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Cracked 100 ft cat5e patch cord

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Buy online & pick up (19) Cable Length (ft) Pins. Servicing Oakville, Burlington, Port Credit. Cat 6 Ethernet Cable 10 ft - Flat Internet Network Lan patch cord Short – faster than Cat5e/Cat5, Slim Cat6 High Speed Computer wire With Snagless Rj45 Connectors for Router, PS4, Xobx- White (2 Pack) out of 5 stars $ $ 7. 100 Ft Cat5e Network Cables. Cat5e Shielded Cable / 100' Shielded Ethernet Cable Cat 5e / 100 ft Snagless Cat5e Patch Cable / Blue F/UTP Cat5e Patch Cord Protect data against noise & EMI/RFI interference Create secured connections with snagless clips that protect the connectors during installation.

Digiwave 100 ft Cat5e Male to Male Network Cable (EM746100

Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a patch cables used for Power Over Ethernet applications (POE), Networking, Ethernet cabling and more. For the IBM i software order on those servers, order either a currently supported. The N6PATCH50GNCat 6 Patch Cable (50 ft) meets or exceeds all Category 6 cable specifications to ensure reliable Gigabit network connections, and features a durable green PVC jacket that enables you to color code your network cable runs as. 100 ft cat5e patch cord. StarTech.com 100 ft Cat5e Patch C... hop over to this site.

KUNOVA (TM) Ethernet Cable Cat6 Flat 100ft Black, Network

Please allow 10 to 15 business days for this item to become available if you are interested in ordering. Ten different color options are also available to simplify color-coding projects. Cat6 POE Shielded Ethernet Cable- 20 Feet M6-20-POE-STP Your Price: $16.50. Cat5e Ethernet & Network Cable read more here. Cat5e Blue Snagless RJ45 UTP Cat 5e Patch Cable - 25ft Patch Cord.

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This 1-foot cable is blue in color. Cat5e Patch Cable with Molded RJ45 Connectors - 100 ft - Blue Make Fast Ethernet network connections using this high quality Cat5e Cable, with Power-over-Ethernet capability Product ID: M45PATCH100B. Cat 5 – outdated and hard to find. Ethernet, Power, Serial & IR Control, 4K x 2K UHD/1080p, Up to 328 ft. MODEL NUMBER: BHDBT-K-E3SPI-L Description The BHDBT-K-E3SPI-L HDBaseT HDMI over Cat5e/6/6a Extender Kit extends uncompressed HDMI audio and video, RS-232 serial and IR remote control signals up to 328 feet over a single Cat5e/6/6a cable, including an Ultra High Definition(UHD) 3840 x 2160(4K x 2K) signal.

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Connector A: RJ45 Connector B: RJ45 Model #: CY-CAT5E-CMP-100-GY Item #: N82E16812422299 Return Policy: Extended Holiday Return Policy $59.99. EIA568 Patch Cable, RJ45 / RJ45, 10.0 ft" AA1419053-E6 - Nortel Networks - 1-port 1000BaseCWDM Small Form factor GBIC. The Complete Guide to TV Ports: How To Hook Up Your TV. Cat5e Bulk Network Cable - Indoor, Plenum, Outdoor, Shielded, Solid, Stranded JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Tripp Lite Cat5e Outdoor Patch Cord RJ45 M/M 100-Ft (N002-100-GY) This 100-ft.

Serial Extension Cable


Purple Made in USA, Cat5e Ethernet Patch Cable RJ45 read this article. Cat6A 100 Feet Outdoor Waterproof Shielded. CAT5E PATCH CORD 1 FT - 10 Pack. Cat5e Bulk SFTP Installation Cable - for non-plenums and plenums. The gold-plated 50 micron connectors along with the pure copper conductors provide the best possible signal.

Southwire 100 foot Cat-6 Cable, Blue
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Cat5e Unshielded (UTP) Ethernet Network Cable pop over to this web-site. StarTech 7 ft Cat5e Blue Snagless RJ45 UTP Cat 5e Patch. In stock Ships today if ordered by 2pm PST. Redundant Power Supply. Buy N200-100-BL - Tripp-lite - Ethernet Cable, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, 30.5 m, 100 ft, RJ45 Plug, RJ45 Plug, Blue.

