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Trollzoku's Updated New Player Guide

Hello everyone, my name is Trollzoku and I'm a new player (been lurking for about 5 weeks) and I wanted to give back a little by making a list of info for other new players (as a lot of guides have become obsolete with the rework of the core 12) to hopefully answer their questions or send on them on the right track. Most of this is simply info I have learned from other people's posts or questions and some by experimenting myself. I will first attempt to explain how the mechanics of the game work and then do a short list of recommendations for newer players
Updated version of the guide on Steam with pictures since reddit doesn't allow me to add pictures in a sensible way



Champions & Formations

Formations are the layout in which champions can be placed. The champions (also called heroes) are the core of the game, you put them in slots in your formation so they can do stuff for you. Any champion not in your formation has no effect.
Champions have hp, a base attack, an ultimate attack (with an associated cooldown) and effects that unlock as you level up. They also possess a specialization that you can choose at a certain level, stats like dex and str, race, alignment and affiliation. The laters are used mostly as conditional for adventure variants or to interact with other champions skills (for example, increasing damage of characters with more than 13 charisma or increasing damage of evil champions). They also possess 6 equipment slots. All of this info is available in the Champion information sheet that you access when clicking their portrait.
Furthermore, there's a hidden stat called overwhelm (edit: overwhelm point is now shown on the champion data sheet), which is how many enemies a champion can tank before taking bonus damage from enemies. This is a key difference between a champion who can properly tank enemies and one who can't even if they have similar HP's.
The 12 champions you unlock as you get more gold are called the core 12 champions, they are the champions available to everybody who has the game. They used to have subpar performance but the April 2019 update made them quite good.
Champions you get from events and time gates (more on than later) are called event champions and the most relevant difference is that gearing them up is a little different and more tedious than the core 12 champions. (more on that also later). They share a slot with a core champion (and thus you cannot deploy 2 champions who share the same slot, like bruenor and deekin), and you can switch between them by clicking on the top left corner of the portrait.
There also exist the Evergreen champions, which are champions that can be unlocked by means other than events. They include Hitch (unlocked from the newsletter), Drizzt (unlocked in A tour of the sword coast) and Azaka (Unlocked in tomb of annihilation). They gear up using regular silver and gold chests.
In a practical sense, champions are divided by their role. They usually fall into one of five subclasses (tank, healer or sustain, dps, buffer[support] and gold find).
Tank champions tend to have high hp, high overwhelm, and upgrades which makes them either more tanky, increase the damage of other champions when they get attacked or similar effects. Tank champions in the core 12 include Nayeli, Bear Form Tyril and Arkhan.
Sustain or healer champions have skills that allow your tanks to stay alive longer. They usually do this by either healing or giving them shields. The 2 champions in this category from the core 12 are Calliope and Celeste.
DPS champions are those who have the ability to do high damage by merit of self buffing skills or other abilities that increase their own damage. They usually have items that increase their damage in the first slots. DPS in the core 12 include Jarlaxe(early on), Minsc, Delina(not a good one unfortunately), Jamilah and Arkhan(needs a lot of gear). For most adventures, your formation should only have 1 DPS champion.
Buffer Champions (edit: now called supports in game)are the bread and butter of the game, because they are what will fill up most slots in your formation. They buff your DPS so they can do more damage. Buffs usually multiply with each other. Because of that, if you have 2 champions DPSing, they will equal to having 1 dps and a 100% increase in damage buff vs only 1 champion DPSing. It is a lot weaker than having any other buffer because they will start at 100% and scale hard into thousand or even millions in multipliers, and thus using an extra buffer will beat out multiple DPS in most instances. Some Champions are instead debuffers that will increase your damage by increasing the damage the enemies take.
Gold Find Champions are usually weak buffers than the rest of the cast but make up for it by increasing the gold enemies drop when killed. While gold find champions will allow you to buy upgrades faster, they will also stop progressing faster because of weaker buffs, and in an optimal setup will be swapped for buffers when the killing speed slows down. You can compare the benefit of a gold find champion vs the area progress by taking into account every area is 20% extra gold vs the previous one and every five areas are about x2.5. The Core GF champion is Jarlaxe.
  On the bottom left of your screen you have the formation slots in which you can save and load champions formations allocations for switching their positions on the fly.
How to position your champions, what formations they excel at, when they are not working for you, and other knowledge should naturally come to you as you progress in the game and begin to understand it.

Campaigns, Adventures, Variants, Distractions, Gems and Clicking

The campaigns are the group of adventures you can tackle, at the time of writing the ones available are A Grand Tour of the Sword Cost, Tomb of Annihilation and The Waterdeep Dragon Heist.
Adventures are the instances in which you deploy your champions in a specific, preset formation to tackle a challenge (or free play). They are basically the maps in which you play the game. You will advance from area to area until you complete the adventure or give up. Every 5 areas you will fight a boss, which will leave behind a loot sac that contains gems and a low chance of chest and time gate pieces. After beating a basic adventure, you will unlock variants which will add twists to the adventure in exchange for a reward. You will also unlock the free play of the adventure in which you can farm favor. Whenever you reset (complete) an adventure, you will earn favor according to your total gold acquired (more on that later). Later adventures in the campaigns have an increased enemy baseline difficulty. Gold increases 20% from area to area, while enemy health doubles.
Your wall is the area where you can still kill monsters but cannot progress further in the adventure.
On the upper third of your screen you will see distractions, interactable objects which will reward you if you click on them. They usually give you gold according to how fast they move(some variety spawn extra mobs, which translates to a slightly faster clear time of the area).
When you are not playing the game (AKA the client is closed) you will still earn gold and event tokens via offline farming. Offline farming is always slower than AFK farming.
Every Weekend there are weekend buffs for 5 specific champions, which are useful for pushing your progression farther. There will also be a related weekend chest in the newsletter (more on that later).
Clicking has a low priority on Idle champions. Early on it will be the fastest way to progress (until you stop 1HKOing enemies) but it's utility falls off during the run and you will eventually need to rely on your champions to clear areas.

Favor and Blessings

After every adventure you get favor based on the total amount of gold found (includes spent during the adventure). Favor increases your gold find, which in turn allows you to buy more champions levels, which allows you to clear further areas. Accumulating favor is one the major ways in which you progress in the game because of this. Favor is campaign specific.
Favor can also be spent for buying blessings. Blessings are buffs whose conditions are stated as you buy them (for example one could raise the damage of all your champions while other could just affect your female champions). There are 2 columns of blessings, the left ones (with multiple levels) are called minor blessings and are campaign specific and the right column ones (big icons, single level) in turn are major blessings and affect all campaigns, making them very valuable. The cost of blessings increases as you buy more levels in them, and it is VERY important to not overuse favor to buy blessings as it will set you back by decreasing your gold find. A good metric is to use 1% of your total favor to buy blessings when you are nearing the end of your run. You can reset your spent favor at a small loss if you ever make a crippling mistake.
For a more in-depth guide, check out Mar's visual aid on Torm, Kelemvor and Helm blessings.

