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Review of my pencil collection

I promised to write a review of my pencils so here goes.
There are 3 categories based on how much I think I will use them - definitely, maybe and no. No may not mean the pencil is bad but rather because I have a difficult time using it. I'll also score each pencil on build quality (material, durability, sturdiness), comfort (grip, feel) and writing experience (weight, balance, lead size). Don't look too much into the scores tho, I just came up with a rough score and didn't put much thought into it.
The price is what I paid for it and not prices taken from jetpens. (also S$1 = US$0.73 right now) The width of the pencils are either taken from jetpens or measured by me.
I have some specific preferences so I felt that it will be helpful to list them down for better context. I am fully aware that my review is subjective and my opinion may not apply to many people so please don't stone me on the comments. 1. I prefer smaller lead sizes 0.2 being my favourite 2. I mostly use the pencils for math and physics 3. My preferred width is about 9mm 4. I grip the pencil quite tightly so knurling gets uncomfortable. But I will say knurling does have a premium feel to it 5. I hold the pencil almost vertically so i don’t really get lead breakage 6. I prefer tip heavy pencils
Mechanical Pencils
Pentel Orenz Nero 0.2 Price: S$43 Width: 9.6mm This is hands down my favourite pencil, mostly because it uses 0.2mm lead. Something about 0.2 lead just feels great to me. More than that, the build quality is great even with the plastic exterior. Holding the pencil, it feels as though most of the weight is on the inside giving it a unique feel and balance that I quite enjoy. The grip is not the best but works well and is definitely grippy enough. The like the look too, it gives a sophisticated vibe. This is nitpicking but the shape of the pencil is somewhat weird. It has many thin faces and my thumb doesn't rest well on the faces and just doesn't feel snug. The mechanism works great but there are times when the lead slips too far in and it gets scratchy. While it's not too difficult to fix it, it is quite a hassle. The pencil is not perfect but it is the most enjoyable to use. It is quite pricey tho. Build Quality: 9/10 Comfort: 8/10 Writing Exp: 10/10
Pentel Orenz 0.2 Price: S$7 Width: 8.8mm This is the only pencil that really blew me away when I first used it. The 0.2mm lead just gives a feedback and feel that the other lead sizes don't. The orenz does not have the same quality and feel as the nero but seems to perform equally well if not better. The plastic exterior definitely is not of the highest in quality and it is quite light but it doesn't feel cheap in any way. The grip is ergonomic and easy to hold but is nothing special apart beyond that. I think this is mentioned by others as well- the mechanism is a lot more reliable than the nero presumably because it is doing less. Even being much cheaper than the nero, I would not say this is a major downgrade. Build Quality: 6/10 Comfort: 8/10 Writing Exp: 10/10
Platinum Pro Use 1 0.3 Price: S$16.50 Width: 9.4mm Not many people rate this pencil but I do enjoy using it. The build quality is excellent, which is expected as it is made by platinum. It is surprisingly light and the balance of this pencil is comfortable. Regarding the grip, the width of the grip is ideal for me and the metal is not slippery or aggressive all while having a premium sort of feel. On the other hand, the grip length is rather small and does run out pretty quickly, so definitely not for those people who change their grip often. Regarding the lead advancing mechanism, I will say I'm a bit disappointed as it was nowhere near the quality of the pro use 2. Rather than a solid click, the mechanism is more like softly sliding the lead out, something similar to the staedtler 925 25. (I'm not sure this is a lead size thing but I'm assuming it's not) Overall, this is a great pencil that fits my preferences pretty well. Build Quality: 9/10 Comfort: 9/10 Writing Exp: 8/10
Pentel Graph 1000 for pro Price: S$14.20 Width: 8.8mm A very simple and safe option, the graph 1000 doesn't try anything special and that gives it very few flaws. The light plastic body and rubber pads aren't of the highest quality or greatest feel yet it really makes this pencil easy to use. The lead advancing mechanism is decent as per pentel standards. Nothing much is noticeable when using the pencil, so nothing much to complain about. The only thing that bugs me is that it feels a bit thin (although somehow other 8.8mm pencils don't feel thin like this). I don't think it would be a favourite for many but most people will enjoy this. Build Quality: 7/10 Comfort: 8/10 Writing Exp: 8/10