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$850 First budget build with monitor

I'd appreciate any comments on my first budget build! Usage is coding/development and gaming (Witcher 3, MH:W). Looking to upgrade to a mechanical keyboard and second monitor within 6 months and a better GPU within 3 years.
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Case NZXT H510 ATX Mid Tower Case $69.98 @ Amazon
Power Supply SeaSonic S12III 550 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply $54.99 @ B&H
Monitor Asus VA24EHE 23.8" 1920x1080 75 Hz Monitor $114.98 @ Newegg
Custom DP to DP Cable, Rankie 1.8m Gold Plated DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable 4K Resolution Ready (Black) - R1104 $9.99 @ Amazon
Custom Mediabridge Ethernet Cable (10 Feet) - Supports Cat6 / Cat5e / Cat5 Standards, 550MHz, 10Gbps - RJ45 Computer Networking Cord (Part# 31-699-10B ) $5.84 @ Amazon
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Custom Philips Screwdriver 2"x4" $7.90
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[Table] IAMA AT&T U-verse (TV, Internet, VoIP) installation and repair technician. Got questions? Ask me anything!

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Date: 2013-11-10
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Craziest shit you've ever seen while on the job? There's a lot of interesting occurrences. Once had a lady call in a repair because her internet would stop and then she'd hear voices coming from her walls. And that someone else's phone lines were crossed with her VoIP line. Installed the guy that plays the dead CO in Hills Have Eyes 2 service. Then somehow got him again when he moved. An apartment that had dead worms along every inch of every floorboard. Apartments so full of cockroaches I left all my tools and boxes outside. In the crib, behind pictures, everywhere. Installed a porn actresses service while her and her costar complained of early morning shoots. Was tipped off by all their convention promo material in the back rooms. More grow houses than I can count. There's been quite a few times I can recall saying "HOLY SHIT" and calling my wife, I'm just trying to recall them. Had lightning strike a tree in the backyard of a house I was working in while I'm on the side of it, on a 28' ladder in the rain, stapling coax to the side of it. One might say my asshole got three sizes smaller that day.
And this creepy as fuck note I found under a kid's bed. Link to imgur.com
I did an install in a house that had 3 attics, and in one of the attics there was a 15ft drop down about 8ft wide and 10ft long. it was the strangest thing i have ever seen in house construction. How about when they decide to do an addition, but leave the old rod plywood there and just kick out a 9 inch hole to connect the 2 attics? Or the 2 foot by 2 foot square of death that goes from attic to ground, in 2 or even 3 story houses.
What's the most difficult install you've had? Anything where the customer says "I just recabled my house myself" or some variation of that phrase gives us the cold sweats. It depends how you define worst though. I've had houses that are so disgusting I put booties over my boots to keep them clean. Left tools outside so cockroaches didn't get in them. Spent 4+ hours in a 130 degree attic so someone can watch tv in their bathroom.
We had a door to door sales person come by and pitch uverse to us and we signed up. Installation day comes and they cut off our phone, cut the wires on my directv install, and then determine that we are 5000 feet to far from the end of the line so they pick up and leave. We had a 6 month old, no dial tone, and live in a cell phone hole (thanks AT&T). How did they manage to start an install without first checking our eligibility? A lot of techs start taking things off the splitter at the same time as "checking sync" in interest of time management. It's inly really a good idea if you know the neighborhood, which apparently he didn't. The phone thing...our signal comes over the phone, so it makes sense it would go down while he tested and the I&R tech checked the loop length, usually a few hours. However, it should have all been reconnected after they left. Any time beyond that is error. But the tech SHOULD have checked that the signal was good before taking down your tv.
Why must you throttle me while I watch streams? Well, that depends. AT&T only throttles home internet if you've gone over your monthly 250 gb limit. It's done as a way to combat lost revenue to people canceling tv service to switch to streaming platforms (hulu, Netflix etc.) If you haven't passed your cap and it's only affecting you while streaming, you have a service problem and may need a tech to come out. Try Speedtest.net to verify your hsia speed. Also, try turning off your set top boxes first. If you have HD and more than one, they can dig into your bandwidth. Sometimes the rg just gets finicky as well. Try unplugging it for 10 seconds and plugging it back in.