Equipment, Potions and Chests

Every champion has six slots for equipment. Equipment effects are set by item slot and varies by champion, and cannot be changed. Every piece of equipment has a slot, a level and a rarity(common-white, uncommon-green, rare-blue and epic-purple). Equipment effects increase as their rarity and level goes up. Getting a duplicate of an item increases it's level (rarer items give more levels). There's also shiny and golden equipment. The easiest way to tell the rarity of your equipment is its equipment card, found when you mouse over it in the character sheet. In there you will see the highest rarity of the equipment (think of it as the base modifier that will be used) as denoted by the outer edge of the card, the item level on topand if it’s a shiny piece of equipment as denoted by the inner edge of the card. Regular equipment, regardless of rarity, has a brown inner edge on the equipment card. A shiny equipment has the border over the category surrounded by a white square and has its stats increased by 50%. A golden equipment is similar but has stats increased by 100%. Shiny equipment has a 1 in 1000 chance to spawn from a chest while golden are earned by cash shop golden chest packs. If a shiny slot becomes golden you get refunded the shiny as a potion of shininess (or whatever it is actually called). Edit: Potion of polish.
Chests contain loot and the method of acquisition varies by type.. They divided into silver chest, gold chest, champion chests, weekend chest and supply chests. They give items for champions you have unlocked only (exception being champion specific chests)
Silver Chests are the most common, and they contain 3 items whose rarity ranges from common to rare. They can be bought for 50 gems in the store and are can be acquired as boss drops. The distribution is as follow:
  • 1 equipment card
  • 1 gold card (depends on gold find and party dps, capped by top area reached)
  • 1 random card (equal chance between equipment, gold or a buff [either a potion or a blacksmithing contract])
Early on (and at your first few event runs) you can save silver chests until you hit your wall, to maximize the utility of the gold in the chest, looking to get gold to buy upgrades and more favor. They are a more efficient way of leveling equipment than gold chests.
Gold Chests contain 5 items, the rarity of them goes from uncommon to epic. They cost 500 gems and can also be bought in packs with real money. They contain:
  • 2 equipment cards
  • 1 Buff Card
  • 1 Bounty Contract Card
  • 1 Random Card (either a equipment card, a buff or a contract)
Gold chests are notable because they always contain at least 1 previously unowned equipment card that will result in an upgrade for your champions (up to rare quality) and at least a blue piece of equipment(the upgrade and the blue do not have to be the same item), and a “pity” epic every 10 chests if you have been having bad luck. This means that, if your champions are not in full blue gear, you will receive at least one upgrade from a gold chest. Also, if you get an epic, it will always be in a previously non-epic slot, if any exists on any applicable champions.
Event Champion Chests are similar to gold chest, but the equipment they contain is only for the specified event champion and they have a higher % of awarding equipment cards from the random card
Weekend Chests are gold chest that only work for the 5 specified champions for weekend buffs, and will only drop the equipment if you have those champions. One common strategy for those who plan to play for a long, long time is to hoard these chest until the core champions are in full epics to guarantee upgrades for the event champions since their chests cannot be farmed with gems.
Supply Chests are usually awarded from event codes and reward you with 2 buffs,, 1 contract and 3 random cards.
Potions are usually saved up for progressing later when the favor return on runs is really low. Since they stack multiplicatively with each other, people save enough of each to last for one hour (except minor because of the low multiplier and high inconvenience of hoarding them) and do a “golden hour” of stacked potions coupled with weekend buffs with the objective of skyrocketing their current progress (or having any progress at all)
Blacksmithing Contracts are the only “grindable” way to upgrade event champions gear so it is better to save them for that purpose (core champions can be upgraded by duplicates from farmed silver and gold chests)
Bounty Contracts give gold and event tokens comparable to “x hours of grinding” calculated using offline farming. They are best saved for events.

Events and Time Gates

Every 3 weeks an event will start on a Wednesday and last for 12 days. During an active event mobs will randomly drop event tokens at a rate of 2 per minute even if you are offline, making the total event currency you can get a “set cap”. During the event you will spend event currency to tackle specific adventures and their variants (including free play). The first clear of the basic adventure will award you the event champions, while the variants will award gold event champions chests. The free play will randomly award a gold or silver event champion chest upon clearing area 50. The events have 1 associated Champion per year, and as we are now in year 2, there are 2 champions with their associated adventures and variants for you to tackle. Things to note for events are:
  • During the event the shop will sell event champion chests and a bonus golden epic if you buy 3 or more gold chests. (a $5 cost) *The associated Event are the best way to gear up a specific event champion
  • You have 2 enemies, currency and time, mismanagement of either can cut short your event runs
  • Failing variants is a huge setback because you basically lose both time and currency with nothing to show for it
  • Bounty contracts award additional event currency during the event, basically allowing you to buy extra attempts. *Event free play will increase in token cost until you hit a hard cap (2500 tokens), and they reward a random event champion chest (⅓ chance of gold) *If you get 3 silver chest you get guaranteed gold for the 4th one
  • Buying gold sets directly in the shop for 10k currency is never worth it and should only be done if you are running out of time for the event in the last day(at currency cap for free play, you get 1 gold chest vs 1 gold and 3 silvers at worst) *There are no event blessings, but favor works the same way as in regular campaigns *At end of the event, event favor will be converted into campaign favor at a % of the campaign. (for example, if you have total earned 1e7 Sword Coast favor and 1e10 ToA favor, and you get 1e9 event favor, you will convert at a 90% rate, and will get to choose between 9e6 sword coast favor and 9e9 ToA favor)
Time gates are the other way to get event Champions. Every 3 weeks (the weekend where there is not an event running) a natural time gate will open, where you can choose one of 3 event champions to unlock/gear up (one of them is guaranteed to be a champion you don't own, if any apply). The other 2 you didn't choose will close and become unavailable for this time gate. After that you will get the option to unlock the champion and get 2 golden champion chests by beating lvl 50 and 75 in 2 different “free play” runs.  
Every time you choose the same champions will increase the level you must beat in the time gates to get the 2 gold chest. One key difference of time gates is that while they also convert, the factor is ¼ of an event conversion, making them a lot less lucrative for favor farming beyond what you need to get the chests.  
Killing bosses in any campaign has a chance to award you time gate pieces. They have an internal 5d cd between drops preventing you from actually farming them. Once you have 6 pieces, you can force a time gate to open up outside of the natural window.  
If by any reason you fail to complete any of the time gate objectives to unlock champions/chest, you get refunded 2 time gate pieces per failed objective.