Pentel Smash 0.5 + Pentel Smash Black Gold edition 0.5 Price: S$17 (S$20.30 Black gold) Width: 9.1mm It is difficult to find a fault in the pentel smash. It is simply the better version of the graph 1000. To start, the pentel smash is an incredibly comfortable pencil. The balance and weight is perfect. The rubber pads are comfortable albeit a little weird. It does get less weird the more you use it. Furthermore, the width feels nice, making it very natural to use. As many will mention, the lead advancing mechanism is one of the best. It has a satisfying springy feel that is unmatched by most pencils. Build quality wise, it does not compete with some of the other fully metal pencils but it is nonetheless excellent. Also, it has a sort of unique look that just seems to attract me to it. Reasonably priced, great feel and high quality. Definitely worth a buy. Side note, I gave away the black gold pencil. It does look amazing but I preferred the matte metal on the regular variant as it feels smoother and less sticky. Build Quality: 8/10 Comfort: 10/10 Writing Exp: 9/10
Platinum Pro Use 2 0.7 Price: S$22.30 Width: 11.8mm Quite surprising for the pro use 2 to be so low. It really ticks many boxes. To me, it has the highest quality among all my pencils. The metal and build just separates it from other pencils. Moreover, the lead advancing mechanism is so satisfying. It has a very solid click and definitely rivals the smash. Holding it in my hand, the short length gives it great balance and the thick grip makes it easy to hold. In terms of looks and design, it is up there among my favourites. However, the issues come when I write with it. Firstly, I don't really enjoy 0.7 lead (I know it is a bit unfair). Secondly, the ridges on the pencil are a tad too aggressive. As I have a tight grip, they dig into my fingers, so not that great. Lastly, while the thick grip is easy to hold, it also results in a clumsy feel. It is not a deal breaker but still noticeable. If you think you will like the grip, this pencil will definitely be a favourite. Build Quality: 10/10 Comfort: 7/10 Writing Exp: 6/10
Rotring 500 0.5 (given away) Price: S$19.80 Width: 8.1mm As with rotring pencils, the rotring 500 is of excellent quality. Most comments are similar to the platinum pro use 2 in this regard. Solid lead advancing mechanism and well built. The body is plastic but that does not really lower its quality by much. In fact it gives it a nice balance. While I'm not the biggest fan of knurling, it does feel very nice and grippy. The signature look is very professional and I do like it a lot. The only downside is how thin the grip is. It makes it difficult and unnatural to write with. At times, my thumbnail would press against my index finger so not the best feeling in the world. However, I do believe that I could get used to the grip and avoid some of the issues. With the 600 having all the hype, this pencil should get more recognition. Out of all my knurled pencils, this, in my opinion, is the best. Build Quality: 9/10 Comfort: 6/10 Writing Exp: 7/10
Uni Kuru Toga Advance Metal 0.5 Price: S$17.10 Width: 10.7mm First off, the rotating lead thing is not a gimmick. It works very well. However, the spongy feeling is a big trade off. Even on the advance model, the spongy feeling is very noticeable. It is still usable but really only should be used for writing. Anything else and the spongy feeling gets in the way. With regards to build quality, the metal on this pencil doesn't feel as great as the other metal pencils but is by no means poor. As for the grip, it is not a fan favourite but honestly I don't mind it. While it is a bit on the chunkier side and pretty average pertaining to comfort, I still have no issues with the grip. I still enjoy using it solely because it feels fancy using a kuru toga. It is a good pencil to show off but not much more than that. For those who love the kuru toga maybe worth a look but do take note many people don't like the grip. Build Quality: 7/10 Comfort: 6/10 Writing Exp: 6/10
Omni Anchor 0.5 Price: S$10 Width: 9.1mm This pencil is one of my older pencils. It seems to be obscure but it isn't hard to get where I live. If anyone wants to know a bit about this, it has a knurled metal grip, plastic body and retractable tip. As I used it a lot, I got pretty comfortable with it. However, as I got better pencils this just doesn't stand out. Solid but pretty average in most aspects. If you want a cheaper pencil this is great but from what I have read the gg500 would be the obvious choice. Build Quality: 6/10 Comfort: 6/10 Writing Exp: 7/10
Staedtler 925 25 0.3 (given away) Price: S$21 Width: 8.8mm The staedtler 925 25 is a favourite among many people. Again similar comments with the pro use 2 regarding build quality. Great aluminium body and solidly built. The fine knurling feels amazing to touch although when gripping it I still prefer the rotring. It has a quiet and smooth lead advancing mechanism, not the best but not the worst. The reason I don't rate it better is because the balance feels a bit off for me. Compared to the pro use 1 and graph 1000, holding it just feels more uncomfortable. Looking beyond my preferences, it is a very complete pencil and worth a try. This like the graph 1000 is a safe, solid option but for those who prefer knurling. Build Quality: 9/10 Comfort: 6/10 Writing Exp: 6/10
