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Now, you need to find the Criatura. Walkthrough - Forging Merchant/Blacksmith Guide my sources. Engineered by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) and the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), with a team led by S. Alan Stern, the spacecraft was launched in 2020 with the primary mission to perform a flyby study of the Pluto system in 2020, and a secondary. Gems Seller/ Donations Clones Shop/ Collectible Headgears: You won't really use this three unless you want to see what kind of items you can get later on, and the effects of each. Kind of like a choose-your-own-adventure, but with fate. Local design experts deliver the expertise to fabricate and assemble device interface boards, creating solutions for your interfacing.

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Home; bolter professor build ragnarok online mage; Ragnarok online renewal sage guide 10 may 2020. Ragnarok 10 sure refine hack. Continued from page 3 But when she and her new husband looked in the box, only 12 cards remained. Tagged as cheat, exploit, hack, ragnarok online, refine, refine hack, valkyrie. Farm on monsters you can 1 hit and with less travel time in between for efficiency. MaxHP + 10% [Every Refine Level] MaxHP + 2% -Compound on: Armor ID: 4462.

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See this is how easy it is to get your equips upgraded Lol, Bored ABC Action News WestNet-HD, the home for WestNet Wireless High-Speed Internet customers in Calgary, Alberta & Santa Barbara California. I am now playing Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love for almost 2 years using an ADL Ranger. You might not realise, but most of us make use of at least one digital-to-analogue converter (or DAC) every single day. My weekly Schedule for the coming week - 2. Information Regarding Last Nights Update The trick or treat npcs are scattered over many of the major cities in the world. Xiuang! WWX.Net SWS: //www.cityofdenver.website/Blount. Normal Class Quest Guide Level 1- 230.

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Source Editor Windows Shabbat Search Engine JewJewJew.com. Here's what's changing: For the end of july, please make sure that you're subscribed to the newsletter! When killing a monster and a card drops, it now emits a large purple pillar of light on top of the card, for easy visibility. Ultimate Beginner's Guide for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love https://eldiesel21.ru/download/?file=1111. Ragnarok 10-17-2020 Part 1 of 2 (filefront) Download BlackOutRO - Ragnarok 10-17-2020 Part 2 of 2 (filefront) Download BlackOutRO at file front but it just brings me back to the homepage of file front. Refining your weapon up to level 4 i.

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Cart Termination Build Stats, Equipment, Skills. Ultimate Guide to Upgrading, Enhancing, Refining https://eldiesel21.ru/download/?file=1110. I already removed the possibility of monster spawn by making a change in the script, not sure if its a bug or if getting no item when opening a. As you travel the world of Albion, you're welcome to seduce any men and women that you come across by showering. Go down ladder, go up stairs to the right. The 10 equipment materials used to add a slot must be +0 Refine; Broken items.

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It's up to you if you want to use this Build or make it your reference for your own Character Build. A +10 Immediate Refine Stone will always change your current upgrade to +10 from any level below It will not add 10 to the current refine rate. Create your website today. Kafra Blossom Card (1) / Old Purple Box (1-10. +10 refinement system. - NovaRO Discussion. If refine rate is 9 or higher, increase neutral and shadow property magic damage by 10%.

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There is a chance that the refine attempt will fail. An Updated Re-release, entitled Ragnarok Odyssey ACE, was released on the Playstation Vita and Playstation 3 in 2020. It had been made in Belgium, in 1990 or 1991. What good with Ragnarok Tactics is every 10 hatch.

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IObit Driver Booster PRO 5.2 Key + Crack [Updated] IObit Driver Booster PRO 5 is the smart and simplest driver updater which scans the Windows process of yours for. Originally, the Blacksmith's skill Weaponry Research was believed to add 1% refining chance per skill level (up to 10% at skill level 10) to the Blacksmith. [FF8PC-Steam] Ragnarok Rebalancing Mod (v1.2a & v1.1a) https://eldiesel21.ru/download/?file=1104. Refining Tips: RagnarokMobile https://eldiesel21.ru/download/?file=1099. Ragnarok Online - Beginner/Etiquette FAQ. Bring your products to market faster with advanced test solutions and collaborative robotics.

Tips for new players from a medium player.