*DPS meter & BUD *

In the top left corner of the window you will find your current gold, your total gold find bonus and the DPS meter . After recent patches, there are now 3 relevant ways to gauge how much damage your formation is currently outputting. (The actual look of it will depend on your settings)  
The number under your champion's feet represents their actual damage, which represents their base damage multiplied by the buffs they are receiving at that current time. It varies a lot and goes up and down depending on the conditions of your buffs changing (like how many champions are attacking your tank and such), or in other words, being affected by the dynamics changes of your buffs.  
The DPS meter has 2 measures, the Base DPS and the Average DPS. The Base DPS is an approximation made by the developers of your damage without any dynamic factors (number of stacks, how many champions are you tanking, etc). It has a slight compensation factor for dynamic effects. It changes based on the position in the formation, champion levels and buff intensity. It is most useful for seeing how your damage goes up or down when moving a champion in a formation, but may not actually represent how much damage your champions are doing in a specific moment.  
The Average DPS is the second number and it more accurately represents the effectiveness of your formation. It is calculated by averaging your previous average (with about 90% weight) with your latest hit (about 10% weight). Being a result of actual damage measures, it is affected by the dynamic changes your formation goes through. Being an average of damages comes with both upsides and downsides, as being an average makes it more resistant to acute spikes and reductions in damage while the calculation method also means that it could take a minute to update after doing changes to your formation.  
There is also a tab which illustrate which champion is doing what % of damage (usually one should be close to 100% and the others buffing/tanking/healing).  
Ultimate's damage scale off your Base Ultimate Damage (BUD), which is a measure of your top hit divided by the attack cooldown. It will be overwritten by a stronger hit. After 15s of not being overwritten, it will start to decay quite fast until it gets overwritten. Essentially, stronger hits will increase your BUD, which will increase your damage. It should be noted that debuffs are especially strong for this, as they will increase the damage enemies take from a hit, increasing the BUD, and then increase the damage they take from the ultimate attack itself.


Feats are the newest addition to ICotFR, and are in essence quite simple. As your get more and more levels with your champions, you will unlock a feat slot. In those feat slots you can add any unlocked feats to affect their champion. You can change any feat equipped on a champion at will without consuming them. They usually buff their damage, the effectivity of an ability, increase gold find or increase their base stats (making them eligible for a buff or a variant). Two standard feats for each champion at unlocked from the beginning. and any additional ones must be unlocked by either finding them in gold chests (even for event champions) or straight up buying them with gems. The usefulness of each one depends on what other feats are available, and is evaluated by Psylisa in this guide


Achievements give champions damage multipliers on completion, so they are a nice way to boost your damage by playing the game (remember to watch the credits)
Codes can be entered in the shop to get additional chests, these can be found on various streams and merchandise related to the game, and are usually reposted on the discord, the subreddit and the wiki.
Armored Enemies have their health pool broken into segments, any damage over the threshold will kill a segment. You need to deplete the health bar to kill them. Debuffs are useful if you are below the threshold.
Familiars are basically autoclickers. You can put them in the leveling bar to level your champions (or autoclick damage), [1 familiar per bar], in your ultimate bar where will proceed to use a random ult every 30s,[max 4 familiars] and in the field where they autoclick[max 6 familiars]. When on the field they get additional effects according to the number of familiars.: *3 familiars will autopick gold and quest items
*5 familiars will open and loot the bosses loot bag
*6 familiars will autoclick distractions
Important thresholds to consider are 2 familiars (allow you to put an autoclicker on the field and one for leveling click damage, boosting the clear speed of afk initial areas), 4 familiars which allow autopicking quest items and gold and leveling click damage, 6 familiars for the same reasons, and 10-11 familiar for you can full afk by setting autoclickers to level your champions and use ultimate abilities.

Actual list of tips for new players

Most important of all, have fun. Use champions you want to use, even if they are not “top-tier” as long as you are having fun you are coming out ahead.
Out of game Stuff
  • Register to the newsletter to get a free, good champion (Hitch) who can function as either DPS or buffer and a free golden chest each weekend
  • If you are playing the steam version, take advantage of the two giveaways while they still have keys, Razer’s bruenor shiny shield +2 gold chests and Steelseries celeste’s starter pack, including 5 rares and a golden epic!(they ran out of keys). Unfortunately, there are no alternatives to get this packs for players of other game versions.
  • AFKing rewards worth more gold than offline (closing the client), but don’t break your electricity bill for the game.
  • Go to the options menu and decide how much graphical prowess you want your game to run at, disable cinematics during free play and if you want to use scientific notation (recommended)
  • Support the content creators on streams and assorted merchandise to get codes you can input at the shop (usually gold chests). Also pick between the subreddit, the wiki or the official discord to snatch up any codes other players share.
Getting Started
  • You want to have a tanky champion (core: Nayeli) in front as they increase other champions damage if they are attacked and can take more punishment to protect the others (dead dps is 0 dps).
  • Having healers behind tanks will keep them alive longer (core: Celeste).
  • Almost all damage buffs stack multiplicatively, making it better to have an extra buffer than 2 dps, as that equals having a measly 100% buff (exceptions apply during specific variants). Recommended DPSs earlier on are Jarlaxe, Minsc and Jamilah, but your mileage will vary with your gear.
  • Your runs when you are just starting and have little to no favor will revolve in you clicking the enemies to death at the beginning to afford upgrades so your formation can start going. *After a while the usual progression of your runs will be somewhat similar to this: • 1 hit KO enemies with click damage (until your damage level number is about equal to your area) • 1 hit KO enemies with most of your champions • 1 hit KO enemies with only your dps • Kill enemies without one shotting them (usually by virtue of getting damage multipliers by tanking) • Kill most if not all enemies solely by using ultimate attacks • Hit your wall (point of no furthers progress)
  • If you are playing semi actively at the moment, save your silver chests for when you hit your wall, the items and gold you get could make you progress you a few more areas which will get you more gold and more favor when you eventually reset. This is also the point where you want to transform favor into blessings to try and push a few more areas. This could save you a couple hours of farming at your wall.
  • Farm at your wall for a little while before resetting, for the increased favor will allow you to progress even further when you go on a new adventure. Resetting is usually advised when your favor gain starts to slow down considerably and you have the time to set up your champions on the next adventure.
  • Remember not to spend more than 1% in minor blessings per run, and not more than 10-20% for a major blessing is the usual opinion.
  • Also remember to try and switch campaigns and get other major blessings as they will help in all campaigns
  • The T2 Sword Coast blessing (gem hunter) seems unimportant but is actually a priority unlock as it will make you get a lot more gems, which equals more chests.
  • When you start taking hours to get to your wall, try to maximize your favor gains (I have seen people usually reset upon reaching less than 5% total favor gain per hour, considering both your actual and currently farm favor)
  • Once you start amassing some favor, your runs will consist of the usual progression: click one enemy to death, get gold, upgrade click damage to 1HKO low level enemies to death(or use a familiar to autoclick), get the formation going until they stop 1HKOing enemies, and set the actual final formation until they stop progressing(a soft wall if you like). At this point you will progress to your actual hard wall by killing enemies using your ultimate abilities.
  • The usual recommendation is farming at your wall using all the Buffs you can afford on your DPS, but actually calculating your gold find minimum level can be more lucrative. By this I mean that if you have, for example, 1200% bonus gold find as your highest available gold find formation, if you can manage to farm at any level that is between your farmeable wall using all DPS buffs and the lower end of the gold buff(a x12 gold multiplier equals a 13 level upgrade since each level is 20% extra gold, 1.2 to the 13th potency equals 10.70, while the 14th is 12.84), you will come out ahead. For example, if we take the previous numbers and the best you can farm is 198, you could benefit from farming with your gold find buffs any level above 185. This mostly applies to favor afk farming at your wall.
  • While the faster powerspike when your champions are naked is opening silver chest to get at least white rarity items for your champions, your long term goal in gearing up your champions is acquiring purple rarity items, thus the focus of your gem spending should be acquiring gold chests. If you are still getting decent progress out of opening silver chests at your wall, buying a couple more to open them is not a bad idea.
  • Eventually you will want to farm gems, the recommended place is the mad wizard free play on sword coast campaign(faster enemy spawns because of objects), resetting upon hitting a click/autoclick wall or even when you stop 1hKOing enemies (more areas per hours is more gems)
  • Favor farming is usually done best at a map with low enemy type variety to get more mileage out of Minsc hated enemy buff. I personally use escort to waterdeep for sword coast, ring of regeneration/seeking allies for ToA and A mysterious summon/attack on the manor for dragon heist, but your actual mileage will vary on where you are walling. Also remember to try and maximize the benefits you get from blessings in your formations.
  • When to get familiars is less clear, most recommendations I have seen suggest getting your first two before you plan to actually farm gems, but that point varies between having all green on your core champions, having all blues and having all purples. I personally saved my first thousands of gem for the 2 familiars to get semi actively gem farming faster.
  • When your core champions are in full purples, the most cost effective way to get upgrades (and shinnies) are the silver chests.
Events and Time Gates
  • Don’t start events too late or you WILL run out of time
  • Do not attempt variants until they show up as easy if you have any doubts on whether you can complete them or not, a failed attempt means you lost out on event currency and thus on potential champion chests. For any hard variants you have doubts on clearing you should wait for the weekend buffs and try to get more favor.
  • You should aim to complete all variants AND max out free play token costs (2,5k tokens) for the events, and then free plays for your favorite champion to get more chests (even currently bad champions could be buffed eventually)
  • When your campaign favor gain slow down event favor is a really nice source of favor.
  • Don’t cash out early on events, you have some time after the event ends to convert the favor, and since it is a % conversion depending on your base favor, farming more favor in the campaigns will get you more favor from the conversion
  • If you find yourself short on event currency, remember bounty contracts give you event currency according to their duration (greens > 60, blue > 480, purple > 960)
  • If you have doubts about which time gate champion to go for, check out Psylisa’s event champion evauation for an expert’s opinion or ask around in the discord or the subreddit topic.
  • Psylisa also makes guide on champions as they get released, so checking them out can give you an idea of their relative strengths and limitations (some guides prior to the core 12 rebalance may be a little outdated). You can easily list them, by clicking on the "Psylisa's Guides" flair on the subreddit.
Remember to have fun and support the game devs if you can, also check out the dev's official social media accounts and useful links on the sidebar!