I have signed up for UVerse two times in two states (KS and TN). The first time in Kansas, I waited 23 days for an install and then got stood up for 3 days and spent 16 hours on the phone. I went with another ISP. Round two, TN, same damn thing. This time I didn't wait nearly a month. Why is UVerse support so effing terrible? 1st rule, always call before 3pm central time. You are dealing with 3 different departments sales back office, dispatch, and lastly field operations. The worst thing ANY telecommunications office is at is communicating. Sorry they screwed you up pretty bad, as a general rule, techs hate dispatch and barely tolerate sales. What PROBABLY happened is sales generated your order and the system said X date is available, then later, UVDC overbooked the entire day. The computer dispatches us, and more than likely there weren't enough bodies to cover the load. So they kept putting you back in for tomorrow. The trouble is, there's so many hands in the pot, but they're holding the wrong one. And there's no accountability EXCEPT for the tech who got your ticket 3 hours after the appointment window, after you left for work or something. I'm sorry that happened to you. They ever make it right at all?
Sadly no. I was really excited for it too, I am a gamestreamer and really wanted some fiber optic action. Because of this, I don't have cable or anything, internet makes the world go round. Almost an entire month without, and then it happened again, I just gave up. Write an angry email. That shit delivers, next day usually. Or at least call and ask to speak to the CRC. That usually works, just not quite as gangsterly.
How do you get such a job? High school diploma, clean dmv and criminal record. They prefer either wiring or customer service experience (mcdonalds counts) but it's not necessary. att.com/careers.
The standard Motorola modem for u-verse: It's wretched. The 'net is littered with the same complaint of how it disconnects service so often. And yet AT&T has done nothing as far as I know. And I'm stuck on a 12-month contract. Can you shed any light on this? Is there anything that can be done? Do you have tv as well? That's important because different services get different modems. If you do, and your hsia has problems, does your tv go out as well? If it doesn't, is it just wifi or do hardwired pcs go out as well? If you don't have tv, what model Motorola modem do you have? What problems are you having exactly?
I was actually on the phone with AT&T earlier today and they said that my location doesn't support the NVG589 and that I'm just stuck with the NVG510. Welp, time to switch ISPs Phone support will say that. You need to get a tech out there who doesn't want a repeat. He'll put in either a 2wire/pace 5031 or nvg589. It's a little bending of the rules every tech does in order to provide good, stable serviced and avoid a repeat.
Do you guys really worship cows? For lunch. And footwear. And on long, lonely nights.
Is the pay good? Qualifications needed? How did you get into it? High school diploma, clean dmv and criminal record. They prefer either wiring or customer service experience (mcdonalds counts) but it's not necessary. att.com/careers.
Any cable guy porn occurrences irl? 2 guys I worked with had transferred from somewhere else. They told stories of this lady everyone knew about that would call in repairs and then blow the techs that showed up. A guy that got transferred out of a nearby yard got fired for having sex with a customer. Another guy got suspended for allegedly looking at naked pictures of the customer's wife that were on the computer. Didn't get fired due to lack of proof. I once had a former Budweiser girl/playboy college special edition girl come on to me pretty strongly, but I'm married. I say former because she was mid to late 30s. Still pretty hot though.
I just recently got U-Verse phone and internet. So far I'm very happy with the service. Can you tell me a bit more about the technology? I think it is FTTN, but what's the local haul? DSL? I know I received what looks to be a standard ethernet hand off. Fiber to the node (fttn) runs fiber to a vrad, superimposes the signal onto copper phone wire. It can push 100-3000 feet single pair, up to 5k bonded. At the house it can be on either cat5, coax (though we're getting away from that) or existing iw to the modem. We do fiber to the prem (fttp) in most new construction. That feeds a box that in turn feeds your modem over Ethernet. We also do ipdsl(am) which runs fiber to the CO and then sends the signal up to 14500' to the prem. it can't offer as high of speeds though.
Verizon and Comcast techs are hacks, is AT&T just as bad? Depends on how much the tech cares and how much pride he takes in his work. As with any job, some people are just smarter than others. We get better, more advanced and diverted training than a lot of other companies, it's up to the tech to use it though. I can honestly say that most of the techs I've worked with have been pretty good. We take pride in being more advanced than cable slingers because we have to know more about everything, especially networking, to make our product work. We also have a numbers system in place to make sure we don't suck. If we see a customer and that customer has to call back in within 30 days, we get dinged for it and have to explain it to 2 levels of management. Techs are really held accountable for all aspects of the job, even the ones we have no control over.
