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[FOR SALE] Nintendo 64 collection

I have posted it on craigslist where you can contact me through email/phone there. In the Montebello area.
Copy Paste of the text (pics in link above)
EDIT: Updated the List
Selling my entire Nintendo 64 collection, The more you bundle up the more i'll take out of the total price.
Adult owned. Everything is in great condition.
Contact me through craigslist email system or cellphone number provided, text only please. (or through reddit in this case)
Don't bother low balling, the price's aren't going any lower unless you bundle up a few things. Must pick up, cash only.
Everything included is as follows.
(The items in the picture that have been sold off have been moved to the bottom)
Grey Controller - $20
Blue Controller - $20
Gameboy expansion Pack (for pokemon stadium) - $15
Memory Expansion Pack - $20
Extra booklets (as seen in picture 2) - $5 each
And the 51 games listed below.
007: The World is Not Enough - $5
007: The World is Not Enough (Blue Cartridge Version) -$5
Army Men Sarge's Heroes 2 - $5
Banjoe Kazooie - $20
Body Harvest - $5
Castlevania - $10
Conker Bad Fur Day - $70
Dark Rift - $5
Fighters Destiny 2 - $10
Gauntlet Legends - $20
Gex 64: Enter the Gecko - $5
Glover - $10
Harvest Moon - $40
Kirby 64 - $20
Madden 2001 - $5
Mario Party - $40
Mega Man 64 - $30
NFL Blitz 2000 - $10
NFL Blitz 2000 - $10
Pokemon Puzzle League - $10
Pokemon Snap - $10
Pokemon Stadium - $15
Pokemon Stadium 2 - $25
Paper Mario - $30
Quest 64 - $10
Quest 64 - $10
Rampage World Tour - $15
Rayman 2 - $10
Resident Evil 2 - $15
Spiderman - $10
Star Fox - $15
Star Wars: Racing - $5
The New Tetris - $15
Turok Dinosaur Hunter - $5
Turok 2: Seed of Evil - $5
WCW: Nitro - $5
Yoshi's Island - $15
All Box/Manuals SOLD OUT
Atomic Green Nintendo64 system with cables- SOLD
Atomic Green Controller - SOLD
Red Controller - SOLD
Black Controller - SOLD
Memory Expansion Pack - SOLD
Diddy Kong Racing - SOLD
Cruisin World - SOLD
Donkey Kong 64 - SOLD
F-ZeroX - SOLD
Iggy's Reckin' Balls - SOLD
Lego Racers - SOLD
Mario Kart - SOLD
Ready to Rumble Boxing - SOLD
Rush 2 - SOLD
Star Wars: Racing - SOLD
Super Mario 64 - SOLD
Super Smash Bro's - SOLD
Zelda: Ocarina of Time - SOLD
Zelda: Majora's Mask - SOLD
submitted by ADiaz562 to LAlist

[Super Fest] JP Megathread

Contrary to its name, Super Fest is actually just a mini-fest to commemorate the launching of Episode:Magicite. As such, there isn't really much new relics or banners on offer this time, so it's perfectly understandable to skip this in lieu of the real fest end of next month during Golden Week.
Nevertheless, the banners on offer do cater a lot for elemental niches that you might be short on, so they are worth a consideration at least. Also, the format has changed again to 14 relics on offer, which means 1% chance for all. Might be good, might be bad, depending on the no of dupes that you might have.
Rebirth Dungeons and Doomtrain MO are the "main" content this time, which is fine with me since they will usually gift roughly 90 Legend Motes. These are getting more and more important as Legend Dives can give you the edge to clear the super-hard Magicite dungeons, so do try to clear all of them as there's no return.
Also, Fat Chocobo shop is offering elemental resistance accessories for sale again, so make sure to grab the ones you're short on!

Recent JP Megathreads

Episode: Magicite Shadow Lord's Awakening (XI) Crownsguard ~Journey with Sworn Friends~ (XV) Destined Confrontation, Awakening Power (IV) The Door Beyond ~Timeless Bonds~ (Beyond) Dirge of Cerberus (DCVII) Love Guided by the Stars (VIII)

Table of Contents

  1. Notable changes/additions
  2. Rebirth Dungeons
  3. Doomtrain MO
  4. Double Greens Campaign + Accessory Sale
  5. Super Fest banners

