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Working through separation anxiety with a new rescue

Hi all
My wife and I adopted a lovely 10.5 month old boy while on vacation in Kauai. We currently have a 9 year old Husky/Border Collie mix (also a rescue) and have wanted a second dog for quite some time. We took the puppy out on a hike for the day and immediately fell in love with him. He actually slept on my wife's lap for the hour car ride to and from the hike :). We flew him back home to Canada on December 9th and have been trying to settle him into our new home.
A bit of background about our new boy Oliver:
  • We believe he was found as a stray about three months ago with his brother and both were adopted by two individuals who were roommates. Both dogs were returned after a week because they did not have permission from their landlord to have dogs.
  • I would describe Oliver as a little bit shy/reserved, a bit timid, but very adaptable and quite calm on walks and at home. He is well socialized and gets along very well with our first dog (who is definitely the alpha) and is great with our cat. He's a very balanced puppy but obviously unsure of things as his environment has changed significantly.
  • Oliver was not housetrained and did not know anything, but has not had an accident in two days and quickly has learned sit.
  • Oliver was listed as a whippet/hound mix, but we and the humane society think he is a whippet/pointer, possibly with something else.
Yesterday my wife and I had to go to work for the morning and because he was doing so well with things, made the mistake of keeping him in our bedroom (alone) with his crate open and blankets/toys around. He showed no signs of separation anxiety, but in hindsight we never left him alone until yesterday. Our dog walker came home to pick up our other dog and heard Oliver in distress. When she opened the bedroom door, she saw that he completely tore apart our blinds and was in distress. My wife and I immediately came home to be with him. We both feel terrible that we put him through that and regret it immensely. I have since bought him a DAP collar hoping it may help calm him a little bit.
It's been 8 years since I rescued my older dog and I will admit I am a bit rusty with this. Our older dog does not have any separation anxiety and while she can be a bit rough around the edges, is very well behaved. My wife and I work 7-3:30 Monday to Friday (get every other Monday off due to compressed work week) and we need to transition our new pup to this schedule. I am able to come home at lunch and let him outside and give him a quick play if this helps.
My main concern for the short term is that he is destructive and may hurt himself if left alone. The good news is that over the last day and a half we have seen that he really likes his crate (the one he flew over in) and slept in there for periods yesterday afternoon and all last night (with the door open). We are trying to make the crate a fun place and he doesn't appear to have any hesitation poking his head in or resting there. My thinking is that at least in the crate, he is probably less likely to hurt himself and our belongings.
Today I my goal is to get him in the crate, close the door and do a few things around the house, then eventually work up to leaving the house for a few minutes at a time. I had him in there this morning and stacked the dishwasher, after 5 minutes with me out of sight he was whining and whimpering, when it subsided I made no eye contact and opened the crate door, and didn't acknowledge him for a few minutes. I apologize for the lengthy post, but my question is how do we go about dealing with the separation anxiety in a way that allows my wife and I to go to work and leave Oliver alone with our other dog for short periods of time (i.e.: grocery shopping etc)? I'm trying to figure out if this anxiety is due to the fact he is a rescue and his environment has changed immensely, or if he has underlying separation issues - possibly a combination of both.
Pics: http://imgur.com/a/W9V3V
submitted by shorty85 to dogs

I think I'm in a sexist band....and everything else feels sucky.