Couple of questions: 1.What signal level meter do you use? - and are you guys required to check for signal leakage? 2. Why is it marketed as ftth (fiber to the home) when it's really fiber to the optical node, or fiber to the curb? 3. For realz- where does the fiber line stop? Different for each location or just one optical HFC node for a neighborhood? Spill the beans, bro... We use a JDSU to check signal. There's three kinds of set ups. Fttp (fiber to the prem), which is fiber right up to your house where your power meters and such are, to a box that converts it to Ethernet to feed your modem somewhere in the house. Then there's FTTN (fiber to the node), fiber optic to a node in the neighborhood where a big server box puts the signal on the phone wires to your house. Then there's fiber DSL or ipdsl, where the fiber goes to your local CO and from there it comes over copper to your house; that only carries hsia and VoIP. We never call it fth or claim that it all is.
Is it really possible for U-Verse to bond two pairs or use two physical lines in parallel to increase distance? I have U-Verse dsl but it's a slow 3 Mbps and desperately want more. but they say I'm too far (14,000 ft.) from the Central office. There is no cable where I live, but I do have two phone lines coming into my house. What can I tell them to get them to at least try it? You are trying to get what's called ipdslam uverse. Pair bonding for that is supposed to roll out in several areas by this month. It is already in full use for the regular product. When you call, simply ask if bonded pair ipdsl is available yet in your area. If so, they'll come install an nvg589 modem, but will have to run a cat5 line from your outside box to the modem location.
I have U-verse and use the wireless router on the modem they provided. I live in an apartment complex and it seems that my service will be suuuper slow one day and normal the next. Only over wireless though. My wired computer remains a consistent speed. a) Is this because the router they gave me is garbage? and b) Can I use my own router and how do I set that up? Sorry if this is asking to much. The best way is set your personal device to a wireless bridge mode so it acts just as a wireless access point, let the att rg handle all the dhcp and actual routing, otherwise you could fuck up the everything, tv included.
What's your 'go to' technique for dealing with angry/venting customers? Listen to their issue. If it truly is an att fault issue, sincerely apologize and try to make it right, even if it fucks my numbers all up for the day. A lot of times when it's actually the customers issue I apologize for their issues, try to explain what's happening. They're usually cool after that, but sometimes they get belligerent. That's when I calmly explain to them that I can fix their issue and they will see the $99 trip charge on their next bill.
I understand we all need to earn a living but how do you sleep at night knowing you work for ATT? Pretty well cuz my children aren't crying about being hungry. Also, I'm the guy with an honest wrench, not a guy in a suit.
Do you know if AT&T actually does throttle Internet speeds? Home service, unsure. I've asked techs in the SBO and Tier2 and gotten both answers. You get a 250gb/month limit. If you somehow manage to surpass that you either get throttled or a charge on your bill. I've never actually heard of anyone surpassing or even coming close to 250gb in my professional life, so I honestly can't say for sure. Cell phones, yes, yes they do.
I've been with ATT for over ten years and have finally given up on them, however my contract is not over. How can I get out of my contract without paying the cancellation ? You had a 10 year contract? The usual wY is to be able to demonstrate that you've had steady problems, multiple tech visits, calls etc. You may have to get a little forceful and go a couple links up the chain. They sometimes will make exceptions to the rule. Not always, but they're the only ones who can. Also try calling and speaking to CRC, they might be able to as well. Just call and ask for them because you "probably want to cancel."
When I first got my U Verse, first thing I did was go on speedtest.net and see if I was getting what I paid for. Happily, I was. Only it listed my IP as being in Kansas City. I live in Los Angeles. I got fine pings and it's perfect now, but what the heck? Any clue what was up? Att does weird relaying, that's why you can't run an ipconfig/tracert on it reliably. And why at first 911 calls on VoIP had issues, you had to give them your address or they might show up to a house in the wrong state.
AT&T construction splicer here... Single pair UVerse works out to 3000 ft from the VRAD, pair bonding pushes that distance out to 5000 ft. Do you know if your neighborhood is serviced by a VRAD? The distance to the CO is irrelevant, the VRAD is where the fiber feed stops and turns to copper. He's talking about ipdsl. That's why CO footage matters.