Pentel Orenz Metal Grip 0.3 (given away) Price: S$12.30 Width: 9.6mm The orenz mechanism is not really important for me at 0.3mm as I don't break 0.3mm lead much. It just gets in the way more often than not. But the thing that brings this pencil down is the grip. The metal grip is almost knurling but not knurling. It ends up being uncomfortable and oddly slippery and doesn't feel good in any way. The rest of it is similar to the orenz 0.2. I think most people will agree with me that the full plastic is the better option but if you like the metal grip go for it. Build Quality: 6/10 Comfort: 3/10 Writing Exp: 6/10
Pentel Graphgear 1000 0.5 (given away) Price: S$16 Width: 9.5mm This pencil is something you love or hate. I hate this. Before I go on to the bad stuff, I want to mention the clicking mechanism. It is just so satisfying. And it works perfectly as well, no wobble in the tip and durable. Besides that, the build quality is pretty decent. However, what I like about it ends there. To start, the balance is just way off for me. It is long and heavy with a centre of mass quite high up. It feels as though I have to fight it to keep it down while writing. Writing with it feels cumbersome. The grip is downright weird. The rubber knobs don't feel good and gets in the way of the knurling. It is more of a hindrance and feels very unnatural to hold. I understand many people love this pencil so please don't stone me. Build Quality: 8/10 Comfort: 3/10 Writing Exp: 5/10
Uni Kuru Toga (original) 0.5 (given away) Price: S$3.20 Width: 10.2mm The rotating mechanism works great just like the advance. However, the spongy feeling is more pronounced. The issue I have is just that the pencil feels incredibly cheap (although I did get it for cheap compared to the other pencils). The quality alone makes me not want to use it. The grip is just a plastic tube and the weight is too light. Maybe I'm a bit harsh in retrospect considering the price, but I won't be using it anytime soon. Build Quality: 3/10 Comfort: 4/10 Writing Exp: 4/10
Lead holders
Kitaboshi 2.0 Price: S$20.50 (with sharpener) Grip width: 8.8mm The kitaboshi was impressive from the get go. The wood is superb and the hexagonal shape makes it easy to grip. Even though the grip is much higher than other pencils, it isn't much of an issue, maybe because of the lead thickness. The wood body makes it light and the balance is pretty good. All this just makes it a joy to use. The lead advancing is incremental rather than clutch and it is excellently built. It has a solid click and it holds the lead very securely. One thing to note is that the pencil is pretty long and may not fit certain cases. This pencil seems severely underrated among lead holders. I would encourage people to get this and try it out. That said I haven't tried that many lead holders so maybe my review could be exaggerated. Build Quality: 9/10 Comfort: 9/10 Writing Exp: 9/10
Koh I Noor 5340 5.6 Price: S$18.80 Grip width: 12.15mm The 5340 is a decent pencil. Great build quality with a full metal body. The clutch mechanism works great and holds the lead securely. The thick grip seems to work well with the larger lead size. The weight, however, can be an issue as it takes some effort to control the heavy pencil. On the plus side, a pencil is easy to grip which helps with the issue. For a 5.6mm lead holder, there are better options out there, but at this price range, it is difficult to beat. The thing is I don't have much use for a 5.6mm lead holder so it is a bit obsolete in my hands. Build Quality: 9/10 Comfort: 8/10 Writing Exp: 7/10
Camel CCW 2.0 Price: S$11.10 Grip width: 11mm The Camel CCW can be described as poor quality. Writing with it is not horrible but the lead seems to wobble slightly. The pencil feels cheap. The wood and coating do not feel good in any way. The lead advancing mechanism is miserably bad. It doesn't even feel like there is a spring inside. The scariest part of this pencil is that the eraser and metal cap are pretty loose, not that they will fall off while you use them, but they do wobble if you shake the pencil. It just seems they didn't really put much thought into the design. The quality, feel and experience makes it feel more like a $2 pencil. I want to believe that I got a particularly bad one but I wouldn't risk buying one. Build Quality: 2/10 Comfort: 5/10 Writing Exp: 4/10
The Neox, Ain Stein and NanoDia are all excellent in their own ways, I don't think one stands out enough to be the best. Also the different lead grades and sizes all perform differently. If I had to pick, these would be my favourites: Ain Stein 0.5 4B 0.5 4B is the only lead that I have of all 3 brands. At this softness the neox is too buttery. The Nano Dia is slightly different but not very noticeable. The only reason it loses out is because the ain stein is cheaper and easier to get.