Notable Changes/Additions

New LCSSB Locke, Ingus
New USSB Galuf
New BSSB Guy
New Legend Spheres
Locke Requires 100 Dexterity and 100 Bravery Legend Motes
Tier Sphere 1 Sphere 2 Sphere 3 Sphere 4
1 DEF +10 RES +10 SPD +10 -
2 HP +200 Minor Slow resist Fire dmg +3% HP +200
3 RES +10 L.Materia ATK +15 -
4 DEF +15 Medium Slow resist Fire dmg +6% SPD +10
5 HP +400 L.Materia ATK +20 -
Zack Requires 100 Dexterity and 100 Bravery Legend Motes
Tier Sphere 1 Sphere 2 Sphere 3 Sphere 4
1 DEF +10 RES +10 SPD +10 -
2 HP +200 Minor Slow resist Celerity dmg +3% HP +200
3 RES +10 L.Materia ATK +15 -
4 DEF +15 Medium Slow resist Celerity dmg +6% SPD +10
5 HP +400 L.Materia ATK +20 -
New Legend Materia
Locke's "Enthusiasm for Adventure" - Small Fire dmg up Locke's "Phoenix's Blessing" - When critical HP, self 100% HP heal and enter Phoenix Mode (self ATK +30% and Quickcast all) (Once per battle) Zack's "SOLDER's Honor" - Small Celerity dmg up Zack's "SOLDIER's Alacrity" - Begin battle with Haste and Instant Cast 3

Rebirth Dungeons

Rebirth Dungeons Boss Guide

Rebirth dungeons are back and this time it will feature the following bosses:
  • Valigarmanda from Guardian of the Four Crystals
  • Borghen from Scheming Tyrant (FFII)
  • Vetala from The Future Guided by the Brand (FFXIII)
  • Omega Weapon from The Story with You (FFX)
  • Ultima Weapon from Vow upon a Star (FFVII)
  • Leviathan from The Earth Stirs (FFIII)
Unlike the previous Rebirth bosses, difficulty 35 and 99 is also available to challenge this time (hahahaha). As usual the prizes on offer are Legend Motes and 4-star Motes.
Note: Boss guide thread by Zurai will be updated late as he will be on holiday soon

Doomtrain MO

Special MO held in conjunction with Super Fest. Boss is Doomtrain (oh god) and will award players with Bravery Motes.
Click here for Zurai's Doomtrain MO guide

Double Greens Campaign + Accessory Sale

There will also be a week-long double greens campaign alongside Super Fest.
This time, Fat Chocobo will also be selling elemental resist accessories in the shop. As you may know now, the Magicite dungeons are HIGHLY elemental in nature, so take this chance to stock up on the element resists you're short on. It can mean life or death in those dungeons.
Accessories on sale:
  • Bomb Ring (IV) - Fire, ATK +15
  • Skybreaker Earrings (III) - Ice, MAG +15
  • Coral Ring (IX) - Lightning, ATK +15
  • Tremor Earring (XIV) - Earth, MAG +15
  • Vortex Ring (XIV) - Wind, ATK +15
  • Gogo's Bracelet (V) - Water, MAG +15
All of them cost 8000 greens each to buy.

Super Fest Banners

Divided to three phases, each is dedicated to an element.

Banner 1 26/03 03:00 JST - 28/03 14:59 JST

Relic Character Soul Break/Legend Materia
Zwill Crossblade Locke (VI) LCSSB "Atomic Dive" 11xST Fire physical dmg, enemy DEF/RES -50%, activate Fire Chain
Rune Axe Ingus (III) LCSSB "Unbreakable Steel" 11xST Earth physical dmg, party Guts, activate Earth Chain
Platinum Hammer Galuf (V) USSB "Inspiring Effort" EnEarth, arty ATK/MAG +30% and Haste
Kaiser Knuckles Zeta Yda (XIV) USSB "Tornado Kick" 8xST Earth/Fire physical dmg, EnFire, self Instant Cast Monk 3 and Physical Blink 3
Gigantaxe Guy (II) BSSB "Gigant Break" 6xAoE Earth/Non-ele physical dmg, Imperil Earth, Burst Mode
Thieves' Knife Locke (VI) BSSB "Mirage Phoenix" 5xAoE Fire/Holy physical dmg, Imperil Fire, Burst Mode
Aegis Shield Ingus (III) BSSB "Oathsworn Espada" 4xAoE Earth/Non-ele physical dmg, self ATK/DEF +30%, EnEarth, Burst Mode
Kaiser Knuckles Yda (XIV) BSSB "Forbidden Chakra" 8xST Fire/Non-ele physical dmg, enemy Full Breakdown, Burst Mode
Oversoul Tifa (VII) BSSB "Meteor Crusher" 8x ST Earth Physical attacks, En-Earth, Burst Mode^
Godhand Sabin (VI) BSSB "Perdition's Phoenix" 7~10xST Fire/Non-ele physical dmg, no. of hits scales with ATK, EnFire, Burst Mode
Locke's Armguard Locke (VI) Legend Materia "Passionate Treasure Hunter" Start battle with EnFire
Genji Shield Ingus (III) Legend Materia "Loyal Spirit" Low chance to reduce damage taken by a medium amount when equipped with a shield
Monsoon Jinpachi Prishe (XI) SSB "Rigorous Reverie" Medica 40% MaxHP, party Guts and High Regen
Wristband Sabin (VI) SSB "Soul Spiral" Medica 40% MaxHP, Party Esuna and DEF +100%