Hello RO-T subreddit! I am a fairly midrange player (level 105, ~3.5 million CP) who wanted to share some of the stuff I have learned or would have prioritized differently if I was newly starting. Here are some important things to think about - other mid-high range players please chime in and I'll try to add to this! I'm not really going to get into Arena or Summoner Duel because they are sort of nuanced and complicated in some ways. The only tip I have for summoner duel is if your level is synchronized to a higher level than your units (IE units are synchronized to 160 and most of yours are 120 or 140) it means the enemies units are super high level and are being scaled down, you may as well save yourself the time and forfeit.


Obviously collect your rewards every 12 hours or less so you don't waste anything. 5th and boss stages are much harder than the other stages, and will generally be where you get stuck. 2hr free adventure boost can be used once per day (doesn't save up) or if you have a potion - obtain from login/endless tower. If you feel like you will be able to get further in adventure within the day (as in a while new area, not one stage) then save your adventure boost until you're at the highest area you can reach. The main benefit of getting further in adventure is higher level equipment drops, especially early on. Getting one level 8 piece of equipment is worth getting three level 7 pieces. Equipment drop rates do seem to decline when you reach a new drop tier, but still faster than upgrading.

Geffen Tower

After floor 80, each floor adds something to your adventure rewards, cats training rewards etc. So for example a floor will add +12 zeny per minute, or 50% increase in cat's training amounts, or even add new drops (EX equipment enhancing items) to adventure rewards. This makes your idle time much more valuable. Many, many people get stuck on Floor 190. It's simply a DPS-check - if you're having trouble it's because you need more damage.

Other challenges

Cats training - fairly self-explanatory but try to do the highest levels you can for this, of course.
Zeny collector is a pure DPS-check and can usually be done without a tank if you have a reasonably tough melee DD or two. Spirit Trial favors magic damage. Fruit Garden favors physical damage. This is a random tip that is actually very slightly inefficient but I find helpful - if you clear all stages including the lower ones you are overpowered for, the selection will default to your highest level when you enter the screen so you don't have to tap twice.
Dojo challenge - Obviously put your strongest units, and fill in extra slots to boost resonance. AoE units tend to be really good here because if there is a target near the enemy's poring, they will whittle it down as they attack the unit. Heavy single target units can still be useful to aim at troublesome enemy units or if you have a clear path for them to run to the poring. My go-to strategy in the higher stages is to send my tank along the furthest down channel I can, then when the enemy spawns their second unit, send a high damage unit to the upper channel where they will bypass the two enemies your tank is holding and head straight for the poring. If the enemy poring is killing your units too quickly wait until the enemy unit is about halfway into your territory and spawn something tough to hold it, then use the time to create an army on your side of the map that will eventually steamroll to the enemy's side. Sometimes the enemy team will be like 4-6 super overpowered units and 2-3 level 1 units. These can be pretty hard sometimes but enemy summoning seems completely random so you can sometimes cheese it by restarting until they summon a level 1 twice in a row, allowing you to crush their poring quickly. I buy the summon ticket every day, and only buy goblin keys when I will be left with enough dojo coins to buy the summon ticket the next day. This means I never buy goblin keys unless I have more than 1100 dojo coins.
God Beast Strike - these are heavily faction-based in the beginning, rocks will be much more effective against Fire Garm than a typical scissors unit, for instance. Make sure you read and understand the conditions of the monsters attacks. You have to beat the monster with 60% or more of your team's health leftover to "sweep" the difficulty later. Your first fight of a new difficulty is free until you win, so if you feel like you can get to the point where you can sweep then just retry before beating it until you get it. If you have Eremes, two of these can be cheesed with his "healing skills you" auto skill - Randgris and the Orcs. Randgris summons a healing eggyra that will rapidly murder her when Blood King is on, and the Orcs have an ability that fully restores their HP which means instant death with Blood King. I beat the level 200 versions of these guys before I was passed the level 160 versions of the others. Fire Garm you want to swarm with units (but not TOO many units, read the magnifying glass tips), and attempt to stun his damage single target ability (earth of fire), Blade Maya unequip helm of the sun. If you don't cheese randgris, save your abilities and bring an AoE damager to take out the egg, but not until she uses Bloody Cross ability that puts a tiny target on two of your units - quickly use those two units special abilities, then unleash everything you have to bring her down quickly. On some levels it's also basically required that you stun her other AoE move I forget the name of. For the orcs if not cheesing spread your units between the two and take them down at about the same time.