List of Useful Links

Edit Log:
  • Fixed various wording and grammatical errors (autocorrect you ignorant *****)
  • Specified the promotions listed are steam only
  • Linked to Mars Favor Visual Aids
  • Changed wording on the silvegold chest recommendations
  • Added Explanation about evergreen champions
  • Expanded on wall farming and gold farming early recommendations (Azaka farming is beyond the guide's scope...and my experience)
  • List of Links added
  • Changed most instances of inconsistent wording to match official one(from heroes to champions for example)
  • More Grammar and Spelling fixes
  • Added a short explanation about overwhelm
  • Couple tips added
  • Made Steam version of the guide to be able to add pictures to exemplify points in it.
  • Updated reddit version of the guide to more accurately match Steam version
  • Added DPS meter, BUD and feat section
  • Grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Update some link because of Part 1 of year 1 event champion rebalance
Questions, suggestions and corrections welcome. (was initially planning to do it alone with pictures but the final size of the guide made me rethink that)
submitted by Trollzoku to idlechampions

[lets build] d100 strange courtesans for 50gp a night

inspired by this comment...
  1. ⁠Shy Marry (Female Half-Elf): A young shy girl, barely out of her teens. She seems nervous and inexperienced, and constantly embarrassed, but will not stop the “experience”. Those who choose to simply snuggle with her gain an inspiration.
  2. ⁠Aracnophobia (Male Drow) When the customer is not watching, spiders will slowly begin to enter the room. After their attention is sufficiently distracted, a male drow will appear from nowhere and begin to service the customer. Customers gain an immunity to fear for 24 hours.
  3. ⁠Midnight (Black Male Dragonborn) A pitch-black dragonborn enters the room, a body like Adonis and built like obsidian; he is tailored with a gold neckless and gold wrist bands. The shadows move around his body, and slowly, the lights go out and he engages with the customer. For the next 24 hours, shadows will stick close to the customer, giving them advantage on stealth checks.
  4. ⁠Margrett (Female Orge): A large, fat woman enters the room. She’s large enough that she must squeeze through the door frame. She’s a powerhouse, with notably large teeth and a slight lisp.
  5. ⁠The Musician (Male Elf) A well-dressed bard enters the room, he does not undress, he does not address the customer. He simply takes out his violin case and starts to play a song. As he plays, the Customer’s body begins to throw in ecstasy, the song enveloping them. The customer gains the one-time use of a bardic inspiration die (1d6).
  6. ⁠Mirror-Mirror (Doppleganger): As the customer is looking around, they realize a large mirror which wasn’t there before. The mirror stands as tall as the customer, and when gazed in, a duplicate of themselves appears from the mirror and begins to seduce them.
  7. ⁠Story-Time (Female Hag): A little old lady enters the room, taking a seat near the customer’s bed. She pulls out a small pair of spectacles, and a large book. The book transports the reader into a rather erotic story, narrated by the older lady. The story emboldens the customer, giving them advantage on intimidation checks for 24 hours.
  8. ⁠Lost-Breath (Female Mermaid): The room quickly fills with water. As the Customer panics, and begins to drown, a mermaid appears and begins breathing air into their lungs. The mermaid is dressed in gold and silver, with strands of sea weed stuck in their hair. For 24 hours, the customer gains the ability of water- breathing.
  9. ⁠The Smiling Cat (Female Tabaxi): A large brawny tabaxi with died fur appear from nowhere. She pounces and plays with the customer, disappearing and reappearing, before embracing the tired customer. Once the deed is done, she disappears with a smile. The Customer gains the one-time use of the spell “Misty Step”.
  10. ⁠Ba’Dumn the Belly Dancer (Sand Yellow Male Dragonborn): Ba’Dumn is most definitely one of the best belly- dancers in the material plane. Ironically, he is also 90% belly. Despite this giant’s size, he guarantees his customer a night unlike any other.
  11. ⁠Hells Bells (Female Incubus): An angelic figure enters the room, beautiful and prestige. She begins with a simple kiss, which burns the customer’s lips. Slowly, the feathers on her back start to fly around the room revealing her true form, that of a demon. The customer gains resistance to Radiant for 24 hours.
  12. ⁠Maggs the Cook (Female Half-orc): A large, voluptuous half-orc cheerily enters the room dressed in full cookware. She brings in several plates and trays of food and asks for Customer to sit and eat. The customer does not get less hungry, but does still grow more full. Once the customer declares they’re too full or wish to continue to lovemaking, Maggs will continue to feed them as they make love in bed. The customer finds that they are significantly stuffed after the event, and do not need to eat for a week.
  13. ⁠The Witch Doctor (Male Halfling) A small, Halfling dressed in foreign clothing pops into the room. The mask he wears is twice as large as it needs to be. He pulls out a small doll, which surprisingly matches the customer in appearance, and begins to caress it, with all the feelings going into the Customer.
  14. Pearl Buskont, a halfling woman given to petty theft, and eventually becomes a small ring leader of a group of highly organized thieves. Her shock of pink hair and many piercings gives her a saucier outward appearance than her demeanor actually reveals.
  15. Lacey shields, a orgallion drag queen, known for her dancing and outrageous curves. Normally doesn’t take night time companions, but times are tough in the off season. She usually only agrees to suitors that charm her well, but occasionally will just go for the coin.
  16. Vanessa the Drunkard (Female Elf): A tall, gallow elf swaggers into the room, carrying various bottles and drinks in a large burlap sack. She offers the customer drinks, but only if they confirm that they are okay with lovemaking afterwords. She will offer stranger and stranger drinks, until the customer can barely stand, however she seems unaffected by her liquors. The customer finds that they are significantly sated after the event, and do not need to drink for a week.
  17. The Automata (Unspecified Warforged) A large, robotic figure enters the room. They say “Greeting, I am programed for your pleasure. Please select a setting and assume the position,” before waiting for the customer to select a setting. The settings are “Easy”, “Medium”, “Hard”, “Maximum Overdrive”, and “Turbo.” On selecting the “Easy” or “Medium” setting, the character regains all spent hit dice. On selecting the “Hard” difficulty, the customer gains an inspiration point. On selecting “Maximum overdrive”, the user’s pain tolerance is numbed, allowing for advantage to all concentration rolls for the next 24 hours. On selecting “Turbo”, the user gains all rewards plus a point of exhaustion.
  18. Candle-Light (Red Female Dragonborn): The candlelight in the room flairs as a red dragonborn enters, covered in melting candles. She drips hot wax on the customer, making sure to heat their bodies as well as their hearts. The customer gains resistance to fire damage for the next 24 hours.