There is no pair bonding with ipdsl... Yes there is. We have modems already built for it (nvg589). The rollout began the first of this month .
Where are you? I am in North Carolina USA. I'd like to be able to tell AT&T they can do it! Ca.
I have had uverse tv and internet for over a year generally pleased with the service but on demand never works had three service calls and no good answers. One guy told me that on demand doesn't work all the time. Many times we have ordered movies been charged but cannot watch the movie. So then we have to call customer service and be on the phone for an hour. Sounds like a nice Friday evening. Have you ever ran into something like this? Do you have a plug link anywhere in your house? It's a device that an Ethernet cord plugs into, and is hooked directly into a power outlet. Then there's another one at the modem location, thereby using your homes power wiring as Ethernet.
Question.. Is there really a differences in internet packages? I was told about a bunch of packages that start at $35, then a $40, and a $45. The website says the lowest package gets 3mbps which would be plenty for gaming. Is that true? Should be, but I would do at least 6 or everyone else in your house is going to hate you. We used to offer 1.5, I hadn't heard it was dc'd...
No I have the wireless receiver in the living room and a modem with a WAP in the bedroom. What about PC connections?
No only use Wi-Fi the box in the bedroom is connected to the modem. If they haven't replaced your boxes or tried to troubleshoot your main feed, replace the filter and all the connections, possibly run a new homerun, they might need to a rip and rebuild on your account. On demand may OCCASIONALLY glitch, but absolutely not regularly not function.
How many idiots do you get a week? More than I can keep track of. Everyone is an idiot in someway or another, I've learned.
I work in Uverse sales, what shouldn't I say? Every box is wireless. We haven't seen that in a while but we used to see it all the time. Also stress the stream management aspect, especially when they want 5+ boxes. Also how they get total bandwidth to their house, from that phone gets first dibs (1-2 megabits), then TV (1-3mb for SD, 5-7 HD, per active stream), then hsia gets last. Usually 6mb and below won't notice a problem, 12 might, 18 and 24 definitely will notice hsia slowing. AND THAT THEY NEED TO HAVE THEIR GODDAMN FURNITURE PULLED OUT AT LEAST A FOOT, PREFERABLY MUCH MORE, AWAY FROM THE WALL SO THE TECH CAN DO HIS JOB. WE'RE NOT ALLOWED TO MOVE ANYTHING.
Can you explain why when I had uverse installed the first tech said, "I'll run Cat 5 or 6 (can't remember exactly) to every room. That's the way we do if there's no existing wire." and the next tech that to install on a seperate occasion, "Said I'll run coax to every room even though you already have Cat 5/6 because it's the standard." Now I should clarify that both installers thought I was a first time customer. The first time I signed up and canceled within 30 days because the service was TERRIBLE. About a year later they made me another deal I couldn't refuse and this time the service has been fine. So which way is standard, and why does it very between techs? Both are technically standard. Cat5 hrs to the modem are the new standard, but coax, existing and new we're also the standard for years. As far as TV lines go, that's a tech preference. Cat5 either works or doesn't, you'll never have pixelation or freezing, it just flat won't work if there's ever a defect. Coax is tougher and more forgiving, but you might end up with difficult to find causes of pixelation and freezing down the line. Another benefit to cat5 is options later. You get rid of TV service or that box, now you have a PC/console hook up. It all comes down to customer and tech preference.
Thanks for the suggestion. I still don't understand why they cant copy existing programs onto the new DVR?..? I would bet money that the hard drive is fine and it is another hardware issue that keeps failing...just a major pain in the ass to lose months worth of shows every time. Tech is there, the actual reason is it brings up licensing and certificate issues. There's some kind of weird piracy rules and network rights thing that really shouldn't have anything to do with it but somehow do.
AT&T recently began offering U-Verse in my neighborhood, and my neighbors bought it. But when my mom called to see if we could switch from Time Warner to U-Verse AT&T told us that it was not offered in our neighborhood. My mom proceeded to tell them that our neighbor, who lives 200 ft away at the most, now has U-Verse and they said that they would have to resurvey our address or something like that. Why did this happen, why can AT&T not know where its own internet service is even offered? Are they on your street? If so, it could be the address verification system. Sometimes it's literally down to how it was typed in when they looked you up. If you have a landline phone, have them look you up that way, it's more accurate.