Fairyland Adventure

get an Angeling, Moonlight, Magaleta or other healing unit to bring along and keep your units going until the highest floor you can reach. You can get EX equipment for your best units to enhance them pretty significantly from here. Once you get Helm of the Sun, healing units become less necessary but still useful in the earlier levels. Beating level 20 gives you a free skin for some monster.

Guild stuff

you can get really far in Endless Tower if you create a solo team, and then "add bots" - it will add the two strongest members of your guild and lets you use their units. Save your goblin treasure keys for events where you get bonuses for using them.
Use gem tickets only when good gems are available or a color you need for enhancing.
Participate in Guild War even if you feel too weak, it doesn't cost your guild anything if you lose your units because any empty spot is free stars for the opposing guild anyway.
MVP Trial MVPs do very little damage - it can still be helpful to bring a tank, but you will generally want to bring your highest damage units and not worry too much about their safety. Faction bonuses are more set in stone based on your units, but elemental bonuses can be manipulated by changing essences. If a unit has fire element and a fire essence, it will get a double bonus to damage on a fire boost day for example.


Always dismantle rare/super rare (and eventually epic) gems for enhancing your gems. In the beginning of the game crit is super overpowered, I usually tried to have two crit red gems (crit/HP for melee units), a yellow crit/crit dmg gem, and a blue crit damage gem (or crit dmg/HP for melee units).
Eventually you can replace some of those crit gems with ATK, MATK etc. as your crit rate/dmg grow. For your tank, stack MDEF for any PVP (magic users are the meta for the most part, or at least the most dangerous part of it) and some mix of both MDEF and DEF for other modes, or just stick with MDEF to keep things simple. While you get gem crystals refunded when you dismantle a leveled gem or use it for upgrading, you will NOT be refunded the zeny used for upgrading. You will also not be refunded any gems used to refine another gem that is then used to refine another gem, so don't refine anything you are not sure you're going to use later. Best gems to invest in, in my experience and from looking at stronger players' teams:

Friend Treasure

Always have 30 friends. I like to go through my friends list every week and find people who haven't logged on for more than a week and delete them to replace them with active players. You can defeat up to 4 friend MVPs (including your own) each day for GP - after that the reward is reduced to 1k zeny. For this reason it is helpful to have some friends who are more powerful than you (and can help you kill your own friend MVPs) and some friends who are lower level than you, so you can clear their MVPs for GP. You get a 30% bonus to GP if an MVP is killed within the first hour of popping it. Use your free plays on friends MVPs to determine how many challenge attempts you need to completely clear that MVP. For example I know I do 20-22% damage to the level 270 MVPs at my level and that I need at least 5 challenge attempts or 4+free to clear the MVP. This is helpful for planning what is worth spending your attempts on. Sometimes I will save my stage 3 MVP for when I know I can clear it right after making it appear, for the first hour bonus. Always pop the 5th stage immediately though even if you personally can't clear it - just popping the 5th stage starts the 14 hour timer over even before defeating the MVP.


eventually only SS units will be useful at all, and later than that only specific SS units are useful - I recommend taking a look at this post to get a good idea of the units worth investing in. Focus your feeding, wonderland, and leveling on a core group of 5 units.
Use your S-tier monsters as fodder for 5* requirements to evolve your chosen team - A-tiers are the only others that can be enhanced to 5* or more, but they are used in other areas of evolution.
Especially early in the game, Monster Rebirth is invaluable. It refunds all of your Zeny and Spirit used to level up the monster, but keeps their star level the same. Early levels you can use this to make specific teams for certain fights. Later on you will generally consolidate to a "core group" that is the highest stars/level you can obtain and expand from there, so it becomes less useful somewhat.
Dismantle extra copies of S-tiers and B-tiers - I generally like to keep 3 of each copy of S-tiers (enough to get them to 5* and still have a copy leftover) as well as keeping 5 copies of one S-tier from each faction later in the game for when you need a 9* for upgrading. I usually keep 32-40 of each faction's B-tiers for evolving.
Connect - feed your best monsters and get them to level 25 connection so you can start Love Connection. This gives bonuses to your units' stats and carries across multiple units, so if you enhance Katrinn to love Connection level 9, then get another copy of Katrinn, it is automatically at level 9 with all of the same bonuses. Wonderland can be used to get 3-4 shards of already owned monsters per day. I recommend using it primarily to power up units you already have at higher levels because it takes absolutely forever to upgrade a new monster through wonderland alone. For example to get enough shards to level a Randell to 250 from wonderland alone would take a minimum of 88 days, and that's counting the first time clear bonus and the copy you got from pulling. To make a 2nd copy after that would be three entire months of wonderland. Also focus on units which can't be obtained from the regular SS monster package, you will get a few of these over time through events and level up bonuses etc. Mostly that means White/Black SSs and some newer color-faction units like Vesper.
An easy way to get a good chunk of GP is to upgrade all of your A/B-tier monsters to level 3 connection. It costs very little (around 1200 feed points total) and gives about 40-60 GP and some rubies per monster you upgrade to level 3.