  19. The Voyeur (Unspecified Eldritch Abomination): A character, who is exactly as the customer desires, enters the room. They introduce themselves as “Sam” before getting to work. As Sam and the Customer do their merry lovemaking, the customer cannot help but feel that they are being watched. Should they succeed a DC 10 perception check, they will notice that eyes periodically appear on the wall, watching them. For the next 24 hours, the character gains advantage on perception checks.
  20. BEAUTY (Female Beholder) The bed in the room rumbles slightly, before flipping over, knocking the customer off if they were laying there. A strangely beautiful beholder appears from beneath the bed, either mocking the customer for their lack of paranoia or congratulating them on expecting her arrival. She sings songs and tells stories as she uses her eyes stalks, as well as anything else at her disposal, to help please the customer. The Customer gains the use of the “Alert” feat for 24 hours.
  21. The Mind Electric (Unspecified Storm Elemental): As the customer rests, the air becomes charged. Eventually spark of electricity will split across the room. Eventually, one of the sparks will hit the customer, electrifying them. The experience is painful, yet at the same time pleasuring. A being made of pure energy then reveals itself, before continuing the process. The customer gains resistance to thunder and lightning damage for 24 hours.
  22. The Genie (Female Genie): A knock on the door results in the customer finding a lamp laying on the ground. When rubbed, the room is filled with a smoke and a giant female genie appears. She will take the form of whatever the customer prefers, and will change and shift during the lovemaking.
  23. RockBreaker (Male Dwarf): A dwarf with braided hair, runic tattoos, and rock-hard abbs. He sings soft songs under his breath, as his runic tattoos glow with ancient magics. The customer feels protected and gains one use of the “shield” spell.
  24. The Wizard (Male Human): An ancient male human enters the room, dressed in the most magical robes. He is unhappy and sets up a small table, to which he asks the customer to lay on. Once the customer lays on the board, the wizard massages them, molding their flesh and bones like clay, twisting them into strange, but blissful shapes. The customer gains advantage on acrobatic checks for the next 24 hours.
  25. Shroom (Female Gnome): A small gnome wearing a giant mushroom cap on her head enters the room. She offers the customer a few strange, looking mushrooms. Should they accept, they are set into a trance and the two commence in lovemaking. For the next 24 hours, the customer is immune to the poison effect, though can still take poison damage.
  26. The Heaven’s Harem (Female Aasamar): A group of seven young women dressed in exotic clothes enters the room. Music plays as they dance around the client. After a passionate display, the dance becomes a bit more intimate.
  27. The Doctor: (Female Human): The Doctor is dressed in plague doctor’s outfit. She invites the customer to lie on the bed and close their eyes. Should they not do so, she will cast suggestion on them (DC 17). She will then light incense, and plunge a dagger into the customer’s chest. She will then remove all their organs, clean them, repair them, and replace them into the customer’s body. The customer can feel and see all of this, but cannot move. The customer is cured of all diseases, all physical ailments, and regains all hit dice, but has an autopsy scar across their chest.
  28. Centurion (Male Centaur): A centaur dressed in ancient roman armor enters the room. While it is difficult for him to maneuver, he is quite dexterous and is willing to let the customer ride him. Or vise-versa. ???
  29. 1001 Snakes (Male Yuanti Pureblood): The room floods with snakes. The snake begin to slither around the customer’s body and bite them. As the customer is beginning to feel overwhelm them, a figure swims through and embraces the customer. The two make love in the pool of snake. After the customer passes out they find themselves on the bed, the room wrecked. The customer gains resistance to poison for 24 hours.
  30. It’s all right... (Male Half-orc): An orc, face covered in a bag, and body covered with rags and viscera enter the room. Despite his visage, the customer is not frightened of him and considers the situation normal. The orc is armed and slowly approaches the character; he puts the knife to the customer’s throat and asks “any last words?” Regardless of what the customer said, the orc goes ‘Shhh, it’s alright. Nothing will hurt you now,” as he begins to embrace and pet the customer. For the next 24 hours, the customer is immune to the fear effect.
  31. Beattie the Bearded (Female Dwarf): A female dwarf with impossibly long hair enters the room. She insists that the customer help her braid it before they get going (DC 20 Slight of hand check). Failure results in the Customer getting caught in the dwarf’s hair, before the two make love and the customer is strangled in unconsciousness. Success results in a happy, and satisfied dwarf, who gives an improved performance. The customer gains an inspiration point.
  32. TEETH TEETH TEETH (Unspecified Eldritch Abomination) At first, the room seems empty. However, after a while, the customer will notice a number of small eyes staring at them from the walls. Eventually, small mouths, filled with teeth begin to show up, slowly revealing more and larger mouths. Tongues lash at the customer, caressing them in strange and erotic ways. After such an experience, the customer becomes resistance to psychic damage for 24 hours.
  33. The Hoard (Male Orcs): The Hoard is a group of 10 orcs, dressed in fancy dresses and effeminate outfits. They scream complements at the customer before engaging them. It’s a long night, but those who see it through get one free use of the “Relentless” orc skill.
  34. StoneMaker (Female medusa): A knock at the door is met with a small package. A blindfold is presented, with the phrase “Put this on. Whatever you do, do not take it off.” As soon as it’s put on, the door opens, and a figure enters the room. Several kisses are felt along the customer’s body before extending into full passion. Should they take off the mask, they become petrified (DC 14 CON) as they find a medusa with stone eyes making love with them. Customers who follow the request gain blind sight for 24 hours.
  35. A Well Dressed Individual (Unspecified Mimic): A knock at the door is met with a set of fine clothes, fitted exactly to the customer’s size and taste. A note on the clothes requests that the customer puts them on before the night continues. The clothes are silk like in texture, and when worn are revealed to be a sentient, and lusty, mimic.
  36. Lady Luck (Female Elf): A busty, plump elf enters the room dressed in the most ludicrous casino based outfit they’ve ever seen. She offers to play the customer in a game of strip poker, domination dice, and other erotic-themed games. The customer gains a single-use luck point, this does not stack with the Lucky feat.
  37. Riddles (Female Sphinx): A tall, slender sphinx enters the room and traps the customer in a precarious way. Though the customer is safe, the sphinx does not let on to it and threatens them, forcing them to answer sensual riddles and questions. Should the customer play along, they will gain advantage on Investigation checks for the next 24 hours.
  38. Cueball (Male Human): A tall, thin man, dressed as a dandy, enters the room. He is missing his head, and instead a mirrored sphere floated above his neck.
  39. The Dryad (Female Dryad): A beautiful woman, carved of wood, waltzes into the room. Flowers seem to grow around her, as vines begin to wrap around the customer. The customer feels at one with nature, and has advantage on nature checks for the next 24 hours.