NanoDia 0.5 2B Very balanced feel. It gives a nice feedback but still is very smooth. The ain stein B is great too and very similar but doesn't have the same writing experience.
Neox 0.3 B At this lead size the smoothness is very welcome. The ain stein is good as well but gets stuck sometimes when drawing curves. The neox doesn't really have this issue. I don't have the NanoDia at 0.3 thickness. So far I haven't found reasonably priced versions as of yet.
Ain Stein 0.2 B/2B Only option available but very good nonetheless.
I apologise for the wordiness
submitted by Nathan_Teo to mechanicalpencils

Servant Spotlight: Paracelcus von Hohenheim and his Coming Strengthening

So, the past few days have been filled with posts about Skadi, and true, with her coming to NA she'll open the new chapter that is the Quick Meta. However, in doing that, most of us forget the other revolution in the meta that is NP Looping, and in that we have our sketchy and guilty-as-charged pharmacist, the one and only Para.
This revolution will be brought about by an upgrade to his third skill Philosopher's Stone - this time not powered by human lives, promise! - which allows the Law of Equivalence to be broken err, I mean turns into a targetable skill that gives one ally three turns of 50% bonus NP gain.
But I'm getting ahead of myself. For now, let's talk about the rest of his numbers, stats, and skills.
Paracelcus von Hohenheim
3* Caster
HP: 9506 ATK: 6711 Attribute: Man Star Absorption: 50 Star Generation: 10.8% NP Charge ATK: 0.55% NP Charge DEF: 3% Death Rate: 36% Alignment: Chaotic Good Traits: Brynhildr's Beloved, Humanoid, Male, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish
Don't be too impressed with all of the numbers above - I wasn't the one to collect them, heck I mostly just copied them straight off of Rabbit's review on him. But TL:DR - as far as base stats go, Paracelcus is nothing special. He won't be dealing much damage with his cards, won't be generating loads of stars, heck for a Caster he's actually rather slow in gaining his NP, which is pretty funny because lorewise he shouldn't have much problems with obtaining mana. Story and Gameplay Segregation at work, definitely.
His NP is pretty weak - in fact, I believe, one of the weakest, if not the weakest Arts NP in the game despite having an NP Interlude - but it is still an AoE Arts NP with a 3T ATK Down to the enemies as an OC effect.
But that's fine. As a support Caster, you don't want him for attacking purposes anyway - save for his NP in certain setups, but we'll get to that later. You want him for his skills, which do have some fairly impressive values to them.
Rapid Casting A - NP gauge UP for self 55 - 80%, depending on skill level. Base cooldown: 10 turns. As a Caster of fairly massive repute, it makes sense that DW gave this guy a variant of our favorite Rapid Casting skill. Unfortunately, this doesn't have the "I go zero to hero!" capabilities of Medea and Nitocris where their versions can instantly charge their NPs to full anytime, and that cooldown is enormous as well. In fact, save for a 5% NP charge difference, one can even say that this is strictly weaker than Andersen's Rapid Casting E, exchanging the capability of being able to fire off an NP with Support Waver's 2nd and 3rd skills with a much longer cooldown.