eventually, only Legendary essences will be valuable - but that doesn't mean you shouldn't level up other essences if you have the shards/hearts of morroc. Once you get an essence to 10 stars, you can convert excess shards into essence points which can then be used to buy more hearts of morroc or shards for your legendary essences. Holy Cruel essence is completely overpowered and should be a primary focus of universal legendary essence shards until at least 7-8.


faction resonance is a little trickier based on your units, but elemental resonance is much easier and more important and can be changed on the fly by swapping essences - Skyfall God (one of each element) gives you 3MP at the start of the fight and increases it's regeneration speed by 15% which is helpful especially if your units have expensive abilities. Doomsday (2 fire, earth, water, wind) gives +8% crit and +30% crit damage, which is incredibly helpful especially paired with some crit gems.

Equipment (regular and EX)

Since you can only ever use 5 units at a time, I generally tend to upgrade as much equipment as I can until I have 5 equal sets, then upgrade tanks, then melees, then damage dealers in that order. I usually don't upgrade until I can upgrade an entire set for the set bonuses.
Set bonuses - wearing two pieces of equipment of the same level will give you an atk/matk boost. Three will give you an HP boost, and four will give you another atk/matk boost. At Love Connection level 9 this bonus will double and it becomes even more important to have a full set. In some cases two sets of 2 (double attack boost) will be better than a 3-match and once piece of other. But a set of four is always the best.
EX - this comment is very helpful to see what the EX equipments can boost once you enhance them. Not all EX equipment are created equal. Focus on getting EX equipment for units that are actually useful in the endgame.

Store/Golden Poring/Real Money

If you don't need to spend your GP then don't. Spending up to 1k GP a day can increase your guild contribution allowing you more chances at MVP Trial, but it's not worth spending just for that. Buying summon tickets from the shop for 210 GP until you have 10 is a better deal over time than using 2500 at once for a 10 pull. When events that allow you to exchange event items for Zeny, Spirit, and Fruit come around, there is one weird specific tip: if you need Fruit there is sometimes the option to buy 2000 Fruit for 600k Zeny - this is a better deal than spending event tickets for fruit (you'd get 1050 fruit for 3 tickets or 750k zeny)
Friendship store - I always buy legendary essence shards first, then whenever I have an extra 500 after buying those out, I buy hearts of morroc.
Monster store - weekly Rank A package is very helpful for evolving. The delicious food packages (5 per week) are also very helpful to buy. I also usually buy 5 of each of the Black/White rank A shards, because I am always always short on them (especially white) but this will be based on your team. Save any extra for Eggyra packages when you need them.
Geffen Token, Monthly Card, Supreme Card - Geffen Token is the best "real money" deal in the game - it's an $18 (US) one time purchase that eventually gives you nearly 50k GP for beating Geffen Tower levels. This is great, but another huge benefit it gives is a daily free gift in the gift store for 20GP and 2 Morroc Essence. That means it gives you an extra free 10 essence pull every 5 days. It takes about 65 days to pay for itself from a free GP perspective alone not counting the tower bonuses. Monthly and Supreme card are very helpful if you want to advance at a reasonable rate. Having both at once gives additional bonuses. This is entirely based on your own budget and how much you enjoy the game - $15/mo is a pretty steep "monthly fee" for a mobile game in its early stages.
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Day 1 player finally broke into Tier 27. I guess I've won Aether Raids now?