  40. The Last Laugh (Male Satyr) A man dressed in a Clown costume ???
  41. The Mad Man (Male Human): A man, dressed in chains, a mask, and a mental patient coat is wheeled into the room. Should the customer unlock the chains binding him, he will break from his remaining bindings and savagely embrace the customer. The customer gains a long-term madness and inspiration.
42 The Stripper (Female Elf skeleton): An elf, dressed in heavyset clothing enters the room. She dances on a pole with shockingly large amount of agility. For each gold piece tossed at her, she dances more aggressively and takes off a piece of clothing, after 100gp is thrown at her, she reveals herself to be a skeleton, before bursting into a strange mist, laughing gleefully. If 100gp is thrown at her, the customer gets one time use of the spell “Invisibility.”
  1. Obsession (Female Tiefling) (Negative): The customer gains disadvantage on all intelligence checks and intelligence savings throws for the next 24 hours.
  2. Moss (Male Goliath): Moss is a large, muscular goliath who has a thick layer of moss, plants, and other fungi growing on his back and head. He is slow, but solid, and is typically quiet unless spoken to. At the end of the night, he leaves the customer with a small handful of plants and berries, which act as berries from the goodberry spell.
  3. Furball (Female Tabaxi): A dark-furred tabaxi, dressed in loose clothes, a cone hat, and an overly large belt enters the room. She is keen to undress, though asks that the client doesn’t take off her belt. Her belt will always be taught and her weight will shift if the belt is adjusted. If the client tricks her and takes off her belt (DC 20 sleight of hand), she will inflate like a balloon and float up to the ceiling. ???
  4. Dream-Catcher (Female Gith) A dreamcatcher appears on the wall, and a note appears from under the door. The customer is told to go to sleep, and that when they wake up they’ll be fully rested. When they sleep, they find the “Girl of their dreams” waiting for them, and a long, erotic fore into a strange wonderland. The dream is so restful that the Customer does not need to sleep for one week, but must still do light activity in order to benefit from a long rest.
  5. Deal-Breaker (Male Devil) A plain male accountant enters the room and informs that the customer needs to fill out several pieces of paperwork before they can ‘use the brothel’s services’. Several papers are shoved at the character, several making no sense, but the accountant insisting that they need to be filled out. After filling out the paperwork, or giving up, the devil reveals his true form and engages the customer. Should the customer help with the paperwork beforehand, the customer will gain advantage on all history savings throws for the next 24 hours. Likewise, if the customer is interested, the Deal-Breaker will offer to be the customer’s patron (The Fiend) if they wish to take a level in warlock.
  6. The Fairy Godmother (Female Fay) A strange, giant woman appears next to the customer. She is animalistic in appearance, dressed in a robe of flowers, furs, and other oddities. The customer never sees her enter the room, and her nature is fairly strange and alien. She is very kind however, and seems to genuinely care for the customer. For the next 24 hours, the customer will find their life just a bit easier, and survival checks will be made at advantage. Likewise, if the customer is interested, the Fairy Godmother will offer to be the customer’s patron (The Archfey) if they wish to take a level in warlock.
  7. The Cultist (Male Eldritch abomination): A man dressed in violet wearing a mask enters the room. He waxes poetically about a play he was once in and encourages the customer to join him in some play acting. The customer soon learns that the play was very erotic. The customer gains advantage on performance checks for the next 24 hours. Likewise, if the customer is interested, the Cultist will offer to be the customer’s patron (The Great Old One) if they wish to take a level in warlock.
  8. The Litch (Female Litch): A tall, skeletal figure, dressed in royal garb, appears from a mist on the floor of the room. She opens a spell book before casting several spells, which careen through the customer’s body in a strange, but delightful manner. For the next 24 hours, the customer gains advantage on Arcana checks. Likewise, if the customer is interested, the Cultist will offer to be the customer’s patron (The Undying) if they wish to take a level in warlock.
  9. Dragonslayer (Female Copper Dragon): A copper dragon breaks through the front door and charges at the customer. After chasing the customer around for a while, she grins at the, utters a small seductive growl, and then take a more ‘compromised’ pose. The customer gains a one-use version of the spell “Tasha’s Hideous Laughter.”
  10. Good-Mother (Female Lizardborn) ???
  11. Copycat (Male Kenku) ???
  12. Kiss with Death (Male Wraith): A figure, dressed in black enters the room from the floor. He bends forth, and kisses the customer, sucking the soul from their body. After toying with it for a bit, he replaces it back it the body. For the next 24 hours, the character gains disadvantage on saving throws and death saving throws. (Negative)
  13. Guardian Angel (Male Aasamar): A glowing figure appears in the room, clad in fine silks and textiles; he fiercely shouts “Fear not.” He is a passionate lover. For the next 24 horus, the character gains advantage on saving throws and death savings throws.
  14. The Merchant (Female Human) ???
  15. The Cruel Merchant (Female Human): This woman is similar to the merchant, except she is covered in blood and has frightful eyes. She asks for blood, and for every 1hp given to her, she will have intercourse for 1 minute. For every 10% of hp given to the Cruel Merchant, the customer gains a lingering injury. No more than one lingering injury can be gained during any “donation” period.
  16. The Body Builder (Female Bugbear): A large, buff bug bear enters the room dressed in a gym outfit. She is quite vigorous, and occasionally forces the customer into more athletic positions in order to better their stamina. For the next 24 hours, the customer gains advantage on athletic checks.
  17. Mister Nobody (Male Human Ghost): A vaporous version of a man, dressed in fine clothing, with a bottle of whiskey and a noose around their neck, glides in through one of the side walls. He glides through the customer and possesses them, causing their body to ache in pain and pleasure. ???
  18. The Beast (Female Human Werewolf): The Customer gains advantage on animal handling for the next 24 hours.
  19. Poor little one (Female Halfling): An injured Halfling enters the room, begging for help. Hidden in the wall is a medicine kit, filled with various vials, balms, and bandages. Should the customer help, the Halfling will thank them with whatever means she can. Playing along nets the ‘hero’ with advantage on medicine checks.
  20. Fallen (Female Angel): An angelic form bursts in from the ceiling. She is commanding, and begs that the customer reconsider their life of sin. That being said, they are quite passionate, and will embrace the customer as they critique them. The customer gains advantage on religion checks for the next 24 hours. Likewise, if the customer is interested, the fallen will offer to be the customer’s patron (Divine) if they wish to take a level in warlock.
