perk will give you free components on-kill, and can help you make money by providing the components for augmentors or siphons. In very rare cases, they can also provide rare components. Personally I've gotten 6 cywir components from 70-99 slayer. Scavenging 3 can be extremely rare and up to 100m+ depending on luck.
The perk is obtained through precious components, by disassemblying jewlery. A cheap alternative is making slayer rings (buy gem packs from slayer masters) and disassembling them.
Caroming:Increases the amount of monsters hit by chain and richochet. Very expensive, as you have to disassemble sliske armour for the shadow components. This perk should only be an option if you already have aftershock and an planted feet-aftershock 1 switch. Requires reputation with sliske faction in gwd2. Disassembling at level 9+ will get you 4 times the normal amount of components.

Helpful Links

Perk List - a list of all perks
List of materials - Each material links to an individual page with a cost/material calculator and list of items to disassemble.
Perk calculator - Calculator which shows you the chance of a certain perk
Equilibrium / Precise / Biting calculator - a calculator which shows you the %-dmg increase from P-E combo perks in relation to biting.
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