Welp, here it is. The moment I've been waiting for. Another thing I can tick off my bucket list, and just before the 3-Year Anniversary, too!
I've been playing practically every day since Day 1, and as a mostly? F2P (I've grabbed the Black Knight Meal Deal, but that was with my Google Opinion Rewards earnings, so I haven't actually dug out my credit card for this game. No whaling here.), I can now proudly stake my claim in the Aether Raids Tier 27 club.
It's been a long and arduous journey, but, having never once pulled a Sothis or Yune to ease the lost lift, I got a strange streak of luck in my defensive matches, only losing -120 when loss control was activate. Though I almost screwed up near the end by accidentally Repositioning a squishy unit in front of Winter Cecilia, I can now say that I have achieved all that AR has to offer.
I've been meaning to make a proper post on this sub for some time now, rather than just lurking in the comments, so now seems like just as good a time to celebrate as any other.

The Squad

Most of my units end up being dictated by what fodder i have available and/or am willing to use. Personally, I don't like killing off GHB/TT units for fodder, and I'll only kill a 5 star exclusive if I have more than one copy. You might see some strange choices for skills as a result.


My main teams usually end up as something like this:
  • Robin/Julia/Aversa/Suitable Legendary
  • Bonus unit
  • Maribelle
  • Peony/Eir
  • Eir #2
If either Eir or Peony end up as the bonus, I'll prioritise Robin for Slot #1 and then have one from the rest for Slot #2. A lot of the time though the bonus unit will just be the Askr Trio/Fjorm.
Although my first introduction to Fire Emblem was Sacred Stones (courtesy of the 3DS Ambassadors program), Awakening was really the first game that hooked me into it. Robin's always been one of my favourite protagonists ever since, even in Smash Bros., and I was fortunate enough to have him as my very first summon back in 2017. This guy's been a centrepiece for nearly all of my teams, and with two Eirs patching up his Resistance (or Peony with added Speed, now), he's made for a good supertank against a lot of the common AR threats out there. Usually though if the enemy team demands it, I'll swap him out for someone more suitable for the task (Julia for Ophelia/dragons, Aversa for debuffing, etc.), but he's still a good boy and underappreciated by a lot of people.
Weapon: Tactical Bolt (Refined) - I'll be honest, I was initially disappointed by this. Sure, I was in the boat that Raven > Owl for Robin, but after Chrom and Lucina got Spectrum Bond I was kind of hoping for the same. A lot of my teams at the time didn't have the option to accommodate for Tactics buffs. But Aether Raids made me appreciate just how important a free +4 to all stats can be. Robin's meant to be the glue that keeps the team together, after all. Assist: Repostion - Bog standard, nothing to see here. Special: Ignis - I found Bonfire often got wasted in a lot of Enemy Phase fights, plus this helps me dent any green units that need desperate taking down. On Defence, Bonfire is preferred as usually the enemy won't let him fully charge Ignis. A Slot: Triangle Adept - The only fault I have with this skill is that no seal equivalent exists yet, otherwise I would definitely run it alongside Close Counter and laugh whenever Fallen Corrin/Tiki run into me. Main use is for warding off Aversa, Sothis and L!Alm. On Defence, I use Close Counter instead to even the odds against melee threats. B Slot: Quick Riposte - Robin's 38 Speed might let him double a few things, but this just ensures that happens. Currently waiting on Null C-Disrupt for staffs, but there's a more important reason I'm not pulling for Nailah that I'll get to in a bit... C Slot: Drive Speed - Combined with his Tactics buff, this means that any ally near Robin is practically guarantee to get a follow-up attack. Seal: Drive Speed - +10 Speed from Drives and Tactics means any ally becomes 2fast2quick. On Defence Chill Attack is used to improve his support for the rest of the team. Support: Maribelle - May as well strengthen my two favourite characters, right? Though I found it funny I never pulled Morgan until her parents reached S-Support...
Introducing the objectively best healer in the game. No other valkyrie has the same potential as the Dire Damsel; Robin's Tactics makes half of Hlidsk... Hlidskalf... Grrfurjiclestan... Veronica's powercreep stick moot, and Brave Camilla has a deathly allergy to bows and lacks the three movement appeal. Gravity+Savage Blow Cavalry is the best choice for a healer in AR. Fight me.