  21. The Third Eye (Male Half-Elf): A strange monk enters the room. While he embraces the customer, he also pokes them in the ki points. This results in both a physically and spiritually enlightening experience. For the next 24 hours, the customer gains advantage on Insight checks.
  22. Vintage (Male Human Vampire) A tall, slender male enters the room. He offers the customer a drink of wine before getting down to business. He seems to be into biting, and the blood loss makes the customer’s head feel lighter than normal. For the next 24 hours, the customer gains disadvantage on Con checks and Con Saving throws. (Negative)
  23. Marionette (Female Gnome): A knock occurs at the door, and behind it is a small marionette puppet with a note pinned to it. The note says “Childish wonder is a marvelous thing. Play with me.” As soon as the customer begins messing with it in any way, several pieces of red string begin to entangle the customer, lifting them up to a starlit landscape and an immense giant who services them. (Note: The puppet is cursed to force anyone touching it to auto-fail saving throws. A small, plain, illusionist services the customer as their mind is elsewhere.) ???
  24. A Silly Joke (Female Nilbog-Goblin) A spry, pretty goblin appears from no were, wearing a strange pink and purple peasant’s outfit. They tease and taunt the customer, only letting them get what they want if they work for it. The next 20 rolled by the player is rerolled and the new result chosen. (Negative)
  25. Red-Strings and Butterflies (Male Minotaur): Butterflies begin to flutter around the room. From the walls appears a meek and well-groomed Minotaur, red stringed tied on his hair, horns, and elsewhere. He fiddles with strings and ties bows on the customer as he romances them. ???
  26. Trash (Female Trogladite): The room fills with a foul stench. From the floor trash and refuse begins to flow, and from the swampy substance a figure appears. A fit and tawny troglodyte appears, ready to pleasure the customer in any way possible.
  27. The Word (Male Aarakocra) A peacock of an Aarakocra enters the room. He paints various incantations and phrases on the customer. These words fill the customer with power! For the next 24 hours, the character gains advantage on persuasion checks.
  28. The Bouncing Brothers (Male Hobgoblins) A pair of fit, mustached hobgoblins enter the room, both dressed in a leotard. The pair perform various feats of agility before performing more intimate feats with the customer.
  29. Bull-Slayer (Female Leprechaun) A small, pretty lepricaun enters the room. She looks at the customer and scoffs. She will typically mutter something akin to “Let’s hope you last longer than the last one,” before going at the customer relentlessly. The customer’s muscle ache terribly afferwords, and for the next 24 hours, the customer gains disadvantage on dexterity checks and dexterity saving throws. (Negative)
  30. The Cat Lord’s Lover (Male Tabaxi): A small, meek tabaxi enters the room wearing nothing but a collar and a pair of bracelets. He will do as he is instructed, even if it results in his ‘death’. If killed in any manner, he will revive within an hour. Damage sustained to the tabaxi quickly heals at 1hp per minute. He has little understanding of word-play and will take phrases literally. He will not, however, leave the room. If he gets to perform a “unique” act, he will thank the customer and reward them with access to a one-use version of the “Death Ward” spell.
  31. Shell-Game (Male Tortle): For the next 24 hours, the customer gains advantage on Deception Checks.
  32. Blind Man’s Bluff (Unspecified Warforged): A strange looking warforged appears in the corner of the room whenever the customer blinks. Only when they blink, or if they close their eyes, does the creature move. That does not stop it, however, from making advances on the customer whenever possible. The customer gains the one-use version of the “Blink” spell.
  33. Jack Frost (Male winter eladrin elf) Jack may not be his real name, but Jack Frost does fit his moniker. A cheery, pale but rosy cheeked elf enters the room, a cool frost following behind him. If the customer gets cold, they can always cuddle under the covers for warmth. Jack’s warmth stays longer than expected, and the customer gains resistance to cold for the next 24 hours.
  34. Silence and Static (Female Blue Dragonborn): A cartoonish looking dragonborn with a long face dressed in a mime’s outfit enters the room. She begins to perform for the customer, before getting more “intimate” with them. Any action performed by the customer in a pantomime like fashion will occur to the dragonborn, regardless of whether it makes sense. That being said, damage caused in this manner cannot be lethal, and will result in her “playing dead” or disappearing before reappearing- within a few minutes. The customer gains a one-use version of the “Unseen Servant” spell.
  35. Hooligan (Male Halfling) A small, fit but overweight, Halfling runs into the room. He chats with customer about games and cards, and is willing to show the customer a few tricks he knows. He then shows the customer a few more ‘exotic’ tricks. If the customer listens to his advice then the next “1” rolled by the customer is rerolled. This must be used before the Halfling feature.
  36. Pins and Needles (Female Yuan-Ti Half-Blood) A snake-faced woman enters the room, a small silver box in her hand. When she gets close enough to the customer, she will offer to do acupuncture to them. While severely relaxing, the customers muscles grow tired. For the next 24 hours, the customer gains disadvantage on strength checks and strength saving throws. (Negative)
79 Mister Large (Male Duergar) A small dwarf with a large beard enters the room. Well dressed and smoking a pipe which smells of heavy-tobacco and spice, he performs several tricks, blowing smoke rings and other interesting shapes. At the end, he takes a deep breath and breaths forth a dragon, which envelopes the room. When the smoke clear, it is revealed that he has grown significantly in height. The customer gains a one-time use of the enlarge person spell.
  1. King of the Seas (Male Triton): A tall, well-built, red skinned Triton makes his way into the room. He is charming, though a bit bubble headed, and complements the customer whenever he can. He dressed sparsely, but regally. ???
  2. The Hedonist (Male Human): A young, noble looking human enters the room. He is equipped with a bag, and plans to test the limit to find a new thrill. The world to him is quite dull, and he needs this. Roll 3 checks for constitution, dexterity, and charisma (DC 20). For each successful check, the character receives an inspiration point.
  3. High-Octane (Female Quickling) The customer gains a one-use version of the “Haste” spell.
  4. Coin Operated (Unspecified Warforged): A warforged is wheeled into the room and left standing. A coin-slot is seen on its left thigh with the words “Insert Coinage” written in common. Any coin can be inserted into the slot, which will cause the warforged to activate for an hour. Higher value coins produce better results. If gold and platinum (or higher) are used, then the customer gains an inspiration. If a magic coin is used, the warforged goes into overdrive mode and no other coinage is needed for the 8 hours period, the customer also gains an inspiration and the one-time ability to add +10 to a single attack roll.
84 The Marvelous Mr. Toad (Male Bullywag) A well-dressed Bullyway hops into the room. He is charming, energetic, and full of spry young energy. However, he does not, in any way shape or form, act as a normal Bullywag would and seems well versed in more noble pursuits.