Banner 2 28/03 03:00 JST - 30/03 14:59 JST

Relic Character Soul Break/Legend Materia
Enhancer Zack (VII) LCSSB "Lucky Star" Party ATK +50% and High Critical, activate Wind-element Limit Chain
Double Edge Tidus (X) LCSSB "A Fleeting Dream" 11xST Water physical dmg, party Quickcast 2, activate Water Limit Chain
Lamia Flute Eiko (IX) USSB "Guardian Mog" 0CT Medica h85, party Guts and Haste
Tidal Knuckles Rikku (X) USSB "Hyper Mighty G" Party ATK/MAG +30%, Protect, Haste, Shell
Rune Blade Zack (VII) BSSB "Meteor Shots" 8xST random Wind/Earth physical dmg, Imperil Wind, Burst Mode
Razzmatazz Tidus (X) BSSB "Abes All-star" 5xAoE ranged WateNon-ele physical dmg, EnWater, Burst Mode
Sargatanas Zidane (IX) BSSB "Solution 9" 9xST random ranged Wind/Non-ele physical dmg, EnWind, Burst Mode
Arc Mirage Meia (I) BSSB "Summon Famfrit" 6xAoE WateNon-ele summon magic dmg, EnWater, Burst Mode
Demon's Rod Emperor (II) BSSB "Winds of War" 6xAoE Wind/Dark magic dmg, EnWind, Burst Mode
Rikku's Dagger Rikku (X) BSSB "Machinations" 10xST random Water ranged physical dmg, Imperil Water, Burst Mode
Shinra Beta+ Zack (VII) Legend Materia "SOLDIER's Chase" Medium chance to activate "Soldier's Pursuit" (1xST Wind physical dmg) when using Celerity abilities
Tidus' Armguard Tidus (X) Legend Materia "Moonflow's Blessing" Start with EnWater
Fujin's Jacket Fujin (VIII) SSB "Zan" 0CT 8xST Wind/Non-ele magic dmg, EnWind
Cat-ears Hat Meia (I) SSB "Elan Vital" 9xST WateIce/Non-ele magic dmg, self Quickcast Magics 4

Banner 3 30/03 03:00 JST - 01/04 14:59 JST

Relic Character Soul Break/Legend Materia
Conformer Rinoa (VIII) LCSSB "Shiva" 11xST summon magic Ice dmg, party Quickcast 2, activate Ice Limit Chain
Iridal Staff Shantotto (XI) LCSSB "Frightening Lightning" 11xST Lightning magic dmg, party Quickcast 2, activate Lightning-element Limit Chain
Artemis Bow Fran (XII) USSB "Scream of the Netherworld" 6xAoE Ice/Dark ranged physical dmg, enemy Imperil Ice, party Quickcast 2
Keeper's Frock Coat Tyro (Core) USSB "Warder's Apocrypha" Party Status Ailment Blink, HP Stock 2000, Haste, self Instant Cast 2
Feymark Snow (XIII) BSSB "The Hero is Coming!" Party ATK/MAG +30% and Haste, Burst Mode
Crystal Cross Rinoa (VIII) BSSB "Angel Wing Icetomb" 8xAoE Ice/Non-ele magic dmg, EnIce, Burst Mode
Enkindler Lightning (XIII) BSSB "Focused Bolts" 8xST random Lightning/Non-ele physical dmg, enemy Imperil Lightning, Burst Mode
Ramuh Staff Garnet (IX) BSSB "Thunderlord's Ordeal" Party ATK/MAG +30%, AoE Imperil Lightning, Burst Mode
Edea Valkyrie Edea (VIII) BSSB "Maelstrom" 8xST Ice/Dark magic dmg, EnIce, Burst Mode
Avenger Desch (III) BSSB "Ancient Thunderclap" 5xAoE Lightning/Non-ele magic dmg, EnLightning, Burst Mode
Institute Hat Tyro (Core) Legend Materia "Keeper's Insight" Start battle with Instant Cast 2
Arm Warmer Rinoa (VIII) Legend Materia "Fated Witch" Up to small MAG up based on no of Black Magic abilities used.
Vega Laguna (VIII) SSB "Freezing Barrage" 7xAoE Ice ranged physical dmg, Imperil Ice
Ancient Sword Desch (III) SSB "Roiling Memories" 6xST random Lightning/Non-ele magic dmg, Imperil Lightning, self MAG +30%