But seriously, blatant favouritism aside, Maribelle is the only unit I will always use in offensive AR. Wrazzle Dazzle Gravity helps defuse a lot of cheese defence tactics, and can buy me more time to move into a favourable position. I'm currently anticipating Maribelle's return to focus so I can (hopefully) +10 her - I know Nailah's on a banner right now, but I'm hoping she turns up on the upcoming Valor banner, without Nina coloursharing if possible, so Robin will have to wait for his staff killing.
Weapon: Gravity+ (Wrathful) - Restricting movement eases predicting where the dancers will go and provides better team support than just giving everyone -4 to all stats. This is the hill I will die on. Assist: Martyr+ - Came with her base kit, and helps out a lot as she'll be on the front line usually. Good for ensuring Miracle goes off. Special: Miracle - Healers don't get a lot of good specials, so I'm thankful this one exists. Helps out in a few clutch situations where she needs to tank a hit or two. A Slot: Speed+3 - "I'm just a poor boy, no fodder loves me." "He's just a poor boy, from a poor family; spare him his life from this monstrosity!" B Slot: Dazzling Staff - Helps against a lot of the cheese strategies, get of Gravity against something that would definitely kill her, as well as laugh in the face of Vantage. C Slot: Savage Blow - Free splash damage never hurt anyone. Seal: Savage Blow - "I promise, this will hurt." Support: Robin/Summoner - Every little helps.
Julia's been my go-to answer for any team relying on Ophelia to nuke things, or whenever there's an infestation of dragons. My first summon was +Spd, which was a superasset, and since then I've been having fun with this experimental set, especially with Peony boosting her from 34 to 38 Speed.
Weapon: Naga (Refined) - Close Counter for dragons, force them to target your Res instead, and Bracing Stance? Sign me up! Assist: Draw Back - She's not as well-rounded as Robin, so Draw Back helps her avoid any melee threats that target her lower Defence. Special: Iceberg - 48/53 Res when attacked (depending on Eirs) means it's going to sting. A Slot: Steady Posture - Budget slot that, combined with Naga and Swift Stance, grants +8 to Spd/Def/Res whenever she's attacked. That's 42 Spd/28 Def/43 Res before Mythic boosts, meaning she can deny doubles and take hits a lot easier. B Slot: Dull Ranged - Simulates her mother's Divine Naga. Ophelia might do ~20 damage with Blazing Light, but she ain't doin' nothing when the actual combat starts. C Slot: Attack Smoke - Helps improve her tankiness by weakening everyone else. Seal: Swift Stance - Again, more Speed, more bulk. Fjorm uses my QR seal, but this is a good alternative.
I originally expected Aversa's Night to be something like its original incarnation - a bit like the Sol Lance in that she'd heal every attack. Boy, was I wrong. You all pretty much know what she does here, no need to explain twice.
Weapon: Aversa's Night - Debuff anyone at or below 63 HP when considering EiPeony. Sounds fun. Assist: Draw Back - Same with Julia, do not want her in sight of a bow. Special: Iceberg - Quicker than Dragon Fang and usually just as strong. A Slot: HP/Spd - Base kit, helps with her tome and with doubling. B Slot: Renewal - Helps keep her tome in range, if Maribelle can't heal her, Eir is busy with someone else, and I don't have a Healing Tower deployed. C Slot: Odd Res Wave - Base kit, no bettecheaper option. Seal: HP/Res - Helps with her tome and with Iceberg, plus HP/Spd is glued to my Ryoma.
Peony and Eir
The two freebie Light Mythics, although I snagged a second Eir in her introductory banner which helped me initially reach Tier 21. Both of them use their base kits, though Eir has the Aerobatics seal for better positioning and Peony has Hone Speed for just a little extra buffing each turn. My original Eir runs Guidance to help out Robin (and often my bonus), though Peony runs it in Defence.
The only noteworthy thing I will say is that my second Eir runs Smite as her Assist. Smite, I would argue, is perhaps the most valuable Assist available in AR, because you can safely detonate traps without wasting a turn, and still keep your B skill free. This combos well with Aerobatics as Eir can jump behind and give someone the push needed to set things off, and Peony can clean up with a dance shoud any danger present itself in response.
I have a few others used for my Offensive teams, but most of them are just Legendaries that match the season, that would take too much time to showcase each (L!Roy, Gunnthr√°, F!Grima, etc.)