However this still means that with some help, preferably from a starting NP CE or another support's NP charge - again, Waver, but Merlin will also work on a lesser degree, as well as the Magus Association Mystic Code - Para can easily build enough NP to fire his own. And while Para's NP won't be strong anytime soon, often it works well enough to clearing any non-Rider first waves, which is one of the things he does that makes looping requirements much easier.
On to the second skill...
Elemental A - Arts Effectiveness UP for the entire team 10 - 20% for 3 turns, depending on skill level. Base cooldown: 9 turns. As far as support Skills go, this is fairly vanilla. Elemental A is another of the "card effectiveness up for 3 turns" skills, and while 20% is pretty low for the skill's rank as well as its cooldown, it does work well with Paracelcus's niche. It helps buff the damage of Arts teams, it aids NP gain, and it also does help ensure that his NP kills the first wave if need to be. Personally, he does have Territory Creation A to help him with his damage as well, which helps. All in all, it makes one wish for a better ratio and/or cooldown, but it works for what we need.
Lastly, the true bread and butter of his abilities...
Philosopher’s Stone A+ - One ally 1000-3000 HP Guts status for 3 turns or until consumed; One ally NP gain up 30-50% for 3 turns. Base cooldown: 10 turn.
Now, this is one whopper of a skill. Targetable guts skills are a rarity in general, off the top of my head outside of ROMA, Para, and a future Santa Servant, everyone else in the game with targetable Guts are SSRs, one of which is chance-based. Irisviel does have team Guts in her skillset, as well as Schez post-Interlude, but Irisviel's Guts is locked behind her NP and Schez is another SSR. All in all, targetable guts on its own, especially with such great values, is a niche to be proud of.
Then there's the NP Gain. From what I can recall, this is the highest targetable NP gain buff in the game, and the next closest is Nero Bride with her first skill, and she's a limited SSR. This is massive, because this means that with Para around, people have access to NP looping setups - especially when you consider how Para's Elemental A also works multiplicatively with this skill as far as Arts NP gain goes.

How does one use him?
Simple: to use Para, first you level his skills and pick your NP looper. As far as card typing goes, Para works best with Arts loopers, but his third skill is fairly type agnostic - so he works just as well in Skadi setups as much as he works in Tamamo setups, for example. If you don't mind using his NP on the first wave, you can also loosen the requirements on the NP looper - instead of looping three times in a row, they only have to do it two times in a row now.
So suppose you are farming for, say stakes because stake requirements are a bitch and you want to max out Eresh/Izou/Fujino's skills as soon as possible. In the Execution Site farming node for stakes in Salem, an easy 3T setup for this node will be:
Sieg (Damage CE, preferably Arts Up/NP Damage Up, damage starting NP CEs like HNS or Sumo also work just as well) Paracelcus (any CE) Waver (Any CE) Support Waver in the backline with Lunchtime.
On the first turn you can have the first Waver use all of his skills on Sieg. Assuming Para's 1st skill is maxed, this should allow him to already NP, but if not then you can replace the first Waver with the other one. As long as Para's 1st Skill has been leveled a few times, this should be enough to let him clear the first wave.
On the second turn, depending on the CE you put on Sieg, you would've had to used either all or some of the Wavers' skills to charge him up to full. Use his first skill, and then fire his NP. Personally, I prefer using Black Grail with Sieg in this setup - after all, between two Wavers as well as Sieg's own NP battery, he should be able to fully recharge his NP easily by the third turn. The Black Grail will help him gain overkill as well as assure that he can kill the boss mob at the end.
Finish off the third wave by using Sieg's second skill as well as the combat suit's damage buff, and just like that you're done with that run. This setup takes a while to use, and needs a lot of leveling of skills for everyone involved (good luck on Para's mats, because bones and dust are hell) but this can be applied to a lot of nodes - including most of the coming Gilfest's best nodes.
All in all, is Para's Strengthening worth leveling him? Definitely. Does he deserve more attention? I sure damn think so! :D
submitted by readerdreamer5625 to grandorder

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