General JP Version Information

Installing and Playing the Japanese version

Why should I play the Japanese version? FFRK came out in Japan about six months before Global came out. Thus, they're further along in terms of events and so have more characters, more abilities etc. Also, the trend has been that certain crossover events which feature games that were not released outside of Japan have been skipped in Global release, meaning there are currently certain items and abilities that do not appear they will ever be available in Global (it does not appear that they are skipping any characters).
What are some features that are currently in JP but not Global? Collaboration Events - some collaboration events for games that were never released outside of the Japan (such as SaGa) are skipped in Global Improved Dailies - Gysahl Green dailies, Summon Orb dailies and twice-a-week XP dailies Limit Chain Soul Breaks - another set of 6* relics which focus on activating a 'chain mode' which rewards further uses of a particular element or ability class with an increasing damage bonus Legend Spheres/Materia - an expansion of each character's Record Dive available once the base board is mastered which grants further stat boosts as well as special, unique passive abilities called Legend Materia Legend Materia Relics - 5* relics that include new Legend Materia which can be learned similar to learning SBs Magicite System - Defeat powerful bosses to summon them in battle and grant party various special passive effects
Is there anything that is in Global but not in JP? The font and minor UI elements are also different in Global compared to JP. Global also has a controversial "MVP Program" where selected players receive items for free; JP has no such program. There are some collaboration items as well as some culture-specific events (such as Black Friday lucky draws) that appear in Global but not JP.
Great! How do I get the Japanese version? Check out the wiki article. Android users may also want to check out this tutorial if you do not know how to access the Japanese store and prefer not to use a third-party app like QooApp.
Can I play the JP version and Global version at the same time on the same device? Yes, the two are completely separate and do not affect each other.
How do I share my save data across devices? Unlike the Global version which uses one-time codes or goes through your iTunes/Play Store accounts, the JP version syncs through Japan's mobage service. Here's a tutorial from Mobage relayed by gelomeister (Android users can of course use Chrome instead of Safari etc.): Important notes - Please start the procedure after closing all browser and tabs opened on your iPad. - For this upgrade procedure, please make all the steps for the very same iPad tablet, including the email sending and receiving. - All actions made through browser need to be done using Safari. - Please note that if you log out before completing the upgrade of your simple membership (かんたん会員), you will not be able to successfully use the data transfer feature. - On our Site, you can register using services such as Yahoo! email or Gmail. Please note that the email address you will need to register must be an email address NOT already registered on our Site. - Please make sure to turn off the Privacy function of your Safari browser before starting the procedure. - How to turn off the Privacy function of your browser: On the bottom/right of the Safari page, tap on the icon in shape of 2 overlapped squares > then tap on “Private” on the bottom/left side of the screen (this will turn on and off the function). ※When Safari’s header and footer are colored in dark gray, the function is "on", when it is "off", both header and footer will be colored in white.
  • Upgrade procedure: 1) Start FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper on your iPad, tap on [メニュー] "Menu" and then [Mobage]. 2) On the bottom of the page, select [Mobageマイページ] , then [今すぐ登録する] (Register now). 3) Select [ブラウザを起動](Open browser), enter the e-mail address you want to register, select the domain and then select [送信](Send) and [上記に同意の上、送信](Send in agreement with information above). 4) You will receive an email from you Site at the address you registered including a URL, please copy this URL. 5) Access the screen to enter the e-mail address again like in Step 3) 6) Paste the URL you copied on 4) into the browser's address bar at the top of the page, to access it. 7) Enter your profile information as required on the page that you will access with this URL. ※If you have an error when try to access to the URL, it will not be possible to complete the procedure at present. In this case we would like to invite you to try again later.
Once the upgrade is completed, you will be able to use your account by e-mail address and login password registered in the User ID xxxxxxxxx] by you to log in to the iPhone of FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper app: will be able to use the iPhone the data of the User ID xxxxxxxxx] you.
※If you are logged in to another account [User ID: xxxxxxxxx] on your iPhone simply by login in the application FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper installed on your iPhone and using the same email address and login password previously recorded on the account [User ID: xxxxxxxxx]. If you are already logged in to a different account in your application FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper installed on your iPhone, just log out first by going in [メニュー](Menu), [各種情報・外部サイトへ](various information and external site) and then [ログアウト](logout).

General JP version Helpful Links

Enlir's Database - good overall reference ElNinoFr's Spreadsheet - This has the names of abilities and Record Materia written in JP text so you can match it up to the in-game text. JP Friend code site - auto-updated list of Friend codes for JP made by vexnon. Youtube channel for Soul Break videos - the official wiki has these too but can be harder to navigate. JP DeNA support email: [email protected] - for those having issues with the game. They have been known to reply to politely worded English mails.
submitted by CareerSMN to FFRecordKeeper

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