The layout itself. Knowing Aversa would be the biggest counter to my team due to a reliance on Robin's buffs, I built accordingly to ensure that the minimum amount of units would risk getting panicked by a well-played Manor. The Healing Tower usually ends up being replaced with whatever the bonus tower of the week is, if it's none of the ones already present.
For the longest time, I was against using any dancers on my team, but with Peony being a F2P option, added with the fact that I lack any Dark Mythics, I figured I might as well even the playing field by including her. Watching the replays, it's a lot of fun seeing my units play leap frog with each other thanks to her Guidance, Aerobatics and Gentle Dream.
Robin, Maribelle and Peony have already been covered, including the changes I make for them on Defence, so I'll only cover the other three.
Black Knight
Know your place! Easily my favourite antagonist from the series, the Burger King's job is to protect any maidens who might be alarmed by the enemy's presence. Armour units are usually easy to play around in AR, especially when tucked away in the corner, so I've made sure that this one's a lot trickier than he first appears to be.
Weapon: Alondite - Standard. Assist: Swap - Standard. Special: Eclipse Black Luna - Why else would you use him otherwise? A Slot: Darting Blow - Though I'd love suitable Swift Sparrow fodder, this plus Robin's buffs usually ensures that BK doubles his prey. B Slot: Wings of Mercy - Now now, this is part of his base kit, so you can't give me flack for using it. This allows the Burger King to swooce in on anyone who doesn't finish their meal properly. It helps him be a lot more mobile, rather than sat gloomily in the corner, waiting for someone to kill him. C Slot: Savage Blow - Free chip damage never hurts, right? Seal: Flashing Blade - Now we're talking. To make up for the lack of Bold/Special Fighter, this with Darting Blow allows free and easy access to Black Luna blowing things up.
Celica is my Bolt Trap bait. Placed tantalisingly right in from of it, alongside the Panic Manor and Tactics Room - if the trap goes off, all of her skills activate, meaning any ranged threat will take a nasty hit first, and any melee threat risks getting alerted by the Black Knight.
Weapon: Ragnarok (Refined) - +12 Atk/Spd just for attacking at low HP? Sure. Assist: Draw Back - You know the drill. Special: Moonbow - Short, sweet, simple. A Slot: Fury - Extra bulk padding meets free recoil for setting off her skills if the trap is avoided. B Slot: Vantage - What about making sure the enemy has to take a hit first? C Slot: Attack Tactic - A lack of a better option that gives Robin a small buff, while making Naesala and Black Knight just a lot nastier. Seal: Brazen Atk/Spd - How about +19 instead? At this point, Celica hits 72 Atk/56 Spd (76/67 with Peony and Robin), which is going to hurt to anyone on the receiving end.
Last, but most certainly not least, is this Crowley doppelganger. Yes, I know he's Anima and not Light, I've been toying with him alonside Duma and never bothered to change. Still, Raven King Beak plus Galeforce offers a lot of fun, and often he can get a cheeky peck at any team that forgets he has three movement from Turn 1...
Weapon: Raven King Beak - Standard, as beasts always have Prf weapons. Assist: Reposition - Helps swing Maribelle or Celica out of danger. Special: Galeforce - Three movement plus flier means bad news for the unprepared. A Slot: Swift Sparrow - Standard, no better option yet. B Slot: Desperation - Pairs well with the rest of his kit, as once he's charged Galeforce from the first combat he can come and dent the second opponent before they can retaliate. C Slot: Attack Smoke - Defence/Speed Smoke would probably be better in the long run, but weakening foes has saved my hide a fair amount. Seal: Heavy Blade - A shame that he can't wield Flashing Blade, else he and BK would swap. Anyway, with his weapon, Swift Sparrow and +6 from Attack Tactic, anything that doesn't have Guard or equivalent must have 64 Atk or more to stop him, a harder feat to achieve when Robin's Chill Attack activates.
This ended up a lot longer than I first anticipated, but I guess I was so excited to complete one of my long-standing goals that I felt I just had to share all the juicy details with you all. At the very least, I'm proud that I've now completed my fifth Grail project, having earned just enough from hitting Tier 27 to get that last merge for Female Robin. With any luck, she will be able to bring similar success in Astra that her male counterpart has in Light.
The only thing I suppose now left to do in AR is keep collecting Grails so I can build up a competent Astra/Anima set; because as much as I love family teatime, I'm not sure any invaders are going to leave this peacefully...
Thank you for staying long enough with me, if you're still there. Having reached Tier 21 in Arena, getting to Tier 27 in Aether Raids was my next big goal. I'm just happy that I've achieved that.
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