Im a girl, I play the saxophone, and i've been in a band for 5 years. There is no front person, it is an instrumental funk band. It was comprised of 7 people, 2 girls and 5 boys. It was not always this large. It started with me and two boys. We used to be a really cohesive unit. There were band dinners, movie nights, slumber parties after a good show. We really all loved each other (or thats at least how I felt). Then things started to change about a year ago. I've never been in a band before, but music has been a cornerstone of what makes me me(i was a huge band nerd in high school and worked as a band instrument repair technician for 7 years). And i always had huge respect for everyone in the group. My voice is not too loud, I'm not an alpha type, and I'm not the most technically advanced player in the group. But my biggest contribution is that I wrote 90% of all the horn lines. They are simple and really catchy, IMHO, and that is what makes them stick. This is my strength. My personality is also pretty "unique", as in it was a combo of zach galifanakis, the garfunkal and oates girls, and the lead from that show Girls. At first they allowed me to be the representative of the group, IE..the person talking on the mic at shows. I'm a silly person and a little crude, so my way of talking was awkward, full of love, and a little nerdy. I think the audience was receptive to this type of banter. My goal was to be like a Frank zappa. Anyways, this did not align with what the group wanted to be perceived as. Which is totally cool. This was the beginning of me feeling alienated although I did not recognize it at the time. When the other girl joined the group it was an instant connection. I've never played with a person that made me feel so comfortable (i've always felt intimidated by other horn players, not that they were intimidating, but that i was really insecure about my ability to play the saxophone), she literally could read my musical mind and finished my melodic sentences. She has the talent of being able to anticipate where I was trying to go with a musical idea. It was awesome. In the band's infancy, it was 2 girl saxophones, drum, elec. bass, elec. guitar. The way I approach collaborative work is I expect that 90% of my ideas will be rejected. But things started to change when we added a 3rd sax playa. He is a dude and I've known him 10+ years. He's a fantastic sax player and really gelled with me and the other girl. He has defended us the most.. i think you could almost think of him as a feminist. Soon most of my ideas/opinions would get rejected/ignored , but if the male sax guy reinforced my idea the boys would run with it. This not only happened with my ideas/opinions, but also the ideas/opinions from the other girl. So the other girl quit. She got tired of having to always fight against the rhythm section. I brought this up to the group, but they don't see it. They say it is becuase we don't talk as loud and that becuase the group has so many ppl in it that voices will get lost. Okay. But the last straw for me was during our group texting. This is our way of communicating with each other. Usually its about band stuff but sometimes its not and it was normal to send unrelated things too. I had sent an image of a male runway model wearing a cloak that had a hole that showed his penis. It was hilarious to me and i sent it jokingly saying, hey we should try to wear something like this at the next show (I'm into wearing costumes and am the most "theatrical" when it comes to how I look on stage). It was the kind of thing that was consistent with the dynamics of how we communicate. Well, I guess I was wrong. Two of the members were offended saying that they don't like to be forced to see nudity and that it shouldn't be in the group text. Okay. My mistake. I thought about it and it made me feel bad. I don't have the best filter so I try to be mindful of those kinds of things and I apologized. And so now i don't really send anything anymore that is not related to the band. But then the other day, the bassist sends a link with a warning saying "warning there is a snow storm coming this weekend". When you click on the link..its a gif. The gif was a fairly overweight dude's uncut impressively large flaccid penis wagging back and forth in slow motion. It was a close up of the torso region. I don't get it. I personally thought it was funny. I'm not sure why the bassist sent it. But the same person who in front of everyone made me feel bad about sending a runway shot of a male model wearing a dumb penis cloak thought the wagging penis was funny. He was the first to respond saying, "you should get that checked out buddy". I just don't get it. I don't get offended by much..but it made me feel really sad that it was acceptable for another member of the group to send something like that..but for some reason it was so easy to tell me how inappropriate it was of me to send a nude pic. I'm just sad in general. I used to be so happy and super motivated and creative. Over time i feel like I've lost pretty much all of my personality and feel dead inside. They want to give off the cool bad-ass persona a la Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings on stage but that is not me. I used to be wacky. I feel really oppressed and lonely since my fellow lady sax playa left. she got sick of it and I dont think she wants to play the sax anymore. And although I love the remaining male sax dude, we just don't have that natural chemistry and I find it really hard to write with him...its weird...almost like he's too good...he can improv solo circles around me...but lacks the intuitive simpleness of a good melody (at least least thats my theory). They are fully aware that I think the band is being sexist. We had an hour long discussion during a practice when I got triggered and got called a dick. They do not agree and affirm that I'm an integral member of the group. They think that becuase the group got larger that the more quiet voices get more lost. But in reality the group is 2 people down and nothing has changed. In their defense...there is a lot i am leaving out and it was not only the sexism that made the sax girl leave. There are other reasons why the band is dieing...I can go into detail if that is important....But since the male model incident...i stopped being myself and acted much more professional. And since then...the group just feels really flat to me. Ego is a weird thing. Is it their ego? Is it my ego? is it sexism? Right now we just got our album back from being mastered and I'm not even listening to it. It makes me sad. So i'm reading the huge circle jerk in the group text. "name of song gives me a half stack, heh, full stack. 6-12. Double bass. Ya feel me?", "name of song gives me an extra long neck bass with big veiny frets". If you don't get it...they are saying how musically hard our music is making them. Normally I would chime in about slug trails..or whatever. But then I'd just feel stupid. I feel like they are oblivious and in denial. Or maybe I'm wrong and I'm being too sensitive. I don't even know anymore. It makes me sad because it was not always like this. And I don't want to just generalize the situation by calling them sexist. I'm so frustrated. We made a kickstarter to raise money for the album(and succeeded), we have to play a CD release now. Girl sax player and other former member committed to playing the show, but why? I don't even want to play it. I think it's so disingenuous to go up on stage and play to people when you feel so hollow inside. I don't want to fake it. But I'm obligated :(. I don't want to quit...but its taking its toll on my mental health. I'm seeing a doctor in a week about depression. I had the worst fall term..with a menajerie of things going horribly wrong. Im an engineering student..and the classes are only getting harder. So the one thing that gave me a positive stress outlet and brought me great joy...now feels like nothing. Everything feels like nothing to me now. I'm not a productive member of the group anymore. And I think it is passed the point of reconcile, which compounds the sadness inside me. I still have to actually tell the band I want to quit...and I'm afraid. I think they will be angry with me. For my personal mental health I'm trying to find a way to make music on my own..but right now it feels like such a huge task to learn how to record, how that system works, and the setup required...i want to be like reggie watts, with a saxophone. It all feels so overwhelming at this point. Anyways...thanks for reading my vent. Its like a combo of my disappointment in my band brothers and feeling like I'm in a huge rut. Im in a state of extreme pessimism, but there is hope. Things are always in motion..and change is inevitable. I think I can go on on on..but this needs to stop at some point. the end.
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