I'm an AT&T U-Verse customer since 2009. I was actually introduced by a those solicitors who come to your door to offer. The internet download speed is good but the upload speed is crap. I started out with 1.5Mbps internet and now in 2013/2014, I moved my way up to 18Mbps/1.5Mbps plan. I have a 50% off promotion offer that reduces the price of the original $56 to $28 a month and signed a contract to keep that price for a year. Realistically, they offer incredible download speeds which is great but the cons to AT&T U-Verse is that their upload speed really sucks. I've called 3 representatives over the line in the Retention Dept. and a Online Chat Representative and they were unable to successfully renew my contract. All four of the representatives told me that I would receive an email confirmation but never received that as well. If I had the chance to go with Google Fiber with their 1Gbps internet and leave AT&T U-Verse, I probably will unless they offered a lower price and at 1Gbps Internet. Now, the question is my contract is ending and I wanted to know if renewing my contract for another year would be possible? You should be able to once your contract term ends, but it depends on available promos. And yes, unfortunately the best upload speeds we offer is 1.5. I've seen tests hit 1.8, but that's an anomaly.
I live in a fairly large house (4000 Square Feet) before we would have issues connecting to the wi-fi from anywhere upstairs. Our tech replaced the downstairs modem and installed one upstairs, but it only works as an Ethernet connection. Any suggestions? How is it fed? Phone, coax or Ethernet? What is the model #?
Standard issue motorola downstairs, ethernet that runs to a computer, tv, and a dvd player. It also runs a 2wire gateway modem upstairs. That tech suuucked. No way in shit will that work.
Any recommendations? Can you take pictures of the backs of each, without unplugging? PM if you'd prefer. Making me crack my knuckles a little here ha. Sorry about the delay btw.
I work for a small law firm and we tried to order AT&T Uverse however 18 days after nobody showing up and the sales staff refusing to do anything because they only worked in sales we canceled. Why would it take 18 days or more to hook somebody up? Demand outpacing workforce.
High school diploma, clean dmv and criminal record. They prefer either wiring or customer service experience (mcdonalds counts) but it's not necessary. att.com/careers. Oh and the pay is pretty decent, depending on where you are. Benefits too. Union. But in California the CWA is ran by corrupt pussies.
Exactly. If you're not an active member in your union, you really can't complain. Yes you can. Especially when you are active, and your local doesn't put any effort into your grievances because you backed the opposing election ticket. And your paperwork "disappears" for previously filed grievances.
I work U-Verse Retention, you guys are great! You should PM BillboT_Baggins, he's got an issue.
Thanks! You guys are one of a couple depts we can trust to really get stuff done. Thanks for saving us all the jeps!
That new wireless uverse box looks pretty cool. Aww yeah! They're awesome. I have 2!
Employee discount is a 30% discount, free hd, free boxes up to the maximum 8. I pay $102 for 6 meg internet and u200. I pay, $80, under my wife's name so no discount (they wanted a deposit) u200, 6meg hsia, DVR, 2 wstbs, hd. Either I did something right or you did something wrong lol.
Nice try Randal Stephenson... Ok, now I believe you're a tech.
Hey fellow ATT employee!I'm a manager for a corporate branch in the southwest. We love our tech and installation guys! Keep giving uverse to the best part of ATT!! Gracias sir, we try our best.
Why do many techs cut exsisting lines without consulting the home owner first. More than should, even though it's in the Premtech Guidelines to do a walkthrough with the customer. A lot of techs kinda go on autopilot. They see what they have to do and just do it. The problem comes in when they don't ask customers first. What if they wanted to keep dish in 1 room? Or wanted the cable removed from outside of their house? Also, when you start doing the house work before you know you have sync, you're asking for a problem.
Both of my neighbors on either side of me, approximately 20 yards away, could UVERSE, but for some reason my house was served from a different box and I had to wait another 18 months. Sometimes the way AT&T wires their shit makes no sense (reference OP's pics of the boxes above for proof.) No, you're in the same box if neighbors on both sides of you had it. Their records were fucked up and/or they were putting your address in wrong (which happens all the goddam time, our system is extremely finicky).
Im wondering how we can make the routemodem into a modem only and just use our own router. what can i do cause it seems the performance of the router is no good. The best way is set your personal device to a wireless bridge mode so it acts just as a wireless access point, let the att rg handle all the dhcp and actual routing, otherwise you could fuck up the everything, tv included.
Go out with a belt for lunch in my room to get the chance. Huh?
I enjoy reading it, you started it at a bad time anyways. Couldn't get to sleep at 3am...
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