  1. The Sugar Daddy (Male Half-orc): A large, burly half-orc squeezes his way into the room. He is coated heavily in hair, jewelry, and musk. Though incredibly large, he is surprisingly gentle and seems to care deeply for the customer. At the end of the night, he thanks the customer for their kindness and says that they made for an excellent courtesan before promptly leaving. For the next week (5 days) the character’s living condition is considered one higher than what they paid for.
  2. The Jinx (Male half-elf): A frazzled looking half-elf enters the room. He seems incredibly nervous, and as he romances the customer things seem to naturally go wrong. He is far more pitiable than romantic, though love-making is one place he doesn’t mess up. For the next week (5 days) the character’s living condition is considered one lower than what they paid for. If they live a wretched lifestyle, they suffer 1 exhaustion per day. (Negative)
  3. Adonis (Male Elf) An impossibly handsome man enters the room. A form that seems to near god-like perfection on every aspect, one cannot help but feel inadequate when confronted by his gentle voice. For the next 24 hours, the customer gains disadvantage on Charisma checks and charisma saving throws. (Negative)
  4. Wild Thing (Female Tiefling): A young, wild-eyed and wild-haired tiefling comes into the room. She is keen to get started in the love-making, though she is incredibly unstable. Roll on the wild magic table (104), wand of wonder, or a custom wild magic table, with both Wild Thing and the Customer being affected as targets or casting subjects.
89 Who am I? (Unspecified Doll Golem): A small, hand- crafted golem enters the room. They are featureless, though are dressed in the clothing of the customer’s preferred sex. The creature is fully sapient, and will pantomime out suggestions of what to do. ???
  1. A Man’s Heart (Male Yuan-ti Abomination): A humanoid, snake-like creature enters the room and offers the customer a strange tonic. Should the customer drink it, their body will be paralyzed by a strange poison and the Yuan-ti will then consume the customer. The situation is tight, warm, but pleasant. For the next 24 hours, the customer gains resistance to acid damage. At the end of the session the Yuan-ti will regurgitate them. Should the customer not drink the poison, or if the customer is immune to poison, the Yuan-ti will simply sleep with them.
  2. The Blackmailer’s Delight (Female Half-Orc): A beautiful individual enters the room and offers the player a drink, saying that they wish to “know them better”. They will not continue until the customer consumes the strange wine. Within 1d4 days, the customer will receive a letter. This letter will, in detail claim to divulge a rather significant event unless a notable sum is paid. This blackmail can be true or false, but it holds substantial proof either way. Likewise, the sum, while not necessarily monetary, must be significant to the customer.(Negative)
  3. Hells Angel: (Female assimar) with blond hair, blue eyes and an angelic face. She always wears a light blue dress. Her specialty is being able to always perfectly play the damsel in distress for her customers. After the damsel in distress act, it will turn into a deadly game of cat and mouse, with Hell’s Angel hiding her murder attempts behind the damsel in distress act from earlier. If you’re one of the lucky ones who survive her services, you’ll receive a +1 dagger and a note that says “I’ll see you again” in the mail a week later.
  4. Saveera of the Nine Veils (Female Kobold): Her room is patterned in a style reminiscent of the harems of Al-Qadim, luxurious pillows are position around a central stage. From behind the curtains at the back of the stage a kobold appears, dressed in the finest silk, covering just enough to be consider barely decent, but showing enough to entice. Music starts up from seemingly nowhere, and Saveera begins her dance. At the end of the dance she offers the customer the chance to "dance" with her. Those who befriend her learn her real name to be Kip-Kig, and that she initially only worked at the brothel because it was easy money, but soon fell in love with the job and slowly developed her current persona.
  5. Hena the Yuan Ti. Her poison is whispered to give those bitten a light buzz and send them into dizzy spells; every touch feels magnified. Her coiling tail tightens about her victims slowly as the night goes on...
  6. Mystereon (Myst), a doppelganger who, for 50 gp, will be any race, sex or age the client wants. For 500 gp, will use a "Potion of Detect Thoughts" (just a bottle of ale, she banks on the fact that not many people know doppelgangers can cast detect thoughts at Will) to become any specific person or thing the client wants, perfectly mimicking whatever they desire, no matter how mundane or perverse.
  7. Vendara, a medusa who considers herself an accomplished poet. For 50gp clients go into her room blind-folded, where Vendara sits them on cushioned divan and feeds them grapes while whispering about how badly she wants to look them in the eye as her snakes caress their skin. Those who give in to temptation are sold off as ornamental statues to unscrupulous traders.
  8. Two-lip is a thri-kreen courtesan who insists they are a human, just like you. Imagine a giant praying mantis with smudged lipstick, off-color blush, and a tenuous grasp on non pheromonic communication.
  9. The Odalisque Resplendent in Gossamer Veils, This delicate fae draped in veils of silk and spiderweb moves about the room, cleaning and adjusting, dusting and coming so close. Something about her presence enflames desire but inhibits movement; she cannot be approached. She doesn’t touch her guests but rumor has it some of her clients have grown old returning to her again and again hoping for the barest brush of her silks against their flesh.
  10. A young succubus exiled from the underworld (or whatever is DnD's version of hell) for such kinks as handholding or snuggling. She's incredibly shy and lovable. Her mere presence seems to have a calming effect on everyone around. There have been multiple cases of clients falling asleep with her before getting to the saucy stuff and not regretting the money spent. Strongly recommended for traumatized adventurers and chaotic neutral rogues who just need a hug.
  11. A warforged named Fisto, who simply states “you will now assume the position.” Players have a hard time sitting down for 1d4-1 days.
  12. Mad Symphony (Male Succubus): A figure, dressed as a conductor, enters the room. He begins to act as if he is conducting an orchestra. At first nothing happen, then the music begins to play and energy fills the air. When a crescendo is hit, he strikes. The customer gains resistance Necrotic for 24 hours.
  13. Pain and Misery: (Female Gnolls): Pain and Misery come equipped to ensure that the night is “fun”, though whether the customer enjoys it all depends on their skill. Players may make a DC 10 Performance or Athletic check or a DC 15 constitution saving throw. The character wakes up with half their HP; however they gain an inspiration point for staying the night.
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Edit 2: I HAVE RETURNED! And I am going to proof read this list to check whether I have copied and pasted the same thing twice... also I have no idea what to do to get the list on the website so ima ask about that on discord
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